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    "Hold on to that hatred."
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Please, no PMs about my alt kohrakis. For other alts, see link in profile. || Need DR crits? Tag me in your thread.

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    The Forgotten City
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    Want DR crits? Tag me in your thread.
    Fastest way to reach me is discord: infinistorm #2909

    I get asked about art permissions from time to time so here it is:
    You may not profit from my work. You may not claim my work as your own. You may not use my work on another site.
    You can make any "for fun" edits to the sprites you want, and fanart is fine.

    Please tell me if you see someone using my art in an unauthorized manner (profiting from it, claiming as their own, using it on another site, etc).


    *** My wishlist is here: https://infinistorm.weebly.com/wishlist.html

    *** If you are looking for spriter alt kin - or if you have an IOU to or from me for SAltkin - please visit: https://infinistorm.weebly.com/spriter-alts.html

    *** For free breeding requests, please visit: https://infinistorm.weebly.com/free-breeding-requests.html


    <Infinis>: you started a new people?
    ClassSnake grabs Infi
    <ClassSnake>: 83 let us start a new people


    Art in signature created by a multitude of people, either specifically requested by me, gifted to me, or otherwise used with permission.

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