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It would in a whole paragraph... unless you're only planning to do the talking as colour.

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At least it isn't Isa's.


Edith: I'm changing Promise's colour to [#2D24B9]

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^^; Guys...


It's alright to have colours that look similar. After all, it's not as if we're distinguishing them only by their colour. And also they're on different sides, right? So it'll be totally fine:3

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Mmmm... Yes... It's just... my OCD's been triggered...

D: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to offend you!


Also, I've taken to posting in darkolivegreen for Tractus, since there are so many maroonish colors.

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D: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to offend you!


Also, I've taken to posting in darkolivegreen for Tractus, since there are so many maroonish colors.

^^ You haven't offended me, darling! It's just a thing. ... A few things. It only happens some of the time. And it's perfectly fine. I just have to find the perfect colour now. And I think that's it.

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And here's Julian. ^^ Yaaay, all done.


Username: Silver_Voices


Name: Julian Sivett


Gender: Male


Age: 28


Looks: Here Hair black as coal or onyx sweeping halfway down his shoulder blades, eyes glowing like gold with specks of silver. Tall, about 6”2, seemingly scrawny at first glance but rather strong and muscular in reality. He has a sharply chiseled face, but his bright smile refuses to let his expression seem cold or aloof. A long, brown cloak drapes his shoulders and a hood darkens his visage. Slits are cut in the sides instead of sleeves, giving space for the second pair of arms that extend from his sides while doing battle.


Personality:  Tall, dark, and handsome are three accurate words for him. He is a soldier with the elegance of a swan and just as much a gentleman as Tom Hiddleson and Hugh Jackman combined. Being polite is his nature, but this war is in his blood. He was born a misfit; he would never have been able to avoid the outcome of his state of affair. He’s always wary, cautious, but a slow to discern. He only wants equality, and how he can see it, fighting for it is the only option. He’ll do whatever it takes, and will defend his beliefs with tooth and nail if necessary. He has an anxiety disorder that seldom surfaces, an unhealed wound from his youth.


History: Julian was raised in the house of respected Space Elementians; his family one who passes down their legacy as ‘pure-blooded’ down from generation to generation. He always felt as if he was disappointing his parents, but he knew he had something else that was equally special. His mother went to great pains to make him seem normal, to train him to be an exemplary child. To cover up the mark that labeled him as a Metal Elementian, as if he was supposed to be ashamed of it. But he was proud of who he was. He didn’t think he should have to hide it. But he did, and he was scared of being found out. He only showed one other person; his little brother Blaise.

Julian and Blaise were practically inseparable for the entirety their childhoods. Julian adored Blaise, but he could only guess how his younger sibling felt about him. He wished he was like everyone else around him, able to know what was thought about him and hear the voiceless conversations that were passed in the halls. But he didn’t even get to be ordinary. He had these abilities which would astound the people around him, yet he kept them hidden. He was different; a stranger to the world he lived in. He knew he belonged somewhere else. He never would have considered fleeing, unless he thought he would be killed. He never thought it might happen, but it was inevitable.

Blaise was only six years old, and he didn’t see the harm in asking his mommy and daddy why he wasn’t able to play with metal the way Julian could. His father became enraged when he put the pieces together and nearly attacked their mother in a blind madness. But instead, he turned on Julian and nearly killed him through the use of his abilities. He drilled his mind with terrifying images and thoughts, and caused him unspeakable pain to the point where he could scream no more. But his father spared him... under the condition that he would never return, and that he would never have to see his face or think of him again. Julian scrambled out, quickly threw some clothes into a bag, and left with tears still dripping down his cheeks, his last words to his family a hasty goodbye to his brother and a request to his mother, asking her to keep Blaise safe.

Then he ran, and found shelter and acceptance with other like him; Metal Elementians in Metallum. He found a family who took him in, and he began a new life. However, it was still plagued by terror. He had constant anxiety attacks whenever something popped up suddenly, or he heard yelling or loud noises. For years, he continued in this state, and his new, adopted five-year-old sister stayed near him and calmed him whenever he snapped. Her affection began his recovery, and she kept his disorder at bay for the most part. Her name was Maribelle, and she somehow found her way into his heart to fill the Blaise sized hole. She taught him what she knew about being a Metal Elementian, and he did the same for her. By the time he was twenty-one and she was eleven, he could easily manage his anxiety disorder and his abilities were slowly progressing. They kept each other sharp, and couldn’t spend even a day apart.

