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I will accept or give IOUs, please PM for negotiations. [2 back to back releases...back to business in a few days!]Auto: Female CB Gold, 2G PrizesPlease do NOT put my eggs/hatchlings on click sites. Thank you.Looking for IOU for holiday hatchlings to freeze! Please PM!mishii.pngtumblr_ltpqp65LNv1qapzks.pngv445yx.pngWishlist / Completion List | Breeding Lists | Tinsel List <-Being Updated to new spreadsheet

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    Egg-posting Livejournal: Simitard


    Completion List

    Missing Holidays:
    Christmas - Holly, Yulebuck, Mistletoe, Aegis
    Halloween - Pumpkins, Grave, Desipis, Caligene
    Valentines - '09 Valentine, Arsani, Radiant Angel, Heartstealing
    Tinsels - ANY! Specific: 2G Male Silver from Sunsong Unrelated to Patxaran
    Shimmers - ANY! Specific: 2G Female Silver from Royal Blue Unrelated to Luckiest Catch (aiming to create a mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/luEwr - I will breed my own male Silver from Royal Blue)

    2G Female Sunsong from Male Silver Tinsel unrelated to Patxaran

    *Please PM about pairings for metals.

    -3/4th gen-
    Shimmers and Tinsels from lines I don't have (which is most)

    Hatchies: BSA! BSA! BSA! (all)
    Hatchies II: Messy of all breeds, all stages, for freezing.

    IOUS I still owe..
    rratts - 50+ storms (for silvers + copper) (26/50) [LONG TERM]
    Singalana - Thunder from M Thunder x F Brimstone (sent egg 4/10/16); [2G PB Female Green + 2G PB Male Harvest] (Completed)
    MinkishMinx - 8 BSA Hatchlings (Red, Pink, Magi) (4/8)
    hamsterwoman - 3G PB GW (#1 done, need to breed mate), 2G PB Blusang (complete), Silver from Female Frill (egg offered 4/10), 3/6 hatchlings from list in PM (+3 vamps 3/31/16) [LONG TERM]
    --LIST: deep sea male, fever wyvern male, green dragon male and/or female, horse female, moonstone male, nocturne male, tan ridgewing male or female, skywing female, stone male, yellow-crowned female, water-walker male, whiptail male.

    RaeMarie - 6 BSA Hatchlings (for Dalek Shimmer) (male pinks preferred)(2/6)
    Sarcastra - 2G GW and 2G Pillow (Pillow sent 3/24/16) from Snow Angel (for Herald Hatchie)
    Syryn - (4/8) (for Shimmers!) - 8 Holiday Mates from this list:
    Two 2nd gen Golden Wyverns from Ribbon Dancer not related to http://dragcave.net/lineage/WX4Yh or http://dragcave.net/lineage/0TypH
    2nd gen Frostbite from Snow Angel not related to http://dragcave.net/lineage/PUhD3
    2nd gen Golden Wyvern from Rosebud not related to http://dragcave.net/lineage/gGsZF
    2nd gen Brute from female Black Marrow not related to http://dragcave.net/lineage/c6e16
    2nd gen Golden Wyvern from Snow Angel not related to http://dragcave.net/lineage/SEYoJ
    2nd gen Black-capped Teimarr from Ribbon Dancer not related to http://dragcave.net/lineage/LBkfS
    2nd gen Magi from Rosebud not related to http://dragcave.net/lineage/HBq0k

    harlequinraven - 2/6 Common hatchies or hatching time (2:1) or 2G Ice from White (1:1) for 5 March Release eggs. (Spring from Summers, Reds from M Silvers, Moonstones from F Silvers) [Ratio - Ice 1:1, Hatchlings 2:1 -- 2 Ices sent, 2 hatchlings sent; owe for 2 hatchlings)

    IOUs still owed to me:

    Completed IOUs
    Multiple 3G Silver Tinsels (a few years ago)
    lastcrazyhorn - bred Dr.Who EG + 2G Pink for RA hatchling & bred Xenos
    ahreada - Storms for mixed hatchlings
    Ahimsa - 3G tinsel (zeta - from Patxaran) (for silvers)

    Long Term Wait List I am on
    Shroomlet: 2nd gen Silver from Sunsong

    Special Request Breedings in Progress

    Special Thanks