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Power Guide

Courtesy of the original RPers of this RP as of March 5th, 2013




How do these guides work? It's quite simple; according to the training your character has received, his/her age and his/her genetic composition [natural ability], you choose abilities.


For a regular character, you do NOT choose all abilities in every category. For example, some Metal Elementians can easily use magnetics but cannot for the LIFE of them extract unrefined metal from stone. That is OK. Even some characters with a Specialty, such as Jahanshah, cannot use some Tertiary moves; in Jahanshah's case, he cannot fling metal projectiles. At all, ever. His metal rain is all he can do at range; he is not an archer like our new metal friend Gear. He does not extract natural metals like our newer friend Julian. His genetics allow him to use short-ranged metal techniques. But even though he lacks a Tertiary skill, Jahan does have a specialization; he is able to shift the molecules in metal to reflect beams to a degree, and even lightning if he's ready.


Jahan is a kid with lots of training. Even with all his training, he's still a kid; he does not have every skill. He was born with certain genetics; he will never have every specialty/skill. He will never hear the Laugh of the Ore. Elementians are born with the 'hearing' ability. Jahan will never be great at flinging metal. But he is good with close-combat metal. That is what his genetic disposition allows.


A great weakness you can take if you want a bit of an extra edge but don't want to be overpowered is a personality weakness. The first Tri-elementian presented, Mythyr, is hydrophobic. Not only does he fear bodies of water, he fears rain, puddles, and water elementians. He fears looking at water, and even moreso fears feeling it. He's a tri-elementian, but stick him up against water and he might just get himself killed in attempted defense before the water elementian has a chance to kill him.


In general, dual and tri-elementians are supposed to have equal power in each element.


Legendary figures are different. Although they too should have weaknesses, they can also have more than one Specialty. But with great power comes great explosions; although powerful, many young Legendary figures are less able to control that power. This is not always the case; sometimes it's the opposite, where they're not specifically powerful in anything but can do everything and do it with precision. It all depends on our dear LL's allowances. Also, if a Legendary by some chance is a dual, they are obviously weaker with their second element; there are NO Legendaries of two elements. It is likely that the second element has to be weaker than it would be with an average Elementian of that element. Such is the case with Jahanshah, who rocks his socks with metal but can hardly do anything with shadows, even with his shadowy sword Daedureth.


To make the Guides, I looked at the elementians already present (and took Silver's wonderful suggestions for ice; made my life 10X easier involving that element). Look at the Space guide, and look at Luna; she has some abilities in Journeyman, but some only Tertiary. Some she doesn't have at all, although with training she may gain some. That is a balanced Elementian. The same goes for Loren, Aketsu, etc. Just note that when making a character. Again, Legendaries are different; they do get to be more powerful often. And in the end it does all depend on Lovey.


A word about the Sound Specializations: in most cases, the sounds for each element (Cry of the Wind, Desire of the Stars, etc.) cannot be heard constantly or even very often. They are special things that a character hears during special or critical times. Some show up when the character feels certain emotions, some show up when the character’s friends are in certain situations. Some only show up when called upon. But these aren’t meant to be flaunted and flailed like every other ability; they are special special abilities. They are once-a-day or once-a-week, or even once-a-year abilities that show up suddenly when needed the most. The fun thing is, you as the RPer get to decide when that is. wink.gif


Remember, a character can be fun without being powerful! Take little Naomi for instance. She's about to get in to a real tango with the Shadow Alliance. *mischievousgrin* But by all means, try out a powerful charrie if you desire! <3


One last thing: the Guide is a Guide, not a rule book. If you can think of something that can be done with Metal, for example, that I do not have in a Guide, post it as your character's ability. It will most likely be accepted if it's realistic. In fact, even if it’s not THAT realistic it will most likely be accepted. After all, we’re talking about Elementians here.


Legendary Legends and Relationships:


Back when the world was in harmony and there were no enemies, all Legendaries and normal Elementians lived together. They relied on one another. Helped each other. There are ancient legends that go with the Legendary Elementians that dictate their bloodline, or even when they would show up. Some legends tell how they would either destroy or create a new world. Some speculation even showed that if all Legendaries appeared at once, an entirely new planet could be created by them. But the deepest of all legends shows the relationships that held the Council of Legends together. Here is how they would relate to one another:


Light: Space, Fire, Lightning

Shadow: Weather

Metal: Fire, Earth

Earth: Metal, Fire

Lightning: Weather, Space

Plant: Water, Earth, Light

Water: Ice, Space

Fire: Lightning

Ice: Shadow, Water

Wind: Weather, Water, Fire, Space

Weather: Space







Wind Elementians

2 out of 10 taken (Legendary Available)


Wind Elementians are natives of Aero and are generally a very highly technological culture almost like the Space Elementians. Their abilities can range greatly from simply moving a breeze to flight or massive windstorms that could knock Aero itself from the sky!

After the most recent battles between Sola and Whisper, New Aero split off from the main city, taking about 60% of the sky-bound land with them as the majority of the people remained with the Light Alliance.


Beginner Wind Control

- Moving wind from point A to point B at around 10-30 mph.

- Starting formation of wind weapons. Meaning hard, high velocity bursts of air that can be targeted at a specific being.


Apprentice Wind Control

- Development of higher order control. Ability to focus air into a finer stream of air and higher pressures reaching 60 mph.

-Ability to stop natural wind that is going up to 80 mph with concentration.


Tertiary Wind Control

- Using wind as a temporary solid object, be it a shield or a weapon.

- Being able to control winds up to 130 MPH and change the pressure of larger areas somewhat.


Journeyman Wind Control

- Wind as a lasting weapon (with concentration). Formation of razors, swords, arrows, spikes; ‘solid’ wind lasts longer without concentration.

- Wind can be controlled over a large area as well which can expand to over 10 miles. Any speed wind can be controlled to a degree.

-Large tornadoes and other such wind phenomena can be created—or stopped.

-Ability to create ‘vacuums’ where very few air molecules exist.


Mastery and/or Specialization

- Ability to control molecules within wind. To exchange the concentration of different elements in a specific area of the wind.

- Ability to obtain Gaura. This is a state where a Wind Elementian truly becomes one with their element and is able to use wind to fly without too much effort.

-Ability to hear the “Cry of the Wind”, a hard to explain phenomena that can tell you when a loved one is nearby or in trouble, or if a great darkness is approaching, or something similar.



Play with this as you see fit and submit it to me to see if you should go stronger or weaker. A few notes however:

- Can "become" wind.

- Create large wind storms that span over very large areas.

- Possibility of a 'wind monster' (this depends on your interpretation so I leave that to you)


Water Elementians

3 out of 10 taken (Legendary Available)

Water Elementians are from the underwater city of Triton. The city is made of walls that are translucent and they have their own technology that allows them to build small machines that make it so that they can breathe under water.


Beginner Water Control

- Putting out a fire with water is pretty much beginner control. The ability to move small amounts of water in whatever direction desired for short distances at a slow pace.


Apprentice Water Control

- The ability to form water into whatever shape wished as well as the ability to pull water from surrounding areas such as, underground, the air, and plants.

