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Titans South

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Titans South

The Next Generation of Titans


The world is a constant sea of trouble, even at the calmest of times. For many seasons, the Teen Titans resided in Titans Tower, answering the call if and when trouble called their names. They fought and defeated many enemies, including Doctor Light, Gizmo, Jinx, Cinderblock, Plasmus, and of course the notorious Slade. The fight for justice and freedom was never easy, and the costs were sometimes great, even for the Titans.


The crime fighting group of five nearly lost the world to the cataclysm self-proclaimed as Trigon. He wreaked havoc on the Earth, intending to claim it as his own and destroying many cities as he went. The Titans seemed to have met their match as they crossed swords with the powerful demon, where nothing seemed to work to down the force against them. It was only with pure determination and skill mixed with a little bit of luck that they were able to force Trigon back to the dimension from whence he came, restoring the Earth to its former state.


Crime has recently slowed with a large number of villains imprisoned or in hiding. The Titans find themselves waiting more often than fighting, and so they wish to put their time to good use. Having learned their lessons fighting Trigon and do not wish to repeat the actions of that day, they knew that they would need all the help they could get. They broadcast a message far and wide, a call of hope for Titans who looked up to them, or hoped to earn their way to the team:


Calling all Titans.



You are a teenage Titan who has heard the call of the legendary team. You travel to Titans Tower in order to join a new team the Titans are putting together: Titans South. You will be put into rigorous training in preparation for the chance to fight alongside the Titans themselves. You learn that you will be under the direction of Robin himself, the Titans leader, who will give you instruction remotely from Titans Tower. The best performing Titans will become a part of the new Titans South.


The training will comprise of many challenges set up by the main team, using elements contributed by all five Titans. Occasionally, the best performing members will be invited on outings with one of the Titans, as both reward for them as well as a chance for a check up to ensure their progress is moving well.



The story begins after the fall of Trigon, when the Titans are still of teenage years, but are much more experienced. Although the main story doesn't give us many clues, we do know that Trigon arrives on Raven's 16th birthday. We shall therefore assume the others are of similar age as well.


Titans Tower is located in Jump City, where the Titans fight most of their crime, and is often the center of trouble for most of the Titan catastrophes. After the fall of Trigon, the Titans decided to put the once abandoned Jump City Arena to use once more. It is here that the new Titans will undergo their training. Cyborg and Raven also constructed rooms for the travelers to stay in just outside of the main arena floor within the outer walls, making sure they are well at home.


The Titans



user posted image


As his name suggests, Beast Boy is able to transform into any animal he wishes. He is also the comedic relief of the group, often outgoing and sometimes outrageous. Beast Boy finds creative solutions to his problems, and often shows off once he's under control of the situation. In order to impress Beast Boy, the new Titans will need to show their flexibility in battle, showing tactics which were unconventional and unique to get the job done. He also likes a good personality, so friendliness is also a good way into his good books.



user posted image


Cyborg is a half man, half android. He often relies on an extensive weapons arsenal built into himself in order to get the job done. He's also capable of superhuman strength due to his cybernetic components. Cyborg often hangs around the Tower with Beast Boy, the pair of them often inseparable on crime fighting downtime. Cyborg usually likes gadgetry and upgrades. The clever use of technology and devices to your advantage will often impress Cyborg. When super powers just won't get the job done, one needs to be resourceful with what you can use.



user posted image


Raven is the child of a demon, who has the powers of telekinesis and telepathy as well as flight. She also has umbrakinesis, the ability to control shadows, as well as the construction of basic shadow-like creatures. She often keeps to herself in the Tower, opting for books and meditation in place of active recreation. Raven looks for perseverance and commitment to practice. In her mind, a well-trained warrior is the most important in the line of battle, no matter what their powers are. Honing your skills and showing regular improvement will often be enough for her, but is difficult to obtain approval since slacking off sets you back severely in gaining her favor.



user posted image


The leader of the Teen Titans does not have any powers whatsoever. He relies on a couple of tools such as a staff, a grappling hook, and remote bombs. He also owns a motorcycle all to himself, which he often uses to move around quickly to battle. He likes to have fun, but is also often reminded of his responsibility as Titans leader. He must remain vigilant in protection of his team. He values courage and determination the most, willing to take one for the team and for the benefit of the team no matter the cost. He often will take sides with Starfire in decision making, and impressing her will likely hold some grounds with Robin as well.



user posted image


Starfire comes from the planet Tamaran, where everyone holds the powers she does. She is able to shoot star bolts from her hands, resulting in a large explosion upon impact. She can also fire a similar energy charge in the form of a beam from her eyes. Starfire is the only other Titan who can fly through her natural power. All of her powers are controlled by her emotions, and she must have full control over them at any point, or she may do something unintentional. Having control over oneself and showing compassion to others is often most important to Starfire, especially in battle where one could easily finish off some enemies, opting instead to favor them and allow them to live. She believes that keeping true to oneself is the most important, and if you lose yourself, you lose your sense of identity and cannot perform as well in a fight.



