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As David exited the rich part of town, He fished out the smallest of the pouches he stole from the pocket of his jumpsuit. loosening the drawstring, he dumped out the contents into his hands. He was holding about a dozen coins of various sizes and metals. This was strange, stranger still since they had carvings he did not recognize. He was expecting regular US mint coins, he was already surprised tht those boys had pouches instead of wallets full of bills. Where the hell was he? It was as if he was transported back in time. David shook his head to clear the ridiculousness of that idea.


The task at hand meant that he needed to get out his prison jumpsuit and into something less conspicuous. He hadn't heard the wail of sirens yet so that was a good sign. He glanced behind him down the street and paused, he thought he saw something. Scanning the street behind him, he didn't see anymore movement, "Must be nerves", he muttered to himself and started walking. He turned right down an alley that he cut through earlier. He could hear the bustle of a shopping district on the other side. He passed a clothing shop on his way here and intended to use his earned cash to get a new wardrobe.


(((I failed my perception check xd.png )))







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rain followed closely behind the larger man watching as he stopped.

He had reached into his pocket and pulled out his a coin poach. He had a confused look on his face, like he didnt know what to do with the gold and copper pieces. Rain had been so intent on his face he was a little surprised when he turned and looked his way. having a mini hard attack rain ducked back along the wall, waiting. after a couple of minutes heturned and started walking away.


Running to catch up he stopped at the edge and peered around. That had been to close, he had almost been spotted and now walking down a Allie following this guy was not a good idea. There wasnt that many places to hide. Off to the sides there was 2 or 3 boxes and some trash cans but other than that it was bare. Deciding to take the chance anyway he took off down the allie after him. Staying about 15 feet behind him he tread quietly. If he turned around rain would definitely be spotted. Amd it was obvious what he was doing.

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David rounded the corner of the alley and immediately ducked around the corner. He was being followed. His earlier paranoia had ticked him off to his potential persuer and once he was in the alley, he could clearly make out the reverb of another set of footsteps behind him.


when the figure showed himself, David's callusesed had shot out and snagged the boy by the front of the shirt. Spinning him around, Dvid pinned his bck against the wall. He lifted his leg and drew a toothbrush with a pointed handle, his prison shiv he never left his cell with. He pressed the tip under the boy's adam's apple, not hard enough to break te skin but hard enough to show him he was not playing around. "Who are you? Ypu with those kids? Or are you a cop?" he growled. It was then that he noticed the strange ears that topped his head. David's eyes grew wide and he reached out to feel them gently between his thumb and index. They twitched reflexively ad David withdrew his hand in surprise. They were real!?! He looked te boy in the eye, "start talking, boy. What the hell is going on?". He hissed.






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Rain freaked and stuggled as he was thrown against the side of the building. His head hit hard with a small creak, blinking back stars.


"Who are you? You with those kids? Or are you a cop?"


The larger man ground out. Rain felt the tip of a pointed object push inti his skin slightly. A warning not to get any stupis idea. Rain had had alot.png of training and was fairly certain he could get away.


Rain froze when he felt a gentle touch on his ear. Flicking it to the side he let out a winner of protest. His ears had always been sensitive, he suspected it was do to how large they were. Inconveniencely rain brought his tails up in between his legs in a sunmissive manner. He let the feeling roll theough him for a few seconds tilting his head into the hand touching his ear.


"start talking, boy. What the hell is going on?"

Rain was jolted back by the angery sound of his voice.


Being startled back to reality and without the touch to his ears he looked him in the eyes. Standing still he waited a couple of seconds in silence, to let him drop his gaurd a hair. Egdeing away he put a couple of inches between them, but that was all he needed. Bringing his ffeet up he planted the on his stomach and gave a hard shove. Are he stumbled back rain dropped to the ground to get out of the way of random objects he may lash out with. Scrambling to his feet he took off down the alley. The end was far away, he could only hope he made it before the guy tackled him to the ground or something.

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(((What? He was against a wall.)))


