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David look at the rack behind the woman, "Uh, can I buy a knife or something?" he asked.

"Oh you mean like the one's your friend's stole" the blacksmith said with narrowed eyes.

tht caught David off guard, "Oh those guys aren't my friends", he said, turning around surprised that they were gone.

"Uh huh" she said, reaching under the counter for something.

David held up his hands to show his innocents, "Hey. I had nothin to do with that. I can go chase them down and get it back for you if you want"

she laughed and shook her head, bringing up a leather roll and unravelling it on the counter. It reminded David on a onjia board without letters. Circles lined with strange symbols radiated from the middle.

"I now my shop is in a rough part of town and after I was losing more weapons than I could make, I had a enchanter friend charm my shop."

"A what?"

She didn't answer, she just placed a light blue rock in the center of the circles. David stared in wonder as the blue stone began to vibrate and glow. A pile of five daggers and a shortsword appeared above the leather roll and clattered to the surface of the counter. All the weapons, except the one Phil left money for, had returned to the shop.


David was speechless. What the hell was that? The way the stolen goods just appeared before them was unreal. He looked from the stack of weapons to the blacksmith slack jawed. "How? How is that possible?"

"magic sweetheart. You from out of town or something? Most shops in the area has this charm"

"Right...I guess I have just never seen it done before..." He said, trailing off. The blacksmith placed a simple hunting knife on the couter and smiled at him, "10 pieces please"


After pulling out a handful of coins like he did in the clothing shop, David exited the shop with a newly purchased hunting knife tucked away in his waistband. His guns were on their way but they would not be ready for twenty four hours. In the meantime, he had a blade to protect himself. Before he left, he had the shopkeeper give him directions to an inn he could spend the night in as well as the location of the adress on the napkin he had. He looked both ways down the street, trying to find the two theives. There! about a block away walking bac the way they had came. Boy where they in for a surprise. David was glad the blacksmith had mentioned that most shops had that robbery guard. David was definatly planning on stealing from more than one store on this street. Now he would have to think twice before he stole anything. David turned on his heel and walked in the opposite direction, off to find the Brotherhood of Civil Unrest and see if he could get a job. but fortonight, he needed to find an inn.


(((Sorry guys xd.png. I got that idea from a DnD campaign I was in a few months ago. One of campaign characters almost died whe stolen food was transported out of his stomach)))


(((Sure, we can time warp to the next morning.)))


(((Also Acornia, did you have a plan for this darkness plague? I had one last night)))

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Phill had been aware of the knife being teleported so he replaced the blade with a granolla bar. He knew a thing or two about magic so by using electricity to transfer the magic surrounding it to surrounding a granola bar it was transported instead, he had been around a while and had been tought simple things as such.


Phill had a soft blush come to his cheeks as rain stripped so easilly. Phill looked away after seeing him flop on the bed and snuggled into the couch. He was drifting to sleep relativly easily considering where they were but knowing he could rely on a warning from rain if he missed a sound put him at ease.


((I have seen something like that in dnd too but by using a good roll a character was able to keep the stolen goods by replacing it with something else. I am fine with a time skip as well and for the darkness plague i almosthad the idea of it leaving crators in the world after eating things like leaving huge holes in the world from how i read it but i don'thave any ideas on it.))

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(((That's not how this works. Its a rune engraved at the bottom of the handle that doubles as a shop's trademark that acts as the point of teleportation. If it was that easy, it wouldn't work on anyone in a magical town. Sorry volt, you lost the knife)))


(((I also rolled a 18 for the recall)))


David rolled out of bed and planted his bare feet on the cold wooden floor. Wiping the sleep from his eyes, he left the room and wlked downstairs for breakfast (((Which is boring so I'll skipp that)))


David stepped out into the street where citizens were begining their morning routines. Fisrt tihing on David's list was to visit the blacksmith to see if his guns were ready.


She had just opened her shop when David walked inot the room. Her face lit up when she saw him, "Hey you!I just finished them last night. They were really fun to make, do you mind if I start selling them?"

"Sure, if I get a commission"

"Absolutely! I wrote up a binding contract this morning in case you agreed", she produced a sheet of paper with elegant, looping script. David scribbled his name on the bottom of the page, which began to glow yellow and smoke for a second.