  • No Godmodding / Power Playing
  • No killing other writers' characters without permission from said writer.
  • Mild forms of cursing acceptable. Outright profanity is not.
  • Minimum six sentences per post.
  • Spelling and grammar must be at reasonable levels.
  • PM me your character sheet. DO NOT POST IN TOPIC.
  • No characters younger than 13 or older than 19.
  • Spam of any kind will receive a warning, and then removal from RP.
  • I reserve the right to remove you at any time from the RP
  • I reserve the right to add, edit, or remove rules as required.
Character Form



Titan Name:

Age: (No younger than 13 or older than 19)


Appearance: (Please link images)

Primary Power: (Name and description)

Secondary Power: (Name and description)

Brief History: (Minimum 5 sentences)


[B]Titan Name:[/B]
[B]Age:[/B] (No younger than 13 or older than 19)
[B]Appearance:[/B] (Please link images)
[B]Primary Power:[/B] (Name and description)
[B]Secondary Power:[/B] (Name and description)
[B]Brief History:[/B] (Minimum 5 sentences) 

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Rarek - Teen Titans (Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy)


1) Fortune86 - Hana

2) TotallyDrow - Jin Shimura

3) RainDash - Phoenix

4) Mousia - Blitz / Havoc

5) makenziec123 - Luna

6) XxWaterGardianxX - Glacier

7) Dragongirl10188 - Audrie Otte

8) LeviathinGeneral - Firenze

9) Ryujin13 - Kami


Username: Fortune86

Titan Name: Hannah/Hana

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Hana

Primary Power: Plant Manipulation

Hana has ability to manipulate nearby plants, making them move, attack or grow as she desires. She can also 'call' plants to her aid, forming them into protective barriers, safety nets or bind someone or something into place.

Hana carries a small pouch of seeds around with her, so she always has something to work with in case of an emergency.

Secondary Power: Poison Immunity

Hana is immune to all forms of poisons, toxins and venoms, man made or natural.

Brief History:

Many years ago a young girl called Hannah died after being exposed to a lethal amount of Joker Venom. Her distraught older brother David vowed to find a way to bring her back and started studying the process of cloning, funding his experiments via illegal means.

So that his 'sister' would not meet the same fate as she had done before, David acquired a DNA sample from the only person he knew be immune to Joker Venom, the villainess Poison Ivy. Using this sample he created a hybrid clone of his sister and Ivy and named the resulting child 'Hannah'.

For seven years David was able to raise Hannah in secret, not wanting to take any chances by exposing her to the rest of the world. However Batman discovered his links to several crimes, as he had sold biological weapons to fund Hannah's creation and current lifestyle, and appeared to arrest him.

David was sent to jail and Hannah taken to a Wayne Enterprises funded orphanage, where she gradually put together the truth behind her existence. Accepting she was not the real Hannah as she had been lead to believe, she re-named herself 'Hana' and set about living the rest of her life as a person in her own right.

When Hana received the invitation to train alongside and possibly join the Teen Titans she grew very excited, hoping that this would be her chance to separate herself from the ghosts of her past.


Username: TotallyDrow

Titan Name: Jin Shimura

Alias: 'Itachi'

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jin Shimura Height: 4'5

Primary Power: Wind Manipulation - Jin can create/generate/increase, shape and manipulate air and all forms of wind from tornadoes, hurricanes, vertical drafts, micro-bursts and other devastating forms of wind. Naturally can also create any less extreme air/wind movement.

Secondary Power: Claw retraction - Jin can project and retract razor-sharp claws from their fingertips for offensive purposes. Jin's claws are 2 inches in length and extend from his fingertips.

Brief History:

Jin was raised in a small mountainside village, its location known only to a select few. Robin of course is one of those fortunate enough to know where in Asia it is. As a student of the true-master (chu-hui), Jin has developed his own skills in martial arts utilizing his small and agile frame to his advantage. At the age of 14, he left the village in search of his own 'path', not satisfied with how he was currently living. Arriving at Tokyo, he was quickly dubbed , "Kamaitachi' (translated as Sickle Weasel) or Itachi (Weasel) for short, by the local citizens. These name's deriving from his abilities over air, his agility and to his annoyance; his height.

A year later he found a note inviting him to train and potentially become apart of a new Teen Titan unit under the guidance of the original group. He quickly accepted the invitation, wanting to meet Robin; another student who had trained under the tutelage of Chu Hui and someone whose exploits in Tokyo involving Brushogun are common knowledge.


Username: RainDash

Titan Name: Phoenix

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Phoenix Height: 5' 6''

Primary Power: Create and control fire.

She can control any fire as long as she can see it and the environment allows fire. She cannot create flames within a vacuum or around a building without it going out quickly. She can 'crank up the heat' to extremely high, but her range decreases with the temperature of the fire. She can lose control of her fire if upset or angered. She also has a high resistance to being burned.

Secondary Power: Flight. She can fly anywhere she can breathe. She cannot fly into space, as she could probably die, and she cannot exceed 70 miles an hour, or she could potentially hurt herself.

Brief History: Raised on the streets of Jump City, Phoenix survived off of her 'magic fire' act. She held her hands fire and people watched on. She'd return home with her money and be promptly robbed of it all by her father. Her father believed that he could sell her to a circus and make even more money that way. On her tenth birthday, she was sold to a traveling circus that held other freaks. On a particularly cold night, she asked for some warm food from the Circus Owner, only to be struck down to the ground.

She lost her temper and set the circus on fire, killing the owner and several others. She held no control over her powers and ran away, often causing huge fires along the way. Eventually, she was discovered by Teen Titans East. They attacked her, recognizing the face of the arsonist who had terrorized half of the country. She ultimately became a regular 'villain', remaining in the city until she was thirteen. Shelfed before facing them in a real fight.

She attempted to rob a bank, trying to use her powers for something productive and to try and control them. When she was taken in by the Titans East, she discovered that she wasn't alone in her powers as well as a proper home for half a year. She moved on after mastering most of her powers, and though her stay wasn't too long, she thinks of the Titans East as a family. She journeyed around, stopping minor crimes and helping people when she could.

She heard about the Titans recruiting new members, and decided that she should join up, since the other Titans were friendly and have her a chance to do over her life. As well as defend the city that she was born in from the likes of her father.


