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Titans South

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Starfire dodged the energy balls thrown at her easily, their trajectories errant with the addition of rage. She was about to take the girl out with a well placed shot when she collapsed suddenly, her form turning from red to white. Starfire was so startled by this that she deactivated her powers almost instantly.


"Are you...?" She started to reach towards Blitz as though wishing to help before she caught herself, but it was too late. She yelped as Blitz's kick connected with her, only to scream again as Luna's great tail lashed across her back. She fell to the ground and bounced once as a cloud of dust rose around her.


Raven meanwhile, who had thought she had dealt with Phoenix, had begun her onslaught of objects once more. The vines from that one will be tricky, but manageable. She was suddenly stopped in her tracks by a girl on fire, a familiar face. It's you...


She had frozen in place, even as the recruit had made contact with her. With a yelp, Raven too went flying and hit the dirt. Starfire and Raven lay side by side, rubbing their heads, dazed and disoriented. They had been knocked down.


Clapping came from behind the group, which seemed strangely to come from the rubble. But, the rubble suddenly disappeared as it shimmered out of existence. There stood the three supposedly buried Titans, fine and all smiling.


"Well done recruits. Exceptional work," began Robin.


"You guys looked awesome out there! Well done!" Beast Boy held up a thumbs up of approval.


"Couldn't have done it any better myself," Cyborg added.


Starfire and Raven were picking themselves up off the dirt and brushing themselves off. While Starfire was smiling along with the others, Raven was not. Her face was very worried instead.


"You all had quite a slow start, but you prevailed in the end. Well done to all of you!" Starfire exclaimed excitedly.


"We set this up to see what you would do if something happened to us," Robin explained. "That you would do anything necessary to stop an evil force."


Beast Boy was jumping up and down. "And you passed with flying colours!"


Raven finally moved after standing silent for so long. She walked directly up to Phoenix, face neutral and unyielding. "I only need the answer to one question from you. Are you here for us, or for you?" Her eyes scrutinized every detail of Phoenix's features as she waited a response. Raven recognized who Phoenix was.


((Since Phoenix was perceived as a criminal at one point, I'm having Raven question her on her motives for being there, if it's alright with you Rain that she's put on the spot. Otherwise I can edit.))

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Hana was a little taken back when one of her 'team mates' turned into the largest dinosaur she had ever seen. When it gave out a great roar she covered her ears to try and shield herself from the noise, but it still left a horrible ringing noise behind. Shaking her head to try and clear her ears Hana tried to concentrate on what was going on. It seemed the fight was still on.


Once again Raven was back to throwing parts of the arena around so Hana had her vines resume catching and burying them. She wondered how long she could keep this up.


She wasn't the most experienced of fighters. Yes she could defend herself pretty well and using her plants to catch things mid-air was no hard task, she had practised a lot at the orphanage, but actually going on the offensive was new to her. It wasn't like she had ever tried attacking anyone before. How was she supposed to help attack Raven or Starfire? They would both probably be able to escape easily if she just tried to bind them down and fakes or not she didn't want to try and hurt them too much.


Thankfully before she was forced to try and come up with any kind of plan the fight blew over. Raven and Starfire were defeated and the male Titans revealed themselves again completely unharmed. So it had been a test after all.


Still feeling quite wary Hana called her vines back. The long vines shrunk down and began to fuse together into one small mass of vines at Hana's feet. She picked the plant up and held it under her arm before grabbing hold of her duffel bag and swinging it back over her shoulder.


"That depends what you mean by anything necessary" she said to Robin as she moved forward towards the Titans.


Robin was Batman's apprentice, everyone knew that, and Batman knew about Hana and her history. That probably meant that Robin did too, and who Hana shared some DNA with. She wasn't going to be like that woman, ready to do anything to achieve her goals. No, there had to be a line.

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Luna smiled as the other Titans revealed themselves, picturing herself in her human form again so that she could change back.