David let out an oof as the boy planted both feet into his stomach. He backed up, not hurt. The kick only managed to knock him away, not the wind from his lungs. David looked around the corner of the alleyway and watched the boy run. He was not about to chase him. The very fact he ran told him that he was smart and defiantly not a cop. David brushed the front of his jumpsut off and replaced his shiv in his sock. As the boy vanished around the corner at the opposite end of the alley, he could have sworn that he saw a fluffy fox tail trailing around him.


David made his way through the crowds flitting from here and there looking for the clothing shop he saw earlier that day. Finally he spotted what he was looking for. A sign hanging bove the sidewalk that read Apathy's Clothing. Finally he thought as he stepped through the door.


He got to the counter a several minutes later with a two changes of cloths, a knapsack, and a new pair of boots. His prison flats were killer on the archs and not very good for running. The person(?) behind the counter rang him up

"That'll be 86 pieces" she said with a forced smile.

David looked at her, drawing a blank before fishing out the largest pouches from his pocket and digging through it.

"Uh...This many...?" He asked holding out a handful of gold and silver coins.

She rolled her eyes and took about a dozen pieces of gold off the top.

"Right...thanks" he said, dumping the rest of the money back into the pouch, "Can i use your changing room?"

She pointed to a row of stalls at the bak of the store. David nodded and went off to change.


He emerged from the store wearing a pair of brown work pants and a red and black flannel. The boots he wore were made of soft leather and were a little tight on his feet. He assumed it was becasue they were so new. He made his way back down the road to the alley he attacked the boy that was following him. He dumped his jumpsuit and shoes into a trash can and kept walking. He despertatly needed something to eat. A drink or five wouldn't hurt either.






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Rain reached the end of the alley and looked behind him. he let out a sigh of relief when he seen that he wasnt being following. Turning the corner he rested against the wall catching his breath. After a couple of seconds he looked around for phill.


It appeared that phill hadnt given chase. Without him there he couldnt make out any scents besides the food and body odor coming from people crowding the streets. He would have to get closer to the edge of town to pick up his scent. Scanning the shops that where on the street he picked one in the middle called 'monicas home and diner.'


It was a little country home restaurant, it looked like the upstair may have been overnight rooms. The walls where a made of red bricks with large windows and the door was a dark Brown. It was beautiful inconspicuous. Rain set of in that direction. Before he went to find phill he may as well find some info on what was happening in town. And what better way to do it that at a bar, diner, inn kind of place.


The door opened with a little chime of bells alerting the waiters and other patrons that there was a new comer.

This may not have been a good idea, to many people.


The room was fairly empty though, not as much as he would like, and there was a spot along the back wall that was calling his name. Pulling him ears back he set off to a small table with a chair amd a corner seat. Taking his seat on the corner piece he sat and watched folks come and go.


" Excuse me, can I get you anything." A cheer voice came from a cheerful and pretty dark skinned human. Looking around he noticed that most of the patrons where humans.


"Water" came his one word reply.


She gave him a confused look and walked away coming back a couple of minutes later, setting a glass on the table with a soft clink. She gave him a bright smile and stood there for a minute or to. Rain didnt say anything let along look at her. After a few minutes she must have gotten the hint as she turned sharply and walked away with a pout on her face.


Rain sat and watched the people come and go. So far no conversations has come up to catch his attention.



(((( Sorry I missed that. Also hes in a dinner xd.png)))

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Phill had found their home and put his picture on a broken stand in the bedroom.he was hungry and remembered he had a few coins on him that he could use to get some food for once. He knew that Monica's diner would be an ideal place to get information having been there many times before, besides it was the way Rain had went and maybe he could find him or check on him just in case.


Phill was walking around the town getting close to Monica's diner as most people called it. He was able to get rain's scent along with all of the food that made him salivate instinctivly. He walked in quietly immediatly noticed by one of the older employees "look at you, you certainly have grown over the years, last i saw you you were just a little thing who had to wash dishes just to get a drink let alone food. You want a free meal, it's on the house."