Username: Mousia

Titan Name: Blitz (Alt.: Havoc)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blitz Havoc

Blitz is about 5'3" and looks fairly weak. Maybe could wield a sword or staff with effort. She has pale skin, white hair from the stress of keeping Havoc contained, and dark blue eyes. She often wears looser sweaters or long-sleeve shirts with pale grey slacks or skirts.

Havoc is almost seven feet tall and, while she is not super bulky with muscle for the sake of speed, she has enough in the shoulders to facilitate the use of her arms and scythe. She has long, blood-red hair and pitch black eyes.

Primary Power:

Unleash Havoc

By cutting pricking herself or otherwise sacrificing some of her own lifeblood, she transforms into the 'creature', Havoc, who has little sense of morality and will destroy many things that Blitz herself has deemed to be even the slightest bit annoying, which includes people and oh-so adorable animals. In time, she might be able to control the beast by becoming more in-tune with it, but because she is living in constant fear of what it will do, she is quite uncontrollable when it is unleashed. Havoc can use the power of the sacrificed lifeblood to attack other people's bodies directly, but it takes a toll on her own health and she must use this power sparingly.

Secondary Power:

Steely Resistance

She can't be cut by any blade when this passive power is activated, but her primary skill is then useless.

Brief History: Blitz was born with the name Kristen Mayer, but never got to learn that because her parents died when she was too young to retain any substantial memories. She was then raised in an orphanage full of children with powers in a distant hillside town that no one cared about, really and named Lina by the caretaker. All the children teased her because she didn't know what her power was, though the old lady who ran the place always insisted that she did, in fact, belong with the rest. One day she cut herself by accident when she was trying to make a salad and went totally berserk, killing everyone who tormented her before. After returning to her normal form, she looked at everyone around her and fled, renaming herself 'Blitz' as a warning to all that met her that she was bad news and called her other form 'Havoc' because of all it had done. She ran away to Jump City and roamed the streets, homeless, until a kind chef took her in and told her that she could live with her and eat her food if she worked for her. Eventually, Blitz was asked why she had such a name and she told the story to her caretaker. Instead of casting her out, the woman nodded and suggested that she go to the Titans to work on controlling Havoc. It was better to do that than to be a hazard to everyone, she said. And Blitz took her advice, though she isn't sure what she could ever do to tame the beast.


Username: makenziec123

Titan Name: Luna

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Luna

Primary Power:


Lune has the power to change her form into any living creature or dead creature on the planet for up to two hours. After the time limit is up, the mind of the animal whose form she has currently "borrowed" (as she refers to it) takes over, and Luna herself is lost forever.

She has no idea how, but she also has the ability to turn into a dragon- though only for half an hour before she starts to lose control.

Secondary Power:


Luna has a dark secret as to how she got her powers. But that's a story for later.

Her secondary power- emotionless- is the ability to lose all of her emotions for however long she is in a single form. Because of this, she feels no fear, remorse, or any other such emotion. The only drawback for her is that her time "borrowing" another creature's form is cut in half every time she uses Emotionless. After using either ability she has to rest (if she hasn't already passed out from exhaustion), especially if she came close to her time limit in her borrowed form.

Brief History:

Luna was not supposed to be born with her abilities. Her mother was a genetic experiment in a mission to create the perfect spy. A human with the stealth of a panther, the ferocity of a shark, the sight of an eagle, and so on and so forth.


Basically, they wanted to give her all of these animal abilities. What they didn't count on was that Luna's mother would escape one day, not to be seen again for almost 3 years.


When they did finally find her(Luna's mom), they discovered that she had a child. The child had become a scientific achievement unlike anything the world had ever seen before- a human child with the ability to absorb any form of animal DNA via touch. They continued the experiments, testing and training both of them to be lethal weapons of mass destruction.


Finally, when Luna was about 12, her mother decided to try and escape again- taking her daughter with her. Luna escaped because she was able to turn into a mouse and scurry away, but her mother was captured and then killed for being "uncontrollable".


Luna watched as her mother was murdered, and that was how she was able to discover her Emotionless ability.


Let's just say that the lab that experimented on Luna and her mother isn't around any more.


She's been on her own ever since, and her favorite form to "borrow" is a red wolf.



Titan Name: Glacier

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Glacier

Glacier stands at a tall 6'1" with broad shoulders and a toned body from his sleepless nights of running. He is adorned with bright blue almost white eyes and pitch black shaggy hair. He has several scars along his forearms.

He can always be found with a white band around his forehead to keep his hair out of his face and dressed all in black.

Primary Power: Ice Creation and Manipulation

Without any source of water Glacier can use ice to create weapons (his favorite being two forearm length swords), use it as armor and anything in between.

Secondary Power: Thinning

Thinning is a state that Glacier can make his whole body into such small ice particles that he can walk though walls. This state makes him into a fuzzy white powdery form that keeps the outline of his body but can be overlooked if you aren't staring right at him. Almost invisible but not quite. He can only stay in this state for an hour at most.

Brief History: No one really knows exactly where he was born but they do know that Glacier's DNA has been altered in a way that connects him to ice making him literally part ice. But as he grew up he learned to contain that part of him self and eventually bend it to his will.

As he grew he became obsessed with finding who his birth parents were and why they would give him up like they did, causing himself to develop insomnia as he would often stay up at night to look for clues on who he really was.

When he was caught sneaking into a top secret government building sand threatened with either prison or using his powers for good he chose to join the Titans.


Username: Dragongirl10188 -- since that's a mouthful, call me DG, Draggie or Dragon.

Titan Name: Audrie Otte

Age: 17

Gender: Female.

