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IOU Friendly

I have a Golden Shimmer and I am willing to breed it for you, check my profile for more details ❤️ 

Looking to work out a deal for any Neglecters. I just can't make it work.





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    LAST PROFILE UPDATE: (08/20/2019)

    Currently Working on: Attempting to breed a 2G Prize for Davichi!
    Last Bred: Golden Shimmer x Script - You attempt to breed the two dragons, but no egg is produced.

    I have a 'CB' Golden Shimmer, and I am willing to breed it for you, look below for more details.

    Currently: Taking Requests! .

    Point System and Trading Options (Thanks QVic!):
    2G Prize - 200 Points
    2G Prizekin - 25-100 Points (Depending on rarity of kin)
    Trading Options:
    Neglected - 200 Pts (will send fodder)
    CB Gold Egg - 100 Pts
    CB Silver Egg - 50 Pts
    Dinos, Cheese, Paper - 30 Pts
    CB Copper - 25 Pts
    CB Aeon - 20 pts
    CB Red/ Pink/ Purple BSA - 15 Pts
    CB Gemshard / Nebulas - 10 Pts
    CB Pygmys (excluding common pygmy) - 5 Pts

    ][I Owe][
    Davichi - 2G Prize

    ][I'm Owed][


    Completed IOU's:
    Irabane - Omen Wyrm & Mageia Xeno
    Ariel Grint - Golden Floret, Chrono & Mageia Xeno, Pink Zyu, Yellow Zyu.
    The Stig - 2G Prize/Prizekin
    soulchaster - 2G Prizekin / 2G Prize
    QVic - 2G Prize