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    Need a specific perfect metallic checker? I bet I can help.
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I'm building a gigantic Silver x SA/HM checker with as many different Alts as possible. For this, I'm always looking for 2nd gen Silvers from SA/HM and 3rd gen Silver x SA/HM checkers from lineages I don't already have (my current 3rd gen collection, highest gen so far). Will pay a good price for sure, can also offer 3rd gen swap.

Many, many thanks to all who already helped me with this! You are amazing! ❤️

Also, I'm always looking for 2nd gens from Prize x Silver (both Prizes and Silvers), 3rd gen and higher Silver x Prize checkers (can offer blood swap) and 2nd gens from Silver x female Holly (both Silvers and Hollies).

IOUs accepted! | Spreadsheet: here - I happily breed and gift on polite request, don't hesitate to ask.

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    I'm sorry if it might take me a while to reply. Due to my quite time-consuming job I sometimes have trouble not to lose track of my DC activities. If I didn't reply to you or you think I forgot about something I promised you, I'm very sorry about that! Please don't hesitate to poke me about it! I'll try to take care of it asap!



    I basically dedicated my scroll to Metallics. Consequently, my lineage projects mainly consist of even gen perfect Metallic checkers of any kind, be it with holidays, non-holidays or even Prize dragons or Spriter's Alt / Honorable Mention offsprings. Especially among Gold/Silver x holiday there's almost no combination and generation I am not able to breed.

    If you need help for your own projects, please don't hesitate to ask - I gladly help and can breed most of my lineages for free.

    Special projects:
    - gigantic EG Spriter's Alt / Honorable Mention x Silver checker (highest gen so far: 5th gen - group 101592)
    - EG perfect Prize x Silver checkers
    - EG Prizes with special Silver checker base (e.g. Silver x Alt SW / GoN / Old Pink / White-Winged SA, ...)

    Feel free to request eggs from my projects or other lineages! :)



    ~ IOUs accepted ~
    I'm generally taking IOUs very seriously and I always try to fulfill them as soon as possible. Though I'm usually doing a lot of trades at the same time so it can happen that I loose something out of sight. If you think that this happened to our trade and I already owe you something for quite a while, I'm honestly sorry for that! Please poke me and I will try to breed/get it for you as soon as I can.



    Actually, I would not really consider myself a code collector. Though, in my RL I'm a bit of a petrol head. More particulary, I'm quite a fan of the Honda models from the 90s, especially the CRX (I do even own one myself - it's a blue EE8 <3). So if you happen to come across one of any related codes like the following, please let me know. I'll pay you a good price for sure: Honda, CRX, EE8, ED9, Civic, NSX, S2000, CRZ, ...



    As I am currently mainly focusing on my gigantic Spriter's Alt x Silver checker project, I am particularly looking for SA and HM offsprings I don't have, yet, that I could include in this lineage. Such dragons can be 2nd gen Silvers from SAs or HMs, or 3rd gen SA or HM x Silver checkers (with one Alt in base, this pattern: https://dragcave.net/lineage/fQTQU), or 4th gen SA or HM x Silver checkers (with two different Alts in base, this pattern: https://dragcave.net/lineage/JU9dq).

    More particularly, I am looking for offsprings of the following Alts:
    - SA Blue Valentine
    - SA Pink Sweetling
    - SA Blue Rosebud (from Dolphinsong)
    - SA Blue Arsani
    - SA Black Arsani
    - SA Heartstealing
    - SA Red Mutamore
    - SA Floral-Crowned
    - SA Sakuhana
    - SA Dark Blue Shadow Walker (both from male and female Alt)
    - SA Cavern Lurker (from male Alt)
    - SA Grave (both from male and female Alt)
    - SA Dark Green Desipis (both from male and female Alt)
    - SA Witchlight
    - SA Pink Omen Wyrm (from male Alt)
    - SA Blue Omen Wyrm (both from male and female Alt)
    - SA Black Arcana (from female Alt)
    - SA White Kohraki
    - SA Blue Kohraki
    - SA Yulebuck
    - SA Snow Angel
    - SA Wrapping Wing
    - SA Orange Mistletoe
    - SA Blue Aegis (both from pacified and enraged)
    - SA Red Aegis (both from pacified and enraged)
    - SA Blue Garland
    - SA Tinsel
    - CB Alt Black (both from male and female Alt)

    can offer in exchange:
    - I can breed EVERYTING I have, including offsprings from my 2nd gen SAs and HMs, my 2nd gen from Jewel and my other 2nd gen Prizes
    - I can catch CB Metallics (Golds, Silvers, Coppers) and what ever else you desire
    - I can do code hunting
    - I can catch and breed CB rares (including Golds, Silvers, and Coppers) and CB uncommons, and send them to random players who are missing those particular CBs and lineages



    - 2nd gens from Prize x Silver, or 3rd gen Prize x Silver checkers (no matter it Prize or Silver, I'm happy to take what ever is produced first, can offer blood swap)
    - 2nd gens from female Holly x Gold/Silver, or 3rd gen female Holly x Gold/Silver checkers (both Gold/Silver and Holly offsprings)
    - 2nd gen Golds/Silvers from Alt Sweetling