Phill shook his head smiling as he walked up behind rain playing in his hair letting his fingers brush against the others ears to tease him hoping to get back at him slightly for running off. "You can give that free meal to him i will just take a glass of milk and one of water as well." As he spoke he handed the rest of his coins to her and sat across from rain keeping his ears out for any information. "You went running away to chase him, you could have been hurt." He spoke low on purpose so he could discern their conversation from others.

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Rain watchedthe customers eatting their warm food and drinking strong ale. Most seemed content to sit in the little diner and talk.


The jingling of the bells above the door alerted rain to someone's entrance. The new comer was someone rain had left earlier that day. Phill was stopped momentarily on his way to rains table by who rain assumed was the owner of the place. Some quick words were passed before phill standing beside rain.


With phill rubbing his ears rain gave whimpering growl of bliss. Phills hands would run up amd down his ears, his fingures scratching softly. When his hands movered to running through his hair rain gave a small growl and smaked his hand away. Glancing up at phill he stomach choose that moment to growl as a bowl of steaming soup was put out on the table before him. Kicking the chair across from him out at the same time phill rulled it back it almost flow from the table. Blushing a little he picked up a spoon and ate a little.


The first spoonful was savory. It was a creamy mixture of potatos and beef. Whatever it was it was good, smooth and fulfilling. Glanceing back up he took acouple more bite before sliding it across the table to phill


"Come on, you need to eat to."

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Phill was chuckling as he had made sure to embarass his new aquantence a little bit. He gave a light hearted chuckle as his hand was slapped away just in time for the meal to be delivered to the table in front of the hungry Rain. He watched as his drinks were placed on his side of the table.


When rain kicked the chair phill alnost ended up flinging it at the wall behind him luckily having a good grip on it. He set it down and sat in it before it could be kicked again. "The last thing we need is to need to pay for a chair, she may be generous but not that much so and i dont plan on washing dishes again, i dont think the staff wants that either."


Phill was surprised when he saw Rain push the soup closer to him. He was about to deny it and say he had a few more granola bars only for his stomach to interupt him due to the scent filling his nose. Phill picked up his spoon and took a small spoon full and put it in his mouth. The creamy and savory mixture caused a small moan of happiness escape his lips only for a dark blush to grace his cheeks. "We can share it but you better eat some as well and you don't appear hurt but i want to know what happened."

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David wandered across a promising establishment with a hanging sign that read "Monica's Diner". It was a narrow, two story building with red brick exterior and large windows. He walked through the front doorand a tiny jingle alearted everyone in the room that the door had opened. He always hated those things. He was sure it had a good reason but that didn't matter to him. he kept his eyes down and crossed to the bar. He was sure, Even if this wasn't the same county there was no way they wouldn't notice one of their prisoners got loose. Better safe than sorry.


Taking a seat at the bar he was greeted by a chipper woman with sun kissed skin.Something about er features didn't match her omplection. David soon forgot about that as he began his order. "Hi, Whatever your special is I'll take it. Oh and a shot of whiskey"

"A what"


"I''m sorry, we don't have that here"

David blinked and gave her a blank stare. "A bar that didn't have whiskey? What kind of backwards place is this?" he asked rhetorically "I'll just have whatever kind of Booze you have on special today". He remembered seeing a specials board outside but he hadn't bothered to read it.



the waitress nodded and gave him a strange look as she walked away. That was strange to say the least.


The waitress came back and poured hima shot of a strange violet liquid that looked like it had the consistancy of olive oil. "Leave the bottle" he said almost instinctively. She set the odd shaped liquor bottle on the counter and left to tend to other customers. David brought the glass to his lips and tossed it back. It definitely tasted like alcohol. Strong alcohol wih a little bit of an unidentified flavor that left him with a cooling sinsation in the back of his throat and lips. It wasn't bad, he poured himself another shot and waited for his food to arrive.

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Rains ears flicked as the caught the jingling of the bells alerting them that someone else had come in. Shifting his gaze away from phill he looked to the entrance and watched as the same man that he had his little encounter with earlier walked through the door.


