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IOU Friendly

I know they are very rare, but if you have any CB Silvers or CB Gold laying around, and are willing to work out a trade - PM Me ❤️ 

Looking to work out a deal for any Neglecters. I just can't make it work.




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    Most of my Dragons are Named Comatosed (their code) (gen/cb). Why? It's so bland. BECAUSE! Most of the names I try are always taken! and then I end up adding an extra letter! ex. Skyfall turns into Skyyfall or Skiefall - that bothers my OCD. Now everything is copacetic, Dragons with unique names, are usually frozen, or gifts.
    Favorite Dragons and their numbers:
    Aether Dragons Count: 13
    Ash Dragons Count: 6
    Nebula Dragons Count: 11
    Pipilo Dragons Count: 7
    Ridewing Dragons Count: 6
    Seasonal Dragons(All): 17
    Siyat Dragons Count: 15
    Water Dragons Count: 8
    Completed IOU's:
    Irabane - Omen Wyrm & Mageia Xeno /for CB Green Copper
    Ariel Grint - CB Silver /for Golden Floret, Chrono & Mageia Xeno, Pink Zyu, Yellow Zyu.