Ok that will do it. If you pop in every so often I'll give you your gold.


From under the counter, she pulled out his new weapons. they were strange looking. Longer than his plans specified, they were almost long enough to be sawed off shotguns. The barrel was extra wide and flared at the tip. They were secured in leather holsters attahed to a leather belt.

"The belt is on the house. I will admit, I had some fun playing with the first one i finished. It has a magic ignition source. Your plans were good, but you would have to keep buying ammo. This way it will shoot whatever you can cram down the barrel"

David unlatched one and inspected it. It was really heavy but the weight sat on the top of his hand. "Thank you so much. How much do I owe you?"

"120 pieces. I gave you a discount cause they are so cool"

David did his ritual where he held out a handful of coins and let the shopkeeper pick how much he owed. Thanked the blacksmith and left the shop.


With his waist heavy with his guns, David headed in the direction the address the waitress at the diner gave him to see if he could find work.


(((On second though. If its a big deal you can keep the knife)))

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time skip.





Rain woke up the next morning by rolling out of bed and stretching. Glancing around he grabbed his clothes and busied himself with getting dressed. Stopping only to Pat down where the daggers and sword had been. Noticing they were gone he groaned and roled his eyes, he should have known. Oh well. If he really wamted the he could go back and kill her for them but he had gotten away from those days.


Finishing up by zipping his pants he walked over to phill. Rain took in the peaceful look of his face as he sleeped not aware that someo e was watching him. Leaning down slightly he let his hair brush phills face before shaking g him awake. When he started to turn over rain backed up and turned to the door.


"Come on. Were going south to investigate whats happened and we need to leave, I'm going to go get us some horse if your not ready when I get back im leaving you." With that rain walked out the door and to the edge of town.


The houses started to thin out and more farm land opened up. With the early dawns light not many people where up amd about. And one house was still unlit with no smoke from the chimney alerting rain that they were dead or still asleep. Guessing they where still asleep he wandered to the front of the small hoise and looked around. There want much outside. A couple of chairs a small table for setting stuff on and a broom. Looking around back rain seen a fences off area with some animals grazing about.


Walking to the gate and unlatching it he stepped through. On the inside of the fence there was little hooks that held leashes and a bucket. Grabbing the leashes rain walked out into the field. The morning sun was starting to warm and it wouldnt be long befor the farmer woke up. Glancing around quick to get out he spotted 3 horses off to the side by what looked like a feeding container. Approaching the horses one loomed at him and gave a soft huff. Rain approached that one with ease snapping g the leash onto the face of the horse. Trying it to the fence he turned to the second. This one seemed more energetic that is companion. As he approached it, it would wait til he was right up on it before it would scamper off. It continued this a couple of times. As this continued rains anger grow. In one burst of anger he leaped at the horse who promptly turned kicked him in the leg.


Rain bent over as the white hot pain exploded and traveled up his leg. He watched with murder in his eyes as it walked away, stopping to look at him as if silently laughing. Dropping his head he was suprised when the muzzle of the third horse touched his hair. Rain reached up and clipped the leash on before it could get away. As he moved it startled it and when it reared its head back it took a clipping of rains red hair.


Keeping the leash in his hand he dragged it back over to the other horse who was still tried to the fence. Leaning over its back he tested to see if it would buck. Not showing any indication that he would rain leaped up. Sitting on its back he pulled the hair in its main to point it to the open gate. Giving a small kick to its sides he set out with the other giving a reluctant nod before falling into place. Giving the one he was riding more encouragement to go faster he kicked the gate wide open on his pass out. When the farmer came out he would just suspect that they had gotten out and where running around.


Rain was making his way back into town when the dirt turned back into the familiar cobble stones. A third set of hooves sett him on guard but turning around at the waist he seen that stupid damn kicker following them. He didnt want such a violent thing coming along but it must have been attached to this two. Turning back he navigated the rest of the way to the house that him and phill had stayed at.


Coming to a complete halt outside of it he was run into by the kicker. His horse gave a small jump and a kick of her own in warning before they settled down.


"Phill come on. Lets go before someone comes looking for these beasts." He shouted over the sounds of there hooves. Giving them a once over he checked for magic amd didnt scene any. But then again he suspected that poor farmers wouldnt have the money for that. It was probably there life savings for this two and the other was a gift from God in the form of a baby a year back.