"I knew this had to be some kind of test! If they were making evil versions of the Titans then why would they only make two of them instead of all of them? And why fight a bunch of recruits like us?" She thought as she walked closer to the Titans, letting herself feel a little proud as the heroes praised the group.


"Sorry for hitting you so hard Starfire." She said once the others were all finished before she added her input on the redhead's comment.


"I think the main reason we had a slow start was partly shock and partly confusion. Once we get more accustomed to fighting together that shouldn't be a problem any more." She finished, analyzing and scrutinizing herself just as the scientists had when she was still being studied at that laboratory with her mother.


She clenched her fists and fought down the emotions that were rising up in her, feeling more than a bit tempted to just turn the feelings off and activate Emotionless... but that wouldn't do her any good right now. She needed to grow up. She was fifteen for crying out loud! Not the little twelve year old she was back then!


"Pull yourself together Luna. You're going to be a Titan now. You need to act like it." She thought, snapping herself back into focus with a shake of her short white hair as she waited for the others to come back over as well. The girl with the vines was there before her, but she had been shifting back while the girl was talking so she didn't hear what she said.

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[The first rule of writing is to torture you characters a little. I was kinda hoping someone would point it out. biggrin.gif ]


Once the fist connected and the fight was over, Phe moved back her scarf, picking it up and dusting if off, carefully checking for burns or tears. There weren't any. She breathed a sigh of relief and wrapped it back around herself, reminding herself that it was all okay. Maybe no one recognized her when she took off the scarf. As she hid her mouth and nose back into the folds of red, Raven came to talk to her. Phe met the other girl's eyes, and knew what she was going ask before the words were spoken. Phe looked away and held her scarf. "I'm here because I want to join the Titans. I'm leaving my past behind. Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt anyone on this team. It's the closest I've had to friends for a long time."


It was true, she'd do anything just to have somewhere to stay. An anchor, a place where she knew she could stay for an indefinite amount of time, and where she wasn't alone. New people who barely knew each other so she couldn't intrude upon their relationships, it was going to be great. Maybe if she could just go a little crazy, doing this for example, then maybe it would finally start turning up roses. This was going to be great, and she was going to help in anyway possible. "Um, could you not tell my teammates? I'm going to tell them when the time is right, but I don't want to be rushed into it. I'm afraid that they'll hate me…" they couldn't hate her, could they? She was just barely fourteen when she was convinced into robbing a bank. Her fifteenth birthday was when she tried to turn her life around, and things were looking up. She wasn't going to blow it, either. She was going to be careful, and she was going to stop injustice. Hopefully, she could make sure that she could change her image.

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Raven took the time necessary to be sure Phoenix was telling the truth, then she smiled. "Alright then. This is meant as a new beginning for all of us, including the Titans themselves." Her features returned to neutral as Phoenix made her request. "I will not say anything, but I must urge you not to take too long. It'll become harder to disclose who you are as time goes on." Raven seemed to look off into the distance. "I'm all too familiar with the consequences of that." She turned briskly and picked up her cloak from the ground, but there surprisingly seemed to be no damage, despite being engulfed in flame. Raven put the cloak back over her head and joined the other Titans.


Starfire looked back to Luna and laughed. "Not to worry, I wasn't too badly damaged. Your skills will improve as you continue, but I am not sure I am the right person to teach you."


It was at that instant that Beast Boy popped up behind Starfire, a huge grin on his face. Starfire laughed as Beast Boy began his verbal explosion of praise.


"I've never seen a creature as large as that before! And what a roar! I couldn't believe how loud you could do that! Not to mention the fact that I've never seen another shapeshifter before..." Beast Boy stopped in his tracks as he heard smothered giggling behind him coming from Starfire and Cyborg, who were doing their best not to burst out laughing. Beast Boy put a fist over his mouth and cleared his throat before beginning again much more calmly. "What I mean to say is, I think I would best be suited to fit your training needs. That is of course if you would let me." He immediately morphed into a tiny green kitten, purring with large eyes up at Luna.


Robin meanwhile was caught up with Hana, who had asked him a question about what measures were expected of them.


