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*only paper is done thanks to Viara*


Username: LoveLost

Name: Viara Justus

Gender: female

Age: 21

Looks: http://www.zerochan.net/224269 And http://www.zerochan.net/1234222


Viara is very childlike for her age. Her small body makes her look like a little girl at times and seem as though she is nothing important. Becaues of her size, she is able to slip by unnoticed as long as her hair and eyes are covered. With hair as golden as the sun, she would be taken as a Light Elementian right away. Her eyes look slightly like an earth elementians, however, they still fall underneath a dark, golden hue.


Her legs are long and limber and she has an athletic build. Contrary to what was stated above, she is petite and childlike, but can still possess the prowess of a woman if she so chose. Because of her limber build, she tends to wear a band around her chest to the point that it makes her look as though she could be a lanky boy. She has a large burn scar across her back with a few claw-like scars on her forearms that stay covered by clothing.


In her hair, there are tiny orbs of light created by her parents as a gift. Each orb creates its own light through a series of perpetual reactions. There are also flowers that she cares for and places them in her hair in the morning while allowing them to “sleep” at night. They were a gift from a shadow family that had passed through their home.


Overall, she has a very innocent appearance with a beautiful smile and gentle giggle.



Most of the time, Viara, or V, can appear as a gentle natured, kind-hearted young girl. Which she truly is, almost to a fault. To those that she knows and enjoys being around, she is sweet tempered, genteel, cultured and even girly. However, when about to fight, or irritated by someone, she will hide her “other side” named ‘V’, until just the right moment appears.

While Viara is the Viara that used to exist, V is the literal interpretation of how Viara is now. After a rough history, anger quickly built up in the little girl that was used to ignoring hatred, pain and torture. She was always one that had a happy face for those that were going through a rough time while ignoring the fact that her parents, as well as herself, were starving. Through the struggles, she developed a secondary character while her original character became a safeguard.


V is dark, dangerous, and angry. She isn’t exactly powerful in her element, or her weaponry, however she is a dangerous assassin who is skilled with her hands. V’s personality is calculating in the way that she studies people. There are times that V will totally take over Viara for days at a time. The transition mainly occurs at night when Viara is asleep; V will awake in the morning ready to do what needs to be done.


Overall, V is vindictive and a searcher of vengeance towards the Light Alliance. However, despite her being the darker side of Viara, she is still ‘friendly’ towards those that are a part of her own alliance and call her friend. She also tends to be very passionate about just about anything. Be it love, her opinions, or the Light alliance, she is quite a terror when in the position of ‘V’.

History: Happy Times http://www.zerochan.net/1141262

(Viara, Kingston (her father) and Morassa (her mother) )


Viara was born into a wonderful, rather large, family of hotel runners. The hotel had been passed down through the years from father to son, and if no son was born, from daughter to daughter. Built before the great war, the hotel had seen more than its fair share of bloodshed and bodies. The building was rebuilt by her father right before she was born, making it one of the prettiest buildings in their small, outlying village in the middle of the forest that borders along the mountain range on the island of Elementia.

In their village, the Justus family was known as the most caring, giving, and helpful family around. The three oldest boys, when not helping at the hotel, were helping around town, doing little odd jobs to help out their family. During this time of peace and happiness, the older brothers were raised since the war didn’t effect them in the least bit. But once word came that King Aslano was persecuting those of the Shadow Alliance, the family felt that they needed to help out those that were being wrongly punished in any way that they could.


They kept all of this from the villagers around them as they turned their hotel into a safe haven for Shadow refugees making their way to the fabled hideout in the mountains.


The Siblings - http://selectiveotaku.files.wordpress.com/...ch-in-color.jpg

Viara grew up with a total of seven siblings, and one that passed away after three days of birth. The four older siblings were all boys that made sure that their family was well taken care of while working alongside their father. From left to right (back rows) in the image they are Kristaan (third oldest), Visk (Second oldest), Hansin (Oldest), and Jaffe (youngest). All four built the underground rooms that belonged to the refugees to make sure that they were taken care of while they were in the care of the Justus family.


