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777: Seven Gates, Seven Vices, Seven Loves - OOC

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Ohh, yay, Pudding!


I've also posted concept sketches near the bottom of the first page, and added infomation detailing the powers of the Saints of Fire, Water, Earth and Air. I'll add Light and Darkness tomorrow =_=


And so! We now have David, Antonio, Thel, Chuan and Sasha without partners.

If Antonio is Demi, then that generally means he'll be open to both sides, and do could partner with Chuan or Sasha...

And we have five left, so either way, we'll need another character XP

Guess we'll just wait and see~


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Name: Verick "The Inferno" Richardson

User: Thaelasan

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual (Or Rosaline-sexual.)

Elemental Affiliation: Flame

Vice Breaker: Crucible, a revolver gifted to him by his father who served in the police forces. The gun has its named etched clearly upon the surface, and he has a tendency to ignite the name to emphasize it when using it. Though it can use real bullets, he prefers to simply fire flames from the barrel at high velocities, using his own flame to infuse the weapon. He also doesn't require combustion to fire the gun, as his own flames provide the explosion. The gun comes paired with a small combat knife that doesn't inherently possess fire unless he makes it run along the length of the blade. He has come to affectionately call the blade Redemption.

Ethnicity: Caucasian.

Mark Colour: Gold.

Romance with Partner: Very deeply involved. Will even sacrifice his team in order to ensure her safety. Has been known to show intense jealousy if men show interest in her at all.

Appearance: A slightly tall young man, Verick normally has a cocky grin that people have come to call his "demon grin." He always wears red, black, or gold, especially near his mark. His hair is black as charcoal. His eyes are green. He has a slight bit of facial hair that he messes with when he's thinking. He loves jackets and hoodies.

History: At a young age, Verick was fascinated with honor, pride, and stories of heroes. When his parents told him of the great event that had happened, four years before his birth, he had immediately desired such power. He swore to cull the lives of the demons that threatened his world, no matter the cost. Hence, his father gifted to him his issued magnum as a gift. They had never considered what would come of it.

He met a girl of his age, beautiful and endearing, when he was roughly six. He would toy around with her often, sharing the same dream of one day being heroes. But she was slightly sickly, and couldn't follow him forever.

Her name was Rosaline. And he took it to heart. As the pair grew older, his jealousy and protective habits prevented anyone from coming close. He spent years learning how to fight, since she couldn't do it herself. Because her sickness began to get worse as they got older, he feared for her life, and continued to support her as best he could.

When they hit the age of fourteen, a sudden bout of the illness hit her just as they were on their way home from school, in the middle of the street. Afraid that she would get in any harm, he leaped out into the road...

And into an inferno. Both Rosalina and he were protected by an immense flame as he looked around, confused. It was at that moment that his mark presented itself, branding in flame.

With this new power, he made it his mission to continue his defense of her, burning anything that got in his way. His erratic powers and will earned him the title of The Inferno.

And it suited him just fine.

Personality: Like the flames that follow him, he is extremely chaotic and emotional, flickering between ruthless fighter and devoted protector within an instant. He believes in whatever Rosaline believes in. For example, when the school told him it was ill-advised for him to live with a Saint of Water like Rosaline, he almost burned down a wing before she found him and calmed him down. His fury and chaotic nature are worse if she is not around, going so far as to heat up the area around him to extreme levels. However, when she is around, he is normally an outgoing person, slightly arrogant to the point of narcissism. He doesn't care much for friendship or other relationships, repeating his catchphrase, "If they're not Rosaline, they don't matter."

However, that's not to say he won't attempt to save those in need, though if the danger to Rosaline is too great, he will avoid it.

Other: Let flames engulf the world...

(( His theme

. ))

Partner is Rose.


Name: Rosaline "The Ocean" Springs

User: Thaelasan

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual (or more like Verick-sexual).

Elemental Affiliation: Water.

Vice Breaker: Verick himself is her relic, which surprised most of those at the Saint school when they realized it. As most of her affections are not for war but for defense, her weapon manifested as a ring that the wearer can use to gain her blessing. The one wearing the ring becomes her weapon, her eyes, and her ears, allowing her to safely stay away from the battlefield and bless the one wearing it with her power. She also wears one as well. The pair of rings are called Ocean's Bounty.

Ethnicity: Caucasian.

Mark Colour: Silver.