"The Titans are by no means fool proof. There may come a time when we are compromised, and it has happened already. We knew you all were loyal to us just by your willingness to train with us, but this truly was the best way to determine if you would do anything for justice and peace, even if it means turning on your mentors." He smiled and put a hand on Hana's shoulder. "Not to worry about it now though, we've determined what we wanted to know."


Robin then turned to the whole group. "Titans and recruits, I'm sure we'd all like to get to know each other properly. So you are all invited back to Titans Tower to do just that, and ask any questions you'd like of us in the meantime. I ordered pizza for us too." He smiled a little at the reactions from some of the other Titans at that remark. "Would you all like to join us?"

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Luna smiled at Beast Boy as he turned into an adorable little kitten.


"Hahahah! Well who could say no to that face?" She smiled as she bent down to scratch behind his ears, not thinking this was even the slightest bit weird despite the fact that this cat wasn't really a cat and was also now apparently her teacher.


"It'll be nice to be around another shapeshifter. And some pizza wouldn't hurt. I'm starved!" She smiled up at Robin for a second before straightening back up to greet the other Titans and actually meet her other team mates, since she had been a little late with the introductions.


She saw the girl that had pulled her out of the way of those starbolts from before talking to Raven.


"I probably shouldn't interrupt, but I'd still like to thank her properly." She thought to herself, tugging her coat back into place.

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((Totally knackered from work and since its at the point after the fight, I'mma just post from there))


Jin had returned his sickles to their original spot and dusted himself off, even raising an arm to his forehead to wipe the sweat that had formed from exerting himself. Satisfied that his 'outfit' was dust free, he re-adjusted his tin hat and walked towards the group.


Due to his smallish frame, he was barely noticeable behind the others... a common occurrence for him which he had no choice but to accept. A sly grin formed at the side of his mouth as he came to a realization... in the presence of other heroes he would not have to keep his identity a secret.


With that thought in his head, he whipped up a storm beneath his feet and began to hover upwards till he was a good few inches above the tallest person in the group. "I do not appreciate your method of greeting... but if food is an attempt at apology... I will gladly accept" he spoke, bowing his head.


edit: ((Sunday and for a couple days after... I may not be able to post. Moving house.))

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After the Titans revealed the test, Blitz just let her torso fall to the ground. Laying there, she panted some more and looked up at the sky, watching the clouds. She didn't care if it was weird, she was tired as hell from Havoc's appearance - something that had not happened in a good ten years. The white-haired girl was quite winded and the down time was well appreciated. Relaxing, she closed her eyes. Suddenly, though, Robin mentioned pizza and she shot up like a rocket, on her feet and posture adjusted. After dusting herself off, she bowed to Robin. "Yes, I would quite enjoy some food." Blitz sighed and looked down to survey herself. Her clothes were a bit dusty and she had a scratch on her lower thigh, but she was alright. Her knee-high socks looked unscathed and her shoes looked just fine. Tucking her wispy pale hair behind one ear, she held her hands in front of her politely as she waited for the next instruction from the Titans.


(Not much to say, but sorry for the short post.)

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Phe didn't say anything as Raven walked away. It wouldn't be a problem, she'd removed herself of all ties from that time. It was going to be okay. She held her scarf tightly but was still bothered by Raven's words. It was going to be okay. SHe moved back to join the others, confused about what was going on. She'd only caught that there would be food. Well, that was certainly better than she had expected. She smiled and wondered what food would be served, but her stomach growled and said on no uncertain terms, that they were going to pig out. She'd skipped breakfast but had a decent sized lunch, but all the fighting had burned through her tiny burger. Well, she'd stashed the extra in case she wasn't accepted, but it didn't seem that she'd need them now. Plus, the food was going to be warm for once.