On occasion, he thought about the world outside Metallum. How harsh and unforgiving life had been before finding his home. He wanted to be a part of the community, maybe even go and see his brother again, but knew he couldn’t. He despised the feeling, and didn’t want Mari growing up in an environment like that. He proposed a plan to her, and they trained together to fight, day after day. On his twenty-eighth birthday, he said goodbye to Maribelle, his adopted parents, and headed out to join the growing army of the Shadow Alliance. To fight for their freedom.


Element: Metal

1. Movement

a] “Metal can easily be extracted from nearby earth and shaped/condensed/expanded effortlessly.” Julian cannot suspend metal in the air, therefore he has to be touching the ground to be able to draw it out. He also cannot mold metal into a specific shape independently, but can create a replica of something he knows well, like the back of his hand.

b] “Large amounts of metal can be easily controlled and manipulated.” Julian has a specific method of fighting. He sends small streams of metal slithering over the ground until they reach their targets. They then climb their victim and enter the mouth or nose, infesting the body and destroying it from the inside out.

2. Feel – Julian has spent the entirety of his life feeling through metal. It is the only thing that can calm him of his anxiety. Because of this, Julian is skillful in becoming one with metal.

a] “Textures and temperatures can easily be felt through metal, allowing the user to use metal as an extra ‘limb’.” Using this skill has saved Julian’s neck more than once, when there were more weapons coming at him than he could fight off alone. During hand to hand combat, he will add on two extra arms to wield his weapons with and ‘grows’ talon-like claws of steel from his fingertips that extend to cover his hands like gloves.

b] ”Ability to consume and infuse metal into the body, using it to replace bones, cartilage, or even something like lungs.” During a fight, Julian’s heart was pierced. He would have died had he not repaired the damage using a gold trinket given to him by Blaise.

c] “Metal weighs virtually nothing to the user and can be carried around in large quantities.” Blocks of iron, steel, lead, titanium, and a single block iridium are stored in a bag which is always slung over his shoulder. The bag feels practically empty to him, but someone without this ability wouldn’t be able to lift it a foot off the ground.

3. Defense

a] Julian is able to push away metals from himself, creating somewhat of a metal free zone around the exterior of his or another person’s body for a one foot radius. He is able to move around freely while in this state, but he cannot use any of his “movement” abilities.


Other: Although Julian means well, he was never able to excel much in his element. One specific weakness of his is that he does not have a strong hold on metal. He can handle it with skill, but another metal elementian can, with training, steal away the control of whatever metal he is animating. He also carries around a specific pouch of mercury, careful to keep it securely closed at all times. Because of his weak grasp, the only other person knowledgeable of this toxic metal is Jahan. He carries two swords that are strapped crossed against his back; used by his metal arms.

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*mumbling incoherently* Where's the stupid....can't believe....PAUSE BUTTON!!!!!!!!



Good grief! Okay, this is making me seriously happy....and mildly frustrated that I don't have time >.< tongue.gif


so, the only that I have grasped from skimming is that this needs to be turned into an anime.





Okay, uh, yeah.....


EDIT: Colors are awesome.


@LN, No I won't be fine.


@Everyone, the evil plots....oh Lordy.


I will be trying to get my characters up. If I could please and thank you be sent the power guides via PM, that would be wonderful. Make sure you send me your characters and ask before you make a legendary, dual (unless you already have it), or TriElementian.


If I could get a list of current characters as well, that would be awesome.


Is there anyone that needs to have access to their GoogleDoc? If you do, let me know and I'll add you as someone who is an approved editor of that specific document.


Also, please remind me who has updated their google doc.


I will try typing up more tomorrow, however, since my brother and I are the worship team for our youth group, I will have to spend some time practicing with him. Not to mention a Government quiz and youth group that evening.....SO, we shall see where we lay.


