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    Doing pushups, situps, or running. YEAH!
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    Profile Updated: 2013 April, some time... what day is it today...

    I am eternally loved by a perfect Love. So long as I am on earth, I need to be forgiven. Because every day I spit in the face of the people I love and stab in the back the friends I cherish. Help me stop? I lie every day, and I don't even have to.

    WATCH: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. It's so worth it. Did I spell that right? Watch it.

    But not if you're having a bad night. That's like watching True Grit after your filly dies. That was a horrible night.

    Self Notes: Find some mercy somewhere.
    Here now?
    I found mercy. That was amazing.

    The following message is not first of all, but perhaps third or later.

    I have to add this little section to thank everyone who has helped my noobish self become slightly less noobish, and to mention my friends <3. If I miss you, remember this (and PM me): I have a terrible time trying to remember names, and am still a flighty person. ^_^

    1. Thanks goes to Khallayne and Walker for tolerating me in the RP section and helping me become an Approver of RPs. You two put a lot of work into the RP section, and for that I am grateful! YOU RAWK!!!!!

    2. Thanks to TJ09 and _Z_ and Sockpuppet and other mods for working at keeping this site clean and running, and for answering any questions I might have. This site is ten times LESS chaotic than most social sites I come across.

    3. Thanks to all the RPers and OPs who are working with me to get their RPs approved. Your patience and quick response is appreciated. Feel free to PM me a bonk on the head if I'm being slow.

    4. Onto the main site: Thanks a billion to Celsus for my first Gold-- and for naming her parents! The Stars Align indeed, and it has been wonderful having a beautiful Gold sitting at the top of my scroll, watching my hatchies and eggs (she even gendered right)! I'll keep all her Spitfire offspring and perhaps gift her Gold, as she was gifted to me. ^_^ No gold offspring yet, but boy does she have a handful of Spitfire offspring!

    5. Thank you to Infinis for trading me my first Ice, thus completing my trio! Out of the Trio, the Ice is the only male. :) Skyrim will have a special place on my scroll forever. Still working on a GoN!

    6. Thanks to Misha for attempting to trade with me. Sorry it didn't work out, but if I see an egg you need in the future, you can be sure I won't forget you. Things will be much easier with TP!

    7. Thanks a bunch to kwan852963 for trading me a 2nd gen Vine! She's beautiful and I named her after her parents. ^_^

    8. Thanks to lulu_witch for the beautiful 2nd gen Vine. I'm glad the trade worked out! ^_^

    9. Thanks to whoever released Skyrim's White baby to the wild! That's the first relative of my dragons that I've ever seen released. XD Now that I realize his mate has one tiny case of inbreeding, I think he's done having offspring...

    10. Thank you Amut for the beautiful CB Flamingo, the CB Nebula and the 2nd Gen Vine. I'm glad TP came out right as I finished this trade. ^ ^ I named the Flamingo Cornelia, after the Flamingo in a roleplay I'm in... I can't believe that name wasn't taken...

    11. Thanks, Haze, for making the most organized and lively RP online I've ever been in. May the war end in peace! Edit: It ended. o.o

    12. Cryptic, you rawk! You're so fun to RP with XD. Thanks for tolerating (and even sharing in) my occasional weirdness. Our PM conversations may control the fate of Araelia! Edit: Araelia is destroyed!!! MUAHAHA!!! WE ARE VICTORIO--wait, did we want it gone? Uh... >.>

    13. Welcome Fair Lady to the job of being an RP mod! You are so suited for it, I just have to give you a huge whoopin' congratulations here! It's awesome to have you.~ And now... welcome LoveLost! Great to have another member of the team!

    14. Walker... you're amazing. Did you know that? You're the first person, on and offline, who's ever done something like that for me. I hope I'm not the only person who's told you you're amazing, because I know I'm not the only one who thinks that. And thanks for tolerating my silly mistakes. :3

    15. Rak, you are the bestest biggest brotherest everest!

    16. Darky, you're awesome to RP with. Your characters always manage to surprise me; usually I can predict what a person will do with their characters, but you give me a run for my RP skills! :D And thanks for the Two-Headed! Now I have two of them, and their offspring. ^^ And thanks for the Pygmies, and everything else I'm forgetting that you've gifted me. :3

    17. LL, thanks for making awesome pawesome Roleplays! The freedom and creativity you allow in your roleplays, along with the structure you create and plot you make, allow for AMAZING roleplays with more plot twists that I've never encountered... so yeah, u rawk :D

    Thanks to anyone and everyone else I may have forgotten here, and forgive my terrible memory. :)

    Why not blue? Why red and yellow? Blue is pretty.

    I gift Vines and 2nd Gen Blacks. Possibly 2nd gen Stripes too, if the lil' hatchie grows up right...

    I hate being addicted to procrastination.

    Flowers. No, not flowers, all plants. Most plants. Please, don't kill my plants and THEN give them to me. And no, friends are nothing like flowers. Don't you know that picking a flower slowly kills it?!