Romance with Partner: Extremely devoted. As he is her defense and her weapon itself, she refuses to be away from him.

Appearance: Tall, and lithe, but beautiful, Rosaline always has a distant look upon her face when pondering. She wears a pair of glasses, her blue eyes visible under silver hair. Her clothing is normally silver, blue, and green. She loves dresses and sweaters more than casual wear.

History: Rosaline, from a young age, was always a radiant girl who wanted to enjoy life, but she had a weak immune system, making her sickly. As she got older, it got a bit better, but it wasn't until she met Verick that she began to smile and move around again. He enticed her to play and dream, trying hard to work things out together. He'd carry her on his back, even as a young child. The two were inseparable.

Her power began to develop earlier than Verick's but she didn't like to show it to anyone else but him. She could use it to strengthen herself a bit and work around, but it wasn't until she was fourteen that she actually used it to a great extent.

After her close brush with death, Verick couldn't break free of his flames. They were too intense, and began to burn everything around him, getting worse if she wasn't near. Using her water abilities, she ran to him and bound herself to him, which not only made his power stable and hers as well, but also forged a ring between them both that made him her familiar. As such, they have always needed to be around each other, as she still can't fight well alone due to her illness.

Personality: Though weak most of the time, Rosaline has a bright, "bubbly" appearance that makes her likeable to most people around her. Unlike Verick, who normally doesn't interact with people more than her or their close friends, she gets a lot of attention. She keeps tabs on him and is known to be jealous if other women get close to him, even though they both know the chances of him leaving her are slim.

She also has fits of lethargy, thanks to her weak body. During these times, Verick is known to carry her back to their room in the dorms and leave class for the day.

She is also apt to ride upon his back at most times when they're found, or standing near him. As their bond is strong, and she also relies on him for her powers to be used fully, she is known to show equal displeasure when they aren't together, chilling the air around her.

To her enemies, she is not known as "The Ocean" but the "Snow Witch." Her abilities rely on passive chilling auras and cold effects, as well as manipulation of water in the air.

Other: ...and let water bring it back to life.

(( Her theme

. ))

Partner is Verick.

Edited by Thaelasan

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((Omg, so excited to rp here xd.png I can't wait :3 ))

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Narvix, if you want either one of your characters to be with Chuan Li I am open for it. I myself wouldn't have a preference over which one if you are up for it.

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Name: Alis Stefánsdóttir

User: pudding

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual

Elemental Affiliation: Light

Vice Breaker: Star Light, a rapier that is completely white. While the blade is fairly simple, it's hilt has long, spiraling pieces that extend to cover the grip.

Ethnicity: Icelandic

Mark Colour: Purple

Romance with Partner: Yes

Appearance: Alis

History: Alis was born and raised just outside of the Icelandic capitol Reykjavik. She lived a fairly normal life there, all things considering, and was content riding horses, studying and otherwise minding her own business. However, when the mark first appeared on her hand, her parents immediately felt it necessary to send her to St. Alexandria's Academy for some kind of 'destiny'. While personally not believing in that, she did have a desire to at least learn about the extent of her abilities and how what she could do before so she went with the plan and ended up joining the school.

Personality: Alis is beautiful and graceful when observed from afar. Opting for silence or soft-spoken words, she enjoys milder activities to fighting, such as her new obsession with making flower crowns. But this changes the closer you get. Seeing no need for fluff, she tends to be straight to the point without entertaining idle chitchat. This can give her a bit of a colder front since most people are used to fluff before seriousness but she's quite set in her ways and sees little point in trying to entertain the idea of adding pointless conversations for the sake of pointless conversations. This ties back into her being beautiful and graceful when observed from afar because, basically, the closer you get the harsher she becomes. She's never really been good at opening herself up and is generally distrustful to people. Earning her loyalty is a difficult feat since she mostly counts for herself since survival is the best idea. However, the rare allies she makes are kept ones. Just as she cares for her own survival, she takes it upon herself to defend her comrades in arms over everything else, even other people. While this can be seen as selfish, she doesn't really care and will always choose to defend the lives of her allies over nameless strangers.

Other: She's left handed.

Edited by pudding

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I'm a tad confused. I reread the section about the Saints and noticed: you describe them as between 15-16 years old but then David is 17 years old? |D Just wondering about that.

