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Need DR crits? Tag me in your thread.

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    The Forgotten City
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    Want DR crits? Tag me in your thread.
    Fastest way to reach me is discord: infinistorm #2909

    I get asked about art permissions from time to time so here it is:
    Profiting from my work: NO
    Claiming my work as your own: NO
    Use on other sites: NO
    Banners, fanart, recolors, and other "for fun" use: YES (note: "for fun" use things can be displayed offsite, with credit.)

    Please tell me if you see someone using my art in an unauthorized manner (profiting from it, claiming as their own, using it on another site, etc).
    If you have noticed issues with an onsite sprite for which I am credited, feel free to message me.


    At this time I would prefer no PMs about spriter alt children unless:

    1) you are a fellow alt owner looking to swap


    2) you have a 2g altkin ready to trade, preferably a holiday or khusa, from any of these:

    --valentine alts: purple vday 09; nakase's rosebud; black arsani; heartstealing; floral-crowned
    --halloween: pumpkin; cavern lurker; grave; witchlight; blue omen
    --xmas: yulebuck; wrapping-wing; blue mistletoe; odeen's aegides; either garland; either starsinger

    If you don't meet the criteria above, alt eggs are bred only on holidays or when new releases occur. Check the hub during these times for any trades I have available.

    If you are looking for 3rd gen altkin or any non-alt eggs, feel free to PM. Please have space available; breeding will be done ASAP.


    <Infinis>: you started a new people?
    ClassSnake grabs Infi
    <ClassSnake>: 83 let us start a new people


    Art in signature created by a multitude of people, either specifically requested by me, gifted to me, or otherwise used with permission.

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