Wait, she was going to have to mingle with the other people who had joined. That could be weird and awkward. She fidgeted with her hands, but noticed the streak of blood on her right hand. She'd probably have to fix that cut later, and clean up the blood on her hand. "I'm sorry, but what are we having for food again?" she asked, slightly disappointed that she hadn't heard what they were talking about. Was she going into Titan's Tower? Wow, this was just getting better and better. A warm room, a bunch of food, and people who didn't hiss at you because they thought you were a martian. Besides, if she'd paid any attention to the superheroes over the years, Martians were actually weak to fire not resistant.

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Luna looked back and smiled at the girl from before(Phe) and walked over to her.


"I'd like to thank you properly for earlier. And for trusting me when I asked you to drop me like that. We're having pizza at Titan's Tower according to Robin." She replied with a smile.


"I'm Luna. It's a pleasure to meet you." The albino smiled pleasantly and stuck her hand out to shake.

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((I will hold off from moving to Titans Tower for the moment, we have two new RPers who will be joining us, and I'm letting them run into the arena late. After they get settled and integrated into the story, we will continue along into the Tower smile.gif


Edit: Feel free to post in the meantime! Phoenix / Luna's conversation can continue too!))

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Like always Glacier was running late, but at least this time it wasn't his fault it was the trains. He pulled the crumpled invitation out of his pocket and looked at the address yet again before grumbling a curse onto the late train.

"Chance of a life time! And I'm going to miss it!" He exclaimed in the middle of the sidewalk as he ran full speed.

But with a smirk he summoned his ice and aimed it in front of himself to create a ramp of ice to propel him further and faster. He dodged pedestrians as they felt a cold chill and suddenly ice beside them. He laughed and crouched to make himself go even faster.

At last he arrived at the arena making his entrance he jumped with a flip in the air off of his ice as it disappeared below him, showing off slightly, and looked around at the random objects broken on the ground.

"Aw man did I miss everything?" He asked before turning to face the others blue eyes widened when he saw the actual Teen Titans standing around talking with the other people that he assumed were invited just like himself, "This is only a guess but I'm guessing I'm a tad bit late," he dug into his pocket to retrieve the invite and tossed the crumpled ball in the air, "And figuring that you all have already introduced yourselves to each other I'm Glacier." He said waking closer to the group.

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((OMG. Glacier is Jack Frost. O.O *fangirls all over the floor* xd.png


Sorry, just watched that movie again and I had to say it smile.gif ))


Luna turned as she felt a slight chill come over the area, finding a boy who called himself Glacier standing there.


"Don't worry about it. I was kinda late too." She smiled, since he walked up right next to she and the other girl.


"I'm Luna. It's nice to meet you." The albino smiled pleasantly.

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[Haha, we have someone who can create ice and someone who can create fire.


Also, I hit the wrong button earlier...]


Phoenix was quite confused for a bit, surprised by the man's sudden entrance. She was still kind of reeling from the fact that pizza was going to arrive. Pizza... she wanted some... but the boxes were always too clunky to carry around. She kind of started to drool as she remembered the brief glimpses of real, warm, food in the televisions on display at electronics stores. Her anxiety about Raven's discovery about her previous affiliation had been washed away by her overwhelming hunger. She wondered if pizza did the stringy cheese thing it did in commercials. She snapped out of her fantasy just in time to realize that she still hadn't introduced herself.


"Oh. Um... my name is Phoenix. You can call me Phe though..." she wondered if she should be careful about this new guy. He looked like he could control ice, and it could prove... awful if they accidentally tried to attack something at the same time. They could make things moist at best, and burn then freeze people at worst.

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((Hm. Seems we don't need a water-aligned charrie now, we have Phoenix and Glacier!))

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Luna smiled back at Phe.


"It's nice to meet you as well, Phe." She smiled, happy beyond belief to actually have -friends- for once.


"Mom, can you see me? I'm actually fitting in. I think I've just made friends for the first time. It feels strange, but in a good way." The albino smiled, thinking about her long deceased mother as if she were telling her about her day like she had just walked in from school.


She did this fairly often- talking to her mother as if she might respond. She kept a little mental diary of how she felt in this sort of way.


