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    The world of fanfiction and dragons...
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    Looking for: Any generation M Elux Lucis x F Silver Tinsel checkers (need both Tinsels and Elux Lucis ).

    I am currently collecting PB Black Teas, Royal Eminence (any clean lineage), nice Sapphire lineages, and Sabertooth Bull Drakes. I like other dragons as well but those are my current obsessions. I also collect Z-codes (dragons whose code starts with Z or z) and try to get at least one CB breeding pair for each dragon breed.

    My Bitter Black Teas (group/59731) are a PB even-gen lineage project with Black Tea Dragons. I am also planning a Royal Eminence project (group/162661). I am always open to bloodswaps from those groups! Just PM me.

    I like stairsteps and spiral lineages but my favorite, far and away, is a PB even-gen with named ancestors.

    If you have an interest in offspring from my Silver Tinsel Prize, Silver Gargoyle Eterna (iaHmx), just PM me asking for a gift. I will see what she produces but make no promises on if it will be a refusal, a 2g Tinsel, or a 2g Tinsel fail.