    That was a pretty poem, but not now. Will we regret later?

    Silliness. Why did I keep track of that?
    Emotions are very well described as a roller-coaster, but anyone who knows anything about mechanics may as well make their emotions something more fun like a race-car, and those who don't have mechanics skill but have imagination may as well make their emotions a dragon. Why not, dear?

    Because I can. Because it makes you wonder. That's why.

    I made you without a heart. But if you'll let me, can I give you one now?

    Not for you even, it's a borrowed heart. You need it for her right now, because she needs to know that she's forgiven.

    So find a way to forgive her. Can't you see what she's done to make up for it? It never makes the wrong right, but you're not so perfect yourself.

    DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES? Yeah we like waffles!

    Let's see... nope, can't remember it off the top of my head. Starts with an M and ends with an E. Is it four syllables. Mmmm... we'll just keep calling her Centaur lady until we remember.

    Poor Emma. Her Ice Dragon left her.

    ~Just to clear up any confusion, my DC scroll is NOT Lady_Natasha. That is my SIBLING (Sibling who stollz me name before I could claim it). My scroll is Kaorumisora. ^_^ ~

    So, my real family:
    Lady_Natasha -- younger sibling (has no forum account, doesn't like writing or reading very much)
    Lady_Sheeleya -- older sibling (has forum account but not on very often, too busy with school)
    Rakashua -- older sibling (has forum account, busy at college but RP's a lot... a lot...)

    Artists aren't dangerous until they discover that their imagination was right all along.

    Is that four names now? What if we include my last name? It's not even Russian, but it sounds Russian.

    Dalv. Vlad. I want to see who gets it. :3

    Nope. You may think so, but I'm not. Great minds think alike, but the greatest of minds always disagree.

    I made that up, don't believe it.

    So many words, so little time!

    I made a butterfly. It was so beautiful. I made it just how I wanted it, with big silk wings of green, black and blue and large violet eyes. It was a strong butterfly and a smart one. It could understand me. I told the butterfly exactly what to do to keep itself healthy and perfect. I told it what not to do as well, and I made it very clear. Every day the butterfly and I talked, and it was so grateful that I made it beautiful. But I wanted to make things even better for it, so I surprised it by making another butterfly! This one was just as beautiful, but a bit smaller and gold and white and velvety. Just as intelligent, but with a different personality. They were so happy! Day after day I taught them about the world around them, and they marveled at it. I made special foods for them and showed them other amazing creatures of the earth, but the butterflies were the best.

    But then... the butterflies did one of the things I told them not to do. I only told them not to do what would harm them. But they did it and disobeyed me. It made life a lot worse for them. They slowly wasted, never to be perfect again. They were embarrassed and ashamed as their beauty faded, so they hid themselves from me. I was angry, but mostly sad. Why did they hide? Didn't they know I still loved them? I made them after all.

    Time passed and the butterflies had caterpillars. But their offspring wasn't as beautiful as them, and they weren't able to teach their offspring to do everything right because they themselves were no longer right. Eventually the faded butterflies died, and only their offspring and more generations remained. But they were never the same. Generation after generation was born, but not every generation of butterflies told their offspring what was best for them. Instead they showed them poisonous things, things that tasted very good and sweet for a short while but would hurt later and shorten the lifespan of the butterfly. Their offspring then taught their children these things. I communicated with them when they would listen, but few sought me out.

    Eventually, all of them were faded and dull butterflies, hardly anything like I intended them to be. As caterpillars they crawled around in their own slime, poisoning themselves and fighting each other for the best things, things I could easily make for them any time if they earnestly asked for what was good. Hardly any of them sought me. Most thought they knew better than me now, me, the one who made them. I made my butterflies to eat certain foods and live a certain way, but now these butterflies thought they knew better than me. They didn't even ask me what I thought. The only time they ever spoke to me was to ask for more of the things I knew were bad for them. Why would I give them that?

    I made the butterflies, and just as easily I could destroy them. Even those who now remember me and beg for forgiveness, over and over and over they keep doing what hurts them. They had messed up the beautiful area I had set them to live in, and they were only causing more pain to the land and surrounding animals. I could destroy them and start all over again with new butterflies and new land. But I didn't, because I loved the butterflies I had made. I loved them, and I still do. No matter how bad a butterfly becomes, no matter what they do to their fellows... if only they'd remember me, I would love to embrace them and teach them and give them good things! It might be a painful change, to abandon the poisons they've grown up with and to possibly leave behind their entire lifestyle, but I could show them such better things! I love them so much, for I made them as treasures and jewels of beauty.

    I know everything about the butterflies because I made them. I made them as like me, like a part of me. But perhaps now I should show them how they should live, by becoming one of them and leading them in the right way...

    Peeps I've come to enjoy posting with/respect highly:
    *this excludes moderators, as I have high respect with them all and enjoy posting with most of them*

    ~Haze, Cryptic, Rak, Darkybear, Nihlus, LoveLost, Lach, Silver~
    U peeps rawk ^_^