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You guys don't need to worry about brackets :3

This'll be the OOC thread, I'll make a seperate thread for IC ^^

And yesss!! I'm really excited too!


All three new charries accepted! And just look at Thae's characters there, that's exactly what I meant when I thought up the concept of partners ^^ so in synch and almost of one mind <3


I'll work on the details for the powers of light and dark shortly ^-^


EDIT: Oh, crap, you're right - that's a mistake. As I say in the main story part... A person can become a saint when they turn fifteen, sixteen, or seventeen, and temdin that way until they're eighteen. Which leads to an interesting question about age gaps.

What if one half turns eighteen before the other?

The answer is, if they haven't formed a strong enough bond, both are retired from active duty. If they have, than the older half retains some of their powers until the younger half reaches 18 too.

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Aww, hahaha, thank you ^//^

Can't wait to see it!


EDIT: Aaaaaaaand added data about the Saints of Light and Darkness.

Edited by Millennium07

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Oh snap, Alis is going to be popular. She's probably not going to take kindly too that.

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Hahahaha! Poor Alis. She'll have her own fan club and everything xd.png


More images:


Proper sheet for David, also showing the male uniform.


Re-posting what the mark looks like.


A female OC of mine (not related to 777) modelling the female uniform, showing the lack of coat tails and high collar, and a bow instead of a tie.


David's Vice Reflector and Vice Breaker.


Now I know what you're thinking. 'What is a Vice Reflector?'

It's something I've been forgetting to mention this whole time XP

It's a battle suit that works the same way as a Vice Breaker. It's a suit that aids in magical defence, helping Saints to deflect damage. Like Vice Breakers, they are tied to the Saint's psyche, and so appear differently for each person.

Depending on how they manifest, they have different abilities. A raunchy, revealing number would be able to distract enemies long enough to destroy them, a heavy suit of armour would sacrifice speed for defence, a light dress would aid flight etc.

They don't have to look practical, either - think magical girls - they still offer magical protection, and offer a unique ability.

Take David's for instance. Notice the chains? His Reflector allows him to summon and manipulate ghostly chains to bind opponents.

Each Reflector also has another power - namely, that it adapts to it's wearer's partner's Reflector.

Take Rose and Verrick. Her Reflector would adapt to be lighter, to be less of a burden on him, while his would adapt to be tougher, as he does most of the fighting.

You see?

The Reflectors cover each other's weaknesses happy.gif


Can't wait to hear about the other character's Vice Reflectors~

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(( You are indeed correct, though Verick's fighting style is less of a tank and more of a defensive rogue. He moves between standing by Rose and striking at enemies quickly before returning to her, allowing him to keep tabs on her at all times. Her armor is like a porcupine. If she gets in danger, spikes jut out dangerously from the armor, made of ice. It also reacts to her emotions. But now that you've drawn your guys, I may have to do the same. (sighs)

Verick's would probably be similar to David's in the chain department, but they'd be used more for making a shield around Rose. Since he can ignite them as well, they'd be very effective for binding opponents so he could get close with his knife or holding them at bay for the gun.


EDIT: Meaning that if Verick and David ever became rivals or worked together, CC EVERYWHERE.


EDITEDIT: Also, I completely skipped over the Light and Dark thing admittedly, and I now wonder if Rose and Verick would have been better as Light and Dark, but I don't think so. I reread it all though.



But no. Because Verick would never willingly use her as a weapon.


Godtheedits: Yeah, so I was looking through music and found something for yandere Verick when Rose is wounded. Damaged. ))

Edited by Thaelasan

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I can't help it XP

I'm an art student! Drawing is what I do!

Well, and sculpturing. And photography. And movie-making. And dress-making. And... I could go on forever, really.


Why do I now imagine David and Verrick chocking each other with their chains? xd.png

Or maybe doing a back-to-back badasses moment and restraining all the demons in the area before setting the chains on fire.


Oh my god, they're both chain-wielding Saints of Fire.

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I'll wait on designing my Vice Reflectors until I know what the pairs are. However, it is likely that Thel is pairing with Chuan Li and I am already considering something that reflects Thel's connection to his tribal roots.


Antonio will likely get something that will reflect his family's struggles in getting a better life. So, likely something with broad shoulder pads and heavy, but sparse, armor.

