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Travel through Europe

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Travel through Europe


This project was created and brought to life by Hyesu in January 2013.

You can find the original thread here. (The link doesn't work anymore, maybe it went down when the forum was changed. I'll ask about it in help.)

This project was and is kept alive by Hyesu, the adventurous spirit of its travellers, and the great help of Dolphine and Altiron, who brought up the idea of a new thread to keep things manageable, and gave support and advise to travellers new and old. Not to forget the unwavering dedication of fuzzbucket, who is always there to help, advise, and exchange travels.


Welcome, traveller !


In this project you get to travel all the beautiful capitals of Europe, and even some more of its most fascinating cities, each one represented by a different breed of dragons.

Choose the capital you'd like to be the host of, and then tour all the other cities, exchanging "tickets" with the other members of the project.


Travel Brochure (How does it work ?)


1. Choose a capital of Europe you want to be the host of. This will be your base of travels.

2. Choose a breed of dragons to represent this capital.

3. Get a CB pair of these dragons and name them accordingly.

4. Breed 2nd gens and exchange them for the 2nd gens of other members. This way you visit each other's capitals/cities.

5. If you'd like to do so - breed a lineage from these 2nd gens, bringing together all the capitals/cities you've been to.


Travel Information (The Rules)


1. You have to choose a capital or other city and a breed of dragon that aren't represented already. (see lists below) (Exception: If the capital/city was already represented by a specific breed in the past, you can keep that breed or choose a new one.)

Attention: If there are unrepresented capitals, you have to choose one of them first ! Only if all capitals are represented already you may choose your first city from the list of other cities.

- 1.a. You may host two cities.

-- To choose a second city you have to have travelled to 10 places already (including your own, if you'd like). Please include links to the ten 2nd gen dragons on your scroll in your request for a second city.

-- You may choose your second city from among the capitals or other cities.

-- Both the second city you choose and the breed to go with it have to be unrepresented so far. (Exception: If the city was already represented by a specific breed in the past, you can keep that breed or choose a new one.)

2. You should name your caveborns with some relation to the city (or at least the country) they represent.

(e.g. typical names, like "Giulio" for Italy or "Daan" for the Netherlands; famous persons, like "Queen Elizabeth" for London; sights, like "The Eiffel Tower" for Paris etc.)

3. Fill out your Passport

4. You visit the cities of other members by trading a 2nd gen from your city for a 2nd gen from theirs.

This can be done in several ways:

- via the thread: post either a general offer or the link of a two-way trade, or just reply to the offer of another member

- via PM (if you want to ask a specific member/city if they'd like to exchange tickets)

4.a. Usually you both have to trade 2nd gens to visit each other's city.

If one partner can't offer a 2nd gen, however, for example because their pair didn't give an egg, they may take in the other 2nd gen via a one-way transfer, and have to deliver their own 2nd gen to the other partner as soon as possible. (That means breeding the pair again at the soonest opportunity, and using the next egg/hatchie they get to fulfill that obligation.)

5. You may also keep offspring from your own dragons, of course. (You'll need at least one if you want to do a lineage.)

6. Please name the 2nd gens you acquire from others according to their city/country of origin.

7. Take good care of the 2nd gens you get. No biting, killing or neglecting.

8. Usually you visit each city once. However, you may visit for a second time. (For example if you need the other gender for creating a lineage. Or if the host changed due to inactivity of the former traveller.)

- For the second visit you don't have to trade an offspring of your city, if the host of the city in question doesn't want one.

- If there are several travellers interested in visiting a specific city at the same time, the host is strongly recommended to give precedence to any of them that are visiting for the first time.

- If you intend to use this second offspring from that city for inbreeding, let the host know, so they can decide if they are willing to part with a dragon in that case.

9. When you travel somewhere, either you or your visitor must announce it via a post in the thread.

You may use this form:




Travelling Europe !


Travellers involved:

Capitals travelled:



Travelling Europe !


Travellers involved: Lantean_Pegasus, Lastalda

Capitals travelled: Paris, Athens


Additional Information (rules for special cases)


- If you host only one capital, and want to visit the second capital/city of a fellow traveller after you have already been to their first one, you may just ask them for a ticket. If they don't want to visit your city a second time, you don't have to offer anything in return.


Traveller's Souvenirs (What to do with the 2nd gens ?)


You can just travel around and collect all the capitals and other cities represented so far. (see this map)

Or you can use all the 2nd gens you collected to create your very own "Travel through Europe" lineage.

This can be any kind of lineage you'd like, there are no restrictions involved. (Although some members might have a problem with inbreeding, so perhaps you should stop at that.)

The rule that you may visit a city twice (or more) is mainly in place to make sure that you have the dragons you need to create the lineage you want (correct gender, replace refusals).


Touristic Tips (Useful Stuff)



List of European Capitals

List of Breeds Already Chosen

List of Travellers

Map of Represented Capitals



And if travelling Europe stirs a longing for more sights and adventures, there is also a project to Travel Through Asia !


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December, 3rd:


Also, since everyone that posted voted in favour of them, all regular breeds with differing sprites (like Seasonals, Dorsals, Nebulae etc.) now are allowed in the project. (For obvious reasons, Pygmys, Drakes, Two-headeds and Holidays still remain out.)




January, 1st:


First of all: A happy new year to all travellers ! May your journeys all across Europe be safe, smooth and fascinating ! smile.gif


Then there is news regarding Inactive Capitals:

When a capital is listed as inactive, it may be represented by a second traveller. The procedure is the same as with a new capital, but the pair of dragons has to be of the breed already chosen.