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((I had a plan for the dual knife style so id prefer to keep it but i don't need them yet))


Phill woke up to the soft thud of rain rolling onto the floor. He fell back asleep after that though figuring it was just rain getting around. He felt something soft brushing across his face by his nose, causing it to twitch. He woke up after he was shook and heard rain saying he would leave him, phill hated being alone so he couldn't have that.


He stood up and went to his bag taking a different set of clothes out of them. He put on a sleeveless purple shirt though he wasnt sure of the color and it was a little snug it fit him. He then pulled on his briefs as well as a pair of jeans that had the knees ripped slightly.


Phill had everything packed up and ready when he heard rain calling. He came out and let his hand brush against the side of the horse rain wasn't on. The horse bucked a little but with a few gentle pets and him meeting it's eyes to calm it he was finally able to get on it's back. He had it turn around letting it walk a little to get adjusted to carrying him. "Lead the way then rain, just hope the horses don't magically be transported back too or we will be in jail."

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(((It's fine. I don't want to argue with you)))


"Soooo....no prior experence, no magical allignment, no formal combat training and you hear from us from where? A waitress in a diner?"

DAvid sat across a large oak table and was talking to a very large man with one large eye in the middle of his face. He made it to the Brotherhood of Civil Unrest asking for a job. He was then whisked away with a burlap bag over is head into a small room with just a wooden desk in the center. watching the expression on the man's face was not promising to say the least.

"Thats right. I'm new in town and need some to do for work"

"Yes. I heard you the first time. As a matter of fact Mr...Stein, we do have a opening in a recon mission. Our sect in the south has stopped sending messages and every time we send someone to check it out they never come back. That sound like the kind of work you?" the man said, not bothering to hid the tone of snark in his voice.

"Sure, why not. I'll do it", he said with a smile that clearly annoyed the cyclops

"alright. Head south to the next biggest town and look for the building with the same sign as this one. See what you can find out and report back here"

"Cool. Thanks"


David exited the building and the bag was removed from his head. The door slammed behind him and locked. Now how was he suppose to get to the town in the south.





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Rain watched with a dumbfounded look on his face. Kicker was the horse that phill had to choose and of course he didnt have a problem getting on him. It was like the brown amd whit pinto had it out to make a fool out of rain. Glaring at it he turned his horse back in the same general direction that he had come from.


Giving a soft kick to his large grey speckled Percheron he set a slow trout. Pulling on the leash of the black horse following behind him. Again at first it didnt want to move but when it started to be dragged she gave and fell into place.


"If that happens ill burn the family alive." Rain had woken and a fowl mood and with the events of the morning it wasnt improving.


Rain rode in silence for the most part giving a grunt here and there with the occasional sigh to go with his thoughts. He hurt from the forming bruise on his thigh and he was hungry, out of food and water without adequate weapons and he was pent up. He was just waiting to see if what ever god existed decided to throw at him next.


Glancing at phill he keeped going leading the way. They had made it a little ways out of town and past any houses and farms. Now it was just rolling hills and forested land. It was beautiful amd quiet. Rains ears trained on the bird song fluttering throught the trees, listening as they rose in volume only to die away.


"The next stop is a little town about 4 days journey from here. Well stop there to get equipment that may be needed." Rain glanced back at phill and the black horse ambling contently behind them. They had been traviling for the better part of a couple of hours.


If they wanted to eat the would have to stop and hunt as he didnt have any food and he was fairly certain niether did phill.


Making his decision he stopped at the next little clearing area a little off of the way and hoped down. Tying his horse to a tree he turned to watch phill scuttle down.


"So either way we will need food, who's hunting.?" He asked while watching the black horse ambling around his and phills. He wasnt sure what they were going to do with it as they hard the two they needed.



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Phill was a little confused at rains look when he got on the horse but chuckled "i have always loved animals got along with them better than i did anything else." Phill could hear the agitation in rains voice and decided to give him some time to cool off.


Phill rode along right behind rain to the left a little, glancing at him as he let his hand reach to his bag a few times. "That sounds like a good idea though we may need to find a way to get money for that."


Phill tied up the horse when they stopped and pulled out a few pieces of bread handing them to rain gingerly while having rain sit. "You got the horses, let the bread help tide you over for now. Oh and since i don't need it really you can have this." As he spoke phill put the knife on Rains lap. He then took a sip from his nearly empty cantine and left it by rain as well as a sign of trust.