Appearance: [x]

Primary Power:

[[i see dead people]]

The name gives it all away. Whenever a spirit/ghost would like to talk to Audrie they can reveal themself to her. She has no control whether they reveal themselves or not other than maybe politely asking. They also may talk to her through telepathy, but she isn't telepathic and can only respond by thoughts. Also, if she was standing next to a person and an invisible ghost was to push in between, only Audrie would feel it.

Secondary Power:

[[Help me, I plead]]

Not so self-explainable. Basically, if Audrie wants it, a ghost may jump into her body and she will be that 'ghost'. For example, if a war veteran were to offer her help in a battle, she would become that war veteran, just she would be slightly transparent and shimmer occasionally.

Brief History: Audrie grew up in a poor family and she soon told her mother and father she could see dead people -- not to mention the random ghosts being controlled by little Audrie, wandering around the house. News soon spread as a boisterous little Audrie would tell everyone she met that this was what she did and eventually she was taken away for testing when she was 11. At 14, she had been through hell. Living in a solid brick building with other 'weirdos' as they called them, being fed through a slot in the wall, etc. One day, a bodybuilder became sympathetic and offered his body to her. She accepted it and broke free... and that lead her to the Teen Titans.


Username: LeviathinGeneral

Titan Name: Firenze

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Primary Power: Manipulation of Plasma; Can control lightning as well as creates burst of flames and lightning bolts (has attempted with fire, has burn scars on arms as result)

Secondary Power: Telekinesis

Brief History: Born and raised in the bitter Arctic Canada, Firenze has adapted to withstand any temperature. His manipulation of flames originated after he started having night terrors which lit his hands on fire. He has a pet weasel named Cinder, whom he rescued from a hunting trap. He has very little interaction with people and feels more comfortable in the wild. Despite that, he is a good engineer and often goes for the most direct approach in battle.


Username: Ryujin13

Titan Name: Kami

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kami

Primary Power: Summon: Kami allows her mind to return to her original plane of existence, leaving her body behind. When she returns she brings with her another spirit that channels it's powers through her, changing her appearance, powers and physical abilities. She prefers water elementals, but her mood also affects what spirits will come back with her.

Secondary Power: Tag along: can bring friends along with her to her normal plane of existence, allowing them to experience her world.

Brief History: Kami comes from a plane of reality that intersects our own at different points and only for brief times of the year. Places such as Stonehenge, the great pyramids of Giza, and other places around the world. Her world is inhabited by what most would describe as spirits, beings of energy that can control their environment. Usually they are focused on one aspect of existence, but all can force the area around them into shapes of their liking.

Kami for her part, fell out of her world and onto Earth during an eclipse over Stonehenge.

Alone and afraid she wandered the world, trying to understand what had happened and why. Eventually she was found by a psychic and shown the way of the world. Now trained in the use of her power on earth, she has decided to stay and explore, find out about the humans, and maybe do some good, even if she's still a little shaky on the definition of that word.

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Well, if I remember right you need to have a setting in your RP...

Where are we? How old are the titans now?


Write the setting as though you were describing this like you were talking to someone who didn't know about the city already. You did an excellent on the Original Titan's bios, so this shouldn't be an issue.


Also, I'll send you a PM later with my sheet.

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Added a setting I hope will work well. Thanks for the input!

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Does the secondary power have to 'support' the primary power?


For example: Primary: Sound Manipulation, Secondary: Enhanced Hearing

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No, it doesn't. Suppose for example I was making a character sheet for Starfire (which is pretty silly considering her charrie already exists, but that's beside the point...), her primary power is limited emotional energy manipulation, or being able to use energy at will with her emotions in limited ways (ie: Star bolts and eye beams). Her secondary would be flight, which is still linked by emotions, but in reality has very little to do with her first power.


That being said, you don't necessarily need a second power if you don't want it. Beast Boy is only animal transmogrification, or shape shifting to animal beings. Both forms are acceptable (assuming of course that they weren't based on Beast Boy and Starfire wink.gif )

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Alright thanks.


Sort of having conflicting idea's at the moment, between which Fell Haven character I want to migrate here o3o


Marik/Jack Hawkins/Nova/Luc Fernandes


or make a completely new character o3o

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Looks fine. smile.gif Do you want this to be wiped or no?

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Thanks for the approval happy.gif I think I'll keep the stuff posted already, there is some potentially useful material in there.


I'll try to get an introductory post in tonight to start us off.

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The Titans watched their Titans Tower view-screen anxiously, awaiting the arrival of the new recruits within the arena. Beast Boy groaned and flopped onto the couch impatiently.


"I told you guys this would happen! This is all one giant disaster!" He crossed his arms and gave an expression of discontent.


Cyborg laughed and slapped his shoulder. "Oh relax, BB, they're probably fashionably late as you usually are. You know all about that sort of thing already." Beast Boy simply sunk lower into the chair, looking slightly more dejected.


Robin couldn't help but smile. "Not to worry you two, there are many who have asked to join the Titans in the past, I'm sure there will be lots eager to jump at this chance to fight with us."


"Robin's right," Starfire added. "It will be most pleasing to find others to join us in the fight against the evil still loose in the city. I've even thought of the meal for the celebrations!" She clasped her hands, clearly proud of whatever it was she had thought up.


"Just tell me this meal is dead this time, my stomach still hurts from the last one you gave us," spoke Raven, who was levitating cross-legged above the couch and had lowered her book to answer Starfire's response to Robin.


Starfire put a hand on her cheek, deep in thought. "I can't recall there being an option for the Tamaranian mud wallower to be served dead, we traditionally kill it ourselves before the eating."


