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dc_reindeer_walkright_zpsoo2klcg1.gifvalkemariantales_greenwalk_side_zpsbg7eoActivity may vary.~ Paper Dragon Army - 7/99 ~~~ The Kluckington Family - 5/∞ ~Scroll-"Has a Face, Has a Name"-Departures-"Hatching AP Eggs"

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    I'm Kira and my scroll name is Scarlet-sama.

    I have been on Dragon Cave (not the forums, but the main site,) since July 10, 2013.

    I love with Paper dragons; I've loved them ever since I saw them. So if you got a paper egg or hatchling that you are willing/looking to give away let me know! (Hopefully I'm not locked at the time ^^')

    My goals of the future are to gain 99 or more Paper Dragons, (and to someday be able to be good at finding them since I suck at it,) and that's part of why I'm looking for them. (Also, if you got tips for finding them that could help me then please tell me!)

    Collection Progress:

    Paper-- 6/99
    Red-- 29/??

    NOTE: I am kinda inactive, so if I... suddenly stop replying to things or checking back on things, this is why. I tend to... "magically disappear," but I still do my best to stick around, kinda. =P