The second set, after Viara, were the youngest and responsible for taking care of the building. This included house work and taking care of guests. They were often the entertainers with their various elemental controls even if they were weak to begin with. In order from left to right they are: Maia (second oldest), Tularus (oldest), and Trixste (the youngest girl). The one child that had passed was named Yolara.


Together, they all took care of the hotel with their mother while their father and older siblings took care of the building, protecting them, earning money and making sure that their refugees understood the rules that dwelt within their walls.


Viara was much sought after by the refugees for her smiling face, as well as her singing. She played no instruments, but her siblings did which often made for a concert or two every night at their hotel. They would sing songs about happier times, songs to remind one of the hardships that they were to avoid, songs to tell histories, and songs meant for everyone to sing along to. Sometimes, the oldest child, Hansin would choose to sing along with his sister which delighted her to no end. Then, the songs would never end as her mother and father cleaned up. As long as the guests were happy and taken care of, they would be happy as well.


The King’s Orders - http://www.zerochan.net/306564


The days would have progressed beautifully with Viara travelling to school on her father’s old vehicle every day and coming home to help out the family. In every history, there is that moment where one’s life is turned upside down in one way or another. For Viara, this moment came when she walked home to find the hotel burning in front of her very eyes with her family holding one another back from the flames. She had just learned of an Elementian that could take away a flames power by absorbing it’s light, and she tried for the longest time to stop the fire, but to no avail. Her brothers kept her from trying again after she had momentarily passed out. Her sisters were held tightly just as she was until she broke free to run into the building. The only thing they would have left would be their family history and photos which she rescued as quickly as she could until a large beam fell on her back, searing it’s impression into her back. In a moment that she didn’t understand, the beam disintegrated in a flash of bright light allowing her to escape to her family.


When she arrived outside, she noticed her parents being taken by soldiers and her family trying to fight them off, but to no avail. With an angry cry, she stepped into the fray, another burst of light emanating from her, blinding all but herself. While the soldiers were down, she grabbed her family and they ran as fast as they could until they reached the mountain range. Once there, Viara immediately took over since none of them could see except for her youngest sister, Trixste.


“Now Trixste, you know the path that I showed you the other day? The one that is hard to find? Follow it. Take everyone down that path you hear?” She said to her sister. The little girl nodded, tears in her eyes as she did what her older sister said. Her siblings and parents did their best to try and follow Viara but since they couldn’t see very well, they were unable to determine where she was. “Just follow Trixste!” she cried out to them, trusting that they would arrive safely thanks to the sentinels that were place along the path to get approved people to the hideout. Her family was on that list.


She quickly ran back, making it look as though she couldn’t see as she heard the soldiers coming to try and find her. When they had captured her, they beat her then took her before the King. According the Light Law, his judgment was true and according to law. But Viara did not think this. He was tracking down any person that didn’t follow Light Law to a ‘T’. Nor was he allowing any Shadow Elementian or those associated with the Shadow Alliance to have any life anywhere near, or in any Light Alliance town/village. As he convicted her of attacking soldiers, resisting arrest, and aiding refugees, Viara knew that she would get back at the unjust king someday.


Not even a year passed on her lifelong sentence before Viara was out of the jailhouse by using her light abilities. No one knew that she knew how to store up sunlight within herself when they let her outside to stretch her legs.


At the age of thirteen, Viara made her trek to Whisper where she would beg the help of Queen Zillah.


The Result - http://www.uimages.org/wp-content/uploads/...-black-hair.jpg


When she arrived in Whisper, Viara had undergone a total change. Instead of using her abilities for good, she now used them to survive. She had learned the ways of using shadows to get what she needed, making her a quick, effective thief. Before she was even close to Whisper, she had her hair dyed to a jet black to make sure that she no longer resembled a Light Elementian. She didn’t wish to be stopped before getting to the queen.