- The ability to form water into a single weapon and barely move it coherently.

- Beginning to be able to separate large masses of water into individual strands and controlling them, like small whips.

-Ability to control already moving water/waves, making it bulge in areas and shift direction temporarily.


Tertiary Water Control

-Ability to make waves ten times larger than they are and control water movement in a body of water.

-Ability to pressurize small to medium areas of water into compact water, making it hard and dangerous on impact.

-The ability to form water into a weapon of sorts and use it in a basic attacking maneuver. Many water elementians are able to hold this for at least two minutes before having to release the water, or change weapons.

-The ability to breathe underwater


Journeyman Water Control

- Water as a sharp knife or long whip-like weapon. More permanent formation of blunt weapons; ‘solid’ water lasts longer without concentration.

- Entire bodies of water can be controlled in a mass; with effort they can be shaped/pressurized.

-Large typhoons and other such water phenomena can be created—or stopped.


Mastery and/or Specialization

- Ability to control water in a human body in a puppet-like way. Could also make them puke by upsetting water in stomach area.

-Ability to view things a far distance off by using water near them as binoculars.

- Ability to take the tiny molecules of water out of the air or plants in any area and use it as regular water.

-Ability to hear the “Song of the Waves”, a hard to explain phenomena that allows the listener to hear all that is going on around them due to the moisture in the air. Also useful for telling when enemies are nearby thanks to water being present underground.



Play with this as you see fit and submit it to me to see if you should go stronger or weaker. A few notes however:

- Can practically become "one" with water.

- The ability to combine hydrogen and oxygen to make more water.

- Heal wounds with water or calm/restore the minds of allies. To get into the science of it, the water would be used to pull the necessary amino acids and various other materials needed to reconstruct skin, bone or muscle. To calm a mind, one would have to have a knowledge of the proper hormones to trigger through a use of water in the body which is previously learned in Mastery.


Light Elementians

2 out of 10 taken (Legendary Taken)

Light Elementians are from the beautiful capital city of Sola. The city is completely solar-powered and surrounded by a lush forest that is largely untouched by technology. During the day, specially angled glass allows virtually every building to be lit naturally by the sun. At night, the moon is used in the same way.


Beginner Light Control

- Making small handfuls of glowing light.

-Making a shadowed area slightly lighter by redirecting available light.

-Absorbing small amounts of light, making an area darker.

-Beginning to make areas warmer with light.


Apprentice Light Control

- Ability to focus light and make sudden flashes of bright light.

-Ability to make a bright ball of light that can move around and light up very dark areas.

- Ability to use light focus light into bright beams.

-Ability to make temporary, shimmering, unmoving illusions next to the user for a short amount of time.


Tertiary Light Control

-Ability to make areas hot and ignite dry wood with light.

-Ability to make long streaks of moderate light that can stretch for a mile or so.

- Ability to brighten massive dark areas and control multiple sources of light at once.

-Ability to focus light into painfully hot lasers for short amounts of time.

-Ability to make multiple, large fires with focused light streams


Journeyman Light Control

- Using a special weapon designed by Aeroans and Univerums, Journeyman level Light Elementians can concentrate light into an arrow which can be maintained for a distance based on their skill level with light. This can also be used for swords and/or maces. They must have the adaptive base.

- Light can be controlled over a large area as well which can expand well over 10 miles, fading as it gets farther from the user.

-Light can be separated to reflect different colors, allowing the user to make more realistic 3-dimensional illusions (more complex ones, if they have practiced specific ones beforehand).

-Light can be used as a painful and burning beam, even solidified enough to push things away from the user.

-Ability to use moon/starlight to the user’s advantage. However, this ability limits the user drastically, but if skilled enough, can still create small amounts of light by redirecting the sunlight that hits the moon.


Mastery and/or Specialization

- Ability to use the very power of the sun as burning light in attacks and defense still using the adaptive apparatuses, but the weapons are stronger and can last longer.

-Ability to easily separate and reflect any color, allowing the user to become invisible or make many realistic illusions of any sort.

-Ability to be the “Soul of the Sun”, a hard to explain phenomena that only occurs during desperate times and allows the Light Elementian to literally radiate a fiery heat and blazing light from their own body; it cannot be put out by normal water or shadows, and will not go out until the Light Elementian calms down... Normally only expressed in wizened or out of control elementians showing early prowess.


Legendary - Princess Isa

The "Rainbow Child" has, in essence, a sun existing within herself. Due to the nature of the Space Elementians and the Light Elementians, their ties are solidified in brotherhood. It was rumored that a young child would be born with hair and eyes that held every facet of light that was around them. there had only been one Rainbow child before Isa and she had eventually Super Nova'd during a large battle, killing Queen Zillah's brother; yet another reason for the hatred between the Shadow and Light Alliances.

What being Legendary entails for the Rainbow Child -

- "becomes" light and is able to jump on the "back" of photons to travel over small distances. This makes her look much like The Flash when she uses it to speed up her travel time.

- Extended Soul of the Sun is where she basically unleashes the sun within her to kill, or illuminate. She can control this ability to the point where she can point her finger and the power of the sun is emanated from that point.

- Can make weapons without any help from the apparatuses that have been designed by the more technologically advanced cultures.

- Creation of several "solid" holograms.

- Use of the light of the moon to perform up to Mastery level light abilities.


Drawbacks: Light is difficult at night. However, Light Travel is still possible and Extended Soul of the Sun is available, but only for a short period of time since she has no way to recharge.



Plant Elementians


Legendary Taken - Aspen played by Backup77


3 out of 10 taken

Plant Elementians are from the tree city of Natura. The ‘buildings’ in the city area are literally the trees themselves, specially grown and arranged by the few remaining powerful Plant Elementians so that the trees can live and people can live inside them. Some of the trees used as homes are over 1000 years old.


Beginner Plant Control

- Ability to grow small herbs and make sick plants healthier.

-Ability to seal/create holes in leaves/solid plant material.

-Ability to make seeds of trees sprout into saplings



Apprentice Plant Control

- Ability to grow some larger plants and control the way they grow with time.

-Ability to make already present vines (and various other pliable flora) twist into various shapes.

- Ability to grow wood using a small bit of already present wood and form it into weapons, shields and other such objects. Doing this takes time.

- Ability to control vines, tree branches and long thin plants like limbs, but they aren’t any stronger than the regular plant.

-Ability to repair and grow vines/small trees.


Tertiary Plant Control

-Ability to make already grown trees produce seeds (including nuts and fruit).

-Ability to kill or revive any in-tact plant.

- Ability to make thin armor. Weapons can be made quickly out of a small piece of wood, but still takes energy to maintain.

- Multiple plants can be controlled over a large area. Deep wounds on plants can be ‘healed’ and diseased plants can be ‘cured’.


Journeyman Plant Control

- The ability to weave plants into clothes. The separation of the fibers and combining of the fibers, takes great skill and concentration

- Wood can be hardened and condensed to make strong armor and weapons that can be repaired/maintained easily by the Plant Elementian.

-The Elementian can enter a tree and ‘feel’ what the tree feels, controlling the tree like a large body of armor if desired.