When he walked in he went start to the bar, the place rain amd phill had avoided. The young chipper woman came over and was talking to him. His face picked up a slightly agitated look to it while the girl was looking confused.


Rain watched them for a couple more minutes waiting to see if he would spot them, and after a few it was apparent that he didn't. Rain and phill where still eating and needed to rest along with gathering info. The could do that if a fight broke out, but as long as they stayed out of sight he wouldn't notice them.


Pulling the bowl back across there table he took a couple more bites and pushed it back to phill before taking a drink of water.

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Phill's ears twitched slightly as the bell rang causing his eyes to drift to the door where he saw the man from earlier in different clothes but the same guy all the same. Phill watched as the man went to the bar, the one place phill thought he should have sat for easier information.


Phill smiled slightly as he felt good being able to rest while they sat. He took a sip of his drink before taking a few bites before putting it back in the center of the table. He let his tail sway softly as he listened to the conversations in the room trying to search out anything about what they had just witnessed but with all the different conversations sifting through them was difficult.

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Rains ears perked up as the bells on the door jingled yet again as two rough looking men waked in. Both has skin that was marred with jagged scares and torn amd dirty clothes. As the walked to the bar not even 5 feet from there table rain noticed that one walked with a limp. The one with the limp was a older man, wore and ragged from years of work. His hair was graying and a long scar ran from his left eye brow to the bottom of his chin, just under his lip. His eyes gave the impression of a wise ols man who took no censorkip.gif from anyone.


The second man was a boy really, he could be no older than rain and phill. Although he looked like he to had seen his fair share of work. He was build and tall. His grey eyes gave the feeling that he could stare into your soul. His golden brown hair was tied back into a ponytail at the base of his neck.


Both were a imposing team sitting at the bar. Neither really talkingAnd both were looking around as if searching for something or someone.


" What can I get for you two fine men this night" the young bar maid had come to wait on them with a nervous smile. She to was even taken aback by there presence.

"Two mugs of whalentire wine and salamander soup." The gravel voice of the older one rang out. He sounded like he didnt get to use it much, but from the looks of them rain figured they were farmers so it was expected that by the time they were old they had wore out the voice.


The boy gave her a look up and down with a mischievous smile. Seeing it she finished taking his order and scampered of to the back away from his prying eyes. A couple of minutes later and a different male waiter came out and gentle set two Muggs down in front of them along with two steaming bowls of food.


With a pout from the boy he watched as the waiter left.


"So what do we do now paw. We have nothing left. Maws gone and the darkness killed everything" rains ears flicked up at this. Did he hear them right. This may be something that he and phill could use.


"I don't know boy, I'll figire something out"




A older woman at the bar turned to them with a scowl on her face.


"You mean that damn plague i came up from the south and its killing everthing. I heard that it started about 10 years ago at the small kingdom of willhorn." she raised her hands at the end of her little speech and smacked them down on the counter again.


Rains shifted in his seat to get a good look and a better angle to listen. He would stay here for a little while, listening to what was happening. But where he had shifted to put him in sight of the other man from the alley. He was forced to look at his as he listened to the ramblings of the woman amd the two men.

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The waitress dropped off a bowl of steamig stew before tending to the two newecomers that sat at the bar next to him. He took a third shot of alcohol and dug into his food. The stew was great but there was something about it that was strange. The cut of meat was unlike anything he had tasted. Maybe it was becasue he had been eating prision food for so long he forgotten what real meat tasted like. He pused when the boy and his father began to talk about a darkness that killed everything. The waitress seemed to know what they were talking about. David's mind immediaatly went to if he could make money off of this or not. When the waitress was done, he flagged her down, "I'm new in town. you wouldn't happen to know where a fella can find work, would ja?" he asked,

The dark skinned lady thought for a moment,"Well they always need help harvesting the crops, especially since they are dying faster than they can pull them up"

"I was looking for something more...under the table"

"ooooh. I should have known. Well the brotherhood of the cataclysm might be able to help you. Here, let me right own their address."

