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NlCmaYt.gif CASUALLY SEEKING: Cool codes (see profile), Bloodswap (3G checker or higher) for: 3G Val09 x Yellow Crown - X, 4G Tangar x m Marrow - Y, 3G Indigo Lunar Herald x Heartstealer - Z

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    Scroll // Trading interests // Seasonal checkers // IOUs


    Caveborns are at the end of my scroll, starting from the dragon called Feeling Pretty and the Leetle Tree.

    First 6 pages are an artistic mess.


    Checkers! (Especially alt Sweetling checkers, these are usually AUTO.)
    Patterned EG lineages (eg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/kWsbA // http://dragcave.net/lineage/8vkD8 )
    Cool codes (see below)

    Particular favourites include alt Sweetling checkers, tri-coloured Snow Angel checkers and reverse seasonal lineages ( http://dragcave.net/lineage/caVeZ ). Pretty or themed names are also fun ( http://dragcave.net/lineage/pdXpz // http://dragcave.net/lineage/CgL3c ).

    I'm OK with inbreeding (on purpose is a bit nicer, cf: patterns).

    Prizes (it's just the resale value at this point, so 2G sure, but otherwise nah)
    PB lineages (boring, sorry.)
    Spirals (possibly a couple of exceptions to this one, but not many)

    Perfect palindromes: ExcxE is good; ExcXE is not.
    'Imaginary' numbers: 1234i - 'i' must be lowercase, '1234' can be any combination of numbers.
    Composed of a single letter (any caps): EeeEE, EEEEE are good; EEEaE is not.
    Composed of only numbers: 12345
    Composed of AxbAb pattern: a) all As uppercase / all Bs lowercase, or vice-versa b) x can be either upper- or lowercase.
    Composedof AbxAb pattern: a) As all lowercase/uppercase and Bs all uppercase/lowercase, respectively eg: qJcqJ is good, as is AhoAh, but aHoAh isn't.
    Words of 4 or 5 letters (any caps, but camelcase is best): World, wORld, trIP4 are good; tr2IP is not.
    L33t spelling: considered on a case by case basis. Try me!

    Will consider:

    Words of 3 letters.
    Composed of only one letter and one number: welllll, maybe. If it's pleasingly arranged, eg: e1ee1

    Not interested in Z codes.

    ----------- SEASONAL CHECKERS:

    Royal Crimson female x Spring male - up to 4G
    Swallowtail male x Summer female - up to 4G (have material for 5G)
    *Red-Finned Tidal female x Autumn male - (projected) 5G
    *Black Tea x Autumn - both versions - secondary project, 4G if have space

    * - In progress, do trade me such such checkers or 2Gs :)

    Gifters/Traders who want an egg:
    Swallowtails from Summer: Ruby Eyes (done), jocosa (done)

    ---------- IOUs TO: (dates are dd/mm) ---------- Completed to date: 10

    - DyingLight: 2G Bronze Shimmer from male Moonstone (0/1)

    - tjenni: Autumn from tri-coloured Snow Angel checker. (0/1)

    - flowerfire: 2G Crimson Flare from female Pumpkin (0/1)