Phill dropped to all fours like an animal himself running on all fours his nose picking up many scents. He picked up the scent of a squirrel, he knew he didn't have much electricity stored up enhancing static electricity into something deadly was the best way to keep charged though out here he would lose that ability. He ran and pounced at a tree as a squirrel tried to run up it, snatching and killing it. He returned about an hour later with two squirrels and a small pocket in his bag full of blackberries which he knew weren't poison. He set the dead squirrels down, his face had blood on it and his hands were red and black from berry juice and blood. "If you don't mind cooking them we can have the berries while they cook." Phill wasn't looking at rain as he hated how most looked at him when he hunted, he was a killing machine in most peoples eyes and they just treated him like no matter what he did it wasn't good enough, he did not want to see that look on Rains face and it was quite easy to tell that he was afraid to make eye contact, especially after having had people constantly bother him about that, seeing him hunt because he had to survive only to degrade him for it.

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David had lucked out, as usual. After failing to find a plae where he could take a cab (or as they call them here "horses") he resorted to walking south out of town. After about an hour, a father-son duo sitting atop a horse drawn carrage stopped and asked if he needed a ride. He couldn't believe it, it was the same two that David threatened to kick the crap out of at the bar the day before. The father explained that they didn't want trouble and his boy apologized for what he did to Rain.


So now David was sitting pretty on top of a small pile of turnips(?), chatting with the pair.

"I really am sorry about almost breakig your face yesterday. I had a little too much alcohol in my blood and what you did rubbed me the wrong way." david said, passing the boy a fresh apple that he was keeping in his bag. He bought some supplies when he heard that the town he was heading to was four days by horseback. David was feeling the pressure to earn some more money. The pouches he stole from those teenagers were feeling lighter every day and he knew they would not last forever.

"Naw, it was my fault really. Pa would've done the same if you hadn't beat him to it." the boy said. His eye was black ad nearly swollen shut from DAvid's attack and his nose was purple from Rain's.


As they left the last town behind them and the landscape was becoming more peaceful nd picturesque. as he conversed with his companions, he learned that they were simple farmers heading into the next town in hopes to get a little money for their ruined crop. They told him how lately nothing was growing quite right.They were pulling up crops that looked like they had been rotting in the ground for weeks. They were hoping to sell this batch to a pig farmer in the next town. David explained that h was on a mission to investigate some kind of "darkness plague" that was hitting this town hard. They seemed to have heard about it but did not have any information on the matter.


A few hours later, they suddenly came to a stop. David, who had been napping, was jolted awake by shouting somewhere ahead of the cart.

"Now step down from there slowly. Any wrong moves and the boy gets stuck"

David peeked around the side of the driver's seat and saw exactly what he expected. There was a man wearing light armor, pointing a sword dangerously close to the son. Another three were blocking their way, the one with the shiny plate armor was the one shouting and making demands.

"Now empty out everything of value you have, no funny business!" The leader shouted.

David wasn't about to let these kind farmers get robbed. It seemed that the bandits hadn't noticed him sleeping in the back. That was about to change.


BOOM went his hand cannon, the bandit threatning the boy's armor was suddenly peppered with holes, his chest now full with fastening nails. He made a gasping noise in surprise and fell back into the dirt to bleed quietly. Man these things were loud. Much louder than a normal shotgun. David could hardly hear the frightened whiney of the hourses or the bandits shouting. All he knew what that he was no longer in the cart. As the horses fled from the noise, David was thrown backwards. Tumbling down the mount of rotton turnips and landing on his back on the dirt road. He propped himself up just in time to see the cart bowl over one of the bandits as it sped away from the scene. David scrambled to his feet and spotted his gun closeby. Scooping it up, he dug the barrel into the dirt and sooped up some gravel.


His ears were still ringing so he was having a hard time with spoken words, all he knew was Shiny was flush with anger and pointing at him, shouting something that DAvid guessed was orders to mess him up. The closest one rushed him with some kind of jagged spear. David gritted his teeth and fired off another round, turing his attacker into cheese as the small stones traveling at mach one tore through his unarmored flesh. He drew his second gun and aimed it at the next attacker, who was now thinking twice.

