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Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

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wub.gif Valentine's gift! I want this Heartseeker to go to someone who'll appreciate the lineage. Just offer a dummy egg on the two-way link below, and I'll accept the first one. Thanks! wub.gif Gone! Grats the the new owner. smile.gif

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3g pb thuwed, magi



heartstealer from pretty pairing, try me, I'll quickly decline those that don't appeal to me


You are quite welcome, thanks!

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I found this little one today, and I decided it needs a mate with opposite lineage. Maybe it is someone here, who have a 2G Thuwed Pumpkin, or at least 2G male Thuwed Pigmy and can breed 3G stair for me? I can repay with BSA hatchies, or something.

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Thuwed to give-away. biggrin.gif


But let me tell you that the breed runs a bit wild. Oo *hugs*


Enjoy. <3



~ gone, yeah ~

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Some 3rd even gen Prizekins




Royal Crimson






Edit: I just noticed, I completely failed o post in the correct thread. wacko.gifwacko.gif

All eggs are gone though, sorry about being off topic (shouldn't have too many tabs open).


agilkees, you're welcome! smile.gif

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Yes, that's a Thuwed and a Dorkface smile.gif

Ahh good thank you just wanted to make sure I don't call it something it acutally isn't ID

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