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NOT an English speaker. LATE for trade? Prizeswap? --> Prizes | Wishlist | THANK YOU DAWN and everyone for the CB NDs, CB metals and low gen prize dragons!! <3 I LOVE YOU ALL *happy tears*  Yes, I give and accept IOUs (sometimes), hoard prizes and metals, reply to PM, draw manga and love maths. XDtestgoldbadge.gif 6vlsK4h.png 01.04.201710nbbqx.jpgynS4drM.pngI COLLECT OLIVE HATCHLINGS - CAN BREED PRIZE DRAGONS (3G - 5G) IN RETURN.LOOKING FOR 2G WITCHLIGHT FROM SILVER TINSEL (f/m) & 2G MARROW FROM BRONZE SHIMMER (f) THIS HALLOWEEN. CAN OFFER 2G SILVER TINSEL(m) FROM HOLIDAY MATES FOR EACH OF THEM. PM FOR DETAILS ;)


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    I just came back to DC on my birthday(2013), after a few years hiatus (but I never miss holiday dragons since Xmas 2009).

    I registered in forum 1 day after my birthday to make trading and gifting easier. So, feel free to pm if you need anything. :)

    Tinsel/shimmer swap always welcomed. ;)

    Other things I collect :
    2G & 3G checker metals / chickens / 2G prizekins / 3G checker yulebucks & marrows

    x-----xx----- IOU -----xx-----x

    *if we agreed on IOU before the updates and your name isn't here, please PM me.

    ONGOING MUTUAL IOUs (refer PM/spreadsheet) :

    Red2111(inactive) | milkaq66 | tjenni | MIGOR | WoLfgIrLyS | MiaNi | Asura(not so active) | Dawn (cajunsun) | Sunrunner

    I OWE :

    Oriental - IOU NOV 2015 (done her part)
    silver tinsel x striped river

    artiuslove - IOU MARCH 2016 (done her part)
    oOwOo x neotropical
    3g guardian checker (free)

    yukiblue - IOU NOV 2016
    2g gaia

    bloodonmyfangs - IOU NOV 2016
    2g albino
    3g guardian checker (free)

    DragonLove234 (on hold until she solve her scroll problem) - this is my bro's IOU (2/5 eggs sent)
    2G red nebula x ALT sweetling
    2G blue nebula x ALT sweetling
    2G <random> x ALT sweetling

    I WAIT :

    Iside (3/4 eggs sent, done my part) - last PM with updates June 2014 :/

    ~X~ - IOU MARCH/JUNE 2016 (done my part)
    3G silver tinsel x gaia

    LegendOfKorraFan (done my part)
    Anders No x harvest - checker

    Lazurite - IOU Feb16th, 2015 (done my part)
    5G Royal Huntress x brown copper

    DragonLove234 (on hold until she solve her scroll problem)
    2G shimmer from DL234 (for bro)

    MisunderstoodDreamer (done my part) - IOU June 2015
    4th gen bronze tinsel x red dorsal spiral

    DragoonEagle - IOU MARCH 2016 (done my part)
    3 x 4G prizes (2/3 sent)

    Arella (done my part)
    4G 1LOVE x deep sea

    Godzalla (done my part)
    4G Spirk x HFW (last update Nov 2016) :)

    djengis - IOU AUGUST 2016 (done my part)
    details in PM

    bloodonmyfangs - NOV 2016
    2g chrono

    cyradis4 - NOV 2016
    3g checker bronze tinsel x desipis

    Sinion Kabe
    3g silver shimmer (last bred Nov 2016) :)

    ---POSSIBLE IOUs---


    these nice people helped me build my prize & metal army.
    Thank you very very very much. <3

    shishiza | Red2111 | milkaq66 | tjenni | MIGOR | Rare_Hunter21 | LibbyLishly | WoLfgIrLyS | MiaNi | Shapa | Sunrunner | Dawnshyne(cajunsun)