Raven narrowed her eyes and lifted her book back in front of her as Robin put a hand uneasily on the back of his neck, giving an equally nervous smile. "Uh...it sounds delicious Starfire, but perhaps something they're more familiar with first would be a better idea."


Starfire squealed in response to this. "Oh yes! I can finally learn to make the pizza of which Earth people often eat!"


The rest of the Titans let out a sigh of relief, having dodged the bullet for the time being when the view-screen suddenly sounded an alarm indicating movement in the camera capturing the feed's stream. Robin crossed his arms and smiled at the newcomer walking through the arena gates.


"See Beast Boy? I told you they'd show up."


"Yeah, yeah, big deal. It's just one," Beast Boy waved his hand dismissively at the screen.


"Not just one, there are at least a few more coming through." More figures came into view as Robin looked on. "Let's turn up the volume and hear what they have to say."


Robin turned a knob on the view-screen controls as the Titans watched the newcomers as they greeted each other. They hoped to learn a bit about the personalities of the incoming recruits.

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"Oh please move" moaned Hana, smacking her head on to the back of the seat in front. Of all the days to be caught in a traffic jam, it had to be today.


It had been a long journey from Gotham and this was the fourth and final bus ride, but it felt longer than the other three combined. Getting bored and feeling fretful she would be in trouble for being late Hana gave an exasperated sigh and stared out the window. She could see the meeting place, the arena, from here. Maybe she should just get off and walk?


After a few minutes deliberation Hana decided to do just that, but just as she climbed off the bus the traffic seemed to clear and the vehicle sped off. Hana took a moment to stare at it in disbelief. Typical.


Starting to panic slightly now Hana took off running down the street as fast as she could. What if everyone was waiting for her? Or worse, thought she wasn't coming after all and had started already? With her bag bouncing off her hip Hana tore down the pavement and half flung herself through the main doors of the arena. She stumbled slightly but managed to catch herself before she fell over and stood up straight to look around.


"So sorry I'm l..."she began, but trailed off when she saw no one was about. Where was everyone? Worried that she might actually have the wrong place Hana opened her bag and began to look for the directions she had received along with her invitation.

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Jin sat atop a decrepit old building; a casualty of the Trigon attack on Jump city and yet to be restored to its former glory. He had only arrived here from Japan via plane a few days ago and was already finding it hard to adjust to the differing culture among the two cities. For the most part he had stayed at an inner city hotel, watching the citizens of jump city get on with their daily lives after the fall of trigon. Occasionally venturing out to help from a distance when trouble occurred, using his control over the winds to send common criminals into the hands of the local law enforcement. Many of these criminals were looters, desperate to rebuild their old lives no matter how much the risk.



A gust of cold wind blew through the air, ruffling his white hair and causing the metal hat along his back to sway slightly. The building groaned and its metal frames creaked as it stood firm against this wind assault. With slight movements in his fingertips, Jin gathered the wind around his feet and began his descent towards the arena.

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Phe, as she had been nicknamed, wandered through the Arena gates. Was this really where the first Teen Titans were? It seemed really weird and cool that she was here, but the thought that they probably had cameras on her right now caused her to sink deeper into her red scarf, much like a turtle hiding from some hungry eyed predator. She looked like some kind of homeless person, her one black shirt stained with paint, food, clay, and so much other stuff that Phe had lost track. She tried to dust off her pants, some ratty old jeans with knees that had been torn open. Her boots were new, and it was the most she could afford.


Sixty dollars, twenty went to food, and forty to the black boots that went up to the middle of her calf. She wished that the shirts weren't that expensive, otherwise she would have gotten a new one at the store. Besides, she would have been later because she needed even more money just to pay for the shirt, which meant putting on a show for an hour or more. She looked up to see another girl, in the middle of the arena. Phoenix slowly walked over to the other girl, carefully putting one foot in front of the other. It was a careful walk, as if she expected the other girl to lash out at her for being in her space. It took a couple tries and a squeak, but Phe managed to say something.


"H-hello." hopefully this girl wouldn't be too upset at disturbing her. After all, this girl had said something to the open air earlier. Besides, there would be more like Phe. That was how it was at the other place, with all sorts of people with powers. On instinct, Phe looked up and saw someone descending into the arena. All of her previous bravado fled and she almost ran to one of the walls, and curled up in a ball. He meant harm, because he had white hair and was flying. She couldn't tell his intention, but it was her first thought that they definitely meant harm to her.

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Blitz wore a pale grey sweater and a medium grey pleated skirt that day. All her clothes were basically the same color scheme, though, if one really observed, one would see that she did actually distinguish between the clothes and think critically about which to wear, though not many actually noticed a difference. Perhaps a very, very skilled observer would even note that, because of her apparent obsessiveness about the minutest details, she cared a great deal about what others thought about her. In fact, it was the center of her being. Pleasing others, doing what they wanted. It kept her mind off the monster inside. It kept her mind off everything.


But that was just an unfortunate reality for the girl who walked with her caretaker down the street towards the arranged meeting location. The arena still showed signs of being abandoned. Peeling paint here and there, creaking doors, broken windows. But it didn't look that bad compared to the boxes she'd lived in for a time, scavenging for food. Of course, it was all her own fault and she knew not to whine or complain about it. That would make people ask questions. Questions that she was afraid to answer, because it could lead to her deteriorating her intricate wall of lies and ignorance.


"Do you want me to wait with you?" Natasha, a tall, dark-skinned woman with pitch dark eyes asked.


"No, I'm okay. Thanks for everything. We'll stay in touch," replied the pale girl who looked down and rubbed her arm in submission. "I'll miss you."


"Oh, come on, silly. You don't even know if you'll be selected or not..."


