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93DeKS6.png AVATAR IS FOREVER GLARING AT INFI'S || "I fight sprite for my friends!" || Status?: nyyehhh-- 93DeKS6.png


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    screaming at pie from 3 hours away
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    Made it in-cave on November 30th, 2013! Yay Nhiostrife wyverns!

    I do not have lists for any of my Spriter Alts-- I simply do not have the free time to breed them very often. ;_; I am not really interested in using my SAltkin as trade fodder on a regular basis. They're saved for special occasions or just random gifts. DO NOT PM ME ABOUT OFFSPRING FROM MY SPRITER ALTS, especially my Valentine and Christmas alts. I DO NOT trade their offspring, and they rarely get bred.

    I usually have my hands full with IRL and two jobs. If you would like any critiques, even if it's on private holiday submissions, just send me a PM and I will respond if/when I have the time to do so, but I can't guarantee I'll see it in time. ;_;

    Thank you for understanding!

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