She looked back at the Titans- their new mentors, and her stomach gave a loud growl.


"So, when are we getting the pizza? It'll take us a while to make it up this hill- if anybody else is late, they can catch up to us before we reach the tower for sure, right?" The shapeshifter asked in a sort of meek eagerness, not wanting to seem rude but also not being able to remember the last time she ate human food.


When Luna was truly desperate for a bite to eat, she would change into either a cat or a dog- sometimes even a rat, but people usually try to squish those- anyways, she would pretend to be a dog or a cat and then sit on someone's front porch or in the alley behind a restaurant, and usually someone would throw her a scrap or two of bread or someone's leftovers.


Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?


((mreh. dis is going so slowly right now XP Sorry, I tend to be more on the impatient side when it comes to RP's. If I get annoying please feel free to rant XP))

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((I'll start the story moving again, any who haven't arrived yet can join us in the Tower.))


Robin was pleased as there was much enthusiasm from the group. "In that case, I think it's about time we get to the Tower. And I think it's also time we introduce the new Titans Dart, made specially for the Titans South." He pulled a keychain out of his pocket and grins. "You may want to cover your ears."


He pointed the keychain in the general direction of Titans Tower, near the base of the roof. First, there was nothing, but gradually the sound of jets could be heard coming closer over the horizon. Soon, the noise was a roar, and out flew a speedy looking fighter craft which looked like a flying version of the T-Sub.


The aircraft set down next to the group of recruits and Titans gently. Cyborg nearly had his eyes bugged out of his head when he saw it.


"It's...beautiful!" he said, nearly at a loss for words.


Robin smiled proudly. "Team, meet the brand new Titans Dart."

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((Ah!! Why didn't I think about that!! Should have called him Frost... Oh well Glacier Will will have to do.))


Glacier smiled at he two closest girls in front of him playfully bowing like a true gentleman to the ladies, "it is very nice to meet you Luna and Phe." Wondering what they along with the others could do before straightening at the word pizza.

He didn't cover his ears but eyes widened with surprise at the preteen craft, "Woah.." He said, "Just... Woah." He smiled, "Hey Robin! Can I drive?" He asked, jokingly of course, knowing that it wasn't a craft that he would easily be let driven by someone with no experience.

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(( I think I put my image wrong, could you change the appearance on the form to

[x][/code ))


"Nononononononononono Audrie you idiot come on, go faster. Sorry, everyone, but could I grab someone for help?"

A slim, brown-haired girl sprinted through the streets, quietly asking for help, although no one was near her. As she started to slow, a transparent ghost appeared in her spot, who had clearly died an athlete. "Thanks!" she exclaimed, although her voice matched the athlete's. As she did this, she sped up and eventually, slowed down as the arena came to view. Sucking in her breath, she let the ghost's once-body disappear, replaced with her own, and walked in.

A group of teens were there, two girls were kissing up to a guy who was a little cute, but Audrie ignored them and sprinted into a small spot. Her head came between her knees as she regained her breath, looking up and said "Ello, I'm just fashionably late"

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Robin's words didn't do much to assuage her concerns, but Hana decided let it go for the time being. Right now everyone seemed pretty excited and were engrossed with the prospect of food. With small conversations starting up here and there Hana absent-mindedly petted the plant in her arms, which made small crooning noises.


When Robin summoned the aircraft to take them to the Tower she looked up, feeling rather impressed. Where did the Titans get the money for this sort of thing? She knew they didn't take payment for their services and they weren't on the Goverment payroll. Probably backed by whoever funded the Justice League.


A couple of new Titans arrived and Hana gave them both a small smile. She was feeling a bit tired, that 'introductory' fight being a bit more intense than what she was normally used to. Hopefully she would feel better after she had eaten something.