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Not exactly sure what Chuan Li would have, but I'm thinking of something related to the philosophy of how everything is interconnected? As for how it would work, possibly some heightened perception in movements/predictability when it comes to reading movements? (Think Sharingan from Naruto, how it allows them to behave as if they can see the future when they are just simply reading at an advanced level where movements will lead)


I could also go the route of literally connecting with things as well, such as plants and animals. This could possibly lead to him being a good tracker as well. I'm up for pairing Thel and Chuan Li, so if you wanted to build up form something here are my thoughts on my Vice Reflector I think. I'll have more time to think on it during/after class.

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That would actually be nice to work with, actually.


What I like most about tribal cultures is the connection they have/feel with the world around them.


So, I can see the relation between that connection and Chuan Li's heightened predictions working well.


Taking their affinities of Earth and Water, I can kind of see it like water guiding earth or vice versa.


However, I need to think on what center focus Thel's Reflector will have. Considering he has a bow, I doubt he'll be taking the front lines often. That being the case, his Reflector should be conducive for his back row position. Either with high defense for the moments enemies get too close, boosted agility, or even higher attack/range/magics.


Possibly something lightweight or allowing for greater "invisibility".

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God, Thael, all those edits...



Name: Blake Cromwell


User: KuroKishi


Age: 16


Gender: Male


Sexuality: Heterosexual


Elemental Affiliation: Darkness


Vice Breaker: Nyx's Revenge - two ebony black blades with extremely sharp edges but no stabbing tip. The weapon reminds of a police baton, with the difference being the two cutting blades instead of the usual material. These twin blades can increase his speed trendemously, but only in short bursts. That allows him to whirl past and through enemies, causing multiple lacerations on the target's body. He can use this on many hostiles at once, with the main difference when he does being that he dashes longer distances but normally moves slower. Also, he can use the ability to dash freely on his own - both on the ground and in mid-air.


Ethnicity: English


Mark Colour: Blood Red


Romance with Partner: Yes.


Appearance: Blake has short, dark golden blonde hair styled into a simplistic, low faux hawk. His eyes are a strange, naturally bright gray color that are often compared to an obscuring, yet enveloping mist. He has a fair complexion and his body type is slightly athletic, with narrow shoulders and well-developed leg muscles. He prefers wearing dark clothing in order to blend in easily with darker surroundings. Most often, he can be seen wearing a pair of dark gray cargo pants, along with a gray t-shirt under a black, unzipped hoodie and a pair of comfortable, black skytops.


History: Born to a simple family living in the outskirts of London, Blake Cromwell has lived a strangely unnatural life. His childhood was filled with days of wandering around and sating his curiousity. Whether it was an old, half-demolished ruin or a newly made building still in use, he'd not stop until he was either caught and warned to never come back or had ended the investigation of a 'subject' successfully. School came and calmed his adventurous spirit by filling his time with homework, friendly relations and assignments. Slowly, he got used to the usual, monotonous tone the others had in their lives. Though the change was filled with negatives, there was one good thing - a young girl in his class, Vanessa. A small idol for the class because of her respectful and selfess nature, she was the center of attention for many of the boys, as well as a great friend for the girls. He slowly grew over the feeling of awkwardness that had arisen because of his lack of contact, then proceeded to befriend her and return to social life once again.

Life was good, and he was definitely happy. Years went by as the two grew together, and though they were still too young to lead the usual relationship, the two were often together found in eachother's company. Then, the unthinkable happened. Vanessa was kidnapped one night. It was only the morning afterward that Blake learned of the news. He was confused at first, but after a moment of contemplation, he became real upset. Silently, he'd sneak out every night and search around the neighborhood for any traces of his friend. However, there was nothing. Only days later did the news come that she had been found dead in a pedophile's basement. That night, he'd went out and to the man's house, who was under house arrest temporarily because of the outburst of the community. He snuck inside and didn't come out for hours on end. A cry of pain from the house had taken the attention of the guardsmen that came to patrol around the morning and they immediately entered the house. There, in the living room, they found the young boy... as well as the body of the old man, with countless cuts in his body and a single, broken knife sticking out of his forehead. They attempted to catch him... only for the boy to melt away in the deep shadows within the dark room. It was days later that the residents found out the man was dead, but the killer was never revealed - St. Alexandria's had found the talents of the boy before he was to be revealed as the murdered, then made a deal with him. He would come to the school on his own and fight, and in return, they'd silence the media so that nobody learned of his sin. Knowing how chaotic life would turn, the young boy made a rather mature choice and joined the school. Now, Blake is one of the rare Saints of Darkness that work and train in St. Alexandria. None know of what happened to him, nor does he really know if his heart has healed, but only time would show.


