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I'll eventually get around to name all my Dragons, unless they have a really cool code, sorry. Will not willingly kill any dragon.

IOUs are fine. Can hold and ifluence/ incuhatch an egg/hatchie for you if needed for a trade.

Happy to try and breed anything on my scroll.

Scroll || CB available for breeding || Wishlist || mates needed




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    If you're looking for trade ideas my possibly not very up to date WL is a good idea still.

    Aside from that:
    I love checker lineages with matching or contrasting colors.
    I prefer named parents! (Bonus: ithout breeder tags/CB/etc and prefer "actual names" over real word names. Usually, not always.) Unless they have funny/rude/etc or name like codes.
    Favourite breeds are blusangs, copper (especially green, male), aether, aegis, desipis, kohraki, blacktips, frostbite, stratos and glowback.
    Would possibly faint over a 2G from SA, especially from desipis or kohraki *___*

    If you see me working on a lineage and want a bloodswap, tell me! It's always cool to find out someone else loves the same pairings.

    If you need anything bred from my scroll just ask. I gladly breed most of my dragons for free. Collecting them is cool, but I won't go and breed all of them every week. You won't take anything from me, instead I get to be happy to help you out. Just be sure to tell me when you will have a free slot to pick up your egg, so I don't have to lock myself for days. Also if you need rebreeds (because wrong breed, wrong color if possible or misgender) that's fine, just you will be responsible of reminding me, because I forget my own plans all the time, I will most likely forget yours aswell. ^^°