February, 7th:


Thanks to LumosSeeker we have yet another beautiful banner for our project ! Check it out here.


March, 19th:

There might be some changes coming our way. With most of the European capitals spoken for, the question arises "Does the project need more cities?"

Look at the two posts opening the topic, and tell us what you think of it !


April, 16th:

At the moment I'm in the process of checking which members of the project are still active and which aren't. PMs went out to all those who haven't been active in the thread during the last few weeks. (One on April, 1st and one today.)

After Easter I will bring the active/inactive lists up-to-date.

When that is done we can tackle the question of adding more cities.


April, 23rd:

The active/inactive lists should be up-to-date now. Sadly, there are a few members who didn't answer to the request via thread and PMs, so I had to assume them inactive.

I forgot to send out PMs to the people who were listed as "inactive" already. Since two of them are actively using their scroll at the moment, I'll remedy that and give them time to answer - that's why the two capitals are listed as "pending".

Since the member who chose Podgorica never actually produced any offspring from their Stripes, I consider the city as open for the choice of a new breed. (But of course the new host may choose the Stripes again, if they'd like.)

As soon as I can find the time, I'll go ahead with the discussion about additional cities. (Sorry for the delay, but I only have so much spare time. sad.gif )


May, 8th:

The search for new cities has begun ! Make some suggestions and tell us where you'd want everyone to travel !

Here you'll find all that you need.


June, 15th:

The list of new cities is officially ready - and our project grew to 64 possible destinations !

But one of them has yet to be determined, so please Vote here for either Krakow or Tromso !


June, 16th:

The poll is closed - Tromso will be one of the available destinations.




February, 18th:

With the rush of the Valentine's event simmering down, another activity check comes to an end. Some cities haven fallen vacant again, let's hope they'll find a new host soon !

(The lists are up-to-date, the map will follow later.)




March, 29th

Another activity check is done. Some travellers settled down, their cities fallen inactive. But new/old cities (re)opened as well !

(The lists and the map are up-to-date.)


June 14th

Galleri joined our merry fellowship of travellers and with that Nuuk will re-open its gates once the new pair of Bleeding Moons has grown up. So don't miss a trip to Greenland !


June 22nd

Amsterdam has re-opened its airport and harbour under the supervision of Faerie_fire, and the new host as well as the citie's Coastal Waverunners are looking forward to visitors !




September 24th

A slight change of rules was implemented. Members old and new that choose a capital (or other city) that was active once before are now allowed to either keep the old breed of dragon that represented the place (as was the rule so far), or choose a new breed to do that (from the list of unclaimed breeds).


Also, AnnoyingTiger888 reopened Bucharest for visitors - so don't miss a trip to the capital of Romania and its graceful Moonstone dragons !


October 10th


We welcome OutlawQueen to our merry fellowship of travellers, and thanks to her Belgrade can be visited again ! A new pair of dragons has agreed to represent the city - Red Zyumorphs.


November 11th


Thanks to Winterspheonix, the lofty mountains of Andorra are open for visitors again ! The Spirit Wards representing the city now will be happy to welcome travellers !


December 4th


Another beautiful capital re-opened its gates to visitors ! Mow set up a travel bureau in Helsinki, and the friendly Tetra dragons that took to representing the city look forward to receiving guests from far and wide !




January 9th

The new year brings a new city to travel: Visit the Striped River dragons of Podgorica ! Thanks to Mak0 the capital of Montenegro is on the list of destinations again, so pack your bags and get on a plain !


January 17th

More exciting prospects ! With pretty_thumb joining our European Society of Travellers, Chisinau is open for visitors again ! Meet the Fire Gems representing the city now, and bring back a colourful souvenir !


March 8th

Having travelled for some time now, Mow opens the gates of another city to guests from all over the world: Edinburgh is waiting for you, and its Grey dragons will see to it that the Scottish weather clears up long enough to give you a look at the beautiful city in all its romantic splendour !


March 12th

Another fantastic tour awaits ! OutlawQueen opened a travel bureau in Marseille, creating the opportunity to visit the charming south of France. The Scripts representing the city will give you a warm welcome.


March 13th

Another Activity Check is underway, to make sure all our travelling routes are still open.


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Capitals of Europe


Represented (46)


Capital - Dragon breed - traveller


Amsterdam - Cantormaris - OtomeKristinOtaku [thefairiesfyre, ulki - inactive]

Andorra - Spirit Wards - Winterspheonix, [Germelia, KittyHawkMC - inactive]

Ankara - Imperial Fleshcrownes - catstaff

Athens - Royal Blues - Lastalda

Belgrade - Red Zyumorph - OutlawQueen, [WolfParadise - inactive]

Berlin - Embers - Altiron

Bern - Blacks - lilysally

Bratislava - Balloons - Idril

Brussels - Sunrise/Sunsets - KuroYukia, [timpieh - inactive]

Bucharest - Moonstones - HappyAppy, [Pavasaris, AnnoyingTiger888 - inactive]

Budapest - Antareans - Kurokosworth, [SnowMoon, StarLaDragon - inactive]

Chisinau - Fire Gems - pretty_thumb, [StarLaDragon - inactive]

Copenhagen - Whiptails - AppleMango, [Laufey - inactive]

Dublin - Terrae - Lokiphantom, [panic_siren - inactive]

Helsinki - Tetras - Mow, [ Amazon_warrior, DragonLauren - inactive]