Personality: Blake is a cold person that prefers isolation. In battle, he works as a lone wolf, with the only times that he appears to protect others being when they're in real danger. He still respects others and helps them, if the need arises, but otherwise, he likes to keep away from other individuals. Not a lot of people have tried to approach him, since he's created an invisible shroud around himself, so he doesn't expect most to be different. The ones that come directly to him truly do make an impression, though, as they prove themselves to be a person that doesn't live monotonously in a world of their own. Friends is something that Cromwell doesn't have, but values highly, as the ones which have shown something other than ignorance to him feel truly special. As for a relationship... ever since his arrival to the school, Blake hasn't thought of another one. Saints working as a pair would often turn their connection into a blossoming love, but he's still unsure if he is ready to start anew. However, if the right person were to come, he would be willing to try.


Other: Blake has went through a multitude of combat courses to improve his sneaking and evasive skills to an impressive level. He prefers avoiding direct contact with enemies and instead eliminating them quietly, but he is able to hold his own against a multitude of opponent without issues, too.

Edited by KuroKishi

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Looking good there Kuro!


I'll take this oppurtunity to explain more about the world in which the story is set as well.


It's essentially our world... If demons had been appearing at random for twenty years. Non-saints live as normal people, often under the protection of current Saints. Which leads me to talk about the school and being a saint next.


As I've stated... A Saint is a normal person until they recieve their mark. They can recieve their mark on their fifteenth, sixteenth, or seventeenth birthdays, but will fade on their eighteenth birthday. As such, they have only a maximum of three years to fight, before they return to being normal people. There is no bargaining with this, no extensions... As no one knows where these powers come from exactly.

Anyone with a mark, whether they wish to be or not, are immediately inducted into St. Alexandria's, which functions much like a normal high school, except the classes are ore geared toward fighting.

All students are paired up on their first day - to someone they've met before, if possible, even if only briefly or in passing - and from then on they share everything. If one is punished, both are. If one is rewarded, both are. They share a dorm room, a bathroom, even class schedules.

The only class partners have seperately, is their elemental class - unless they possess the same element.

You CAN opt out of partnering... But you aren't given nearly as many benefits, and you are barred from operations involving the temples.

Once trained, Saints will be sent out to protect settlements on shifts, in order to ensure casualties are kept to a minimum. Though Saints are rarely sent to their home country, as they are especially weak to the temptations of their patron sin.


The RP will begin with all of our characters starting the academy as new students, to be paired up at orientation.

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Damaged begins to play in the distance...


Sir I don't think you quite understand how bad the two of them get if separated for ANY period of time. One of their character flaws is utter dependence. Due to the ring and their link, ANY separation causes anxiety, paranoia, and other various symptoms.

Rose becomes more lethargic since Verick's fire powers give her energy, and Verick becomes more unstable since she saps most of his energy and cools him off. Hence, in a classroom function, they'd probably have to alternate just so they could stay together.

They're devoted to the point of being CREEPY. That's how bad it is.

I wasn't going with a sheer devotion, I was going with dependence and utter trust. These two CANNOT be divided for any length of time.

So, I'm curious as to how this will work out. >:3c

Also considering she has no relic of her own, it's hard for Rose to train in her element by herself. Since I'm sure relics are a focus for using powers, and most of her powers are support, she'd have to give the ring to someone else - ANOTHER THING THEY ARE VERY AGAINST.

Unless they really trust the person.

But they do get extremely paranoid. Rose and Verick have both been attacked in the past because of Rose's condition. As such, he's very protective.

I mean if it's one thing if they know where the other is, and the ring allows them to do that, but since training means that they'd have to get into combat at some point, and be around a lot of people they don't know, it gets bad. ))

Edited by Thaelasan

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So, I have Esko paired... but Sasha....she needs a partner. Everyone is getting paired up...but isn't that to plan romance? Or no?

Another thing: Esko and Sasha are both major characters for me ((duh, they are my only ones)) but Sasha is somewhat more major than Esko. She is my top :3



Please excuse me if I sound rude at all, I don't mean it.

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