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777: Seven Gates, Seven Vices, Seven Loves - OOC

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And yes, yes, Esko, I'm all nervous too shhh


Anyway~ Another Saint of Light, ergo another campus celebrity~


If it appeals to you guys, Saints of Light tend to work best paired with each other, power-wise





David Allis

Blake Latoya

Antonio Sasha

Atlas Eirwen


There are two more pairs forthcoming. (One is an actual pair, one is two separate characters from

Sammles - one male and one female)


Meaning ten over all


Which means oh my god twenty characters

Once those forms are in and everyone is partnered! We'll start ;3


Oh! But Atlas is too old

The characters are new students, and his powers will disappear on his eighteenth birthday... So the oldest he can be is 17 ^^""

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Alis would be compattable with either Antonio or Atlas, in my opinion. But I might lean more towards Antonio just because two fainting-prone students together sounds like a bad deal. Separating the Saints of Light might be better.


Also, why is everyone so freaking tall?? Ali's is only 5'3"ish and I get the feeling she's going to be annoyed by having to look up at people all the time.

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I agree with ya, pudding.


Plus, Ali will feel what my sis feels: to be the short one.

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The stars twinkled above in the night sky, shining with nary a cloud to dull their glow. It was such a picturesque horizon, the moon's light intersected by the rocky crags of the desert. A gentle breeze ran through the cliff faces and blew up dust clouds, whipping them around the wasteland. It was so peaceful... You almost wouldn't think the would was on the brink of collapse.

You almost wouldn't think that twenty years ago this was a forest.

The sound of the wind was then eclipsed by a heavy sigh, as a tall, thin, pale boy finished tying a series of bandages around his left arm - bandages that were already being soaked red. If you were to look at the holes in his torn clothing, you could see many more instances of heavy bandaging, on his chest, waist, back, legs, and neck. The orphanage assumed he self-harmed... Which was better than the truth.

He leant back against the hunk of sleek metal behind him - a custom motorcycle that he'd cobbled together and then had streamlined by saving up his meagre earnings. Casting a glance to the concealed weapon rack, he sucked his teeth and sighed once more. Out of five katana he was in possession of, three had been broken previously and another one had gone tonight... Maybe he really was crazy for hunting demons without any sort of holy power.

Letting his head fall back to gaze at the stars, his rusty red hair fell back away from his face, allowing both of his eyes to look up clearly.

"Mom, Dad... I may not remember your faces... But I remember what happened to you... To you and everyone else from our village. I won't stop fighting. I won't stop until every last monster is dead!" He reached up his arm, and clenched his fist, as if, from his perspective, to grasp the moon. "I will create a world where children can smile without fear, where adults can live free of the worry that their children will be chosen by some sort of 'god' to fight a holy war. I'll ensure all of that with my own power, with my own hands!!"

As he declared this, feeling his heart ignite with passion, a bright red glow appeared on his hand, quickly forming into the shape of a star.

Completely taken aback, the boy gasped sharply and pulled his arm back to examine his right palm... And there it was. The 'Brand of God' - the mark of a Saint. The only thing his wanted for as long as he can remember.

"This is... This is it!!! The Brand of God!!" He exclaimed, punching the sky and looking straight up.

"I don't know if you're really there! But thank you! Thank you, you won't regret this!!" He said, smiling for the first time in a very, very long time.

"This is it now... I...am a Saint. Now I truly can keep my promise to you..." He murmured, bowing his head as his hair fell over his eyes.

But wait... Saints are usually partnered up with people they've met at least once, right...?

His eyes snapped open. "Does that mean... That she'll know who I am...?" He spoke in a shaking voice, adrenaline getting the better of him. "Someone from my... Argh.... Grgh.... ARGHH!" He groaned, before crying out in pain, falling to one knee and clutching his head. Through the pain he could see her... A girl... A young girl...

Panting, the boy slowly got to his feet, checking his heart rate and leaning against his bike for support. "What was that... Was she my...? Wait..."

Looking at his hand once more to check the Brand was still there, the boy laughed to himself, laughing for the first time in longer even than he'd smiled. "So then... I guess today's my birthday, huh...? Always wondered when it was..."

It was then that a massive gust of wind almost knocked the boy off of his feet, causing him to look up and see... A helicopter, with a woman in her mid-twenties looking straight down at him.

"David Beale," she called down commandingly. "I'm your new commanding officer," she said matter-of-factly, tossing down a rope. "Climb up, we'll handle your bike,"

"Who's we?" David asked defensively, instinctively grabbing his remaining katana.