"What sort of magic is this?" David could barely make out the question the leader asked.

Magic? Oh yeah, this place was weird.

"Yep, that's me. Magic Dave they call me and this....this is my...um" DAvid grinned, remembering on of his favorite movies, "This is my BoomStick!" he yelled, causing the closest bandit to flinch, his sword wavered.

"Unless you want to end up full of holes like your friends, I suggest you drop your valuables and back away.


David scooped up the bag of gold the leader had dropped and placed it in his knapsack with the rest of the stuff they dropped. David had tied them back to back to a tree off the side of the road and they were busy screaming insults and cursing his whole family. They were both down to their underware and their armor sat in a pile by the road with a sign that read "FREE". DAvid tipped his imaginary ht to the men after he looted their dead friends bodies, "Have a good day boys. Maybe someone will come by soon and let you loose" and with a hardy laugh, DAvid strolled down the road in the direct of the town.


(((So this ocured not to far from your camp. Maybe half a mile or so. CLose enough they could hear the gunshots)))

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Rain watched as phill came back from the woods carrying two squirrels and a pouch. He had blood on his face and hands from the hunt mixed with a blackish purple liquid.


"If you don't mind cooking them we can have the berries while they cook." Phill wasn't looking at him and it set rains nerves off even more. It wasnt that he was covered in blood but that he wouldnt look at him. And for the short time that he had known him that wasnt like him.


Standing from his stop on the ground he walked over and took the two from phill. Rain looked him up and down, coming back up he turned from him and gave a wave of his hand.


"We need firewood."Rain through out as he set off for a little ways into the woods to gut and clean them.


A little while later he came back with two squirrel husks, missing the feet, head, tail, skin and guts. The first thing he spotted was a some what cleaned up phill and a small pile of unlit wood. Walking briskly over to it he tapped it with his foot. Nudging it like you may nudge an animal to see if it was alive.


Smoke started to raise up in a small and delicate stream. It grow in size and volume as orange and yellow flames leaped to life hungry eatting at the wood. Glancing around rain found two somewhat clean sticks and fashioned them into a hold to cook the squirrels with.


Finishing that task at hand he walked over and took a seat texted to phill. He wasnt good at talking to people and generally came off as rough and rude but he was a good listener. Sitting here with him he hoped was enough of a invitation to get him to talk and confide in him.




Rains head jerked around at the sound. He sat like a statue not moving a muscle for fear that it would set something off. The horses where frightened as the neighed and pranked around a little.




Rain jumped up and rain to the horse grabbing the two reigns he had and gave a pull. He wanted to get into the woods, find a place to hide and wait. There wasnt many things that could make a noise that loud and rain highly doubted it was a dragon. But he couldn't take that chance. Running past the fire he bent down amd graded there food amd snuffed the fire out before heading off into the woods away from the noise and out of sight.


Glancing behind him he made sure that phill was with him. Holding out his hand with the half cooked food he offered one to phill.


"Better than nothing." He said while taking and digging into his. A soft neigh had his attention to the horse. Yep still had all three, one more than he still wanted. Grinning he chuckled a little. If they got hungry they could always eat it.


Stopping rain turned around and looked behind him amd his little party. He couldnt see the road anymore and he was fairly certain that they couldn't see them. Turning back to phill he smiled.


"Looks like we may be staying here tonight."

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Phill noticed that rain was unnerved which caused him to feel a little bad about not looking at him right away, he was sure rainbwouldn't make fun of him or bully him in any way.


Rain had said they needed firewood so phill quickly got some and set it up in a small pile. He had wiped some of the blood off his face and hands cleaning up slightly. He watched as rain started the fire and set the squirrels to cook.


Phill looked over and let out a soft sigh. "I am sorry for not looking at you, it is just that..." Just as he was about to open up he heard the loud boom. The first time he heard it he simply tilted his head in the direction, the second time is when he moved.


Phill was right beside rain on his horse not fond of running into what ever had made that noise. Phill took the half cooked squirrel and dug in as he was pretty hungry. Phill nodded as he tied the horse up to let it graze. He made sure he had everything before dragging a log that seemed sturdy over and sat on it. He took another bite of his food and looked over at rain. "We should try to find a thicker part of the forest or possibly make a temporary shelter just in case it rains."