Kiev - Yellow Crowneds - Dolphine

Lisbon - Sunstones - Iside, [Neonsapin - inactive]

Ljubljana - Neotropicals - Lastalda

London - Freckled dragon - Tiga, [Fire-Ice - inactive]

Luxembourg - Royal Crimsons - Isanor

Madrid - Horses - DragonNighthowler

Minsk - Deep Seas - Warriorchick2000

Monaco - Bright-Breasted Wyverns - Tempestsea

Moscow - Swallowtails - catstaff

Nicosia - Pinks - Beldarius

Nuuk - Spinel Wyverns - galleri, [BringsTheSnow - inactive]

Oslo - Canopies - fuzzbucket

Paris - Sunsongs - Lantean_Pegasus

Podgorica - Striped Rivers - Mak0, [CosmicStorm  - inactive]

Prague - Golden Wyverns - Dolphine

Reykjavik - Luminas - Shroomlet, [sdc - inactive]

Riga - Red-finned Tidal - Isanor

Rome - Gold-horned Tangars - TempestSea, [Icy_Skadi - inactive]

San Marino - Xenowyrms - Viridis, [Tiga - inactive]

Sarajevo - Brute dragons - stagazer_7, [SarBer - inactive]

Skopje - Guardians - Lokiphantom

Sofia - Waterhorses - quinney, [Etisan - inactive]

Stockholm - Monarchs - Belisar, [Hyesu, Cendaquenta - inactive]

Tallinn - Tsunami Wyverns - Altiron

Vaduz - Mints - mpolo

Valletta - Flamingo Wyverns - quinney

Vatican City - Whites - Iside

Vienna - Reds - Idril

Vilnius - Nhiostrife Wyverns - LumosSeeker148

Warsaw - Greens (Earth) - Drachenbraut

Zagreb - Black Teas - fuzzbucket



Unrepresented (May be chosen as your first and second city.) (1)

The breeds mentioned below represented the respective city before its host went inactive. You may keep them or choose another (unclaimed) breed instead.


Tirana (Seragamma Wyverns)





More Cities of Europe


Represented - Active (11)


Barcelona - Frostbites - DragonNighthowler

Dubrovnik - Plated Colossus - stagazer_7

Edinburgh - Greys/Storms - Mow

Heraklion - Undines - Lantean_Pegasus

Marseille - Scripts - OutlawQueen

Munich - Stones - Belisar

Pristina - Spitfires - Warriorchick2000

Saint Petersburg - Cassares - Tiga

The Hague - Blusang Lindwurms - Shroomlet

Torshavn - Black-capped Teimarrs - Beldarius

Zürich - Falconiform Wyverns - LumosSeeker148


Represented - Reserved (2)


Salzburg - Hellfire Wyverns - Viridis

Venice - Nebulas - KuroYukia


Unrepresented (May be chosen as 2nd city only.) (4)

The breeds mentioned below represented the respective city before its host went inactive. You may keep them or choose another (unclaimed) breed instead.



Cardiff (Seasonals)



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List of Breeds Already Chosen


Attention: No Pygmys, Drakes, Two-headed dragons, or Holiday dragons are allowed.





Black Tea

Black-capped Teimarr

Bleeding Moon

Blusang Lindwurm

Bright Breasted Wyvern

Brute dragon




Coastal Waverunner

Dark Green (Vine)

Deep Sea



Falconiform Wyvern

Fever Wyvern

Fire Gem

Flamingo Wyvern



Gold-horned Tangar

Golden Wyvern


Grey (Storm)


Hellfire Wyvern (reserved)


Imperial Fleshcrowne






Nebula (reserved)


Nhiostrife Wyvern



Plated Colossus


Red-finned Tidal


Royal Blue

Royal Crimson



Seragamma Wyvern


Spinel Wyvern

Spirit Ward



Storm (Grey)

Striped River



Sunsong Amphiptere





Tri-Horn Wyvern

Tsunami Wyvern


Vine (Dark Green)







Zyumorph (Red)


If you'd like to choose a breed, and want to take it the other way round (i.e. looking what breeds are still available for choosing): Beldarius keeps a

List of Breeds Still Available

(Attention: This list isn't up-to-date at the moment.)


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List of Travellers


A list of all members, and the links to their passport, if they have one.




Altiron - Passport

AppleMango - Passport

Beldarius - Passport

Belisar - Passport

catstaff - Passport

Dolphine - Passport


DragonNighthowler - Passport

fuzzbucket - Passport

galleri - Passport

HappyAppy - Passport

Idril - Passport

KanzeMasamune (formerly Isanor) - Passport

Iside - Passport

Kurokosworth - Passport

KuroYukia - Passport

Lantean_Pegasus - Passport

Lastalda - Passport


Lokiphantom - Passport

LumosSeeker148 - Passport

Mak0 - Passport

Mow - Passport


OtomeKristinOtaku - Passport

OutlawQueen - Passport

pretty_thumb - Passport

quinney - Passport

Shroomlet - Passport

stagazer_7 - Passport

Tempestsea - Passport

Tiga - Passport

Viridis - Passport

Warriorchick2000 - Passport

Winterspheonix - Passport




Amazon_warrior (Helsinki,Waters) [city is active] Passport

AnnoyingTiger888 (Bucharest, Moonstones) [city is active] Passport

BringsTheSnow (Nuuk, Bleeding Moons [city is active]; Edinburgh, Greys [city is active]) Passport