And spring break is not next week, but the week after I believe.....


uhm, if there is anything important, please let me know by e-mail now. (hebrews2325.cat@gmail.com)


As to the comic, that is awesome!


I think that's it..... lol


Now I must go to bed....LOOOONG day at work and a loooong day tomorrow.

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And I think I have a new pic for Renzo. His eyes are shocking blue. Go him. He's purdy and epic now.

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O.o....whoa. Total change for him, but I like it.


Would ya'll hate me if I had Noe as a legendary for the weather element?


So far that's


Isa (Light)


Blaise (Space)


and Noe (Weather)


With Jahanshah a possible Metal....


EDIT: And kinda changing Aamina. Not a lot, but still changing her. she needs more depth to be honest.


It feels so weird only having three characters to think about!!!!!!

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I was going to make a powerful Weather since Noe's the only one, but that's fine. :3


Also, PM

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@LN, No I won't be fine.

WHAAAAAT. *LadyN scrambles onto the scene, Yuaki in one hand and Aketsu in the other, Jahanshah hanging from her mouth by his cape--him being the shortest) Okay you three get to work organizing this thread for LL!!! We must find all the info she has requested!


If I could please and thank you be sent the power guides via PM, that would be wonderful.

Happening now! Aketsu, you're quick at sending messages... get going!

Edit: Tooooook us long enough, but we finished writing the Guides we had forgotten. happy.gif Thank you Silver for that huge headstart on Ice!


If I could get a list of current characters as well, that would be awesome.
On it's way! Yuaki, I know you're keeping lists... so get one made for LL!

Edit: Done!


Also, please remind me who has updated their google doc.

Reminding now! Jahanshah... uh, remind me who has done that?


Edit: I has been reminded.


All is done as you asked in these next few posts, LoveLost.~ Hopefully I didn't miss anything there.



Edit Edit: Nyaaaah!

Edited by LadyNatasha

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... THREE Legendary good guys...


It might mean 2 for Shadow depending on what LL wants to happen with Celeste.

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o.O I'm not sure what you mean there, Gist. But it sounds pretty cool for the Shadow Alliance! Okay, back to chasing down my characters...

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I'm not sure what you mean...

You seemed distressed by having a heavy ratio (3:1) of Legendaries at Good:Bad. I'm merely stating that I might have Celeste be a legendary with Jahan (Because I /like/ her original abilities. ._.).

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Ah, I see. Well, to give a better example of what we have... it seems actually that despite three Legendaries, Light might be in trouble:


Characters by Roleplayer, Alliance and Element:


~Isa: Light Alliance (Light/Legendary)

~Noe: Light Alliance (Weather/Legendary?)

~Nerio: Light Alliance (Water)

~Aamina: Shadow Alliance (Earth/?)

~Marcus: Shadow Alliance (Fire)


~Kaimaru: Light Alliance (Earth/Lightning)


~Aketsu: Light Alliance (Wind)

~Yuaki: Light Alliance (Shadow)

~Jahanshah: Shadow Alliance (Metal/Shadow)

~Mythyr: Shadow Alliance (Light/Lightning/Fire)


~Skylar: Shadow Alliance (Ice)


~Luna: Light Alliance (Space!!!)

~Renzo: Shadow Alliance (Lightning and an awesome new picture)


~Tractus: Light Alliance (Spacey!!!)

~Celeste: Shadow Alliance (Water)


~Loren: Light Alliance (Wind)

~Betzalel: Shadow Alliance (Awesome)

~Creos: Shadow Alliance (Fire/Shadow)


~Gear: Shadow Alliance (Metal)

~Aoi: Shadow Alliance (Fire)

~Naomi: Shadow Alliance (Plant)


~Isis: Light Alliance (Plant)

~Blaise: Light Alliance (Space/Legendary)

~Promise: Shadow Alliance (Ice)

~Julian: Shadow Alliance (Metal)


Characters by Element and Alliance:

Green are on Sola's side for the most part.

Red are on Whisper's side for the most part.

By pure I mean they have only one [known] element, no matter what their parents had.

Members with * have more than one element, so far as I know (users might know otherwise).


