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Please call me Mak, it's much shorter and easier.If you want to trade anything with me please let me know! Will breed anything or catch anything for alts or low gen shimmer scales :)incubator_makenziec123.png

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    Ask me anything nerdy, and I'm probably into it lol. Anime, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Assassin's Creed,... yeah and I'm a big gamer too. I like painting and drawing, but I usually only post the things I write instead of what I draw. I also play the piano and my favorite anime EVER is InuYasha! :D

    I recently fell in love with the new Grave dragons, so sriously. if you have a lineage with them, or have one you don't want, SEND IT TO MEH. Also looking for a good copper shimmer and tinsels, cuz the ones I have either gendered wrong or have a weird lineage :P and anything messy I'll take too :) Please don't kill your eggs or hatchlings or dragons! I'll take them! :D

    P.S., if you are reading this and know of any good RP's, I would be more than happy to play. I love coming up with new characters and background stories, so just PM me if you know of one! Thanks! :D (I'm putting this here cuz I'm also super shy and rarely talk to other people on my own. :$ :) )