Cendaquenta (Stockholm, Pillows) [city is active] Passport

CosmicStorm (Podgorica, Fever Wyverns) [city is active] Passport

DragonLauren (Helsinki, Waters) [city is active] Passport

Etisan (Sofia, Waterhorses) [city is active]

Fire-Ice (London, Magi) [city is active]

GalaxyPassion13 (Minsk, Deep Seas [city is active]; reserved Munich) Passport

Germelia (Andorra, Skywings) [city is active]

Hyesu (Stockholm, Pillows) [city is active]

Icy_Skadi (Rome, Gold-horned Tangars) [city is active]

KittyHawkMC (Andorra, Skywings) [city is active] Passport

Laufey (Copenhagen, Whiptails) [city is active]

Lethendralis (Minsk, Deep Seas) [city is active] Passport

Neonsapin (Lisbon, Sunstones) [city is active]

panic_siren (Dublin, Terrae) [city is active]

Pavasaris (Bucharest, Moonstones [city is active]; Cardiff, Seasonals) Passport

RyuKaiser (Tirana, Seragamma Wyverns) Passport

SarBer (Sarajevo, Brute dragons) [city is active] Passport

sdc (Reykjavik, Luminas) [city is active]

SnowMoon (Budapest, Electrics) [city is active] Passport

StarLaDragon (Budapest,Electrics [city is active]; Chisinau, Ridgewings [city is active]) Passport

sylphoflights (Minsk, Deep Seas) [city is active]

thefairiesfyre (Amsterdam, Coastal Waverunners) [city is active] Passport

Tiga (San Marino, Vines) [city is active, and Tiga returned after inactivity with another city] Passport

timpieh (Brussels, Sunrise/Sunset) [city is active] Passport

ulki (Amsterdam, Coastal Waverunners) [city is active]

WolfParadise (Belgrade, Tri-Horn Wyverns) [city is active] Passport

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To ensure smooth travelling for everyone, it is always helpful to know some facts about the other members. To achieve this, it is strongly recommended to keep your Passport ready and up-to-date.


Information that should be included:


- Capital hosted

- Breed of dragons

- Date of the last breeding

- Do you follow the thread and offer/trade your 2nd gens here, or do you prefer to be asked via PM ?

- Capitals visited already

- Capitals you'd like to visit a second time/once more


If applicable:

- Periods during which you can't be reached (vacation, illness, whatever)

- Regular online times


If you host a second capital:

- informations above

- Do you request a second egg from people who already visited one of your capitals, or do you just give out the 2nd gen from the other one when asked ?


After that you may add anything else you think useful or interesting. smile.gif


Here is a form you could use:








Native 2nd gen:


Last bred:


Contact (Thread, PM or both):


Already travelled:

Would like another visit:


Regular online time(s):


Time off:


And for people with two capitals/cities:








Native 2nd gen:


Last bred:


Second City:



Native 2nd gen:


Last bred:


Contact (Thread, PM or both):


Already travelled:

Would like another visit:


Regular online time(s):


Time off:


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Banners and other souvenirs


Edit: Sadly, all the banner pictures were stored at tinypic, and that site closed, so the pictures are no longer usable. If anyone would like to design new ones go ahead and be creative ! 


Made by Laufey:


As link to the thread:
As link to the thread:
Made by LumosSeeker148:


As link to the thread:
Made by Tiga:


As link to the thread:
Edited by Lantean_Pegasus

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Scouting Destinations a.k.a. The Hunt For New Cities


The time has come - let's set out on an organisational journey, and face the unique adventure of deciding which cities shall be added to our list of destinations !

This post will be the one where you can find all the newest developments of that enterprise, so be sure to have a look now and then.




Expedition Plan


Phase I - Scouting for possible destinations - done

Here every member will get to propose a number of cities they would like to see added to the project. There will be certain criteria a city has to meet to be a valid recommendation.

May, 7th - Sunday, May,18th (extended to Sunday, May,25th)


Phase II - Announcing the candidates - done

After Phase I is closed, I will compile a list of all cities that were nominated. Each city will get one spot on that list.


Phase III - The Vote - done

The list from Phase II will be offered as a poll, and every member gets a certain amount of votes they can use to choose the cities they want to have added most.

You don't have to vote for your own cities, if you like what other members have come up with better. And you'll probably have more votes than the number of cities you got to suggest. The exact number will be set before the poll.

May 27th - Sunday, June 8th


Phase IV - Finishing Touches - done

Ideally, the 15 cities that got the most votes will be added to our list of destinations, and everyone is happy.

There may come up a hitch or two, though, so it might be necessary to hold one or more run-off polls (since I'm no native speaker, and just had to look that term up, I mean what's called a "Stichwahl" in German).


Vote here for either Krakow (Poland) or Tromso (Norway) !

The poll will be open till Sunday, June 15th.


Current Status: done






Phase III - The Vote for New Cities


Phase Three is here, which means the voting for new cities starts now !




1. Each member has 15 votes.

----- You may use less, but you are not allowed more than 15 !


2. You may choose no more than two cities from the same country !

----- There are some countries that have more than one city on the list. You may choose up to two cities from each of those, but not more.

----- To keep a high national diversity in the project, there shouldn't be any country with more than two or (at the very most) three cities on the final list of destinations, capitals included. To achieve that, there might be one or more follow-up votings once this one is through, if we get too many cities from one nation among the Top 15. You shouldn't worry about that when voting now, I just wanted to inform you all in advance.


3. Please post in the thread or send me a PM once you gave your votes, so I know whom to remind if the voting is nearing the end.