Wind: Aketsu, Loren: 2 Pure

Water: Nerio, Celeste: 1 Pure, 1 Pure[/Legendary?]

Light: Isa,, Mythyr**: 1 Pure/Legendary, 1 Tri

Plant: Isis, Naomi: 2 Pure

Space: Luna, Tractus, Blaise: 2 Pure, 1 Pure/Legendary


Earth: Aamina, Kai*: 1 [debatably] Pure, 1 Dual

Weather: Noe: 1 Pure... [Legendary?] Griffon thing.


Ice: Skylar, Promise: 2 Pure

Metal: Jahanshah*, Gear, Julian: 1 Dual/[Legendary?], 2 Pure

Shadow: Yuaki, Jahanshah*, Creos*: 1 Pure, 2 Dual

Fire: Marcus, Creos*, Aoi, Mythyr**: 3 4 Bad boys, 2 Pure, 1 Dual, 1 Tri


Lightning: Kai*, Renzo, Mythyr**: 1 Pure, 1 Dual, 1 Tri



Not counting: Betzalel, Queen Zillah, King Alsano, or Beast Folk

Males: Fifteen

Females: Nine

Certain Couples: Three

Light: Eleven (2-3? Legendary, 1 Dual, 1 Gryphon) Besides one Beast

Shadow: Thirteen (1-2? Legendary, 2 Dual, 1 Tri) Besides one Beast

Pure: 20

Dual: 3

Tri: 1

Edited by LadyNatasha

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Since when did the male:female ratio get away from us? o.o


And yes, I think I'm starting to see your point.


Why the random emphasis?


Edit: Ohyes, I'm planning for Tractus to shift alliances in the /very near/ future (Within 7 pages, I expect).

Edited by gistofeverything

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Random Emphasis on the males? xd.png Because I can.


And... well, four new male characters were just created. sleep.gif

So! I vote next character created is female, or next one to die is male. wink.gif But the ratios don't have to be exact. I just thought it was funny.


I'll be taking info from my lasts few posts and adding them in one massive post when I'm done getting things together.


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These huge Histories intimidate me... o.o


This RP wasn't always Lit+ - when did that happen?

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@Everyone: People who don't have your new characters in the googledocs provided on page one: If you are able to edit yours, stick your new/updated profiles in. That'll save LL some time. wink.gif


@Gist: Well, the rules still say you only have to have eight sentences of history. happy.gif So don't worry about it. LL likes depth, but I wouldn't want anyone to be chased away by thinking they couldn't keep up with the posts. sleep.gif That would be no fun. Speaking of fun! I have it ready now...


If Tractus shifts alliances... well, Light could be in trouble. o.o That's a lot of shadows. Oh, but there are more females on Light than Dark. happy.gif Just thought I'd point that out. Then again, only 3 on each side aren't already... coupled...


@LL: Updated Google Docs:



MINE. Still in progress...


New/Updated characters not yet in Google Docs (to my knowledge):

Loren (LoreMaster's)

Silver's Updated

Blaise, Silver's New

Julian, Silver's New

Skylar (DragonPelt's)


New Pictures:

Luna (BlueApollo's)


Edit: I'm off to get pizza. <3 <3 Be back soon to send that PM, LL.

Edited by LadyNatasha

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9) History must be AT LEAST 6 sentences long. Longer than that is preferable and if I know you can type more than that, then I will probably ask for more.


So you shouldn't have to type up a whole lot. ^^ I just do because I have these huge stories in my head... and if I don't write them they all get jumbled together and mixed up. Also, if you do wish to extend it and need help, I can try to give ideas.


Wait... this means you might be making another character... which means, LoveLost, I shall have to edit the posts behind this one a bit eventually. laugh.gif Which is also something I love doing.


Writing manuals, editing manuscripts/papers/books, approving such things... this is why I am majoring in Technical and Professional Communications. <3


Sadly, the pizza place was closed... so we got subs instead.


EDIT; In thirty minutes I'll be traveling a long way with no internet, so next time I'll be on will either be sometime past midnight or not until tomorrow afternoon. Ciao, friends.~

Edited by LadyNatasha

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