Mastery and/or Specialization

-Ability to change the genetic composition of a seed or young plant and make it into any plant.

- Ability to make ‘Elder Trees’, enormous and practically impenetrable trees that usually serve as homes for plant Elementians and are virtually fire-proof. Making one of these takes time and effort; it is not an on-the-spot action.

-Ability to ground oneself and instead let the surrounding forest move to defend itself and you against enemies.

-Ability to hear the “Speech of the Forest”, a hard to explain phenomena that allows the Elementian to know what a plant has ‘seen’ or ‘heard’ recently, and sometimes allows the Elementian to actually communicate with the forest and tell it to fight on its own accord.


Legendary -


- Ability to "become" a plant. The elementian can literally transform oneself into a plant through concentration.

- Ability to create a plant "monster" that can either think independently, or can be controlled by the legendary elementian.

- Ability to control such organisms as algae or beings that contain chlorophyll. The reason for this is unknown.

- Healing is a huge part. The easy extraction of medicinal properties from plants allows the Legendary Elementian to imbue their innate power into the materials and heal allies. Uses a large amount of energy.


Space Elementians

3 out of 10 taken (Legendary Taken)


Space Elementians hail from the great Observatory, an incredible complex star-viewing tech-castle surrounded by smaller home buildings. They live next to a large lake, where every night the stars glimmer beautifully off the water and a full moon makes the lake glow.


Beginner Space Control

- Sensing basic emotions of nearby people

- Beginning to form the ability to pick up small objects with telekinesis and move them short distances.


Apprentice Space Control

- Ability to sense basic intentions and more advanced emotions of nearby people

-Ability to slightly affect the emotions of nearby people

-Telekinesis can pick up cat-sized objects and move them around about a 100-foot area.

-Magnetic distortion; magnetic fields can be twisted/altered slightly so that grains of sand and metal can be controlled to a degree.


Tertiary Space Control

- Ability to read the thoughts of others with concentration, and clearly sense intentions.

-Ability to alter emotions of those nearby and small chance to place thoughts into their heads.

- Telekinesis is more controllable and can lift horse-sized objects and move them about fifty meters around with concentration. Multiple smaller objects can be lifted and controlled.

-Ability to use the power of stars/starlight to make ‘supernova’-type small explosions or bright lights.

-More powerful magnetic distortion

-Space can be twisted slightly, which can cause horrid things to happen in small areas or if used correctly can allow someone to ‘teleport’ a short distance.


Journeyman Space Control

- The thoughts of others can be read and sorted to a degree; emotions and intents are very clear all the time.

- Emotions of others can be altered, and coherent thoughts can be placed in or removed from their minds.

-Telekinesis can easily control huge objects for fifty meters and smaller objects for as far as the eye can see. Many objects can be controlled at once, and other elements that have a solid or liquid mass can be controlled to a degree.

-Space can usually be twisted without error, allowing the user to do things such as teleport 50 yards, increase their reaction time or decrease the reaction time of an enemy/distort an enemy.

-Increased size in supernova abilities


Mastery and/or Specialization

- Ability to take complete control of one person for a limited amount of time, controlling their thoughts and actions.

- Ability to make enormous supernovas large enough to wipe out a small village, but only at night.

-Ability to ‘align’ someone’s element, making it much more powerful so long as the Space Elementian is concentrating on aligning it.

-Ability to hear the “Desire of the Stars”, a hard to explain phenomena that allows the user to locate anyone they wish from any distance and see/hear what that person is doing, thinking, and saying.



Weather Elementians

1 out of 10 taken

Weather Elementians come from the city of Cumulus. Cumulus is more ordinary than any city in appearance. However, its weather patterns are sporadic and constantly changing. However, the weather does not endanger the city, thanks to the famous and well-guarded Weather Machine centered in the Cumulus Palace.


Beginner Weather Control

- The ability to change the weather in small areas, making it clear or cloudy, rainy or even snowy if natural conditions allow (can’t be done in a desert).


Apprentice Weather Control

- The ability to create a general rainstorm (or snowstorm during winter) in an area about 1 square mile. However, where the rain falls hardest and where lightning strikes (if it strikes at all) cannot be controlled.

- The ability to remove rainstorms from an area, or increase the ferocity of already present storms.


Tertiary Weather Control

-Depending on current weather conditions, the user can create out of nothing varying sizes of tornadoes, sandstorms, hurricanes, cyclones, or tsunamis.

-Areas of about one square mile can be made to have absolutely horrible or perfectly still weather conditions.

-Weather can be ‘blasted’ at nearby enemies, or made to surround them in large bubbles of bad weather that can be hard to escape from.

-Natural weather automatically attunes itself to the mood of the user, and no harsh weather will ever harm the Weather Elementian at this point.

Journeyman Weather Control

- Ability to increase/decrease atmospheric pressure in an area, which can explode a person’s eardrums as well as cause them to stop moving due to pain on their joints.

- Ability to use emotions to control weather to do specific, sporadic and unpredictable things.

-Ability, with enough emotion, to cause earthquakes.


Mastery and/or Specialization

- Ability to specifically separate one or two elements of a storm during the storm, allowing the user to use that element in a basic way like a natural Elementian of that element.

-Ability to fly during bad weather without being affected by that weather.

- Ability to change the weather constantly and drastically, putting all kinds of unnatural pressures on living creatures surrounding; temperature can be changed from freezing to boiling in an instant.

-Ability to hear the “Roar of the Storm”, a hard to explain phenomena that allows the listener to cause any kind of weather over the entire continent for up to a week, if their emotions can constantly match the desired weather.


Earth Elementians

2 out of 10 taken

Earth Elementians usually come from the tunnel city of Terra, but some of them come from the sands of the deserts. Because of this, the way the earth element can be controlled is more varying than any other element. Some earth elementians can use both sand and stone. However, most find stone more useful, as it takes time for sand to be made of stone if you’re not already in the desert.


Beginner Earth Control

- A: The ability to move small rocks without touching them, and to pull chunks of rocks off of larger rocks.

-B: The ability to lift small amounts of dry sand without touching it, and make it swirl slowly.


Apprentice Earth Control

- A: The ability to move sizeable chunks of stone around a close-range area and shape break off chunks of the stone to change its shape.

- The ability to break large rocks into smaller pieces and control stone from a greater distance.

- B: The ability to move large amounts of sand and temporarily harden sand together enough to make barriers/objects. These crumble without concentration.

-Ability to, with time, grind small rocks into grains of sand.


Tertiary Earth Control

-A: Ability to pull rocks deep from underground or from within another element to use in battle.

-Ability to sense nearby movement by feeling the ground.

-Ability to compress several rocks into one and shape it into an object or barrier.

-Ability to compress dirt into a weapon or barrier.

-Ability to cause earthquakes in a mile-wide radius.

-B: Ability to grind larger rocks into sand given time, and draw sand from the dirt.

-Ability to compress sand into an object or barrier that will last without concentration.

-Ability to make large sandstorms in a given area, and sense shapes/movement that the sand hits as it flies.

-Ability to make smaller, much more painful sandstorms that can cover about 10 feet at once.


