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    Need a specific perfect metallic checker? I bet I can help.
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- 2nd gen r2m33d.jpg SA-Kin / HM-Kin / Prize-kin or 2nd gen 11uapgp.gif/242blae.gif from Silver mate

- 2nd gen 18ozfo.jpg IOU from CB female Holly - offer see profile

- 3rd gen EG SA x Silver / Prize x Silver checker - can offer blood swap!

IOUs accepted! | Spreadsheet: here - I breed and gift on polite request.

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    I'm sorry if it takes me a while to reply. Due to my new job that is quite time-consuming I have problems not to lose track of my DC activities. IF MY PM BOX IS FULL, PLEASE EMAIL ME!


    Sorry, I'm currently not accepting any requests for offsprings from my 2nd gen from Jewel - unless you can offer items like:
    - 2nd gen prize or silver from prize x silver
    - 2nd gen metal from spriter's alt
    - any 3rd gen or higher prize or silver from perfect prize x silver checker



    My lineage projects mainly consist of even gen perfect metallic checkers, be it with holidays, non-holidays or even prize dragons. Especially among Gold/Silver x holiday there's almost no combination and generation I am not able to breed. If you need help for your own projects, please don't hesitate to ask - I gladly help and can breed most of my lineages for free.

    Special projects:
    - EG perfect Prize x Silver checkers
    - EG Prizes with remarkable Silver checker base (e.g. Silver x alt SW / GoN / Old Pink / White-Winged SA, ...)

    Feel free to request eggs from my projects or other lineages! :)



    ~ IOUs accepted ~
    I'm generally taking IOUs very seriously and I always try to fulfill them as soon as possible. Though I'm usually doing a lot of trades at the same time so it can happen that I loose something out of sight. If you think that this happened to our trade and I already owe you something for quite a while, I'm honestly sorry for that! Please poke me and I will try to breed/get it for you as soon as I can.



    - 2nd gen Prize or 2nd gen Prize-kin from Silver mate (Prize-kin has priority)
    - 2nd gen Holly from x Gold/Silver or Gold/Silver from Holly

    can offer:
    - EVERYTING I can breed from my scroll, including an offspring from my 2nd gen from Jewel and my other 2nd gen Prizes, as well as my alt SW x Gold/Silver checkers etc. (I'd almost sell my soul XD)
    - CB metallics (Golds, Silvers, Coppers), Lunars and CB Xenos



    the above, plus:

    - 3rd gen EG Holly x Gold/Silver checker, especially from female Gold or Silver

    - 2nd gen Gold/Silver from Alt Sweetling