"I know, but...I'll feel lonely without someone to talk to."


"You'll find someone. Trust me. Go on, make friends." Natasha gave her a friendly shove towards the arena. They were about two blocks from the others, so that meant they were out of earshot, though they could plainly be seen. Blitz bowed her head respectfully as a parting sign and started away, waving a timid goodbye as she walked. Once she got to where the others were, she looked down at her feet. Suddenly, a girl ran and curled up into a ball. Letting her eyes slide over to her, she bit her lip nervously. Looking up at a boy descending into the arena, she felt her heart race. A test? No... Probably not. Besides, if it was, it could wait. That girl was obviously scared and Blitz felt pity for her, being scared of her own ability nearly all the time. Approaching very cautiously, she crouched down and touched the red-haired girl's arm tentatively. "I'm scared too. So...maybe we could be scared together and look out for each other." And maybe I could make a friend. Just one. That would be safe, right?

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[Mousey! *Glomp*]


Phe didn't say anything. Why was this girl touching her? It was trap, it had always been a trap and she'd just walked into it. Too late, she realized that she was panicking too much, and a small fire had started on the ground. She took a few breaths, trying to calm down before speaking. She'd burned her tongue when she spoke once before, accidentally breathing fire. She remembered her father and the circus. Speak only when spoken to, and no more words than necessary.


"Don't… don't touch…" Phe managed to squeak out. "I don't want… to be touched. Fire…" her voice abandoned her before she could explain any further.


What was she thinking? There was no way she could ever be accepted into the Teen Titans, she was too wild and unpredictable. She'd spent all that time trying to tame her emotions only to have them overwhelm her the second she tried out. No, it was going to be okay. Breathe in, breathe out. In… out… the girl probably didn't mean any harm, same with the guy who was flying. Yeah, flying didn't mean that someone was evil. Phe could fly. So that was stupid assumption.


"I'm not very good with people, I'm sorry," Phe apologized and stood up, but not without trying to -subtly she hoped- remove the other girl's hand from her arm. Hopefully this was everyone and she didn't have to panic about there being a hundred people there. Well, she'd been in bigger populations, but most people didn't stare twice at her. She should have bought that shirt, even if it did mean that she would be late. At least she wouldn't look like some hobo that had been squatting in the arena.


They probably had cooler powers than her too. Fire and flight, those were so boring and unoriginal. Plus, most people could fly without being scared to go too fast or too high. Phe was scared of both, and so never tried to fly most anywhere unless she could help it. She barely controlled her fire, which was why she had been a marked as 'evil' for so long. She could use it if she focused, but she didn't know how to shut off her emotions so they would stop burning things that she didn't want. Thankfully her scarf and clothes weren't one of the casualties, but she'd cost a lot of shelters a lot of money because she'd been startled by a nightmare.

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(Rain! xd.png)


When the girl freaked out about her hand, she felt paralyzed. Oh, look what being amiable had gotten her? She'd just made everything worse. That was the curse of Havoc. She always ruined everything for Blitz. Every friendship was just a step from close, but the girl was always afraid of hurting her loved ones, so she kept people out. Every time people got too close, she locked the door. She told people to keep away. She curled up and tried to wish it all away. Havoc, Natasha, her parents, everything. And in that moment, the white-haired girl could relate to the stranger. Yes, their struggles were different, but their motives were the same. To keep everyone at arm's distance.


Blitz stood and up and shook her head, eyes focused back on the ground. Her shoulders were hunched, and one arm latched onto the other with a vice grip. "No. It's okay." As she looked down, she spied a red streak across her hand. Suddenly upset herself, Blitz took a few steps back, only to bump into a wall and fall. I can't be bleeding! I thought I made it so that I couldn't be cut... I thought... Shakily, she thumbed the red streak to find that it was only frosting. Breathing out a sigh of relief, the girl closed her eyes and composed herself. Standing with difficulty, she forced a smile a nervous laugh.

"Sorry... Thought I saw a bug on me..." In reality, bugs didn't bother her. She lived with them and ate them for a while. What necessity drove her to do was what shaped her in the end. "Pleasant weather we're having, isn't it?" Blitz noted, voice like a soft whisper, as it always was.

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((Would anyone be shorter then Jin who is 4'5))



Jin landed on the arena floor, the wind around his feet causing some dust and dirt to raise off the ground and twirl in the air along with the wind current. The arena was already occupied by several others who he also assumed had been called here for the same reason that he was. Jin wasn't so arrogant as to believe that he was the only one that had received such an invite and was fully expecting to see others here. The only question now was; 'how many of them were there gonna be?'


Scanning around at the other occupants, he was not surprised when he came to the obvious conclusion that he was not the tallest here. Nothing out of the ordinary; the fact that he had even harboured the slightest hope that the other 'Titan's in training' were all short like him still showed how naive he was. Reaching behind he grabbed his makeshift tin hat and placed it on his head, slanting it at an angle that prevented others from meeting his gaze. He nodded his head in acknowledgement of the others presence, but remained silent.

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Phe watched the other girl freak out for a moment, and tilted her head. "You can show me the bugs, I'm pretty good at killing them... lots of uh, roaches in where I usually live." her place was usually filled with bugs. They didn't bother her much anymore, but she wondered if the Titans lived with bugs. Bumblebee from Titans East didn't count though. She also wondered what these Titans looked like, if they had fire powers like her, and what powers they had. She only knew that they needed new recruits. "In california there was even better weather. It was sunny, but it wasn't too sunny." Phe said, off the top of her head. "I wonder when the Titans are gonna show up... if they're going to show up at all..." They probably wouldn't, or maybe they thought she was still a criminal. She hoped not, she'd tried so hard on changing her image. No fires to orphanages, no fires to fire stations, and -most importantly- no more uncontrolled fires.