Journeyman Earth Control

- A: Earth can be pulled, shaped, hardened or softened quickly if near the user.

- The user can tunnel through the earth to travel at a fast walking pace.

-Ability to cause earthquakes in a five-mile radius.

-Ability to make and control a few stone minions that can move dynamically.

-Ability to compress rock into something incredibly hard (given time).

-B: Sand can be quickly made from nearby stones, and can be shaped, hardened and softened quickly.

-The user can snake through the sand at a slow jogging pace.

-Ability to cause enormous sandstorms, given enough sand.

-Ability to layer sand over skin and have it reflect correct skin color, giving the user a second (much tougher and heavier) skin.

-Ability to compress sand into something incredibly hard (given time).


Mastery and/or Specialization

- A: Ability to control entire mountains at once; literally the ability to move mountains.

-Ability to sense movement, shapes, even life itself miles away by feeling the earth, and the ability to recognize a familiar person’s movements.

- Ability to control molten rock and be uninjured by its heat… possibly the ability to create molten rock.

-B: Ability to create glass and control it, or turn it back into sand.

-Ability to move entire deserts at once and shape them into whatever sort of kingdom one would desire.

-Either: Ability to hear the “March of the Earth”, a hard to explain phenomena that allows the listener to ‘speak’ to the earth, causing every ounce of rock/dirt/sand on the planet to assist the user during battle in strange and frightening ways. Usually looks like an earthquake/avalanche that just happened to only target enemies.


Metal Elementians

3 out of 10 taken

Metal Elementians are from the volcano-encased city Metallum. The volcano itself is enormous, allowing the population of Metallum to comfortably increase while still leaving room for a large lake and healthy forest. It is a truly unique place that attracts many visitors each year.


Beginner Metal Control

- Ability to move and slightly shape small bits of pure metal.


Apprentice Metal Control

- The ability to shape pure metal into many things, including—given time—weapons.

- The ability to fling metal in different directions with moderate accuracy, and pull metal towards oneself.

-Ability to sense nearby pure or impure metals.

-Ability to ‘feel’ things through metal—the closer the metal to the user, the more accurate the feeling.


Tertiary Metal Control

-Metal weighs virtually nothing to the user and can be carried around in large quantities.

-Ability to extract metal from earth given enough time.

-Ability to quickly shape metal into different shapes as necessary, and harden/soften it while touching it.

-Ability to condense/expand metal to make it weaker or stronger, thicker or thinner.

-Ability to fling, suspend, and carefully aim metal projectiles for up to 300 yards.


Journeyman Metal Control

- Ability to change the magnetic status of various metals; most easily done with iron and steel.

- Metal can easily be extracted from nearby earth and shaped/condensed/expanded effortlessly.

-Textures and temperatures can easily be felt through metal, allowing the user to use metal as an extra ‘limb’.

-Large amounts of metal can be easily controlled and manipulated.


Mastery and/or Specialization

- Ability to shift the molecules of a given metal in such a way that they can reflect beams of light, energy, and other such matter.

- Ability to consume and infuse metal into the body, using it to replace bones, cartilage, or even something like lungs.

-Ability to hear the “Laugh of the Ore”, a hard to explain phenomena that allows the listener to change the magnetic pull of metal for miles… literally pulling entire masses of metal from everywhere to the user and surrounding them in a mountain-size metal encasement. Allies, although pulled to the outside of the encasement, would not be pulled in and suffocated. Element-infused metals are not affected.



Lightning Elementians

3 out of 10 taken


Lightning Elementians live in what is probably the most technologically advanced society in the world; Electra. While Aero and the Observatory use complex technology in every day living, Electra has advanced its technology to form deadly weapons and large machines. More than any other, the city of Electra relies on electricity to run every-day items.


Beginner Lightning Control

- The ability to make static electricity run through oneself.

- The ability to sense a coming lightning storm minutes before it begins.


Apprentice Lightning Control

- Ability to shock things through physical touch and zap things with lightning from short distances away

-Ability to sense a coming lightning storm hours before it begins

-Ability to cause more serious internal wounds by touching a creature in vital areas

-Ability to partly close wounds and stop bleeding using electricity


Tertiary Lightning Control

- Ability to stun nearby creatures with lightning

- Ability to sense impending electrical energy as well as the buildup in the air that happens between charges before lightning strikes, effectively allowing the user to subtly change and direct lightning bolts send from other Lightning Elementians

-Ability to charge one’s own body and get extra energy through this—could be deadly if overused

-Ability to shoot forth longer-ranged lightning

-Ability to sense a coming lightning storm a day before it begins


Journeyman Lightning Control

- Ability to ‘hover’ by using and shifting electrical currents

- Deadly lightning can be sent forth from one’s body, becoming less deadly at greater range

-Natural lightning can be redirected to use as a weapon—can be DEADLY if not redirected quickly enough. Almost always has burn-consequences on elementian.

-Ability to spread lightning into a field to shock many creatures, although not as powerfully as focused lightning


Mastery and/or Specialization

- Ability to call forth Lightning from the sky during true storms and use it with little or no consequences

-Ability to absorb Lightning from other Lightning elementians, or electricity from electricity-powered items/electric currents; this absorbed energy can be sent in waves of devastating energy later

- Immunity from damage caused by lightning, except for these other specializations

-Ability to hear the “Scream of the Lightning”, a hard to explain phenomena that allows an elementian to move extremely fast during any sort of storm.




Fire Elementians

4 out of 10 taken

Fire Elementians are from the breathtaking city of Pyra. Made completely from stone, the city is filled with beautiful, perfectly-crafted sculptures made by ancient Fire Elementian masters. It is a truly unique city, and is fiercely guarded by the few remaining Fire Elementians who live there.


Beginner Fire Control

- Small fistfuls of fire can be made and used to start things on fire if held close enough to a flammable object.

-The Elementian cannot be harmed by fires they make


Apprentice Fire Control

- Fire can be formed to whatever shape wished, the heat can be increased/decreased slightly

- Fire can be shot forth about ten feet

-Already-present fires can be made larger/smaller, and their heat can be increased/decreased slightly


Tertiary Fire Control

-Ability to make lots of fire around oneself

-Ability to make small, ‘sharp’ concentrated flames that can cut through weaker materials like regular knives, also causing burning

-Ability to form small fireballs (concentrated fire) and blast them at something up to thirty feet away (they get weaker the farther they go)

-Immunity from the heat of regular fires (this says nothing about clothes/items)


Journeyman Fire Control

- Fire size and heat can be massively increased, large fires can be made to fly through the air without fading for a few seconds

-Large fireballs can be blasted up to 200 (potentially more) feet away

-Fire can be made sharp at short-range and can cut into things, even metals if this is a focused ability

-Ability to cause heat waves that evaporate all liquid to radiate from one’s body—very short ranged, could cause major dehydration

-Fire can be made into semi-solid, searing hot short-range weapons


Mastery and/or Specialization

- Creatures up to twenty feet away can be ignited with little more than a glare, if focused specifically

-Ability to make fire so sharp and precise, it can literally cut through anything like butter

- Ability to make small, ‘eternal’ flames—an ancient technique used to make fires in jewels, tombs and temples. NOT an efficient aggressive weapon.