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"Woo-ow, that's loud"

Audrie said, covering her ears and closing her eyes until the buzz of noise had gone. Raising her head, she glanced over at the ship. Sucking in her breath, she looked at it. Her dad would be impressed -- an architecture. Sure, he designed more of houses, but either way, the smooth curves, mixing colours and... her dad. Sighing, she wiped her fringe from her face and stretched, sliding her hands into her pockets. All these people had fancy names. Maybe she needed one. Crazy bi--h? Medium? The one who sees ghosts? They all suited her.

A girl who seemed to be associated with plants gave her a small smile. Audrie raised her hand and waved her fingers at the girl, a little too friendly. Walking over, she stood next to the girl and asked quietly

"Uhm... has anything happened yet?"

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"Wow." Luna sighed, giving her best impression of a goldfish and doing a pretty good job of it.


"Since when do the Titans have a jet like this?!" She exclaimed as the beautiful machine roared in, covering her ears at the noise.


As soon as it landed and quieted, the pale girl rushed over to examine it.


She turned to Cyborg;


"Was that auto pilot or is it programmed to fly a certain distance from the remote on command?" She asked, remembering her basic flight and computer training back at the laboratory where she was raised and experimented on.


She hated that place with a burning passion, but she had to admit- she had picked up some very useful skills there.

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Audrie threw the discussion with the plant girl out of the window as she rushed over to inspect the curves and beauty of the machine. Running her hand over it, she felt a slight bump next to her and rolled her eyes as a slight shimmer appeared mid air and she was obviously the only one who could see it.

The shimmer faded into the air and was replaced with a young man, wearing an olive brown-green suit with goggles perched on his forehead. He ignored her and rubbed his stubble, then felt the plane. "Beautiful, nice curves. Engine maneveour 302, style of plane 201. Ahhh..."

"Hi Andy" she giggled -- to anyone else it would seem like she was talking to air, but due to her abilities, a real ghost stood before her. He turned and bowed his head.

"Madaam Audrie"

She rolled her eyes and punched him lightly on the shoulder, which made him stumble back and flap his arms up and down dramatically. She laughed aloud and he fell to the floor, completely acting. "Ow! You hurt me!" he said dramatically, rolling his eyes into the back of his head and laying completely still on the floor. After about thirty seconds, she peered at him and whispered into his ear.

"You... uhh. Okay? Andy?"

When he didn't respond, she rolled him over and started to freak out. Before she realised he couldn't re-die, he jumped up and made her fall back, causing her to giggle.

"That is what you get, Madaam. Now, can I have a tour of this T?" he asked, glancing up at the tower. She nodded, and awaited the instruction to climb in, leaning against him.

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One of the newcomers moved closer to Hana and asked if anything had happened, but before Hana could say so much as a single word the girl ran off to inspect the Dart. Hana gave a small sigh and continued petting her plant. She understood that everyone was excited but so far she hadn't been able to have even a small conversation with anyone. She hoped there would be time to get to know one another later.

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"You're a meanie"

"Huh? Why?"

"Look, you abandoned that girl over there. Meanie. Go talk to her"

"Well... I wanted to... talk to you? You go talk to her"

"You're the only one who can hear and see m-"

"Alright!" Audrie exclaimed, storming off in the direction of the girl. With a huff, she said fairly quickly "Hi, my 'friend' Andy wanted me to come say hi to you for some reason, dunno why, he's a meanie" she said, leaning to the side so Andy would hear. A grunt came from behind her and she noticed he had disappeared from her again. Sighing, she rolled her eyes and walked next to the girl, hoping to now start some small chat. Andy had really forced her to talk to a girl she didn't know? It would be cool if her fr- Oh wait... she didn't have any. She had Andy and --

"Hi, Audie!"

Why did these ghosts always stick around her? She was like a god to them for some reason. A little ghost girl walked next to her, holding her hand with small little fingers. Her name was Sarah -- she'd died due to blood loss from being mauled by a dog. Her face was stitched up and healed, but ugly marks showed on her left cheek, but either way, the piggy tailed girl looked beautiful.

"Hey, Ser Bear" she said softly, picking her up and twirling her around. It almost felt as if the ghosts were real, as if everyone else could interact with them too.

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