The waitress scribbled something down on a napkin and slid it to him. David wasn't sure if he would be able to find it but it was a good start.

"One more thing, Miss. Where can I buy a gun?"

" A what?"

" gun you know...nevermind. Is there a guy that makes weapons around here"

Oh yeah. About four doors down there is a blacksmith. She might be able to help you"

"Thanks". DAvid watched her leave then went bak to eating. That was strange. Stranger than when she didn't know what whiskey was. David was getting a bad feeling about this.






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Rain sat and listened to the two conversations as he amd phill finished off the food.


"I think it may be a good idea to hit a library for historical things that could be a reference to whats happening. We should also start traveling south. If we can avoid the grey we may be able to find the cause of it, and maybe a Solution ." Rain passed on the info before standing.


Rain only had two small blades on him and he agreed that having some more would be a good idea. Glancing back at phill he reached out and rubbed his head. It was a odd and caring gesture even for him. Realizing what he had dont he snatched his hand back and hung his head as he turned to leave.


Walking a couple of steps he noticed the ally man hadn't left and for him to leave he would have to walk right by him. There would only be about a foot between him and the ally man, this set rains nerves on high alert. If he seen him and a confertation broke out he may not be able to get away.


Pulling his ears back to they were almost on top of his hear he let his hair drop to cover his face. The exit was getting closer. He had about 15 feet between him and the door and no one had taken notice yet.


His peace didnt last long though as a strong hand shot out and wrapped around his forearm. Panic set in as his head whipped up and he stared into the eyes of the younger boy.


"Are you a man because you are beautiful. Even if you are how about me and you get to know each other better." Rains noise burned at the strong smell of alcohol coming from his breath.


The boy pulled him close to stand between his legs by wrapping a arm around his waist. He held rain there as he smiled and put his other hand on the back of his head. Feeling his stomach roll with the nerves rains mind cleared and he brought the palm of his hand up amd into the guys noise. With a sicking crunch blood started to seep out. Rain took a step back intent to use this as a distraction and run. His foot caught on a random shoe from one of thw men and rain felt himself start to tilt back into the person behind him.


Turning halfway around in mid air he got a second to look into the light brown eyes of his soon to be person cushion.



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Phill made sure that the food was gone while his ears twitched, listening to the conversation. Phill let out a soft whine as he felt Rains thumbs pressing against the back of his ears. When the hand was snatched away he let out a whimper unsure of how to deal with it.


Phill saw the whole commotion and shook his head as he stood up. He walked nearby and looked at the boy who pulled rain close "you know that is impolite to pull someone onto you like that." Phill wasn't sure what he was expecting whether it be a brawl or anything else he knew to keep his ears down just in case. He kept his ears as flat to his head as he could while his bright gold eyes took in the situation looking for an outcome that favored them. He ran his fingers through his hair covering his eyes to get it out of his face. "Rain i think it is time that we leave preferably soon, can you get up?."

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David wasn't blind to the situation that had began to unfold next to him, he just ignored it. It wasn't until the boy had a bloody nose and his last bite of stew was gone that he acknowledged what was going on around him. David might be a criminal but there was a sort of code about sexual harassment. He dropped two gold coins on the counter, hoping that would be enough for the food and drink. Someone closeby spoke up, trying to diffuse the situation with conversation. David had a better idea. Two things happened next; someone landed on his back and David grabbed and handful of the boy's hair and slammed his forehead on the counter. The crack of his skull hitting the hard wooded bar echoed around the room. The boy stayed there, his face flay on the counter and a small trickle of blood running from under his chin. The boy's father shot off his barstool and so did David. He had been in a few bar fights and he learned a very important lesson: fight dirty. David left his own barstool and hoisted it over his head, the action of standing brushed whoever bumped into him to the floor. The older man paused. He had pulled a hunting knife from somewhere but was deciding if he wanted to use it on the man brandishing a barstool. He knew he had the longer reach and would hit him long before he got a chance to use the knife. Slowly, the olderman replaced the knife in his belt and checked on his son. David nodded and looked at the boy that was being harassed.


