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Scroll ~ IOUs Considered ~ *Button: I Saw The Cave Before The Change So Get Off My Lawn XD* ~ New Release Gifting Force ~ 66q7G6g.gif¡PM to trade!R1Mjq2W.gif ~ mednew_by_spatialfangs-damkn5p.png ~ 0YRHuND.pngNlCmaYt.gif CASUALLY SEEKING: Cool codes (see profile), Bloodswap (3G checker or higher) for:3G Val09 x Yellow Crown - X, 4G Tangar x m Marrow - Y, 3G Indigo Lunar Herald x Heartstealer - Z

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    Caveborns are at the end of my scroll, starting on page 8 from the dragon called Feeling Pretty and the Leetle Tree.

    Dragons on the same page, starting from the marker oO SOMEWHAT MESSY Oo have messy lineages, and elsewhere on my scroll are usually neat and primarily EGs.


    Checkers! (Especially alt Sweetling checkers, these are usually AUTO.)
    Patterned EG lineages (eg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/kWsbA // http://dragcave.net/lineage/8vkD8 )
    Cool codes (see below)

    Particular favourites include alt Sweetling checkers, tri-coloured Snow Angel checkers and reverse seasonal lineages ( http://dragcave.net/lineage/caVeZ ). Pretty or themed names are also fun ( http://dragcave.net/lineage/pdXpz // http://dragcave.net/lineage/CgL3c ).

    I'm OK with inbreeding (on purpose is a bit nicer, cf: patterns).

    Prizes (it's just the resale value at this point, so 2/3G sure, but otherwise nah)
    PB lineages (boring, no. cf: patterns)
    Spirals (possibly a couple of exceptions to this one, but not many)

    Perfect palindromes: ExcxE is good; ExcXE is not.
    'Imaginary' numbers: 1234i - 'i' must be lowercase, '1234' can be any combination of numbers.
    Composed of a single letter (any caps): EeeEE, EEEEE are good; EEEaE is not.
    Composed of only numbers: 12345
    Composed of AxbAb pattern: a) all As uppercase / all Bs lowercase, or vice-versa b) x can be either upper- or lowercase.
    Composedof AbxAb pattern: a) As all lowercase/uppercase and Bs all uppercase/lowercase, respectively eg: qJcqJ is good, as is AhoAh, but aHoAh isn't.
    Words of 4 or 5 letters (any caps, but camelcase is best): World, wORld, trIP4 are good; tr2IP is not.
    L33t spelling: considered on a case by case basis. Try me!

    Will consider:

    Words of 3 letters.
    Composed of only one letter and one number: welllll, maybe. If it's pleasingly arranged, eg: e1ee1

    Not interested in Z codes.

    ---------- BREEDING LISTS:

    For siblings of http://dragcave.net/lineage/sliuU - LIST OPEN - Five places.

    For siblings of http://dragcave.net/lineage/PEtay - LIST OPEN - Five places.

    You have 24hrs to pick up your egg, after which I will send the teleport link to everyone on the list as a free-for-all.

    --------- LINEAGE WISHLIST:

    ±would be useful:

    2G from male Autumn x female Red-Finned Tidal !
    2G from Black Tea x Autumn, either gender combination

    ±would be nice:

    2G Magma from male Seragamma
    Deep Sea from Magma checker bloodswap
    Tangar from pink Sweetling checker

    ±One day, one day...
    2G from m Waverunner x f Golden Wyvern (or 3G checker thereof)
    Deep Sea and Spotted Greenwing from Heartseeker checkers

    ----------- SEASONAL CHECKERS:

    Royal Crimson female x Spring male - up to 4G
    Swallowtail male x Summer female - up to 4G (have material for 5G)
    *Red-Finned Tidal female x Autumn male - (projected) 5G
    *Black Tea x Autumn - both versions - secondary project, 4G if have space

    * - In progress, do trade me such such checkers or 2Gs :)

    Gifters/Traders who want an egg:
    Swallowtails from Summer: Ruby Eyes (done), jocosa (done)

    ---------- IOUs TO: (dates are dd/mm)

    - isolakitten: 2G egg/hatchling from Daydream x Rosebud (given)
    3G egg from 2 Springs from Summers (given)
    IOUs me 1 tangar hatchling (any lineage) (done) + 2 3G descendants from Rosebud x Daydream checker (pending). (1/3 given)

    - tjenni: Autumn from tri-coloured Snow Angel checker. (0/1)

    - Juujinx: 2G Flamingo from RibbonDancer mother, GW from SW mother? (2/2, complete)

    - jocosa - 4G purple Neb from Ribbondancer checker [1/1]

    - TheFish: 2 CB hatchlings from Red/Pink/Speckle-Throat [2/2, complete]

    - from tnoelemaK: 5G Olive from Heartseeker start (received)

    - J'Adore Julez: 4G Ice from Marrow checker [1/1]

    - bantymom: 2 CB Nebula, influenced male [2/2]
    Magma x f Ice (either) or Magma x m Ember (magma) [1/1]
    1-2 2nd-gen Female Hellfires from Male Marrow X Female Hellfire [1/1, trade complete]

    - yulerule: hatchlings: 3 CB Nebulas, 2 CB Tan Ridgewings [3+2/3+2, complete]

    - from The_Imago: 2G PB green Opal [received]

    - Lavinia: Tsunami/Copper checker 3G x1; x2-3 3G Autumn from reverse Spring start
    Crimson hatchling from Spring checker (done); Swallowtail from Summer checker (done) [1+0+2/1+2-3+2]

    - flowerfire: 2G Crimson Flare from female Pumpkin [0/1]