Upon her arrival, she was exhausted, thirsty, and hungry. As she waited in line to see the queen, she was glad for her eyes being close to either an earth elementians or a fire elementians, depending on the lighting. As the last person in line, she looked straight at the queen and fell to her knees, her legs not willing to stand any longer.


“Your Highness, I, your humble servant, beg you for assistance. I have had to send my family to the Hideout while I was taken into custody by the Light Alliance. I was tortured, beaten and raped there. I only wish to be on the winning side that will take down those that will kill others just because they do not agree with what is being said. Please, I beg of you.” Viara let her head sink to her chest, not knowing that her brilliantly blonde roots were showing.


“What is your element child?” The Queen asked her, her tone acidic.

Viara looked back up, willing to accept every punishment that she would throw at her.


“Light.” She said clearly, eliciting several gasps from the crowd around her.


“And you would DARE step foot HERE?!” The Queen stood using an unkown force to slam Viara against a pillar


“I have nowhere to go and I can be the best at whatever you ask.” Viara’s tone changed as she looked at the queen, seeming to defy her judgment.

The queen noticed this and let Viara down to the ground.


“You shall fight. I shall choose your opponent.” The queen nodded at the man on her right in simple black armor with a black cloak and hood. Silver lined everything.


Viara looked at him, concentrating, calculating, doing her best to think.


“Your will.” She stated and stood, her device drawn and ready to pull back the string, drawing a series of guffaws.


Their battle was one that would never be spoken about for Viara, now fourteen, showed her mettle. As soon as they were released, she disappeared into shadows and used her light to harm, but not kill the Queen’s best Assassin. The fact that she landed one blow was the winning element for the Queen.


From that day on, Viara was trained in the ways of the Queen’s Assassins, the Shades. For the next six years, she trained day and night underneath Jahfar becoming a young master in hand-to-hand combat and the use of her light ability to create shadow. Her sword skills weren’t needed, but she was deadly with a dagger and her bow which was all she needed.

When her multiple personality appeared, at firs Jahfar was put off by it, but then realized that this was the only way for the girl to cope with what had happened to her, especially after hearing that her parents had been injured so badly that they were bed ridden: not only that, but her family lived in squalor while she was taken care of by the queen.


Now, she awaits for what is to be done to the Light Alliance, hoping to take them down with the young Lord Jahanshah whom Viara annoys, but V reveres.


Element: Light

Thanks to training provided by the Light Academy, Viara was able to reach a training level of Journeywoman.


1. Bowman at the Ready

a. She uses a bow that was designed by her parents to use her light as a bolt to kill.

b. A small shield is also hers to own and operate.

2. Change Me

a. Because light can be used to bend an image, Viara can use light to slightly adjust the way that she looks to someone. However, this can only be done from one angle and is more often than not, used for quick illusions.

b. She can make small holograms, often when she is stealing something she will use this to replace the item so that she has more time to escape if need be.

3. The Brighter the Better

a. The one thing that she learned very well in school was the way to absorb and redirect light. She can absorb great amounts of sunlight and hold it during the day until she wishes to release it in large flash of light. This is mainly used as a distraction, or to strengthen her hold on light.

4. Darkness Surrounds

a. Unlike many Light Elementians, Viara is very adept at using shadows. Because of her choosing to switch over with the Shadow Elementians, Queen Zillah required her to use something akin to shadow with her light. Because of this, Viara can absorb the light around her for around a three hundred foot radius. In this radius, light does not exist. An orb of darkness will surround her and rise above her for about thirty feet.

b. This also allows her to use darkness in shadows already. Whatever light there is in a particular shadow, she will absorb it so that she can hide in that shadow.

