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2014-10-31 - Happy Halloween!

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Yay! How exciting!!


Aw man, first comment too! Happy Spoopy day everyone! I like the look of the new egg. I can't wait to see how they look.

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Yay! Happy catching everyone!


EDIT: Spoiler: Desipis huh? Google translate says 'stupid' or 'fool' in Latin. I do like Latin names...


I'm going to guess grim reaper, maybe a fortune teller.


Like the egg. Black is classic.


EDIT2: I like having just the silhouettes and the name. Gives us a taste without too much else. EDIT 3: Oh... it's gone now...

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Awesome! Happy Halloween everyone!


I can't wait to see how they will look like

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Awesome, can't wait to see what it grows into!

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user posted image


Breed Name: Desipis Dragon

Dragon Type: Western

Size: ~23 feet tall, ~45 feet long, ~35 foot wingspan (relies mostly on magic for flight)

Colors: Black, gray, bright orange, bone white

birdzgoboom’s Alts: Navy blue, black, mint green, and pale blue

PieMaster’s Alts: Greenish black, greenish gray, neon green, and pale yellow




Some Characteristics:

As shown on their sprites and concept art, their mouths extend into their necks to make it easier to consume large prey, and their tails have a similar function of splitting so that they can make themselves look larger and more intimidating. The bands of muscle connecting the top and bottom parts of their mouths are incredibly strong and thick, making them hard to puncture or sever.


Desipises are known to be quite temperamental, often unleashing their wrath in bursts of their magic-draining flames. This gives them more strength and helps replenish their mana reserves, which tends to calm them down, but can harm the environments where they live. For this reason, many dragons avoid areas inhabited by Desipises.


Desipis Dragons are rawrscary and are often found on the holidayofbooghostpumpkin (which is nowing).


Females tend to possess richer reserves of mana than males, providing them with more strength for performing spells and making their mental magic harder to resist. Their scales and bones are rich with their own dark mana, and they sap magic from others using their flames. This sapped mana is then processed and crystallized, creating the pure, bright crystals that develop on their tails and bodies. The amount of crystals can vary between each dragon because of this.


Their mind-breaking powers are unmatched and often fatal. However, because of their heavy reliance on magic for everything other than brute force, they are not fond of the Cassares or any other magic-deadening creatures and objects.


The name “Desipis” was chosen because of how foolish one would have to be to approach such a dangerous and twisted dragon, especially if it is untamed.


Much more info to come via the encyclopedia!

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Awe yeah first page! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


Edit 2: Thanks TJ and everyone!

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Got one after constant struggling...Woohoo! Happy Halloween everyone.

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Let's get cracking! Thanks TJ!


Got 7 of my eggs extremely quickly. I also got an adult Zombie and 3 Zombie hatchlings so I'm happy with my total. Now it is off to bed biggrin.gif.


Forgot to say have a Happy Halloween, and thanks again for the lovely event/eggs smile.gif.

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We didn't make it.


Happy Halloween everyone.

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YAY!! It's finally here. Happy Halloween everyone!!

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