-Ability to hear the “Fury of the Fire”, a hard to explain phenomena that allows the listener to temporarily become like a phoenix; they become as fire itself and area able to fly, causing massive burn damage to any environment that can burn and any creature that gets too close.



Shadow Elementians

3 out of 10 taken

Shadow Elementians are from the mysterious city of Whisper. Hidden in Shadows, Whisper is the mother-city of the Shadow Alliance and home to Queen Zillah herself. Dark things lurk in the central castle, things that most people only have nightmares of…


Beginner Shadow Control

- The ability to deform, remove or add small unnatural shadows to any setting. Shadows can be formed into any shape, and more shadows can be added to add areas of dark on the original shadows.


Apprentice Shadow Control

- The user can make small physical shadows that actually have substance. These concentrated shadows can work as shields, weights, barriers and other objects, but only last while the user concentrates on them.

-Shadows can be increased in size and darkened greatly, more so if the user is feeling hatred. Areas with natural light can be darkened significantly

-Shadows can sense light elementians; if a Shadow Elementian is using shadows, they will be repulsed by nearby Light Elementians, moreso if the Shadow Elementian is harboring hate


Tertiary Shadow Control

- Physical shadows are stronger; These shadows can be formed into sharp objects such as swords and can actually move through the air, like arrows. These shadows are more difficult to make than Physical Shadows but do not require constant concentration; once they are created, they last until something else destroys them.

-Ability to blend into shadows, becoming invisible if not moving

-The ability to reach out and sense things/ search for things with shadows up to 200 feet away.

-Light from the sun can be blotched out for almost a mile radius; unnatural light, such as lamps, for about half a mile. This takes concentration and energy


Journeyman Shadow Control

- Shadows can be traveled through—short distance—as a form of teleportation.

-Ability to blend into the shadows and become invisible/mostly silent even if moving. Items/clothing, however, still make noise

-Ability to ‘play with’ shadows, the shadows being somewhat alive to the user; shadows may give the user dreams/nightmares by watching nearby people or things the user has shown interest in, and can spy on these people/things during the daytime. However, shadows are noticeable during daylight

-Great amounts of light can be blotched out for two miles, more and darker if the user is harboring hate


Mastery and/or Specialization

- Ability to temporarily turn parts of (and with practice, the entire) oneself into shadows. In this form, the user cannot be harmed or do harm, although mental abilities can still affect them at half-power.

-The elementian is at one with the shadows; when in a state of rage the shadows around the user become alive, fighting an enemy both physically and mentally. Masses of shadows whisper shriek and hiss at the enemy and become horrid in appearance, certainly causing fear and confusion if not sheer terror.

- Creature of the night; the elementian can not only become completely invisible and silent at night in darkness, but can also create shadow companions, which generally look like twisted humanoids or animals and can be ridden/controlled at will. These companions disappear at the first sign of sunlight, but can fight Light Elementians at night and have enough ‘life’ to fight on their own, with the hate of their maker

-Ability to hear the “Will of the Shadows”, a hard to explain phenomena that allows the listener to cause complete darkness over a five-to-ten mile area for twenty-four hours. Eyes cannot adjust to this darkess and even fires have no light and cannot be seen/do not last long. Only powerful Shadow Elementians can see in this blackness.


Ice Elementians

3 out of 10 taken

Ice Elementians are from the lakeside kingdom of Frigid. Stray travelers are often shocked when entering the city to find that it is made completely of Ice, but not your every-day Ice; a special, permanent ice, precisely formed by ancient masters of the Ice element. The city is always glistening and beautiful, often decorated with colorful cloths and flags which represent the generally positive nature of the people who live there.


Beginner Ice Control

- Turning small amounts of water to ice with touch, forming small amounts of ice in the hand.

-Immunity to the coldness caused by the city of Frigid or one’s own ice.

- Moving ice a little, at the most five feet from point A to point B.


Apprentice Ice Control

- The ability to form Ice into different shapes and freeze water from a distance

- The ability to freeze over the surfaces of bodies of water, up to three feet deep with time/concentration

-Immunity to coldness caused by any ice or cold liquid.


Tertiary Ice Control

-Ability to draw ice out of the atmosphere or the liquid in plants (by freezing the plants first)

-Ability to make condensed ice, which is at least four times stronger than regular ice

- Ability to move ice a distance away from the user and form it into various shapes


Journeyman Ice Control

- Ability to generate ice from any source of water including animals with the exception of people. This takes time aimed concentration-does not work well with moving targets

- Ice made/shaped by the user lasts much longer than regular ice and is at least seven times stronger than regular ice

-Ability to freeze objects over if they have any moisture on/near them at all.

-Ability to ‘blast’ ice forth and/or make ice bombs which send ice-shrapnel out in many directions and can encase targets in ice upon touching them/bind to other bits of ice to fully encase targets


Mastery and/or Specialization

- Ability to freeze water in a person’s body, effectively creating a human statue; very deadly, but can only be done at close range with concentration and does not work well on quick moving targets

- Transporting to different places by creating an arch of ice to go across quickly—also allows for quick use of any ice in the atmosphere

- Freezing the water VERY high in the atmosphere and creating an artificial hail storm, with the hail becoming larger the farther it falls and hitting specified targets/taking on specific basic shapes (round, sharp, square, etc)

-Ability to make ‘permanent’ ice, an ice which never melts unless a master water elementian or fire elementian were to work at it for a long time. NOT efficient in combat; this is the technique used by masters to originally create Frigid, and it takes a long time to use/perfect.

-Ability to hear the ‘Silence of the Ice’, a hard to explain phenomena which allows the listener to make all liquid in a mile-wide radius (excluding internal body liquids) freeze immediately. This ice is then drawn to the listener, and can be used at any distance within that mile. This ice does not melt naturally for an hour.



(Will edit more later)

Edited by LoveLost

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Thank you dear smile.gif I am making one of my profiles as well...I tend to play several characters at once wink.gif

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Oh. Lol, my bad, Dragonpelt there's already a Trials/Travels OoC. :-P

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((Re-opened. I can also clean this for you, if you wish~))

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Thanks a bunch, Walker.~


^^ Sorry guys, my mistake. I totally forgot that I had moved LoveLost's OoC here yesterday. Guess that proves I shouldn't Approve things when I'm tired. X3



~LoveLost, do you want character forms posted here now?

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Username: akiraa

Name: Kilana Nitaka

Gender: female

Age: 18

Looks:Kilana, but she has electic blue eyes. Her mark is on her neck.

Personality: rp'd

History: Kilana was born to two kind parents, but she only knew them for four short years before they were murdered by the Light Alliance. She was then taken in by her two grandparents, who loved her, but were bitter and resented all but the shadow alliance. Kilana grew up learning to hate, and destroy anyone in the Light Alliance. Her grandparents helped her harness her powers, and learn to use them. Once she hit 16, she was sent off into the world, to do as she pleased, which of course was destroy the Light Alliance, and avenge her parents. She also, though, secretly wishes she didn't have to fight, but of course she'd never tell anyone that...