5. Fiyah Powah!

a. One of her favorite, and probably overused abilities, is her pyromaniac nature of wanting to make fires. She loves to mess around with fire in any way possible. She can concentrate light in such a way to start as many fires as she wants, but only within a 100ft radius. If she wishes to make a single fire, she can send the light around 300-400ft.

b. The laser beam is one of her hardest weapons. It is something that she can’t use very well and only for a minute at the longest. She mainly uses it to cut through metal.

6. Moonsong

a. Moonlight is still something that she is learning to control. At this moment, it is just grasping the light, learning how to absorb it and redirect it.


Other: She continuously has an engraved dagger with her. It was a gift from Jahfar and her fellow Shades.


What do y'all thinkg?


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Whooa. She's great, Lovely. ^^ Everything that happened in the chat room makes so much more sense now. >.>


Is, uh, Isa getting an upgrade? Cause V seems pretty level with her.

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Wonderful! A Light-Shadow assassin. Looks good to me. Heheh! She'll have an interesting relationship with the Shadow Party. We... really ought to choose a name for them.


Hey, that's another female! I'll update the list tomorrow.


Notes to self:


That's Khione, Lucius and Viara.


2 Female, 1 Male

2 Shadow

1 kind of Light?


Ice, Shadow, Light.


Mythyr needs to shave his chin.

Jahan needs to finish chapter 30 of Constellations, Deeper Meanings and Ancient History. Long title for a long book.


Yuaki needs to finish up her new armor. She's being lazy about it.

Aketsu needs to finish organizing his political life and communicating with Old Aero so he can spend more time with Isa!


End self notes.


Looks great Love! Can't wait to start!

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lol What are you still doing up? lol! you AND Silver!


Silver, you think so? Hehehee, don't worry. isa is going to be fleshed out more. Remember that light is one of the more difficult ones. Isa can make weapons out of light, use that super nova thingy......hold up....I updated her powers (basically) in the power guide....just haven't palced it in her the profile for her yet....I knew I had done that....lol

Edited by LoveLost

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Her and Aamina are all that need finishing up. happy.gif And jah, I do think Isa is fairly powerful right now, with her solid light and all.~


I just finished tabletop Roleplaying. biggrin.gif Usually we go till 1:00 AM. :3 But I am off to bed now, because my younger brother wants me out of his room and my laptop is in here. G'night!

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Just Aamina to do, then a slight alteration to Noe wink.gif


THEN, I will be done.........thank goodness! I will probably just do that now since I am awake. Who needs sleep? *Drools*


Viara: "you do silly!"



BTW, if any of you watch MLPFIM, then Viara is almost like Pinkie.....lol

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Tabletop roleplaying. Like DnD? I had to leave for that ealier too xd.png

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I love tabletop. <3 I haven't done too much of it though, just two Savage Worlds, one D&D: Pathfinder, one Dresdenverse and one Dragon-Age completed. In process of two Dragon-Age and one Dresdenverse. happy.gif


And LL, haven't watched that but I know enough about it to get the picture. wink.gif

I do wonder, did you finish last night??? The profiles, the changes? *goes to look*

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Hmm... Another archer.. we're gonna have fun with this girl, aren't we, Gear?


In all seriousness, however, she looks like an amazing character!

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Edith: Ohh, Page Topper.~ :3


Wonderful! A Light-Shadow assassin. Looks good to me. Heheh! She'll have an interesting relationship with the Shadow Party. We... really ought to choose a name for them.


Hey, that's another female! I'll update the list tomorrow.


Notes to self:


That's Khione, Lucius and Viara.


2 Female, 1 Male

2 Shadow

1 kind of Light?


Ice, Shadow, Light.


Mythyr needs to shave his chin.

Jahan needs to finish chapter 30 of Constellations, Deeper Meanings and Ancient History. Long title for a long book.


Yuaki needs to finish up her new armor. She's being lazy about it.

Aketsu needs to finish organizing his political life and communicating with Old Aero so he can spend more time with Isa!


End self notes.


Looks great Love! Can't wait to start!