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Rain gave a grunt as he took a seat on the log beside phill. Turning at the waist he reached behind him amd pulled out his small bad from under his hair. It was a wonder he hadn't lost it in the last day and a half. Opening it up he rummaged through it until he found the tarp and some bedding supplies.


"A denser place is best. Ill go look, stay and keep a eye on them." He said pointing to kicker and his friends.


Standing up he made his way deepwr into the woods with open eyes. After a little while of searching he had only enough success in startling a rabbit which was now there dinner and finding a couple of areas that where better off than they where at right now. About to call it a day rain spotted a large dense firn tree. It was a towering figure in the woods standing taller than its brothers. Walking over to it he touched the think dranches amd pulled them apart alittle. U der the tree up toward the trunk it was mostly clear other tha. The couple of branches weighted down with foliage.


Smiling rain nodded and turned back happy with his find, sprinting off through the woods with a rabbit in tow. As his fast past it didnt take him long to find his way back. Crashing back into the clearing he spotted phill.


"How about a firn." He huffed between breathes.


"We will have to crawl but its fairly dry and safe from most predators. I'll lay out the tent pieces to keep needles from falling on us but it works."

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Phill kept an eye on the horses, he was watching over them while relaxing. Phill looked over at the slightly out of breath rain and nodded. "That sounds pretty good to me butwhere are we going to leave the horses considering if we need to crawl they won't fit." Phill rummaged through his supplies, he had the cantine he had picked up from where he set it before, he was out of any sort of food, he had the picture of hos family along with some clothing. He pulled out the last thing in his bag though it wasn't much it would be a big help, it was able to shoot light in a straight line for about 100 feet and someone had called it a light stick."just for when it gets dark we can use this so we can see farther one way than a small amount from torches without the possibility of a forest fire."

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It wasn't long before DAvid needed a rest. He was begining to worry. Now that his ride is gone, it was at least a week's walk to te next town. He only hada blanket to sleep on and there was no tellig what kind of nasty things lived in the woods surrounding such a strange place. IT would be a shame if he made it this far and got eaten by a bear.


Something caught DAvid's attention. Feint on the wind was the smell of woodsmoke. He had the strange compulsion to investigate. He felt much better when he was with the locals and David had things to trade for food and shelter. Maybe it was a farmhouse nearby and he would have a hot meal and a real bed to sleep on.


Off the side of the road David spotted a narrow game trail that lead through the thick underbrush.He threw caution into the wind and crashed down it. David couldn't be sure but it looked like there were horse prints in the places the trail was damp.


It wasn't long before he came across a small clearing. There was evidence that a camp was set up here. The ground to one side was heavily disturbed. Horses maybe? In the middle, a small pile of slightly charred tinder was releasing a small filiment of smoke. Whoever was here didn't leave long ago. thats When DAvid remembered the bandits from earlier. Maybe this was their camp? Or perhaps this is the camp of one of their victims. David drew one of his Boomsticks and turned three sixty, peering into the thick woods as he turned.

"Hello! Is anyone hurt?!?" he shouted, imagining the father-son duo that helped him. He imagined the father being injured right out of sight and unable to cry out. David began to circle the edge of the clearing, looking for signs of a struggle.







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Rain had lead the way back to the firn tree with phill and the horse in tow. Coming to a stop deside it he pulled his back to him and found d a nearby tree to tie the horses to. Finding phill he off handedly pointed off to the woods.


"Still we will need to have a fire to cook dinner. Tie your horse and ill set up the sleeping arrangements and hunt some more." He stated calmly before walking to the firn with his bag.


Scuttling underneath he came to the truck. Streching he had almost enough room to stand. Awkwardly but he could. Bringing the bag up from its spot on the ground where he had dropped it he rummaged around. Finding the pieces he needed he pulled them out and pulled at the threads that held them closed.


With there bindings gone the unfolded like a blossoming flower. Taking one he found the corners and attatched two to the truck. Going out alittle he attached the other corners to some branches creating a large triangle. It was good for one person but it would be a tight squeeze for two. Going back for the other he repeated the process but layed the grey tarp on the ground instead. Standing back he loomed his work over. It would hold till morning and it was fairly good shelter.


