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Welcome to the Even Generations Trading and Gifting Centre!


This is a trading and gifting topic devoted to Even Generation dragons. Only Even Generation dragons are to be offered or asked for in this topic.


As of June 26, 2014 a temporary restriction is being put in place to disallow 2nd gen trades of golds, silvers, coppers, prizes and avatars. Please DO NOT offer these as trades in this thread. This is also not the place to offer trades of CB dragons. (these have been disallowed for some time, but it bears repeating)


-- as of February 5, 2015 I'm allowing 2nd gen Avatars to be traded in this thread. It's a move I was considering anyway, but with the closing of the Rare Trade Thread there's not really another place for them except the general trading thread. They're not drawing the huge prices they were, so they should be ok here. ---



The purpose of this thread is to facilitate building Even Gen lineages. It has not been fulfilling this purpose, being overrun with low gen rare trades. Even Gen rares higher than 2nd gen are still allowed.


Again, this is intended to be a temporary measure until the forum mods can decide on more permanent solutions. Second gens are an important part of building Even Gen dragons, but there are also other places to trade them.


~Thank you,

Fiona BlueFire





What is an Even Generation Dragon? Simple; it’s when all the lines in the lineage goes back to the exact same point. There’s no “empty slots” somewhere in the lineage. For example: a Gen4 would have all parents, grand parents and great grand parents, and all the great grand parents would be Gen1/CB.


How this thread should work:

There are several ways to ask for or offer eggs in this thread.

What you are offering: Straight up trade posts are the simplest way of offering eggs in the thread. Simply post what you have to offer, say what you would like in exchange, and then include a trade link. What you are asking for: The second way to use this thread is to post what you're looking for. Example: Say you're looking for a third gen checker with just whites and golds, like this. Then you'd post a Request. People who want to try to help you should PM you to work out details.


What you just want a new home for: The third way you can use this thread is the simplest. Say you breed a cb white and a cb blue, and what you really needed was a blue egg, but they gave you a white one. Well, make a post here with a lineage link, so people can see what you have, and a claim link. Add any particular requests you have regarding the egg. And you're done.


If you pick up an egg offered in such a free for all, it's ok to post and say you have it too. That way the person offering knows it went to someone who will appreciate it.

Ok, now some of the technical business stuffs.

1. As always, respect DC's TOS and Forum rules.

2. You are only allowed to bump a post once every 24 hours. Hopefully, you shouldn't need to bump at all.

3. No begging. Asking "can anyone help with this?" is not the same as "gimme a gold/tinsel/other rare"

4. Only Even Generation dragons. If you post dragons that aren't Even Gen, it will be regarded as off topic, and therefore spam.

5. Respect each other and play nice, or I'll get the wooden spoon out. You don't want me to do that. Trust me.


And lastly, this topic has been approved by the Powers That Be. It's the agreed upon solution to the issue in the Breeding thread.


Thread Mods:

Fiona BlueFire

Edited by Generation Association

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I'm working on a gigantic SA/HM x Silver checker with as many different Alts as possible, and for this I am looking for people who own a 2nd gen Silver from Spriter's Alt or Honorable Mention and can breed checkers with this pattern:

kfmiikov.png  79zdjqyl.png


More particularly, I am looking for such 3rd gen offsprings of the following Alts:

- SA Heartstealing
- SA Cavern Lurker (from male Alt)
- SA Grave (both from male and female Alt)
- SA Dark Green Desipis (both from male and female Alt)
- SA Pink Omen Wyrm (from male Alt)
- SA Blue Omen Wyrm (both from male and female Alt)
- SA Black Arcana (from female Alt)
- SA Wrapping Wing
- SA Orange Mistletoe
- CB Alt Black (both from male and female Alt)

... or any other SA/HM not named here that I don't already have an offspring of


Alternatively, if you own a 3nd gen EG Silver or Holiday from one of the named Alts with the pattern shown above (i.e. with a Silver from SA/HM in its 2nd generation), it would also be a great help for me if you could breed me a 4th gen from it after I sent you a specific mate.


I can offer a 3rd gen SA checker swap, or can breed basically everything else from my scroll. Or if you prefer something else, I'm sure we can work out something. :)


Thanks a lot in advance! :)

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Have: I can breed something on my scroll or trade a egg/hatchie I currently have. 

Want: a mate for this girl- not related 


please pm me, I really dislike posting on the forum. 



(Not sure if this goes here and I never post in the forums cuse it’s so strict but I really want a mate for this egg and I don’t think I’ll get one by chance. If this doesn’t go here or it’s not in the right format just delete my post please or let me know.)

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Gold_egg.gif G3 Gold checker with female Black Marrows



Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif CB Aeon

Gold_egg.gif G3 Gold checker with female Cavern Lurkers / female Old Pinks / male Khusas

Silver_egg.gif G3 Silver checker with male Winter Magis / male Antareans / male Electrics / female Skywings

Copper_Dragon1_egg.png G3 Brown Copper checker with male Tan Ridgewings

Ice_egg.gif G3 Ice checker with male Moonstones / female Moonstones

Magma_egg.gif G3 Magma checker with female Moonstones

Thunder_egg.gif G3 Thunder checker with female Canopies

Equivalent offers?


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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2G Coral pygmy from Pipio father https://dragcave.net/lineage/ieqpu

2G Tea from Vine father https://dragcave.net/lineage/olNHz

2G Silver from Caligene father https://dragcave.net/lineage/yfqHt

4G Monarch from Tea/Monarch checker https://dragcave.net/lineage/oldNG




2G Pipio pygmy from Coral mother

2G Vine from Tea mother

CB Pipio egg or male hatchie


PM if interested. 

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Well, I know I could have noticed this pretty much earlier... Anyway, I could still use a couple of Gold/Silver x Holiday checkers for the upcoming Christmas breeding event. Can anyone help?



3rd gen Gold x Snow

3rd gen Silver x Snow

3rd gen Gold x true Aegis

3rd gen Gold x enraged Aegis

3rd gen Silver x true Aegis

3rd gen Silver x enraged Aegis

4th gen Silver x true Aegis

3rd gen Gold x blue Solstice

3rd gen Gold x rosy Solstice

3rd gen Silver x rosy Solstice

4th gen Gold x blue Solstice

4th gen Gold x rosy Solstice

4th gen Silver x rosy Solstice

5th gen Silver x rosy Solstice

4th gen Gold x Mistletoe

5th gen Gold x Wrapping Wing

5th gen Silver x Wrapping Wing

5th gen Gold x Wintermagi

5th gen Silver x Wintermagi

5th gen Gold x Ribbon Dancer

5th gen Silver x Ribbon Dancer

6th gen Gold x Ribbon Dancer

6th gen Silver x Ribbon Dancer




Basically everything I can breed, including but not limited to:

- 2nd gen Metallics

- Gold/Silver x holiday/non-holiday checkers

- 3rd gen SA x Gold/Silver checkers (would prefer multiple : 1 trades for offsprings of my most recent 2nd gens, though)

- 3rd gen Prize x Silver checkers (can breed nearly all combos, of some even 4th gens)

- 2nd gen from GoN


(... please note that I do have some IOUs on my dragons here and there, though)


Please PM me to negociate!


Thanks a lot in advance! :)

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2x 2G Blusang Eggs from M Blue Siyat x F Blusang

2x 2G Magma Eggs from M Magma x F Luminox 


Can Offer: 

2G Metals

2G Of Anything you may need

PB2G of Trios

4G Pretty Checkers 

4G Prize Lineage 

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