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Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

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Thank you for the first Thuwed! It will be loved and named! smile.gif

Also, hope you get your 2G Thuwed soon!

Took the second from you, it'll be my very first. Thanks so much :3



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I couldn't resist, I grabbed the ember and the canopy, thanks a lot!


Returning another 3rd gen to the thread:

Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claimed - thanks for posting, UniqueZephlyn, and name it whatever you'd like smile.gif



(feel free to pm me for a sibling if you're not fast enough - I can also breed them in 2-breed-checkers, and I have a 2nd gen pink from Hot Thuwed and Wahc Fadb Thuwed which can be bred as a checker or as a pb thuwed with the above nebula - no egg today, sadly)

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some more even Gen Thuweds, higher Gens, some PB, some not


Thank you for beautiful Pink and Brimstone. wub.gif

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Haloh's 3rd Gemshard kid needs a home.

Code is... iHair? What is that, wigs by Apple?

Don't hurt it, please name it, and I like to know where they end up.

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

I got this beauty, thank you!


PS: I hope you don't mind, I reserved the name Wigs by Apple Thuwed xd.png

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The link is from a dragon that I bred and traded. I can breed more after Christmas (I want to focus on Christams dragons right now).


Look through my dragons and see if you would like me to breed them for you. I name them and then have " - F5LN" or something similar.


On the names of my dragons "T" stands for thuwed, "D" stands for dorkface, "#LN" means that it has a nice line and the number is the generation. "A"means it is from a spriter's alt.


PM me what you would like and I will try to breed it for you. My username on the cave is grace-bear.


smile.gif I hope I can help!

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