Wiggling his way back out he came to stand a few feet from phill. He watched him as he worked silently. He wondered why a guy like him would be here in The first place. But his thoughts turned to other things as he finally got a good look at him for the first time that day. He had changed his shirt into a form fitting purple sleeveless shirt. It hugged his figure nicely although it was a little tight. Rain felt a pang of guilt at not having taken notice of him for the day.


Giving a silent shake of his head he disappeared into the woods to hunt. It didnt take him long to find another rabbit and a pheasant running around. Killing them he made his way back almost spotless of blood. Although what the blood didnt ruin the dirt sure did.


"Hey" he said sitting down on the ground with the food In tow. He looked as phill and watched him work.

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Phill's ears twitched as he hummed tieing the horses up to seperate trees so they wouldn't have to fight over food. Phill began collecting wood from around the area while Rain set up their sleeping arrangements. Phill heard rain come back to where he was but focused on setting the wood up in a small tent form so it would burn easier, clearing the area around it to make it safer.


Phill was making sure that everything was set up and the immediate area was safe. He had found a few logs and dragged them around the fire pit his muscles flexing as the log he was dragging was probably bigger than he was. He got it in place and sat down on it to take a break pulling his shirt up to wipe his forehead, his abs on display which he enjoyed since the slightly cool air was helping him cool down. It was around that time that he thought he heard yelling from the direction they came from knowing that the horses may have left tracks he grew slightly worried though it may have been his imagination "you hear that?" His voice was slightly muffled by the shirt.

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Rains ears twitched as the voice filtered through the trees. Setting his rabbit down he stood slowly, gracefully like a cat.


"Yes, think we can get away with ignoring it. It its dangerous we will never know if it goes about its way." Glancing down the way they had come rain shivered when he looked back over to phill for conformation. The sight of his abs set him on edge. He was toned amd he smelled good still. But perseverance won over other feelings as he took a couple of steps back to the horses. If they had to run they could always steal the supplies that they would loose later but replacing the horses would be harder.

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Phill let his shirt down as he stood up and lowered himself closer to the ground. "I feel like we are safe for now, they are probably looking for survivors of what ever attack that was, they probably won't find us, it will be tough to follow our tracks and we will have the advantage here, no need to be afraid, besides if they attack us we have the right to take anything they have on them."


Phill had his tail brushing the ground at the moment, his ears tilted back. He gave a soft smile at rain "having to run at night would not be the bestidea but you should grab the lightstick out of my bag just in case."

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Heeding phills words rain looked around there make shift camp for his bag. Spotting it he walked over beside there little fire and picked it up off the ground. Duating of the bottom of it he hugged it to his chest with one arm while searching with the other. Finding the light stick at the bottom he pulled it out and put the bag down beside his own. Walking back to phil,l who was still crouching on the ground, he gave him a weird look before a mischievous smile took over his face.


With the feelings of danger dissipating his playful side started to come out a little. benting one knee he touched phill on his shoulder, waited a few seconds for him to adjust before pushing a little harder. As phill started to loose balance he keeped his weight pressing down.


Rain would have keeped playing around except his stomach choose that time to growl. Glanceing at the rabbits that had yet to be cooked he walked over to one, picking it up he started to eat it raw. Raw food had never been a issue with him but cooking it hadnt been one either.


As he was eatting he glanced over at Phil and let his tails sweep back and forth, a gesture that was also rare for him.

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All david's search turned up was a small patch of blood in the dirt with a few small tuffs of hair. Seems that whoever was here skinned a small mammal for dinner. The though caused DAvid's stomah to rumble. He hadn't eaten since the apple he had on the turnip cart. Here was a decent place to camp, the evidence that surrounded him said that someone else thought the same thing. David kicked the pile of wood back into a rough campfire shape and began to gather dry grass to build a birdnest with.


With his ball of tinder made, he pressed it against the still smoldering lenght of wood and blew. it took a while and David managed to make himself lightheaded but he soon had a small fire burning. He piled tender on top and started building a small, level platform where he could set his pot. Placing his pot on it's platform, David added a little water from his water bladder and dumped two handfuls of rice. it was a meager dinner but now that he had a week of travel to look forward to, he needed to ration the supplies he had. He stirred the rice slowly and absentmindedly, his thoughts drifting else where.






