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14 minutes ago, Hermeline said:

6th gen Shadow Walker x Male Silver

The egg was influenced correctly before it hatched. Who's going to accept the challenge? XD

(I don't mind if you freeze it, though.)

I took your challenge, I just love babies~ LOL Thank you so much!

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23 minutes ago, Aleoleo said:

Got the Grave, thank you!

I grabbed your Desipis/Aether mix.. couldn't resist not with a code like that! It already has its name!!! XD

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2 hours ago, Barb_ said:

I bred my CD Omen dragons to some other breeds that I though they would look good with (also CB). None produced Omens but they are still good starters for anyone wanting to play around with creating some Omen lineages.

Offering them up for free:

If you take either one, would you please give it a name?


Also have a CB Musky egg that is precoged male 

Took the Falconform Wyvern and the Black Truffle. They will be named. Thanks!

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17 minutes ago, random_dragon_collector said:

lost the gender lottery on this nice 3rd gen Thuwed--

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


This makes me super happy, and I will not be the first to defend my snobbishness because "oh I have so much of all this already I have to be sooooo picky", so while I'm sorry you lost the Gender Lotto on that one, it is perfect, because for some oddball reason from multiple years ago...  an incorrectly gendered Crimson Flare Pygmy Male (the only one I have on my scroll.... I am not sure why... normally I would have "purged" such imperfections and sent them to the loving wild arms or potential zombie fodder by now) of the nearly exact same lineage build, and now I can inbreed them and make sweet dragon lovelies. I love a good proper dragon inbreeding fun lines sometimes, and other times, I just find other ways to have fun with them, so THANK YOU Greatly!

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Both pulled from the AP...

CB Grave (precog female)

CB Lurker (precog female)

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