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Welcome to the Even Generations Trading and Gifting Centre!


This is a trading and gifting topic devoted to Even Generation dragons. Only Even Generation dragons are to be offered or asked for in this topic.


As of June 26, 2014 a temporary restriction is being put in place to disallow 2nd gen trades of golds, silvers, coppers, prizes and avatars. Please DO NOT offer these as trades in this thread. This is also not the place to offer trades of CB dragons. (these have been disallowed for some time, but it bears repeating)


-- as of February 5, 2015 I'm allowing 2nd gen Avatars to be traded in this thread. It's a move I was considering anyway, but with the closing of the Rare Trade Thread there's not really another place for them except the general trading thread. They're not drawing the huge prices they were, so they should be ok here. ---



The purpose of this thread is to facilitate building Even Gen lineages. It has not been fulfilling this purpose, being overrun with low gen rare trades. Even Gen rares higher than 2nd gen are still allowed.


Again, this is intended to be a temporary measure until the forum mods can decide on more permanent solutions. Second gens are an important part of building Even Gen dragons, but there are also other places to trade them.


~Thank you,

Fiona BlueFire





What is an Even Generation Dragon? Simple; it’s when all the lines in the lineage goes back to the exact same point. There’s no “empty slots” somewhere in the lineage. For example: a Gen4 would have all parents, grand parents and great grand parents, and all the great grand parents would be Gen1/CB.


How this thread should work:

There are several ways to ask for or offer eggs in this thread.

What you are offering: Straight up trade posts are the simplest way of offering eggs in the thread. Simply post what you have to offer, say what you would like in exchange, and then include a trade link. What you are asking for: The second way to use this thread is to post what you're looking for. Example: Say you're looking for a third gen checker with just whites and golds, like this. Then you'd post a Request. People who want to try to help you should PM you to work out details.


What you just want a new home for: The third way you can use this thread is the simplest. Say you breed a cb white and a cb blue, and what you really needed was a blue egg, but they gave you a white one. Well, make a post here with a lineage link, so people can see what you have, and a claim link. Add any particular requests you have regarding the egg. And you're done.


If you pick up an egg offered in such a free for all, it's ok to post and say you have it too. That way the person offering knows it went to someone who will appreciate it.

Ok, now some of the technical business stuffs.

1. As always, respect DC's TOS and Forum rules.

2. You are only allowed to bump a post once every 24 hours. Hopefully, you shouldn't need to bump at all.

3. No begging. Asking "can anyone help with this?" is not the same as "gimme a gold/tinsel/other rare"

4. Only Even Generation dragons. If you post dragons that aren't Even Gen, it will be regarded as off topic, and therefore spam.

5. Respect each other and play nice, or I'll get the wooden spoon out. You don't want me to do that. Trust me.


And lastly, this topic has been approved by the Powers That Be. It's the agreed upon solution to the issue in the Breeding thread.


Thread Mods:

Fiona BlueFire

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user posted image 5EG Silver Shimmer x PB Horse from DivaZ



user posted image 2G Pink from Aria F

user posted imageuser posted image 3G Royal Blue x Celestial F (either breed)

user posted image 3rd gen Purple Nebula x Silver F checker (for 8bbUS)

user posted image 4th gen Silver Tinsel x Nocturne (F)

user posted image 4th gen Gold Tinsel x Stripe (M) or Electric (M)

user posted image 4G Holly x Red Nebula checker (for him)

user posted imageuser posted image CB Blue or Purple Nebula

- CB hatchlings from list at bottom of profile (especially Springs!)

- Offers!

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user posted image 3G from male Silver checker; influenced female! Teleport Link




CB Cheese hatchie

2G PB alt - Undine, Vine, Black

2+ gendered hatchies for freezing - Aria, Pink, Fog, Magi (any combo)

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user posted image - 3g Tan Ridgewing with Spriter's Alt in base, influenced female - Offer



user posted image - 2g Gold from Heartseeker or non-holiday pairing

user posted imageuser posted image - 3g Prizes from lines I don't have (+ if holiday, only mates listed in my profile)

user posted image - 3g Spriters Alts, or 3g Thuwed checkers I don't have yet, or something from my sig or wishlist


Or for the Ridgewing I'll also accept from the following list:

user posted imageuser posted image - 3g F Gold checker from M Skywing, or 3g M Silver checker from F Gold

user posted image - 4g stair tinselFAIL from Stargate Legends (any line with a 3g tinsel parent)

user posted image - 2g Red Dorsal from M Blood Marrow (unrelated to this)

user posted image - 3g Black Tea from Black Marrow checker (unrelated to this)

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image - CB Gemshard gendered hatchies (seeking Green: 1F, Red: 2M, Blue: 1F)

user posted imageuser posted image - CB Nebula gendered hatchies (seeking 1 Blue, 1 Green)

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image - CB Stripes, CB Daydreams, or any lineage Purples

Or other interesting offers!


PM for green line in sig.

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HAVE (all currently uninfluenced):


user posted image 2nd gen Thalassa from M Thalassa x Female Silver: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZZrZ9


user posted image 3rd gen Thalassa from M Thalassa x Female Silver checker: http://dragcave.net/lineage/uWHyJ


user posted image 4th gen Thalassa from M Thalassa x Female Silver checker: http://dragcave.net/lineage/m2jmn


user posted image5th gen Silver from M Thalassa x Female Silver checker: http://dragcave.net/lineage/a3fpK




Bloodswaps (must be male Thalassa x Female Silver checker) unrelated to the ones I have, or nice offers. smile.gif CAN PM OFFERS.


2nd gen: http://dragcave.net/teleport/d0caa9ebfacf4...12d0daef60eac40

3rd gen: http://dragcave.net/teleport/9d38b12053ef6...618995b913528f5

4th gen: http://dragcave.net/teleport/1412fdcf27d7a...897ef96ae85f438

5th gen Silver: http://dragcave.net/teleport/a25731158a06e...11428928d5b19bc

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user posted image 3G Trihorn from M. Trihorn x F. Silver Shimmer checker

*properly gendered hatchie*



user posted image Bloodswap

One of the non-metallic holiday mates I'm looking for (see profile)


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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Two 3rd EG silver Shimmer hatchies. Low time.

Both influenced female.


user posted image


My hatchie trading guarantee applies with these hatchies. PM me for a replacement if they gender against influence.



user posted image



Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!




user posted image



Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!




Nice things. I have a Wish List if you would like ideas. I don't bite so feel free to try your luck.

I use the decline button, if your offer is still open I'm considering it or I haven't seen it yet.

If you would like to offer something especially awesome for both eggs feel free to PM me.

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user posted image - 3g Tan Ridgewing (female) hatchie, Spriter's Alt evengen - Offer



Interesting offers! Particularly interested in hatchies or holiday mates or metals on my wishlist, or low gen Spriter Alt or Thuwed swaps, or other pretty things.


PM for green line in sig.

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Free silver egg - 4th gen inverse checker with black lineage


The code is interesting too smile.gif Tea oN


Claim my egg



Have: 3rd gen silver egg - perfect checker with male bluesang. lineage


Want: 3rd gen bluesang egg - perfect checker with female silver and not related to her

or something with a nice lineage.


Make an offer on my egg

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