And now off you go !! Isn't it fitting, that our very own European elections run parallel with the Elections to the European Parliament ?! cool.gif


Vote here for the New Cities !

Elections will be open till Sunday, June 8th.



Phase I - Scouting for possible destinations


Open May, 7th till Sunday, May, 18th (extended to Sunday, May,25th)


Attention: Edinburgh and Pristina are already set to be added, so don't nominate them !


Every member of the project gets to nominate a number of cities they want to have added. Since I don't know how many members will participate, the number will be variable:

- City 1 to 3 will be on the list of choices in any case.

- City 4 will only make it to the list if everyone's 1 to 3 don't add up to 50+ different cities.

- City 5 will only make it to the list if everyone's 1 to 4 don't add up to 50+ different cities.

So you can nominate up to 5 different cities, but put those that you like most first !


Each nomination must meet all the following criteria:


1. The city must be located within the geographical borders of the continent of Europe.

There is more than one definition regarding those borders, so one was chosen to set the facts for this project (it is the one most commonly used):

Europe's eastern frontier is delineated by the Ural Mountains in Russia. The southeast boundary with Asia is the Ural River. The boundary continues to the Caspian Sea, the crest of the Caucasus Mountains, and on to the Black Sea. The Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles conclude the Asian boundary. The Mediterranean Sea to the south separates Europe from Africa. The western boundary is the Atlantic Ocean.

Iceland, though on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and nearer to Greenland (North America) than mainland Europe, is generally included in Europe for cultural reasons and because it is over twice as close to mainland Europe than to mainland North America.

To make that a little more clear and see it on a map, follow these links:

Wikipedia - Geography of Europe - The relevant thing is the first paragraph, from which I took the definition. (Shortening it to the options we will use in the project.)

Wikipedia - The Europe-Asia-Border - Map: Here you can see where Europe ends and Asia begins. All nations coloured green are completely in Europe. Blue means that the nation has territory on both continents - the light blue part is in Europe, the dark blue one is in Asia.

Wikipedia - Definition of Europe - This is a map where the names of the nations are included, so you can look up what is where. (Black writing means it is completely in Europe, blue points out those countries that have only parts of their territory in Europe.) [For me, this link needs a few seconds more, because it first takes you to the wiki site, and then it jumps down a bit to get to the map.]


2. All cities nominated by one member have to be from different countries.


3. The city should have some touristical relevance.

This is about travelling, after all. So the "largest economic output per citizen" or "it's where I live" don't actually qualify. However, many other things do.


4. Give at least a short reason why you nominated the city.

Picturesque beauty, historical relevance, cultural hotspot, famed health resort, swirling nightlife, breathtaking nature, famous citizens (past or present) and so on - there are many things that make a city worth travelling. Why did you choose this specific destination, and why should others travel there ?

(This might be done in a single sentence, and one reason is enough if you don't want to elaborate, but at least something has to be mentioned.)


5. You don't have to look out for the nominations of others. If a city is suggested by more than one user it still gets one spot on the voting list, since there are no votes or counting in this Phase.


So best advice is: Choose the cities you'd like most !

Edited by Lantean_Pegasus

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Lastalda (Athens & Ljubljana)


Contact: best via PM

Regular online time(s): weekdays 3 AM - 9 AM cave time

Time off: weekends, public holidays in Germany


Athens (Greece)


Country: Greece

Capital: Athens

Dragons: Royal Blue

Native 2nd Gen: Adonis Baron of Greece

Last bred: May 5, 2018 (not necessarily up to date)


Ljubljana (Slovenia)


Country: Slovenia

Capital: Ljubljana

Dragons: Neotropical

Native 2nd Gen: Vladimir Baron of Slovenia

Last bred: May 5, 2018 (not necessarily up to date)


My Traveling Notes:


Already traveled:

- Rome: Giana Baroness of Italy

- Paris: Louis Baron of France

- Oslo: Astrid Baroness of Norway

- Prague: Pavel Baron of Czechia

- Vatican City: Maria Baroness of Vatican

- Berlin: Friedrich Baron of Germany

- Nuuk: Qamaniq Baroness of Greenland


- Budapest: Juliska Baroness of Hungary

- Tallinn: Aarne Baron of Estonia

- Talinn 2: Andres Baron of Estonia (<= Refusal-replacement)

- Nicosia: Konstantina Baroness of Cyprus

- Helsinki: Kaarle Baron of Finland

- Kiev: Anastasiya Baroness of Ukraine

- Skopje: Konstantin Baron of Macedonia

- Moscow: Natalya Baroness of Russia


- Vilnius: Gintaras Baron of Lithuania

- Vienna: Maria Baroness of Austria

- Ankara: Ahmet Baron of Turkey

- Bratislava: Eliska Baroness of Slovakia

- Minsk: Dmitriy Baron of Belarus

- Reykjavik: Mjalldis Baroness of Iceland

- Bern: http://dragcave.net/lineage/SuNSd

- Belgrade: https://dragcave.net/lineage/3GLwY


- Monaco: https://dragcave.net/lineage/pKPkl


Even-Gen Lineages in progress:

- 6th Gen #1

- 6th Gen #2


Available tickets:

- none right now


Visits scheduled:

- none right now


Capitals not yet visited (in alphabetical order):

  • Amsterdam (thefaeriesfyre contacted 2018-04-11)
  • Andorra (inactive)
  • Brussels (timpieh contacted 2015-12-03, may be inactive)
  • Bucharest (Pavasaris contacted 2015-12-03)
  • Chisinau (StarLaDragon contacted 2015-12-03)
  • Copenhagen
  • Dublin
  • Lisbon
  • London
  • Luxembourg
  • Madrid
  • Podgorica
  • Riga
  • San Marino
  • Sarajevo
  • Sofia
  • Stockholm
  • Tirana
  • Vaduz
  • Valletta
  • Warsaw
  • Zagreb

Please note that I'd like to travel all the (available) Capitals first, before moving on to the new cities.