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Phill was glad that he had thought of the light stick just in case and if rain used it right it would make things easier on them. Unfortunatly it seemed that rain was playful so he decided to push phill down. Phill lost balance and let himself fall flat to the ground.


Phill watched as rain ate the raw rabbits and he jumped up onto his feet. He walked over to rain and picked up the rabbit that rain left and leaned forward. He made sure he was right by rains ear as he whispered "you know, it isn't nice to expect others to stop playing when you do." Phill let his lips and breath brush against the others ear to catch him off gaurd before quickly taking rain to the ground like he was earlier. Phill began to eat his rabbit while sitting on top of rain trying to keep him captive.

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Rain wasnt suspecting phills warm breath and lips tickling his ear just as he hadn't been expecting himself to be tackled to the ground. As phill pulls him down and settles his weight on his back rain looks dumbfounded at the ground that he was now acquainted with.


From his space he could see some insects moving about, scurrying there way to saftey in there homes. Grass tickled his nose as he took a deep breath to replace what he had just lost in the attack.


He was ready to turn over and throw him off when the feeling of his backside on rains back caught him off guard. Rain ideally didnt let people touch him so this was a new experience, one he didnt think he liked. But phill seemed happy and rains moment of playfulness was over.


Instead of moving her brought his arms up to his head and rested chin of his elbows. Taking his tails he let them away up and wrap phills face getting in his way of eating. As one tail wrapped around his head and then trailed to his neck the other thumped his lap snaking his thigh in annoyance and being content .


Rain gave a low growling moan as he closed his eyes and took a couple of deep breaths litsening to phill eat and breath. The sound was relaxing and his smell was soothing, he had half a mind to just stay there and sleep.






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Phill was happy he had cought rain off gaurd and sitting on his back was pretty comfortable. Phill tilted his head as he saw rain relax under him and rest his head in his hands. Phill was mumbling and softly nudging the tail out of his face so he wouldn't bite it.


Phill was taken really off guard as rains second tail snaked up his leg to his thigh. Phill let out a soft growling moan at the same time as Rain causing him to blush and chuckle. Sitting was uncomfortable so he laid on the slightly bigger male hoping tto avoid the tail, he had finished his dinner so sleeping seemed like the neck best thing. He sniffed rain, really taking in his scent for the first time it smelled of spicy candy sweet yet spicy at the same time. It was difficult for him to put his mind on a mystery smell that was mixed in but he ended up licking rain without paying attention. He realized what he did quickly and rolled off of rain "sorry about that your scent must have just made me think of sweets."

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Rain layed on the ground for a few seconds to let the cool ground cool his raging temperature. He had hide his face in his arms when phill had layed down on his back to hide the embarrassment but after his hot breath on his neck and ear then with the sudden wet lick on his cheeck he couldnt do it. Lifting his face he shot up from his place on the ground and glanced at phill. His face felt like it was on fire.


Deciding that it may be best to head for bed he took off to the tree. Getting down he crawled under it amd took his place between the tarps. The ground was doing wonders for his back but his whole body felt like it was the home of a raging fire. Turning on his side he stares wide eyed out at nothing. His mind was a mess. He didnt understand why he was feeling this way.


Wasnt it normal for people to joke and play around? Was it also not normal to talk openly with others? Sure he thought phill was ok but the butterfly where something he wasn't sure about.


"Come on phill, we have a lot of traveling to do tomorrow." Rain stretched out on the tarp and waited for phill. When he came in rain would have to apologize for walking off and leaving him with any feelings of discomfort he may have.

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Phill hit the ground as soon as rain left. He knew that he messed up, he knew this feeling and he hated it, why was it that he felt like this, why? Phill stood and began hitting and kicking trees in an area a horse wasn't by. He had kicked and hit the trees quite a few times to try and get ahold of himself. He was unsure why he felt like this towards rain, he knew rain was probably just playing so why did he do what he did?


Phill heard rain calling for him and he waited for a couple minutes. He slowly crawled into the tarps, he kept far away from rain to try to make sure he was in control and he wouldn't freak him out. Phills tail was hanging limply behind him as without saying anything he faceplanted on the tarp his bruised and slightly bloodied knuckles from punching the trees covered the back of his head and he bit his lip as his legs were injured more so than his hands but it had gotten his mind off rain enough to allow him to be on the same tarp though the far end of it.

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