"The board of directors at St. Alexandria's. Consider this your enrollment," she finished with a slight smile.

Relaxing, David straightened up and nodded. "Understood, ma'am," he said with a formal bow, taking the rope and climbing up to his new life...


Short prequel about David showing that A: Marks don't usually activate in a violent display of power, and B: the government can track them, so on your birthday, when it shows up, they'll know and can track you.

Sound malevolent?




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Should I make a prequel for Sasha and Esko when I get home from school? There are visitors from Pensylvannia who are thinking of iPads for their district and want to see how we use them. I can't let them see me on DC forums.

Also, my dad checked my iPad last night and saw this. As long as I am responsible, I am not in trouble. *phew!*

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Nah, I said USUALLY, it's okay of some guys get a big explosion and stuff xd.png

I mean you can if you want, but you don't have to :3


Yay no trouble for Esko~

And yes yes more prequels later good~

Good luck Esko!

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I don't have visitors right now, so i am here! While I am working on an IMovie project. I am at the back of the room, so I have cover :3

Also, how is it on Sammy's apps? In yet? *gets kind of scared*

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Eirwen is Lilraaos's character, or, one of them, whom I've misplaced the form for >_>


And nope nope, Sammles is in bed I think right now yes

I, however, am very nervous too, hehe~

We were talking all last night and agreed it'd be cool if our characters were partners, buuuuuut her forms won't be in for... A few hours yet I think?

Also I may have a surprise planned for later but it's very shhhhhh right now Sammy knows what it is

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So no David and Sasha? Uh....okay. Should I have crossed that out? Oops. Can I be one of the few who knows? I was the first to join, after all! Cuz I'm curious.

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Personally, I want to see a pairing that didn't end up right. I mean, the random pairings aren't going to hit the right mark 100% of the time. There's gotta be a good number of the total that doesn't work out.


Think of the potential love triangles... or squares....

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I actually like that idea. I'm looking at people that I figure Alis would be most likely to be compatible with because her end is unlikely to start a relationship. But I won't actually know until we start if they will actually work out because I don't try to force romances. There could be some interesting plots involving Saints hating each other or ending up falling in love with other's people's partners.


I just really want to start though... I'm getting excited.

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I feel there should be love triangles and squares too. My male character is going to be gay but if theres no option for him in any relationship I can make him not open to romance.

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All I know is - the chances of Verick loving anyone besides Rose are slim to none, and vice versa. I actually would not recommend making any attempts to hit on either of them. ;3c I mean, you can but...

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Love triangles would actually be really interesting because... Without a synchronised partner, you CANNOT enter a labyrinth. Well. You can sneak in if you're REALLY careful... But there is no way you'll survive in there.



I'd rather David not be involved in a love triangle though, it doesn't really gel with the arc I have planned for him. Close friendships are fine though Pffft.'



The plot would really be quite interesting with all these emotions and hormones flying around. The academy is generally pretty good at getting pairings right... But they are REALLY REALLY UNDERSTAFFED RIGHT NOW BECAUSE OF PLOT.

So yes, triangulate with my blessing~

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You can, but... the chances of you eacaping alive, even if it was a prank - and, mind you, I bet neither would like such a joke, meaning you couls even have it worse - would be really, REALLY slim.


EDIT: Holy hell, when was the last time I was ninja'd...

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How can anyone be "generally pretty good at getting pairings right"? No one can predict who falls in love with who (or is it who/whom, whom/whom, whom/who?). It's all matters of the heart and no one, not even the person belonging to the heart, can predict who they'll fall in love with.


It's always a hit or miss unless the pairs were already pre-determined for the staff (i.e. Verick and Rosaline). Either both partners connect, one has feelings but the other doesn't reciprocate, or they both hate each other.


That being said, I would think that the staff would have contingency plans? Such as reassigning pairs some months down the line when they know by then that a pair won't work out?

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They've been pairing people off for a good nineteen-odd years now - they've gotten a hang of which personalities match - and remember, they try to pick people who already know each other.

Partners are trained together for months to test compatibility before bring allowed into active duty. The system isn't flawless, but it does have a significant success rate.

They also offer things like romantic dinner tickets, movie tickets, ice skating blah blah to try and deepen bonds.

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user posted image


Or maybe we could all be trolls.


Edit: Haven't linked homestuck in years. :I


Wait so if they're already mates, do they get those same benefits? Rose and Verick at the movies.. (sighs)..

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