Element: Lightning


1. Electric manipulation: She can manipulate electricity, be it from lightning, or equipment.


2. Electric Generation: She can actually create her own electricity.


3. Lightning: She can create an arc of lightning from her fingers, which can reach up to 50 feet. This arc, unless within 20 feet range, can not usually kill. She can create multiply arcs as well, but this tires her out.


4. Paralysis: She can cause someone to become paralyzed from an hour-a day by touching them and sending minimal voltage shock through there body, enough not to kill them, but to do the job.


5: Electric Absorption: She can absorb electricity, and use it to either boost her speed temporarily, help rejuvenate her, or make an electric barrier around her temporarily that will knock someone out if they touch her skin. She can not use her own generated electricity for this.


6: Shield: she can create a large electric 'bubble' around her, that can usually fry anything that tries to approach her. But can only last for at most 60 seconds.


Other: She does carry two fans like in the picture with her, but they are weapons. They are actually made out of a light, but durable, steel that is sharpened to a deadly point, she could cut a leaf by just letting it fall on the edge. She also goes by the nickname Kila. She has been trained in close combat, as well as how to expertly use her fans. She can even use them to block attacks most of the time.


Alright added an extra sentence xd.png

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Thank you loves!

Yes double thank you Walker!


First, before I answer anything, I am quite sorry if the tone of the post was insulting to anyone. I was rather frustrated that I missed so much and kinda offended that the RP was started while I was away. I should not have taken that out on ya'll so I apologize.



As to forms being posted here, that would be lovely. I just have to add it into the Rules as the link.



THANK YOU everyone for following the looks of each Elementian. I have had trouble with past RP's when people didn't do that....it didn't help a thing!


Dragon, I offer a public apology to you as well. I am also sorry to you for the tone. I think all you were trying to do was get things under way and as I sit here, I feel guilty for even thinking angrily towards the action. I am also sorry about correcting you.



There, I think that everything is covered m'dears! Now to try and finish the last form and put it in along with akiraa's!


OH! Natasha, I can't WAIT to see your guy!



Also, sorry for the crappy quality of Marcus' form....I think I followed everything though, if I didn't PLEASE don't hesitate to tell me!

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It's alright! And YAY! Accepted.... right?

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Yes oc course m'dear! I already have it up. If we can wait to start though, that would be rather helpful to me.

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Fine with me, I gotta go to bed pretty soon. smile.gif Also, would Akira still be in the Academy? Or would she be old enough to not be? Or can she start out with barely leaving the academy? You don't have an age range for it so I need to ask xd.png

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I think we will be starting out with people graduating. Any age after 13 is allowed to graduate...I don't know how to add that though other than an age limit....

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...aaaaaand here he is. ^^


Username: LadyNatasha

Name: Aketsu (VI) Momoa

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: ~~Different Clothes and Eyes~~

Aketsu is one of the very few Wind Elementians left, and one of the very, very few Wind Elementians with Gold Eyes. His eyes are very gold, not at all tinted brown or yellow. His Wind mark is smack on the center of his forehead, clearly proclaiming to everyone that he is a Wind Elementian.

Aketsu can most often be found wearing old, torn leather or cloth. Despite his rich upbringing and the fact that he is to inherit his family's noble household, he never wears shoes and often wears ripped up, old shirts (he doesn't always wear a shirt). However, no matter what, he always wears a braided scarf, no matter where he is or what he's going through.

Personality: Hmm... what is his personality? Do you know? Does he know? Perhaps he's a lunatic, perhaps he's a gentleman. Maybe he's a stone-faced warrior, or maybe he's just a kid trying to find a place in the world. Only one thing is certain; his loyalty. He has sworn loyalty to the members on the throne of the city of Sora, no matter who they are or how corrupted they are, and he will do anything in his power to help them. Oh, another thing that's certain; he almost always has fun at whatever he's doing, and can be quite smug at all times.


The Trouble:

Aketsu was born to noble parents of the city of Aero, parents who were close friends with the council members and were pureblood members of Aero with no other lines but Wind Elementians in their bloodlines as far back as five-hundred years (before that there were no records). Aketsu was one of eight children (five older brothers and two older sisters), but he was the only one born an Elementian (his great-grandfather was an Elementian). He was also the youngest child, but he inherited his father's title of 'Aketsu,' efficiently becoming the sixth Aketsu to inherit the nobility position. That's right, his father removed the inheritance from the other seven children and gave it all to Aketsu. By now you probably see where this is going; Aketsu's parents completely babied him in every way possible, and his older siblings virtually hated him in every way possible. To make matters worse, Aketsu never really learned what 'humility' was and rather basked in his siblings' hate. He was sent part-time to the academy at the age of four and turned out to be a quick learner; he was found to have high intelligence. However, he was a naughty student who tried to get away with everything he possibly could, from 'accidentally' blowing written tests out of the window while people he didn't like were taking them to destroying the lunch-room because he couldn't have the sandwich he wanted. News of his behavior was slow to reach his parents, for everyone knew his parents would probably side with him and no one wanted to get on the bad side of such a ranking family. Finally, however, Aketsu broke the last straw; he set someone on fire.Twelve-year-old Aketsu changed his life forever.

Aketsu had been out the front gates of the Academy, humming randomly to himself and studying a list of the elements (of the periodic table) that had been discovered so far, when the bully came up and started harassing Aketsu. This bully was well known by the other students of the academy for being very good at getting others blamed for what he did, all while getting the benefit of the teachers' pity. He had never, however, tried to bully Aketsu before, and Aketsu was the last person he ever bullied. No one is quite sure what happened, but for some reason the bully decided to threaten Aketsu by taking a lamp down from where it was hanging at the doors to the academy and shoving it towards Aketsu's face. To make a long story short, Aketsu broke open the lit lamp and blew the fire onto the bully's face. There was screaming (and laughing, gruesomely enough) and by the time the adults got there the bully was the one crying and Aketsu was laughing.

The Case:

No, the bully didn't die. He did, however, have a few permanent scars and some very angry parents who were, unfortunately for Aketsu, citizens of the city of Sola--nobles themselves. However, it was the fact that Aketsu had been standing there and laughing that drove the Academy at his throat. His parents were immediately informed of the incident and shown the burn victim. They still didn't believe it until Aketsu himself told the entire truth. The Academy then took the liberty of telling them every other wrong thing Aketsu had ever done. They knew it might get them on tight turf with Aero city, but the Academy was in Sola city which had more authority than Aero. They were surprised when Aketsu's parents seemed to fully agree that some sort of punishment had to be inflicted by law--their son had to change his ways.

Aketsu did feel guilt, but he covered it up with a smile. His siblings only made it worse by constantly trying to make him show his guilt, doing everything from teasing him about going to court to pretending their own face was on fire. Aketsu began to change, but not in a good way. He became more violent in the next two weeks, breaking things in anger and knocking his siblings off their feet with bursts of wind. If his parents tried to talk to him about it, he'd just sit still like a statue and stare straight ahead. It had taken his parents twelve years to realize that they had made some major errors in raising their hot-tempered son.