    x-----xx----- COMPLETED IOU & UOM -----xx-----x

    Agrona (RIP) | Singalana | aqua17 | Violet_Ninja | bubinator | alci | Khram | Lazurite | cajthemusicnerd | Ponystar17 | Coyote | Shilola | cajunsun | artiuslove | Lazurite | cdvla313 | Diame | Mew_1 | Hisa | Kaasheris | TheDoggy | Silverswift | aqua17 | daestarr | Lazurite | Silverswift | cerimonster | cyradis4 | becondethuong1307 | Bankotsu | harlequinraven | Lurhstaap | shinydragons | Bankotsu | hamsterwoman | Mistress of Whispers | becondethuong1307 | Terpsichore | ewi122 | izuzi0 | artiuslove | charlottekay62 | rrattts | tjekan | Sylph264 | Lastalda | YamerosXIII | Shapa | HeartJacker13 | angelicdragonpuppy | izuzi0 | Raphy | harlequinraven | Rare_Hunter21 | carnot | tjenni | Ginji | lincoln6echo | Sunrunner | djengis | suskekun222 | Infinis | PixieStick912 | Ginji | jennyfuji | aqua17 | Moulder | jessieice | Gealach | synditrix | jessieice | Raff | rrattts | angelicdragonpuppy | beautifuldragon5000 | RottenFish | JavaMom | ishlia | Tecca |

    x-----xx----- SPECIAL THANKS -----xx-----x

    isomanic (Thanks for my earliest shimmers)
    Violet_Ninja (Thanks for my 1st 3rd gen tinsel x 2)
    darkmoore (Thanks for pumpkin)
    Nyda (Thanks for CB brown copper)
    Nakuru (Thanks for very nice PB pink egg)
    Lilala (Thanks for 2nd gen tinselkin)
    Tamakin (Thanks for my 1st holly)
    Iside (Thanks for yulebuck checker x 2)
    Kiyoura (Thanks for Val 09 & pumpkin mates)
    psyrae (my super awesome secret santa, thanks for multiple eggs & hatchlings including CB gold) <3
    yieldy (Thanks for helping me breed gifts for my giftee)
    The_Imago (Thanks for Val 09 & yulebuck mates)
    Tecca (Thanks for my birthday gift - 4th gen bronze tinsel)
    Hisa (Thanks for spitfire silver shimmer)
    Glyndlamir (Thanks for Green copper x sweetling checker)
    dragonsrus (Thanks for gold x valentine 09 checker)
    Mystic_Halo (Thanks for flamingo x yulebuck checker)
    Wiz (Thanks for Holly from skywing lines)
    thomasgold19 (Thanks for CB gold and multiple other eggs/hatchies Santa! XD)
    AnanoKimi (Thanks for 2nd gen gold x frill - raffle)
    xenolion (Thanks for flamingos)
    rinoa26 (Thanks for cheese)
    WWECornSerpent (Thanks for my birthday gift - 5th gen bronze tinsel & shimmer, & 3rd gen gold checker <3 )
    tjekan (Thanks for the CHA0S lineage)
    shadesofchaos (Thanks for 3G silver x magi checker & mate)
    DragoonEagle (Thanks for 4th gen bronze tinsel)
    artiuslove (Thanks for 3G tinsel checker)
    Aleoleo (Thanks for 5th gen stair Holly)
    MIGOR (Thanks for multiple prizes lines <3 )
    Tecca (Thanks for 2 x grave tinselkin <3 )
    Sheriam (Thanks for 5th gen holly spiral)
    Sir Barton (Thanks for 5th gen holly EG)
    Daydreamer09 (Thanks for the 2G prizekin <3 )
    Sunrunner (Thanks for the 2G prize <3 <3 )
    Shapa (Thanks for the 2G prize <3 <3 )
    Vhale (Thanks for the 2G prizekin (raffle) <3 )
    dirtytabs (Thanks for the wave tinsel birthday gift)
    Syryn (Thanks for the multiple hatchlings birthday gift <3)
    WWECornSerpent (Thanks for the multiple hatchlings birthday gift <3)
    Blueocean ((Thanks for the 3G tinsel birthday gift <3)
    Sunrunner (Thanks for the 2G silver tinsel! & checker mates <3 <3)
    cajunsun (Dawn) (Thanks for the 2 x NDs! & multiple prizes. 0__o <3 <3)
    MIGOR (Thanks for the multiple CB hatchlings and prizes <3)
    sym (Thanks for returning 2g bronze shimmer to my friend)

    I hope I didn't miss anyone.


    What I want : in wishlist doc
    What I have : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yCVEM4QkzP78_v4NJ_1fDvku57h6vEAP16yWIYUuWZs/edit#gid=1506528880
    pm for mutual trade.

    **My 2 bros have ALT SWEETLINGS , they want CB metals for each 2nd gen offsprings.
    or they can help for any trades that give benefit for them.
    PM for trade/swap.
    1 of them get married and on hiatus and the other isn't so active now though. >__>

    Thank you for reading. :)