Heehe. I like your notes. ^^


lol What are you still doing up?  lol!  you AND Silver!


Silver, you think so?  Hehehee, don't worry.  isa is going to be fleshed out more.  Remember that light is one of the more difficult ones.  Isa can make weapons out of light, use that super nova thingy......hold up....I updated her powers (basically) in the power guide....just haven't palced it in her the profile for her yet....I knew I had done that....lol

Ummm... I really don't know. ^^; But I went to sleep soon after that!


Ohh, okay. Gotcha.



Uuuugh, excited! Are we starting soon?

Edited by Silver_Voices

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Another archer? Who else is an archer? I forget :3


And Everything except for Aamina. let me get her done then I'll make first post smile.gif

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Gear, Lach's new character, is a Metal archer. ^^


*bounces* Can't wait, can't wait!

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IIiIIIiiiiii didn't notice that part....lol!




Username: LoveLost

Name: Aamina Fhilanter

Gender: female

Age: 15

Looks : http://data.whicdn.com/images/27703396/417844_thumb.jpg

Aamina , at 15, is already a very developed young woman. Although she is young, she doesn’t lack the qualities that make a woman, a woman. From behind, she looks like a little girl, but when looking at her from the front or side, she looks like the trained, battle ready woman that Queen Zillah made her to be.

Her hair is a deep red that once was fiery, but is now muted. Her hair once was long, down to the middle of her back, however, after travelling, she found the length irritating if not beautiful. So, to make things easier for herself, she cut her hair into a shorter style, not caring what it looked like. Of course, when she showed the cut to the queen, the queen altered it until it shaped Aamina’s face. In the picture, the bangs are long: Aamina chooses to keep them slightly shorter so as to avoid any confusion when fighting. Her eyes are just about the same color as her hair, just a darker hue. When she is irritated, they seem to grow darker and when she smiles, they light up like little gems.

The Necklace - http://img0.etsystatic.com/000/0/5742911/i...l.328314204.jpg

Around Aamina’s neck is an enchanted gem from the queen that allows her to be where she wishes to be the most; the center of the earth. There, it is warm, comfortable and quiet. She can’t feel the vibrations of the earth around her. The gem also allows her to control magma since it is molten rock. She cannot, however, create or alter magma, only pull it from the ground as long as she has her gem.

Normally, Aamina carries a small sword that is perfect for her fighting style; quick, decisive and sneaky. The sword is engraved with the names of her family members who are deceased and those that she wishes are alive. In the pommel of the sword, there is a small gem similar to the one around her neck that has been imbued with the fire that Marcus controls. In fact, he’s the one that made it.

Her clothes consist of a loose linen shirt with leather pants and boots, none of which are lacking in decoration or style. When she is about to go to war, she wears armor that is made out of thicker leather designed for her ease of movement through the walls of the castle and through earth should she so choose to. Her armor is jet black as is all armor of those that were trained with the Queen are her best warriors.

Personality: Aamina has always been a quiet child. The only time that she ever used to smile when she was little was when she was with her family. Other than that, she was shy and withdrawn from her fellow classmates and friends. Other than that, she is cold, calculating and only shows any emotion towards Jahanshah whom she adores without end. The girl was practically raised to protect him from a young age by the queen.

Lady N and I found out that Aamina can blush and show emotions other than happiness: she can actually feel embarrassed.


A Time Never Forgotten - http://www.zerochan.net/1394140#full

As a young girl, Aamina had it made. Her family was mildly wealthy in Terra, on the other side of Sola. Her father and brother were gem miners and her family lived right on top of their mine. They provided gems for all of the people on Elementia not regarding their alliance or element. Because of this, they had money out the wazoo, letting them develop and grow their business.

Aamina was consistently with her older brother, learning their trade, but she never had the aptitude for gems that he did. He was able to pull them out of the ground, but he wasn’t able to move earth itself very well; that became Aamina’s job. Because she was able to move earth with great ease, she became the one to dig the tunnels for her family that way they could reach the brighter, better gems closer to the core of the earth.