The Verdict:

No one is quite sure what happened after that, and even Aketsu himself claims not to remember. It was all vague; the king and queen of Sola met with the council of Aero and had a large discussion about the child's future. Why was it so important? Wasn't he just one of many twelve-year-olds who sometimes made mistakes? After the council discussed things with the king and queen, they brought Aketsu before them all. Aketsu got to see them face to face, and talk with them.

A week later, Aketsu returned to the Academy a changed boy. He seemed genuinely happy and was almost a teaher's pet. He seemed to adore the royal family of Sora and made a public vow to do everything he could to further whatever purposes they had set out for the world. He studied hard, got good grades, and stopped reacting violently to discipline. Everyone was amazed, and the rumors started immediately. Some said Sora city had threatened to banish Aketsu. Others claimed they threatened to kill every member of Aketsu's family in front of him. Still others claimed Aketsu's memory was wiped, and others claim he was simply brainwashed... but these are all simply rumors, and no one can be sure exactly what happened.

From then to Now:

Aketsu formed some strange quirks as he grew up. He loved experimenting with chemicals and adding them to his wind. He was not the most amazing wind user, but with his chemical knowledge and dedication he did well in the Academy. He now awaits the certificate that will allow him to fulfill his vow to the royal family of Sora. Oh, and Aketsu no longer speaks to his family. In fact, he hasn't spoken to them at all and has never mentioned them since the day he returned to the Academy.


Fire! Just kidding, Wind.

1. Basic: Aketsu is able to change the direction of the wind, add wind where there is none or take wind away. This includes making huge bursts of wind that could potentially knock an opponent off their feet.


2. Advanced: Aketsu can't do much advanced with wind, but he is able to twirl wind in a way to make temporary, miniature tornadoes. He is unable to make wind that is concentrated enough to be a weapon like a sword.


3. Vacuum: This is Aketsu's specialty. Aketsu can create vacuums (areas where there is no air, and therefore areas that cannot support life). The vacuums so far can be up to ten square feet. These are not true vacuums; they do have some air molecules left over in them, but certainly not enough oxygen to support animals or Elementians. This ability requires concentration and must be constantly monitored by Aketsu.


4. Control: Aketsu's final ability, one which he is also quite good with. Aketsu can control certain chemical mixes in the air, mainly ones he has worked with for many years. These usually consist of poisons of sorts. He is able to control exactly where the molecules of poison go and where they don't go, so if an ally and enemy were hugging Aketsu could put the poisoned air in front of the enemy while keeping the ally safe. This move is much more difficult in windy areas and would be impossible in unnaturally fast-moving air (including tornadoes). This move also requires constant concentration.

Edited by LadyNatasha

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Yes please Chuzuka smile.gif


Accepted Natasha dear! He sounds like someone that would love Isa wink.gif *giggle snort*


Okay, I am getting my female character done, and if it is okay with everyone, I would like to get it started since I suddenly have the whole day to myself!

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Username: Chuzuka


Name: Elizabeth Mason [Known as Beth]


Gender: Female


Age: Nineteen [19]



Elizabeth is about 5’5 and looks as though she weighs, on average, 50kg. She has a small, but average, toned built from training hand to hand combat and due to constantly working around fire and heat, Beth managed to inherit the tanned colouring of her skin - although, she is much lighter then most of the inhabitants of Pyra. Elizabeth has intense/sharp blue eyes that often times flashes into a golden yellow when she's completely drained from magic. She has long, auburn/red waves that reach her lips when loose - but Beth prefers her hair up in a classic ponytail. Elizabeth bears two tradition tribal tattoos - one on the outer side of her right thigh and the other on her lower pack. When it comes to clothing, she is often clad in a loose white tunic with a brown bodice over brown breeches and a pair of dark, knee length, brown boots. Her right, upper arm bears gold clamp bracelets and she bears her Fire Mark on the back of her neck.


Personality:– Elizabeth may be small, but she over compensates with her strong, take-no-crap personality. This woman has a deep understanding of the human brain, and often takes what people say and uses it against them. She’s good at mind manipulation, and she’ll stop at nothing to take the advantage in an argument. Her state of mind when it comes down to it, is fairly simple. It’s straightforward and focused. Hardly ever off target, nor is it generally on a tangent. Though, inner thoughts are generally very private, she’s not afraid to say exactly what’s on her mind, if one has provoked it. She’s not threatened by words of others. She's graceful and knows her way around the tip of the sword. Beth is fiercely independent - she will not be pinned down by anyone or any rules. In relation, Beth often presents a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world around her; experience has taught her that showing ones emotions brings you at a disadvantage. Despite her coldness to strangers, those whom Elizabeth respects and holds close to her is treated with amazing kindness and loyalty. She is stubborn to the core - the term 'forgive and forget' does not bode well with her - and can often blow up a temper that rivals Mother Nature herself. Loyal, observant and passionate, Beth can also be manipulative, suspicious and unyielding.



History: Elizabeth Mason was born into a wealthy, influential family that resided in Pyro. Her father was part of the Military council and her mother a doctor; both whom tried to get her to follow in their career steps. It didn't help that Elizabeth had a twin brother, Shiro, who also was being moulded into a fighter. At six years old, Elizabeth parents were killed in a battle between the Water Tribe, causing her to harbour a deep rooted hatred for the tribe and all those who associated with them. The day their bodies were found, was the day Shiro went missing, disappearing from Pyro. She had spend years looking, but to no avail. When she was thirteen, Elizabeth joined a group of mercenaries who taught her in hand - to - hand combat and helped her excel in her fire abilities. Now, at nineteen, Elizabeth is one of the few women who are part of the military council, planning attacks and devising strategies against the "good."


Element: Fire



This girl's battle style is described best as quick and dirty. She has amazing speed and attack, but lacks greatly in defense. She'll move with her sword at the speed of lightening (well not literally), and she uses her environment to give her the upper edge. Her most favourite weapons are things like: light one handed swords, scythes, and anything that has to do with archery. She cannot seem to equip anything that's too heavy, because it slows her down far too much, making her an easy target for the opponent. She has the basic skills necessary to cope with injuries and do some minor healing, as well as knows the basics of herbology. She's prestigious and quick, mostly of what she does comes second nature to her.

  • [1.]
Speed – Elizabeth is fast. Extremely fast – Especially for a mere human. It was something she never really worked on, rather then it came naturally. She is petite in built with long legs, so her ability to outrun her opponents and avoid, anything really, is most impressive. It is a skill she takes upmost advantage of during combat.

[2.] Manipulation – To control or play upon by artful, or unfair means … something Elizabeth takes pride and joy in. Elizabeth is extremely cunning and knows how to play with words in order for things to work out in her favour. it’s not the most honest of means, but it is the most effective. Besides the usual manipulation - getting people to do as she pleases - Beth has the ability to manipulate her element: Fire.

[3.] Elemental Magic Fire – Beth is able to generate, control, manipulate, project and absorb fire. Like many of the people in the city of Pyro, her extent on her magic is quite broad. She can melt objects as easy as ice and as complicated as metals, raise and lower temperatures – which proves useful in battle, seeing as the more powerful the person, the more he/she can make it hot enough to feel as though you were being burned alive. Elizabeth is also experienced enough to create low-level firestorms and firepits; where the ground will turn into a tunnel of flames designed to engulf the enemy. Last by no least, Beth is able to absorb fire, eliminating the possibility of being harmed by other flames as well as her own.