She had faith in herself that she could manage the fire, and there wasn't anything that could stop her from achieving her goal. Except if she totally bombed the first meeting with the Titans and they banned her and she freaked out and -no. She was going to be great. Fine, even. She'd have somewhere to live if she passed this, and the company of those who didn't understand their powers either.


This was going to be great.


[Nope. I think Phe's actually about six feet tall, actually. :\ ]

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"No, it's fine. I think it's gone now...," At that point her voice was like the wind, a whisper so soft it was almost silent. When the girl went on about the weather in California, Blitz was silently relieved. Her little mishap was away from the prying light of other people's attention. "Yes. I'd expect so. I haven't been there, but people say it's pretty and that it's a good holiday venture," she replied politely. There was nothing to say, really, without putting herself out there. And the white-haired girl didn't quite want to do that yet. "I'm sure they'll show up sometime. They might just be waiting for everyone to arrive." Looking around anxiously, Blitz all of a sudden remembered that she hadn't introduced herself. What a social faux pas! Oh well. Not too late to fix it. "I'm sorry, I just remembered that I forget to introduce myself. I am called Blitz. What's your name?"


In asking that question Blitz was putting herself out there a great deal. While she found it rather difficult to ever make eye contact, the split-second passing glance satisfied her for right then. There was a lot on her mind, after all. With the Titans presumably watching, it was vital to make the best of the situation. Maybe they'd see potential in her and ask her to join the rest in training. Maybe then she could try to work on controlling Havoc without the fear of harming hundreds of people in a span. It'd been years since she'd gotten a cut or bled for any reason. She'd had her resistance activated, which prevented her from bleeding. It was lucky that she had that assurance, because otherwise she'd have to had run away to someplace no one was and live the rest of her days there.


(Blitz is 5'3", so I'm sorry to say that she's not shorter.)

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"Oh I'm," Phe had to come up with a cool name too. Phoenix sounded made up. Something like Xena Westerhold or something. "Phoenix, but I usually go by Phe." censorkip.gif ! Phe's face had contorted into some kind of grin, but her eyes looked too worried and her smile was too fake. "Um... do you wanna see why?" maybe she could show off for the Titans too, let them know that she was pretty powerful. She cupped her hands together, as if she were holding something tiny and precious. As she did so, Phe focused on the air in her hands, and imagined a small flame, glowing a bright blue and as straight as a candle's own flame. The familiar warmth spread through her hands, and she waited for Blitz's response. It would be rude to just show off without any reason.


Maybe this was a test to see how they all got along. Phe liked Blitz, they seemed very similar, even if they didn't share the same background, it was nice to know that not everyone was evil. In fact, the flying kid was quiet and didn't say much. She should... probably show all of them. "Hey, do you two wanna see what I can do?" it wasn't as if they were here because they were normal, it was time she saw how the others were. She wondered if anyone else could fly or maybe someone shot lasers out of their eyes, this could be awesome. She would probably be the one who everyone tried to look at as a leader, but would cower and hide from their stares. Wait... Blitz was staring now, and she'd invited everyone else to stare. Phe could feel the fire heating up, growing bigger as it fed off of her unease.


[Her name is pronounced like Fi, because I figure that Phoenix wouldn't remember her given name since she'd been called Phoenix since she was ten.

Someone can give her a real name later though. I usually can't spell Phoenix on the first try...]

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Hana forgot all about searching her bag when another girl approached her. Hana straighted up and smiled as the newcomer said hello, but it turned into a confused frown when the red head suddenly went shooting off to the side of the arena and curled up into a ball.


Following the direction of where the girl had been looking Hana spotted a boy, quite a short one, hovering in the air above them. He didn't look like any of the Titans she knew of, was he here on invite too? Hana guessed there would probably be a few of them, all with various skills and power levels.


She looked back round at the first girl to see that another had joined her, having just arrived. There was a brief moment when Hana thought there might be something wrong, but there were soon deep in conversation.


As they seemed to be making friends Hana decided to approach the boy, who had just landed in the arena. Swinging her duffel bag round behind her out of the way she drew closer, but remained a respectful distance.


"Hello" she started. "Are you here to train too?

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Blitz just watched in silence at Phoenix conjured up a flame. For a while, she was captivated. But then the negative thoughts started creeping in and she felt her gaze drop. She couldn't make eye contact and her heart raced. It was in those moments when she felt Havoc beating and pounding at her wall. Shouting, shouting. Let me out! Let me out! I'll show her what I can do! You can blow 'em all away! Blitz gripped her arm harder and harder, struggling to brush off the fact that Havoc kept telling her to just let out a tiny, tiny spec of blood. Just a little.


With a sudden burst of audacity, the girl looked up and smiled softly. "That's amazing. All I can do with certainty is this..." Picking up a sharp shard of glass, the girl ran it across her face. Grey-white wisps enveloped it and not even a trace of the cut that should have resulted in the act appeared as she pulled the piece away. "It's a little bizarre, but, um...I don't know. I guess it's just a bit interesting." Her main power was too strong to be controlled by such a feeble girl. Blitz just prayed that the Titans could help her train and get Havoc on her side. She especially hoped that Raven would be able to guide her. She seemed most able to help her. The white-haired girl tried meditation, but it didn't seem to work. Havoc always ended up seeing her, trying to shoot a blast of energy at her, and running away into the forest. And no matter how much Blitz tried, she couldn't follow her other self. They were too scared of each other.