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Lantean Pegasus - Paris (France) and Heraklion (Greece)


Capital: Paris

Country: France

Dragons: Sunsongs

Native 2nd gen: Musee du Louvre


Last bred: June 15th


Second City: Heraklion

Country: Greece

Dragons: Undines

Native 2nd gen: Heraklion's Minotaur


Last bred: -


Thread, PM or both: I follow the thread, usually at least once every day. The same goes for checking PMs. So: both.


Already travelled:

Paris, Bucharest I, Vatican City, Madrid, Dublin I, Prague, Berlin, London (Magi), Reykjavik I, Warsaw, Copenhagen I, Oslo, Helsinki (Water), Moscow, Athens, Monaco, Brussels I, Amsterdam I, Vaduz, Luxembourg, Skopje, Nicosia, Ankara, Vienna, San Marino I, Tallinn, Vilnius, Budapest (Electric I), Bern, Belgrade (Tri-Horn), Sarajevo I, Tirana, Nuuk (Bleeding Moon), Sofia, Chisinau (Ridgewings), The Hague, Zagreb, Bratislava, Zürich, Rome, Stockholm (Pillows), Lisbon, Kiev, Minsk, San Marino II, Amsterdam II, Pristina, Zagreb, Belgrade (Red Zyu)Andorra, Helsinki (Tetra), Torshavn, EdinburghMarseille, Nuuk (Spinel)Amsterdam (Cantormaris)


Already travelled, alphabetical order:

Amsterdam I, II & III, Andorra, Ankara, Athens

Belgrade (Tri-Horn & Red Zyu), Berlin, Bern, Bratislava, Brussels I, Bucharest I, Budapest (Electric I)

Chisinau (Ridgewings), Copenhagen I

Dublin I


Helsinki (Water & Tetra)


Lisbon, London (Magi), Luxembourg

Madrid, Marseille, Minsk, Moscow, Monaco

Nicosia, Nuuk (Bleeding Moon & Spinel)


Paris, Prague, Pristina

Reykjavik I, Rome

San Marino I & II, Sarajevo I, Skopje, Sofia, Stockholm (Pillows)

Tallinn, The Hague, Tirana, Torshavn

Vaduz, Vatican City, Vienna, Vilnius


Zagreb, Zürich


Would like another visit: none at the moment


Regular online time(s): -


Time off: -

Edited by Lantean_Pegasus

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Beldarius - Nicosia (Cyprus) and Torshavn (Faroe Islands, Denmark)


Capital: Nicosia

Country: Cyprus

Dragons: Pink

Native 2nd Gen: Deimos tis Kypros, Phobos tis Kypros

Last bred: April 17, 2018 (egg)


Second Capital: Torshavn

Country: Faroe Islands, Denmark

Dragons: Black-Capped Teimarrs

Native 2nd Gen: Hati av Foroyar

Last bred: April 17, 2018 (no egg)


Thread, PM or both: I've given up on breeding at random. If you need a Nicosia or Torshavn egg, PM me and I'll see what I can do.


Already travelled:

- Moscow: Sveta Grinkova

- Vatican: Caius de Civitate Vaticanae

- Prague: Benedikta Golden City of Prague

- Athens: Gaia Athena

- Berlin: Reinhold von Preussen

- Paris: We Shall Battle at the Bastille

- Zagreb: Zlatan of Zagreb

- Helsinki: Ahti Jarvinen of Finland

- Valletta: Marjan of Valletta

- Brussels: Princess Antonia of Belgium

- Belgrade: Belgrade Book Fair

- Vilnius: The Maiden of the Neris River

- Oslo: Rune Draco of Oslo

- Madrid: Azucena de Terra Astur

- Bratislava: Havel z Bratislavy

- Vienna: Adele aus Wien

- Reykjavik: Edda of Iceland

- Luxembourg: Pharamond aus Luxemburg

- Skopje: Damjan od Skopje

- San Marino: La Signora Sammarinese

- Tallinn: Riina Reval

- Riga: Rigas Centraltirgus

- Monaco: Prince Rainier II of Monaco

- Sarajevo: The Bosnian Fox

- Dublin: Irish Sea Shanty

- Heraklion: Princess of Heraklion

- Minsk: Natalia of Minsk

- Pristina: Mergim of Pristina

- Nuuk: Green Prince of Nuuk

CURRENTLY: 16 females (including Deimos), 15 males (including Hati)


Missing (capital):

- Amsterdam

- Andorra

- Ankara

- Bern

- Bucharest

- Budapest

- Chisinau

- Copenhagen

- Kiev

- Lisbon

- Ljubljana

- London

- Podgorica

- Rome

- Sofia

- Stockholm

- Tirana

- Vaduz

- Warsaw



Missing (extra):

- Barcelona

- Brugge

- Cardiff

- Dubrovnik

- Edinburgh

- Istanbul

- Marseille

- Munich

- Saint Petersburg

- Salzburg

- The Hague

- Tromso

- Venice

- Zürich



Tickets owed:

- n/a


Regular online time(s): Around 5 AM - 8 PM cave time, both weekdays and weekends (this might change if I get a job).

