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    "Hold on to that hatred."
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Saltkin lists are permanently closed. You can find them up for trade on the hub/forum/discord when I have an egg to offer.

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    The Forgotten City
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    Want DR crits? Tag me in your thread. Responses may take some time.

    Fastest way to reach me is discord: infinistorm #2909

    SALTKIN INFO: https://infinistorm.weebly.com/saltkin-trades.html
    Salt lists are permanently closed. Trades will be available on the hub, posted to the forum, and/or posted to discord. You are welcome to reach out to offer via PM or DM on those trades.
    Mate of choice/IOUs from my alts are no longer available, as I no longer wish to maintain any lists.

    ^please see the lineage directory page for any breeding requests. 2g saltkin lists are closed.


    Art permissions:
    you may not profit from my art; you may not use my art on another game; and you may not claim my art as your own or attribute it to someone else. you are encouraged to alert me to inappropriate usage of my art so that I can take steps to halt the theft of my work.

    you may make "for fun" edits to my sprites - this includes recolors - and use them for DC-related things, such as forum/discord avatars and lineage banners.
    fanart of my breeds is always okay. please show me!


    <Infinis>: you started a new people?
    ClassSnake grabs Infi
    <ClassSnake>: 83 let us start a new people


    Art in signature created by a multitude of people, either specifically requested by me, gifted to me, or otherwise used with permission.

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