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Robin was the first to turn around to the other Titans and speak, having watched the encounter unfold. "Only five so far, somehow I expected there would be more of them."


Beast Boy just smiled and stood up from the couch. "Relax dude, you're so worried all the time. You just gotta believe that they'll come and they will." He pointed his thumb at himself and put on a confident expression. "I knew they'd show up all along."


Cyborg raised an eyebrow at this comment. "No you didn't, you just finished telling us ten minutes ago how pointless this was!"


Beast Boy just looked indignantly at Cyborg. "I was just...uh...voicing everyone's concerns. Yeah, that's it!"


Raven rolls her eyes as the two boys continued their fighting, floating casually over to Robin. "So you've got some recruits together, but what are we going to do now? We can't just leave them there. They have to be given some sort of instruction..." She looked up at the view-screen and looked back to Robin. "At least before they kill themselves."


She wasn't the only one to voice concerns, Starfire moved to intercept Robin as well. "I believe that Raven is right. Now that the group has assembled, we must give them something."


Robin just smiled as he put his hands on his hips, looking at the pair knowingly. "I can see that. I had a plan from the very beginning. Although..." His grin shortened slightly as he looked at Cyborg and Beast Boy's continued brawl. "I think I'm going to have to alter it slightly. Listen closely."




Since the arena was an open top, the sky was easily visible from where the Titans below were meeting. The sun was shining brightly and a few clouds floated gently on the blue expanse, but not even the bright sun could dampen the show of light and dark that was about to occur.


Soon, flashes of green speckled the sky in all directions, spheres of light which exploded into a shower of energy dust. The shower dissipated once it neared the level of the ring that served as the top of the open arena, but the sheer volume of green bolts ensured the shower continued.


Then, black birds flew through the air and weaved in and out of the streams of fire, producing an aerobatic spectacle which outshone many seen the world over. The birds too disintegrated once they reached the edges of the ring, making a dark border which complimented the rain of green.


Finally, the hail of green bolts seemed to reach a climax, as they all converged on one point in the sky, creating a huge explosion of light and sound in a great circle. The birds too converged to one point completely separate from the green sphere, creating a black ball of shadow. Then, out from the two spheres flew the Titans, Starfire from the green, Raven from the black, their flight paths converging on the center of the ring. The pair flew side by side together down towards the ground, making their way to one of the edges before setting down together. The spheres in the sky blew apart magnificently, creating a sea of dark and light fireworks.


Once the spectacle in the sky had completed, the pair of Titans stepped forward. Starfire smiled as she looked around at the group as Raven dropped her hood, speaking to the group of five.


"On behalf of all of us, welcome to the training grounds for the future of the Teen Titans, the future we've come to call Titans South. I am Raven, and this is Starfire, two of the original team."


Raven widened her eyes in surprise as she suddenly was shoved unceremoniously, albeit unintentionally, to the side by Starfire, who spread her arms wide in greeting. "Welcome new Titans on this most glorious day to what will be your new home for the duration of your training! It is most agreeable to see you have come to us!" She suddenly stopped and looked at Raven, who was giving her a slight look of annoyance as she dusted off her dark cloak. Starfire gave a slightly nervous laugh and smile, giving her a silent look of apology.


Raven turned back to the group watching them. "And who might you all be?"

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As a flash of bright green light caught her attention, the girl backed away suddenly, even though she knew it was supposed to be some show of celebration for the arrivals. As the show progressed, she gawked publicly. Her eyes grew wide and she muttered smalls words of amazement as the lights and shadows did their tricks. It seemed surreal. That she was really watching those marvelous feats. And when the two original Titans showed themselves, she quickly composed herself, wringing her wrists behind her back and straightening her posture. When they spoke she listened dutifully and gave a few nods and smiles to show she was listening. Then they asked something of each of them.


Looking around, she realized that she really wanted to know each of those people. She really wanted to make friends with them, to grow with them and become one team: Titans South. She knew they could do it in time. They just had to bond under the guidance of the original Titans. And though that would be no easy task, Blitz was confident that she could at least put forth her best effort because she would be in a controlled environment and finally get the opportunity to be under the guidance and supervision of people who knew her struggle.


"I am called Blitz," the fearful young lady announced quietly. Her voice was soft and smooth like honey. In the past, it would be expected of every woman to be as timid and quiet as she, though in present day it was a bit odd to be so very solemn. Nevertheless, it would be even worse for her to remain silent even though something had been asked of her, so she answered the question directly and did not add anything further. Though her interactions with Phoenix involved sticking her neck out a little more, they were also more casual. These were the Teen Titans, and Blitz would sooner forget her fears than that fact, and the fact that they were to be respected and spoken to with directness and rigid duty until instructed otherwise. They were to be her teachers, after all. Well...hopefully.

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Jin noded his head in acknowledgement of Hana's greeting but did not make eye contact with her. Even between the distance that separated them he could already tell that she would be taller then him... in fact.. he could already tell that he was currently the shortest of the new recruits... he sighed inwardly at that realization.


With his left hand, he reached behind his sash and pulled out the invite, holding it in front of him. "Yes.." he spoke in response to her question his accent strongly hinting at his Asian heritage.


A series of bright green flashes, drew Jins attention skyward one hand reaching behind him to grasp his sickle as he determined whether or not there was a threat. However he soon relaxed as he noticed large black birds and realized that it was not a threat but a display of powers... the original titans to be exact.


He released his grip on the sickle and returned to a relaxed state as he continued to watch.


With the spectacle over, it was down to business. Seeing this as ac chance to discard the name forced upon him by the japanese locals he stepped forward and looked at the two titans. "I am...Jin Shimura..". Jin was never fond of his 'alias'.

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