David wasn't sure but he looked like the same boy that was following him earlier that day. He nodded to the boy on the ground, "Consider this an apology" he said with a shrug. David glaned around the bar, who's patrons were eyeing him. He replaced the stool and grabbed his napkin with the job contact on it. He gave the boy a tip of his non existant hat and left the bar. It was now more apparent that he needed a weapon.

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Rain looked at him from his spot on the ground as he left the diner. Glancing back at phill he pointed at his retreating back hopeing that phill would get the silent indication that he was going to follow the man again and he should come along this time.


He was a good fighter rain gave him that and a little rude but he had just helped him. Leaping to his feet he took off after the guy falling into step beside him. He had a couple of questions he wanted to ask. Such things like what a gun was and what beer is.


Rain didnt like to talk to people but he was curious and this things were foreign to him. With the prospect of learning something from the stranger he followed him hoping he would talk to him.



Taking a deep breath rain opened his mouth to say


"Hey sorry about earlier."


Rain keeped his head straight but looked at him from the corner of his vision.


"You don't seem like your from around here."

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Phill got the silent words offered by rain and followed him quietly his ears twitching slightly. Phill was interested by the guys questions as well but he was always taught to stay away from people like that because they may be insane.


Phill was about two steps behind rain and the other guy, unsure of what the guy was capable of and cautious all the same. He was really curious about this guy though and tilted his head "by the way, if i may cut in my name is phill and he is rain, may we know your name?"

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David glanced to his left when the boy from the bar caught up with him. It was that weird kid with the ears that was following him earlier. nd this time he brought a friend. Glancing behind him, he noticed that he they were being followed by another boy, also with those wierd ears. Mybe there was on of those comiccons happening nearby? Davidwasn't sure what to think after the day he had.


"Hey sorry about earlier."

The boy finally said. Was it about the kick earlier?

"not a big deal" He said simply. He was begining to smell hot metal and hear the sound of hammer on steel. He was getting close to the blacksmith. hopefully she can help him.


"You don't seem like you're from around here" the boy stated, trying to start a conversation.

"Seems like it, huh?" he replied.


"by the way, if i may cut in my name is phill and he is rain, may we know your name?", the boy pipped in from behind him. Dvid glanced over his shoulder and looked the boy over, "No... No you may not" He replied, annoyance in is voice. If he thought he would develop a fan club, he wold have just left the bar and let them take care of themselves.


David entered the open air leanto that was the blacksmith. the entrance was divided from the rest of the workspace by a chest high counter cluttered with tools and plans on large, curled sheets of velum. Fromsomewhere in the workshop a stout woman with blonde hair tied back in a tight bun appeared, "Hi how can I help you"

"I'm looking for somewhere I can buy a gun" he said, eyeing the rack of medieval weapons that was hanging behind the counter.

"a what?" she asked, looking puzzled.

David pinched the bridge of his nose, wondering why he bothered,

"It's like a cannon, only handheld. It makes bad people leave you alone"

"well thats dumb. You'd blow your hand off"

"do you have a piece of paper or something I can use.I can draw up some blueprints?" he asked, his patience with this weird town growing thin.

She nodded and produced a roll of velum from under the counter, "It's not blue, Will this do?"

"Oh my go- yes, this is fine" he said, grabbing nearby pencil and started drawing.


after much discussion over David's quick plans, he finally managed to get the blacksmith to understand what he was loking for

...So the striker hits the flint and ignites the gunpowder . The breach needed to be the thickist part to contain the blast and project the...projectile from the barrel. You see? Like a normal cannon but smaller"

She nodded, finally understanding what he wanted.

"Oh, and the barrel needed to have helix grooves inside so it spins, otherwise you just have an unaccurate marble flying wherever it wants"

"Alright I think I got it. I'll draw up something that will work. How does tomorrow sound" she asked, rolling up his plans and tucking them under her arm.

