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My Dragon Cave Scroll List Of Dragons I Need My Tinsels and ShimmersAlways looking for CB Silvers/Golds and 2end-4th gen Shimmers/Tinsels!Most of my dragons are currently available for breeding/trading requests.5490207.gifCopy-of-Year-of-the-Dragon-21.gif5490178.gif

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    People who have helped me out:
    Solie: Made my day!

    I owe:

    Inactive player IOUs:
    *x2 2end gen Tan Ridgewing from Tan parents to Gammon (has given his/her half of trade) - Did not pick up the last one I bred.
    *2end gen Shimmerkin from Green Copper to Yalvanne

    IOUs I'm waiting on:

    What I would like someday:
    2end gen Gold with Golden Wyvern and Gold parents
    2end gen Gold with Seragamma Wyvern and Gold parents

    I'm hunting down all pure and un-inbred pairs for every dragon. So that's an ongoing project.

    *Anyone who donates a dragon out of the ones I need will be added to my heroes list*

    Lists subject to change as I acquire the dragons
    I need or if I start any projects.

    *I generally only accept CB/PB dragons unless
    working on a lineage project. Tinsels, Neglected
    and Metallics are my only acceptation to my
    CB/PB rule*

    CB Rares Needed
    (I will also accept PB of any of these):

    Vine Alt (F) x1
    2end gen White Striped (M) x1
    2end gen Blue Striped (F) x1
    Ice (F) x1
    Brown/Red/Green Copper (F) x1 each
    Brown/Red/Green Copper (M) x1 each
    Gold (F) x1
    Gold (M) x1
    Silver (M) x1
    2nd-4th Gen Bronze Tinsel (Any)
    2nd-4th Gen Silver Tinsel (Any)
    2nd-4th Gen Gold Tinsel (Any)
    Neglected (F) x1
    Neglected (M) x1
    Neglected (Ungendered) x1
    Zombie (F) x1
    Zombie (M) x1
    Leetle Tree x1 (I know I must attain myself)

    Holidays Needed
    (They need to be bred with only
    one other type of dragon, 2end gen

    Holly x2

    Dragons Needed That Can Only Be Obtained
    Through Breeding (Want 2end Gen Only):
    Needs majorly updated!

    Geode (F) with Earth(M)xStone(F) Parents
    Geode (M) with Earth(M)xStone(F) Parents
    Geode (F) with Stone(M)xEarth(F) Parents
    Geode (M) with Stone(M)xEarth(F) Parents
    Geode (F) with Earth(M)xEarth(F) Parents
    Geode (M) with Earth(M)xEarth(F) Parents
    Shallow Water (F) with Water(M)xMagi(F) Parents
    Shallow Water (M) with Magi(M)xWater(F) Parents
    Two Finned Bluna (M) with Water(M)xSkywing(F) Parents
    Two Finned Bluna (F) with Skywing(M)xDeep Sea(F) Parents
    Two Finned Bluna (M) with Deep Sea(M)xSkywing(F) Parents

    CB Uncommons/Commons Needed
    (Only accept CB commons and only hatchlings):

    Albino (M) x2
    Ballon (F) x2
    Ballon (M) x1
    Blacktip (F) x1
    Blacktip (M) x1
    Bleeding Moon (F) x2
    Brimstone (F) x2
    Canopy (F) x1
    Canopy (M) x1
    Coastal Waverunner (M) x1
    Daydream (F) x1
    Deep Sea (F) x1
    Dorsal Purple (M) x1
    Dorsal Red (M) x1
    Electric (F) x1
    Electric (M) x1
    Flamingo Wyvern (M) x1
    Imperial Fleshcrowne (F) x1
    Imperial Fleshcrowne (M) x1
    Glory Day drake (M) x1
    Glory Night drake (F) x1
    Glory Night drake (M) x1
    Gray (F) x1
    Gray (M) x1
    Green/Earthquake (F) x2
    Green/Earthquake (M) x1
    Greenwing Spotted (M) x1
    Guardian (F) x1
    Guardian (M) x1
    Harvest (F) x1
    Harvest (M) x1
    Hellfire Wyvern (F) x1
    Horse (F) x2
    Lumina (F) x2
    Mint (F) x1
    Moonstone (F) x1
    Neotropical (F) x2
    Neotropical (M) x2
    Nhiostrife wyvern (F) x1
    Nocturne (F) x1
    Nocturne (M) x1
    Ochredrake (F) x2
    Olive (M) x1
    Pillow (F) x1
    Pillow (M) x1
    Pygmy (F) x1
    Pygmy (M) x1
    Pygmy Crimson Flare (M) x1
    Pygmy Dark Myst (F) x1
    Pygmy Dark Myst (M) x1
    Pygmy Nilia (F) x1
    Pygmy Nilia (M) x1
    Pygmy Seawyrm (F) x1
    Pygmy Seawyrm (M) x1
    Ridgewing Purple (M) x1
    Royal Crimson (M) x1
    Seragamma Wyvern (F) x1
    Speckle-Throated (F) x1
    Spitfire (M) x1
    Stone (M) x1
    Sunrise (M) x1
    Sunsong Amphiptere (F) x2
    Swallowtail (F) x2
    Tangar Gold-horned (F) x1
    Tangar Gold-horned (M) x1
    Teimarr Black Capped (M) x2
    Terrae (M) x1
    Tidal Red-finned (F) x1
    Tidal Red-finned (M) x1
    Tri-Horn Wyvern (F) x1
    Turpentine (F) x1
    Water (F) x1
    Water (M) x1
    Waterhorse (F) x1
    Waterhorse (M) x1
    Water Walker (F) x2
    Water Walker (M) x1
    Whiptail (F) x2
    White (F) x1
    Yellow-Crowned (M) x1
    Magi (Any amount)
    Pink (Any amount)
    Purple (Any amount)
    Red (Any amount)

    My Trade Rate:

    1 common=1 common
    2-3 common=1 uncommon
    4-5 common=1 rare
    6-7 common=1 very rare
    1 uncommon=1 uncommon
    2 uncommon=1 rare
    3-4 uncommon=1 very rare
    1 rare=1 rare
    2 rare=1 very rare
    1 very rare=1 very rare

    Lineage Projects:
    *Blue Moon Lineage with Royal Blue x Moonstone (Complete)
    *Several similar lineage pairs for my Silver Tinsel Ghost Whistler
    *4th gen stairs (Any 2 breeds)
    *5th gen arrows (Any 4 breeds)

    I will breed any of my Uncommons, Commons or Trio dragons upon request for CB Uncommon/Common hatchlings that I need in the list above.

    *Anyone who has bravely read through all of this I salute you!*

    Last Updated: 1/5/14