[4.] Healing – Elizabeth cannot bring people back from the dead, nor can she heal a major wound in a matter of two seconds. Healing takes time. Elizabeth studied medicine when she was in her mid-teens, finding satisfaction in helping those in her tribe, those who fight for a cause, or an innocent victim.

[5.] Hand-to-Hand Combat – Elizabeth doesn’t need weapons to get her message across. Her hands and feet suffice well enough. Years of training in an isolated area, with little resources to use enhanced her ability to attack close range with no weapons [and her hand-eye coordination.]


  • [1.]
Hot – Tempered – Beth can get angered pretty quick, and her anger often times clouds her judgments and impairs her ability to think clearly – which leads to irrational actions. It is easy for Ari to get carried away when she is controlled by her emotions.

[2.] Defence – Elizabeth’s defence is pretty pathetic. She’s fast because she’s small, but she cannot handle getting hit. Don’t get it wrong, trying to get a hit on her, whether with an arrow or a mere punch, will be downright difficult (and immensely frustrating), but if one succeeds, she is often down for the count. It is a skill she often tries to improve.

[3.] Heights – Pretty Self- explanatory. Elizabeth has an irrational fear of heights. The minute her body is suspended five feet in the air, she freaks out. Elizabeth knows how to hide her fear from others, controlling her expressions, but anyone who is observant can pick it up.

[4.] Schizophrenia – Beth has been hearing whispered voices inside her mind since she was little. Not all the time, but often enough that her parents took notice and brought her to the doctor for it and although, she represented one symptom of Schizophrenia – it was the medical disorder she was branded with. Well that, and crazy.

[5.] Negotiation – Nope, it doesn’t happen. Beth is way too stubborn to participate in a logical, calm negotiation. She does not like being wrong, and can become quite ‘moody’ [understatement of the year] when things don’t go her way.

[6.] Elements - Water is obviously a big weakness against Fire. Sand also presents a problem - it can either cancel out her flames or put it out all together. Wind goes two ways. it can either build up her element, or extinguish it.

Other:Has a pet cat named Ebony





EDIT: I reread my history and I cringed lol. I'm horrible at writing stuff like this. I'm going to change it soon xd.png

Edited by Chuzuka

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Username: BlueApollo

Name: Luna Tsukino

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Looks: Luna ((except she has black hair instead of that strange shade of blue)) Her mark is on the back of her right shoulder.

Personality: alot.png Luna is a reserved young lady. She tends to stutter when she speaks, so she keeps her mouth shut much of the time in order to avoid embarrassment. When she is around people that she is familiar with and who she knows won't get on her case about her strange speech, she usually will speak up a bit more. She tends to make a point of avoiding social situations unless she knows that they are worth her time and effort. Mainly, she lacks a lot of confidence in herself since she is not the Elementian her parents wanted her to be.

History: Luna was born in the Space Elementian town of Univerum. Her parents were prominent scholars in the astronomy field and they were proud when they discovered that their daughter was a Space Elementian. They sent her off to the Academy immediately with high hopes that she would be very successful. Her first few years were uneventful. She was average compared to the rest of her class; not one thing was spectacular about her. Still her parents continued to encourage her until the day her mother died from illness. She was seven years old and still had yet to show any promise at being a great Space Elementian. Her father's encouragement and letters soon turned more aggressive, warning her that she would not be welcomed back until she managed to honor her mother's last wishes that she would become strong. Time and time again Luna failed. Her insecurities grew and she developed a stutter and a shy personality. She was nearly last in her class when she graduated from the Academy and decided not to return home. She couldn't bear to face her father after becoming such a disappointment. She wanders by herself now, trying to follow the mission that the Academy gave her: defeat those of the Shadow Alliance.

Element(What can they do with their Element?): Space Element

1. Thoughts: Luna can listen to the thoughts of others. This is the skill that she has the most control over. She can turn it on and off whenever she pleases. It is especially helpful in battle because she doesn't have to guess what her opponent will do next.

2. Telepathy: Luna can place thoughts into other people's minds. This only works about 75% of the time and even then some of the words and concepts may get a bit jumbled.

3. Telekinesis: Luna can move the objects around here. Her maximum range is about one hundred meters. This skill is slightly tricky for Luna for she sometimes doesn't move the objects in the direction she intends them to go.

4. Supernova: Luna has a lot of control over this power, too. Basically, she places her hands together in front of her, and when she moves them away from each other she produces a bright light similar to that of an exploding star. It's very efficient for distracting enemies in battle.

Other (optional): Luna is good at hand to hand combat. She walks around with a cane that she can use for self-defense if necessary. If she pushes the switch on the side of the cane, a sharpened blade will come out of the bottom of the cane, thus creating a usable weapon for her.



((Thanks for the heads up about the powers, Lovelost! Oh, and I'm thinking of making a male character for the Shadow side. How does that sound?))

Edited by BlueApollo

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Accepted Natasha dear!  He sounds like someone that would love Isa wink.gif *giggle snort*

xd.png In all truth, he'll likely be obsessed with doing whatever she says. Not only is he obsessed with pleasing the royal family, but Isa has Pwetty Eyes! laugh.gif


Yay time to get started!


Edit: LoveLost, don't forget to add Aketsu to the People-elements list thing that says who's 'bad' and who's 'good'.

Edited by LadyNatasha

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Oops, I thought I did. Oh well, will do.


Sounds fine to me Blue dear! It will give Marcus some help wink.gif lol!


Okay, I am made another girl, then I think I am going to make twin boys wink.gif

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Hey, Lovelost - is it alright that I added a few more things to the profile. I wanted to break up her strengths and weaknesses >////<

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Okay, I am made another girl, then I think I am going to make twin boys wink.gif

Sounds good, but make sure not to over-character yourself (as in stress yourself out trying to keep track of characters). wink.gif After all, people might continue to join as things keep moving. ^^


Twins sound like fun, heheheh....

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lol. I have had a total of ten characters at once and been able to keep control of all of them when they were interacting with someone. In a 0 lit RP, I had like 36 and most of them were active wink.gif. When I RP with ones like T&T, then I like to have a few that I can RP easily. The ones that will be hard for me to keep on track will be Marcus and Isa wink.gif


BUT! Thank you for your concern love!


And Sure thing Chuzuka, just post them here and I will add them wink.gif

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YAY! biggrin.gif

Okay, I edited my profile. Now I'm gonna come up with a less pathetic history. WHEE~ TWINS! <3

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LoveLost, you're going to set the opening post, right? Just confirming. ^^

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hahahaha yeah....hold on, lemme get the picture that I am thinking of.




"cept their eyes are seafoam green wink.gif


EDIT: Yes that would be nice. I am trying to contact Dragon though and see if she is okay with that though...


EDIT: Let's give Dragon a few more minutes and let me type up the BA twins wink.gif lol!!!! The only one that is kinda like me in any way, is Noe smile.gif

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