"Great actually, best news I've heard all day. Oh! And I need two" she nodded and started writing up a receipt.

This was great, not only was he going to get what he wants, it seemed it would give him the upper hand in this town of swords and arrows.



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Rain listened silently while phill talked to him and got his reply. Still further, he watched and listened as they reached there destination. walking into the local blacksmith whos shelves were lined with weapons, Rain heard the man ask if she had a gun, what ever that was, and get slightly fustrated again.


Rains attention didnt stay on him long as he wandered around the shop looking at the various weapons. Along one wall was swords of all shapes and sizes, Some where beautifully decorated while others where plain and simple. yet Along another wall there was some daggers and small breast plates. Of those on the self there was a set of daggers that were made of plain iron with leather wrapped handles. Rain picked one up and flipped it over, then through it into the air and caught it. They were or beautiful craftsmanship. Rain glanced over at the other two as they were looking at a drawing that ally had done. Keeping his eyes on them he grabbed the other 4 and slipped them into his clothes. It was fluid and natural. It looked as if he had wiped dust on his shirt. Walking back to the sword shelf he picked up one that had caught his eye early and wrapped a tail around it hiding it.


Turning to the door he made his way outside and waited by the door. She wouldnt notice that they were gone until tomorrow and he didnt plan on coming back. Glancing back in he seen that ally and the short woman was finishing up so he waited by the door for him to come out.


Glancing around he didnt see phill at first. Turning back into the shop he spotted him walking past a couple of selves.


Giving a low inaudible grow for humans he waited for phill to notice and make his way over.

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Phill chuckled at the response he got from the odd man, "oh well." Phill was distracted looking around at the various weapons he dropped a few coins on the table and picked up two knives hiding one while buying the other. He was watching the blueprints as they were called be made from afar but kept the blade hidden in his pants with his tail.


He heard the growl that told him rain was ready to go. Phill walked out of the shop and gave rain a soft flick to his head while walking away. "You certainly grew up rough too, though if it was just us she would have cought on, you got lucky it wasn't spotted." He had made sure he spoke low enough others wouldn't hear. "I found a placewith a beat up bed and a couch, i think the water works so we can take a shower or bath but i would not drink it, i am not sure if the water is drinkable."

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Giving a grunt of approval he set off following phill. Glancing behind him he hopped that ally man wouldnt get in trouble for the missing items. But then again with the way he had acted rain didnt really care.


Turning back he gave a yawn. It had been a long day and he hadnt gotten enough sleep lately. Reachin down he took the sword and clicked it into place on a belt loop. Before stertching and letting himself relax, content to follow phill.



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Phill chuckled at rain's noise that he made at him, at least it was approval but it didn't suit him at all. He didn't care what happened to the other guy as it wasn't his business. Phill started to walk briskly through alleys as well as through other peoples yards.


Phill put a dagger hooked to each side of his waist angled up making it easier for him to grab them just in case. He looked back atrain as the scenery changed to old burnt and destroyed buildings with not even an occasional person on these old streets. The alley he turned through was narrow but led to the house quickly as it was right across the street from the alley. He opened the door to the most in tact house they had seen so far in this part of town, leading directly into the living room, phills bag in a corner of the room. "This is our new home for now, its not much but it will work. You can have the bed i think it is a full size bed but i don't know, i am used to couches anyways. There is water as i said but i have not checked anything else yet."

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Rain walked into the run down little place, letting his eyes wander he spotted a old bed through a door way with no door. Seeing it was like heaven as his body reminded him pf all of the aches and pains of the day.


With eyes trained on the bed he walked over and gave a flop down,landing on his stomach letting out a grunt. Rolling onto his side he started to strip himself of his weapons and clothes. Once dont he settled back on his side in nothing but his boxers glancing over at phill. Giving a moan he rolled over and stretched out to sleep.



((((( We can time skip to the next morning when ever you are ready voltage, pad you can have david join them tonight on accident or run into them tomorrow if you descide to have him stick with this two. By the way you almost had two fox pups with you. Thinking about it,its funny.)))




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