She lived happily with her older brother and younger brothers, mother and father.

During this time, the war around them was finally starting to dwindle down until someone, somewhere, screwed up. Terra was requested to give funds to Sola to allow them to fund their searches for Shadow Alliance refugees. When the request came to Aamina’s family, they promptly refused. Their money was for all and they would choose who to give it to. Therefore, when a battle broke out in her hometown, the Fhilanter family was not protected or spared in the carnage.

In front of Aamina’s eyes, her mother, father and younger brothers were killed before she could even move to stop the soldiers that were harming them. When her brother walked into the room where her family was, he quickly dispatched the soldiers with gems aimed at their heads and rescued his little sister. He encouraged her to fight, which she did, until they were out of harm’s way. They began to wander the mountains together until Solarian soldiers caught up with them.

Aamina was scared, hungry and desperate, but the men from the Hideout had been watching their progress and were about to intervene when Aamina pulled down the large boulders around them and crushed the men that were harming her and her brother. As more soldiers appeared, a young Aamina, not old enough to understand what she was doing in her rush of terror, used earthen spikes to kill the bad men and help the men that were helping her.

When approached by the head Scout, Aamina cowered in fear as she tried to help her big brother who was weakened through too much use of his element and a large loss of blood. He was fading quickly before her eyes. The man asked her to use her earth again, to which she claimed that she couldn’t. Her fear was no longer angry, but truly fearful.

Aamina began to cry and beg the men to take her brother, but she soon found out that they were spies for Sola, wondering the hills. Instead of helping Aamina, they left her brother and took her back to their encampment. It was there that Aamina was helped by the true scouts of the mountains and led to the middle of the forest where a Shadow family took her into their care. She wouldn’t speak to them, nor would she look them in the eye.

Aamina traveled with the family to Whisper where she was given safe haven with the family until she expressed her frustration at the world when she was helping the family remove some boulders from their farm. Instead of moving the boulder with difficulty, it was moved in a streamline at another boulder where both crumbled to dust. She then took the dust and created a hovering image of her brother for a moment until she broke out in tears. Before the family tried to approach her, she created a dome around her that she wouldn’t open.

Several days passed before she stepped out of her dome and into the light. When she did, Queen Zillah was standing there with a smirk on her face. “This child will be raised to protect my gem.” She stated as she motioned for Aamina to follow.

Aamina felt safe and protected by the queen and stayed by her side unless otherwise directed. The queen taught her many things about the world and even gave her two gifts that she holds dear to this day. The sword was a gift when she graduated from the third level of training for warriors and the crystal was hers on her first day of knowing the Queen. Since the queen knew that her abilities would never be unlocked unless given a charm, Aamina was given said charm.

Since that day, Aamina is still in training even though she now travels and does the will of the queens precious Metal Child, Lord Jahanshah. She was raised to protect him, advise him, learn from him, and keep him company.

The one thing that is forever in her wizened mind is the hope that her brother is still alive. Her revenge will be for her family and most of all for her brother. That is her only goal.

Elemen t (What can they do with their Element?):

Without the enchanted gem:

1. Diggin Up Dem Holes

a. Aamina is able to move earth with practiced ease.

2. Earthen Appendage

a. Aamina, as long as the earth is attached to earth, can make hands out of the earth to do as she pleases.

b. She can also produce spikes out of the ground and is just able to send those spikes out to use them as weapons.

3. Big Bang

a. Aamina can cause a large ripple in the surface of the earth to cause enemies or friendlies to fall over. She can cause this to be on a large scale, making easy pickings for more experienced elementians once their enemy is down.

4. Protection

a. Aamina can use stone, rock, dirt, to design a shield or small home in a matter of minutes.