Time off: N/A

Edited by Beldarius

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The form is only a suggestion anyway. I like your arrangement and wording, too ! Adopted the country into the form - there are some quite obscure cities in our list that even I hadn't an idea what country they belonged to. (like Nuuk, for example) wink.gif

And thank you for the good wishes !

Edited by Lantean_Pegasus

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I'm glad you approve. smile.gif (I couldn't place Nuuk, either. xd.png)

I also find the link to the traveller's own home 2nd gen helpful, so one can see with one click what the 2nd gen looks like, plus get the names of the CBs. It should also encourage new members to keep a 2nd gen before going on their travels. tongue.gif

But that's taste. smile.gif

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Iside - Vatican City


Capital: Vatican City

Country: Vatican City

Dragons: White

Native 2nd gen: Ioannes de Civitatae Vaticanae


Capital: Lisbon

Country: Portugal

Dragons: Sunstone

Native 2nd gen: Cristobal Leon de Lisboa


Thread, PM or both: Both


Already travelled:

Madrid - Fernando de Terra Astur

Berlin - Gerald von Preussen

Rome - Lucio Vero of Rome

Paris - Princess de Notre Dame

Helsinki - Aamu Jarvinen of Finland

Warsaw - Henryk Warszawa

Nicosia - Athena tis Kypros

Prague - Artur Golden City of Prague

Zagreb - Lucija of Zagreb

Rome - Annia Aurelia Lucilla of Rome

Bratislava - Alica z Bratislavy

Skopje - Atanasij od Skopje

Zagreb - Florijan of Zagreb

Vilnius - Marco Ramius is Vilnius

Tirana - Andika Tiranian Raptor

Sofia - Magdalena of Sofia


Would like another visit:


Regular online time(s): 10 am - 12 pm CET


Time off:

Edited by Iside

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Altiron - Berlin and Tallinn


Capital: Berlin

Country: Germany

Dragons: Ember Dragons

Native 2nd gen.: Carl-Friedrich von Preussen


Last bred: Oct. 17.



Second Capital: Tallinn

Country: Estonia

Dragons: Tsunami Wyvern

Native 2nd gen.: Triinu Tallinn


Last bred: Nov. 13



Thread, PM or both: If you would like to travel to Berlin or Tallin, please PM me and I will be happy to breed my pairs for you. If I have already been to your city I will probably not want anything in return.


Already travelled:


01. Berlin

02. Bern

03. Vatican City

04. Bucharest

05. Reykjavik

06. Copenhagen

07. Moscow

08. Paris

09. Prague

10. Rome

11. Warsaw

12. Amsterdam

13. Brussels

14. Tallinn

15. London

16. Dublin

17. Kiev

18. Helsinki

19. Ankara

20. Athens

21. Oslo

22. Skopje

23. Vienna

24. Nicosia

25. Madrid

26. Budapest

27. Luxemburg

28. Vaduz

29. Monaco

30. Zagreb

31. Nuuk

32. Andorra

33. Ljubljana

34. Valetta

35. Bratislava

36. Vilnius

37. San Marino

38. Tirana

39. Riga

40. Belgrade

41. Sarajevo

42. Stockholm

43. Chisinau

44. Sofia

45. Lisbon

46. Minsk



Other Cities:

00. Heraklion

01. DenHaag

02. Barcelona

03. St. Petersburg

04. Zürich

05. Torshavn

06. Edinburgh

07. Cardiff

08. Pristina


Would like another visit:

Visits scheduled: I would like to visit Dubrovnik (stargazer_7).

I am waiting on Istanbul (AppleMango), Munich (Belisar) and Venice (KuroYukia) to go active.

And maybe one day Brugge, , Marseille, Salzburg, Tromso and Podgorica and get a host, too.

Regular online time(s): varies, but I get notified by eMail if I get PMs and will react within 12 hours normally


Time off:


Lineage progress:

Daniel von Preussen

Edited by Altiron

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Timpieh - Brussels


Capital: Brussels

Country: Belgium

Dragons: Sunrise & Sunset

Native 2nd gen: Manneke Pis


Last bred: May 28


Thread, PM or both: PM preferred, don't check thread very often

Already travelled:













Would like another visit:

none ATM


Regular online time(s): Varying. Uni is busy.

Edited by timpieh

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Catstaff - Moscow and Ankara


Capital: Moscow

Country: Russia

Dragons: Swallowtails

Native 2nd gen: Daria Grinkova


Last bred: June 26, 2014


Second Capital: Ankara

Country: Turkey

Dragons: Imperial Fleshcrownes

Native 2nd gen: Selim II Sultan


Last bred: August 13, 2014


Thread, PM or both: PM is probably better.


Already travelled:

Amsterdam * Berlin

Warsaw * Prague

Madrid * Helsinki

Reykjavik * Vaduz

Nicosia * Brussels

Paris * Lisbon

Rome * Copenhagen

Skopje * Vienna

Tallinn * Oslo

Vatican City * Athens

Zagreb * Andorra

Budapest * Ljubljana

Luxembourg * Vilnius

Monaco * San Marino

Tirana * Valetta

Dublin * Chisinau

Sofia * Belgrade

Zurich * Bern

Barcelona * Heraklion

Bucharest * Minsk

Sarajevo * Kiev

Dubrovnik * Andorra (new)


Still need to visit: Bratislava, London, Nuuk, Podgorica, Riga, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Torshavn, Munich, The Hague, Brugge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Marseille, Pristina, Salzburg, Tromso, and Venice


Would like another visit: none at the moment


Regular online time(s): I check in multiple times a day, generally between 9am and midnight cave time


Time off: none planned at the moment

Edited by catstaff

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Welcome back, Lantean_Pegasus! You have organized everything so good for this thread, that no problem arose.



