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93DeKS6.png AVATAR IS FOREVER GLARING AT INFI'S || "I fight sprite for my friends!" || Don't feel nervous messaging me :)  || Status?: everything is falling apart-- 93DeKS6.png


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    screaming at pie from 3 hours away
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    Made it in-cave on November 30th, 2013! Yay Nhiostrife wyverns!

    I do not have lists for any of my Spriter Alts-- I simply do not have the free time to breed them very often. ;_; I don't trade very often either.

    I usually have my hands full with IRL and university responsibilities, so I am slow to respond to PMs. If you would like any critiques, even if it's on private holiday submissions, just send me a PM and I will respond if/when I have the time to do so.

    For reference with alt breedings:
    I do not breed with Celestial Dragons due to multiclutching.
    I rarely breed with Lunar Heralds due to the colour timing and my lack of free time making it hard to get the right colours. (I'm swamped in IOUs right now, so please choose something other than Lunar Heralds if I owe you an egg!)
    I do not breed my alts with rare dragons because of refusals.

    Also, please do not PM me for offspring from my spriter alts, especially my Valentine and Christmas alts. I do not trade their offspring.
    The only time you should PM me for alt offspring is if I post in a trade thread offering IOU spriter alt offsprings, which is something I rarely do.

    Thank you for understanding!

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