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I'll eventually get around to name all my Dragons, unless they have a really cool code, sorry. Will not willingly kill any dragon.

IOUs are fine. Can hold and ifluence/ incuhatch an egg/hatchie for you if needed for a trade.

Happy to try and breed anything on my scroll.

Scroll || CB available for breeding || Wishlist || mates needed

Looking for a CB Gold egg or male hatchie. Will catch, breed and if wanted hatch for you whatever I can. Pls pm to discuss!

Most of my CB Valentines are open for breeding requets. PM me if you need anything!



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    shadow f x silver
    shadow x blusang (any gender, prefer female shadow)
    arcana m x spirit ward
    arcana m x razorcrest
    marrow m x gold
    marrow x blusang (any gender)
    desipis m x red

    shadow f x celestial
    caligene m x speckle-throated
    caligene m x gaia
    desipis m x gaia

    marrow f x crimson

    If you can breed any of these for me and would like to trade for any other egg I can breed you or try to catch pls pm me aswell. My signature applies!