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    "Freedom is life's great lie."
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Need DR crits? Tag me in your thread. || Please see my profile before offering me an IOU.

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    The Forgotten City
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    Want DR crits? Tag me in your thread.
    Fastest way to reach me is discord: infinistorm #2909

    I get asked about art permissions from time to time so here it is:
    Profiting from my work: NO
    Claiming my work as your own: NO
    Use on other sites: NO
    Banners, fanart, recolors, and other "for fun" use: YES (note: "for fun" use things can be displayed offsite, with credit.)

    Please tell me if you see someone using my art in an unauthorized manner (profiting from it, claiming as their own, using it on another site, etc).
    If you have noticed issues with an onsite sprite for which I am credited, feel free to message me.


    ~~~Spriter Alts and Other Breed Requests Info~~~

    1. Val/Xmas alt trades:
    -----Mate-of-choice 2gs: only for swaps from other val/xmas alts.
    -----Any other eggs from my val/xmas alts are listed for trade on the trading hub and/or forum when available.

    2. Halloween alt trades:
    ----Mate-of-choice trades can be requested at any time. I usually want CB common hatchies; random assortment not preferred, pick one or two breeds and catch a few of those.

    3. Anything else may be requested at any time, for free, including 3g+ spriter alt lineages.
    -----Complete lists of the special lineages I own can be located at infinistorm.weebly.com - includes 2g+ spriter alt lineages, gold/silver lineages, and prize lineages.
    -----If you don't receive a prompt response (within 24 hours), reply again to the message train to bump it back up in my inbox.

    4. I do not accept IOUs for anything other than new release hatchies.
    -----Please only offer if you can reasonably complete the IOU within one month.

    5. I am not offering holiday eggs for trade until they are bred and available.
    -----Please check the forum for trades listed during holiday breeding weeks.

    6. I am not offering IOUs from my alts for new halloweens anymore.
    -----I have had enough of lists, and because my work schedule can change at any time, I cannot reasonably guarantee anymore that I can be around to accept hatchies when they need to be taken.


    <Infinis>: you started a new people?
    ClassSnake grabs Infi
    <ClassSnake>: 83 let us start a new people


    Art in signature created by a multitude of people, either specifically requested by me, gifted to me, or otherwise used with permission.