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Unfinished_False_Unicorn_zps6f4fb255.pngCurrently Working On: o_oUnfinished_False_UnicornAlt_zpsbe2f8e1d.KirinDragon_zps582415cd.pngI dunnoKirinDragonAlt_zps21879586.pngAislienDONE.pngTwinTailedEasternShadedAlt.pngAislein.pngTwinTailedEasternShaded-3.png

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    My head :3 Wait... How'd you get here? O_o
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    Yes, Claire66 is my sister and does have my permission to use my animated Platinum Gem Feather or PGF dragon avatar :3


    No, I haven't died, just been very busy

    Spriting Projects


    Cacatuidae [Cockatoo] Wyverns Waiting on more sketches

    Brahminy Kite Wyverns Resketching

    My Sister:

    RazorBack Dragon Lining

    Helping: Progress:

    River Dweller Lining

    Agouti Dragon Shading

    Desert Kite: Tawny, Temple and Sacred Lining and Shading

    Dream/Nightmare Dragon Shading with line edits

    Phantom Fire Sketching soon to be lining

    Clan Dragon Shading edits

    Siren Dragon Line edits and with some lining

    Polar Dragon Line edits and Shading

    Pearl Necked Amphitheres Lined but not Shading

    Silver Unicorn Dragon Waiting on a decision

    Siamese or Colorpoint Dragons Needs recolors

    Redstain Dragon Needs another sketch and line edits

    Greek Deities Need to redo sketch


    I breed on request ^_^

    I have cbs and low gens of most dragons :3

    CB gold
    CB silver

    I will accept IOUs and make IOUs

    People I owe IOUs to:

    dracocharky IOU for tsunami egg
    natayah IOU
    tufted magma egg Paid
    tjekan 2nd gen silver for blusang paid :3
    Purpletail162 IOU 15-20 purple hatchies for silver 4/15 Purple Hatchies Paid