5. Substitution

a. When Aamina doesn’t have a weapon, she can, for a short period of time, create a weapon that will allow her to fight back until she re-gains a weapon of some sort.

With the Gem (addition of molten rock abilities)

1. Consume Me

a. Aamina can sink herself into magma in the earth to find a peaceful resting place where she doesn’t constantly feel the vibrations of other humans through the earth.

2. Volcano

a. Aamina can pull molten rock from the center of the earth and cause it to flow towards her enemies or even surround them.

b. She cannot make magma.

3. Don’t Burn Me

a. Aamina is not injured by molten rock.

Other (optional): Aamina was trained more so to be a well-rounded warrior. Her hand to hand and various weapon skills are equal.


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If I am not mistaken I'm starting to be sorry for team light. So many people on Shadow alliance. xd.png

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lol, well, we'll see how things pan out. If need be, people can make more characters for the light :)BTW, silver, I follow the link for the chatroom, but it doesn't work :'(

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It worked for me. :S

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I have no clue what is wrong. I go to the link, type in my nickname and all is well but then once I hit enter, it doesn't take me to the room..... lol



And glad you liked her smile.gif

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Still not working and I think I am about to freak. Too many people in the hallway....TOO MANY PEOPLE!


I am not able to finish the post at this moment in time, so I am just posting with Isa for now and will add in the others later.


If LN could start the shadow Alliance, that would be amazing.


PLEASE don't bullet post. pLEASE. That will irritate me to no end. I know that everyone is excited, I am too, but when that occurs, people don't get the chance to respond, or read through everything.



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gah too many posts in here to read xd.png


i couldn't find where I originally posted Sky's updated form so here it is again and L² could you tell me if it's okay or not? if it isn't, i can edit it happy.gif:


Username: DP


Name: Skylar (Sky for short)


Gender: female


Age: 18


Looks (can be a picture or a description): Skylar but her eyes are light blue in color and her hair is white...she's also older than Haruhi; her mark is over her collarbone.


Personality: She can be kind when she first meets someone and will probably want to be friends with them afterward. She's sweet as well unless you get on her bad side and then she's not that very sweet anymore. Can also be a bit shy when she meets boys around her age like she was when she first met Marcus. Can get short-tempered at times when her shortness is brought up since she doesn't like to be reminded about it. Stubborn during times when someone tells her to do something like staying put with the caravan or building and ends up doing the opposite like following after said someone. She is also sometimes quiet most of the time and can go for days without talking.


History: Sky was born around 10 years ago after the war started and was on her own at the age of 13 after her parents died by a Light Elementian. Her parents were both ice elementalists and that was how she got her own ice powers. Anyway another couple on the bad side took her in and taught her the hand-to-hand combat skills she knows now along with a few martial arts skills. She was also taught to fight with daggers but she rarely uses them along with bows and arrows. After she turned 18, she was able to live on her own and that's when she met Marcus, falling in love with him shortly afterward. She now lives with him in a house that's in the mountains.


Power: ice manipulation


1. Ice Manipulation: The user can freeze anything within a few inches in front of them to a greater distance like a meter or so.


2. Ice Creation: The user can create items out of the ice such as weapons (swords, arrows, ninja stars, kunai, etc.) or solid objects to help him/her to defend themselves against other elementalists (shields or other barrier type objects).


3. Ice Armor: With this ability, the user is able to envelope herself/himself in an armor that can protect the whole body, including the head; basically it's like a normal suit of armor except it's made out of ice.


Crush: Marcus


Other (optional): loves Marcus alot.png. also knows hand-to-hand combat as well as martial arts.

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I has Skylar's linked some pages back, but that works! I'm updating the earlier alliance big post I did for the main page to show who's who.


OMGOSH we started! Okay I'll start out Shadow in just a minute here... and I WILL AVOID bullet posting. I will, yes. <3



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okie dokie happy.gif and i know i said this awhile back i think but you didn't answer so I'll say it again: welcome back LN! biggrin.gif

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