Thank you, Lantean_Pegasus, for this new thread and that you do all this work for us!

I hope you feel well, soon, Lantean_Pegasus!

Edited by Altiron

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Dolphine- Prague (Czech Republic) and Kiev (Ukraine)


Country: Czech Republic

Capital: Prague

Dragons: Golden Wyvern

Native 2nd Gen: Balto Golden City of Prague

Last bred: Breed on request


Country: Ukraine

Capital: Kiev

Dragons: Yellow-crowned

Native 2nd Gen: Dmytro Of Kiev

Last bred: breed on request



Already travelled:

Andorra - Andorra -  Marti of Andorra - Andorran Hights

Ankara - Turkey - Sultan Of Ankara

Athens - Greece  - Anabeth of Athens

Barcelona - Spain - Liquela Dels Paisos Catalans  

Berlin - Germany  - Katharinea Von Preussen

Bratislava - Slovakia -  Bnechy Bratislavy

Brussels - Belgium Elisabeth Queen of Belgium

Budapest - Hungary -  Winna Of Budapest

Copenhagen - Danmark - Alberina of Danmark

Dublin - Ireland -  Dublin's Meadows

Dubrovnik - Croatia - Luka Matej of Dubrovnik

Helsini - Finland Gustaaf I of Finland

Heraklion - Greece - Minos Of Creta

Kiev - Ukrain - Dmytro of Kiev

Lisbon - Portugal Beatriz Leono de Lisboa

Ljubljana - Slovenia -  Mikael Lubljana

Luxmenboug - Lucembourg Ruby Red Lux

Madrid - Spain -  Ascuriana de Terra Astur

Monacco - Monacco - Prince Albert of Monaco

Moskow - Russia -Tsarina Katharina of Moskou

Nicosia - Cyprus - Astarte of Kypros

Nuuk - Greenland -  Sanguis purus Nuuk

Oslo - Norway -  Kristiania of Oslo

Paris - France -  Parisii de Paris

Prague - Czech Republic - Balto Golden City of Prague

Rome - Italy Brutus of Rome

San Marino - San Marino - Vino De la Fratta

Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Amar Vedad Sarjevski

Stockholm - Sweden - Prince Carl Philip of Sweden

Tallinn - Estonia -  Reelika of Tallinn
Torshavn - Faroe Islands - Oro Foroyar 

Valetta - Malta - Flame Faletta

Vatican City: Papa de Vivitate Vaticanae

Vienna - Austria - Solphie Aus Wien

Vilnius - Lithuania -  Lithuania Strifs

Warshau - Poland Beate of Warshau

Zagreb- Croatia - Jinah of Zagreb


Keeping everything in my spreadsheet



Working on an even gen with all the cities in it.


Contact: Both

Timezone: GMT +1 (Belgium)

Regular online time(s): On and off during the day

Time off: /

Edited by Dolphine
adding lineages

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Thank you ! Linked your post in the news.



Correct, we didn't get one. sad.gif They didn't state why, exactly, but I assume there are certain criteria.


Have to go now. Till then, everybody !

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But ... even i got one for the switching seasonals although the project has died now.


To bad you can't change the name of your account otherwise problem was solved ...


I would ask why if i were you. They should be able to give you an explanation or an account tongue.gif





PMed Ruby


There were not enough different members to qualify for an account. It also didn't seem to be busy enough to need a project account.


At least we have a reason, when we have a big group of memebers and the topic is nice and active we can ask again i guess tongue.gif

Edited by Dolphine

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Idril - Vienna (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovakia)


Capital: Vienna

Country: Austria

Dragons: Red

Native 2nd gen: Falco aus Wien


Last bred: 22.03.2018



Capital: Bratislava

Country: Slovakia

Dragons: Balloon

Native 2nd gen: Miroslav z Bratislavy


Last bred: 03.02.2018



Contact (thread, PM or both): PM me please if you want an egg! I´m only breeding on demand now!


Already travelled:

Vienna - Falco aus Wien

Moskow - Ekaterina is Moskvi

Prague - Radek z Praha

Tallinn - Kalev Tallinnast

Ankara - Mehmed II Sultan Ankaradan

Reykjavik - Asdis Reykviskur

Helsinki - Meri Helsingista

Bucharest - Daciana din Bucuresti

Kiev - Oleksiy z Kyjewa

Berlin - Wilhelmine aus Berlin


Paris - Solange de Sacre Coeur de Paris

Luxembourg - Sebastien aus Letzebuerg

Budapest - Attila Budapestroel

Valletta - Shazi minn Valletta

Zagreb - Miodrag iz Zagreba

Skopje - Dejan od Skopje

Monaco - Gracia Patricia de Monaco

Athens - Kyriakos apo ten Athena

Ljubljana - Cvetka iz Ljubljani

Vilnius - Audra ish Vilniaus


Oslo - Sunniva fra Oslo

Madrid - Felipe de Madrid

San Marino - Floriana di San Marino

Vatican City - Giovanna de Civitate Vaticanae

Tirana - Spartak nga Tirane

Stockholm - Ragnar fran Stockholm

Riga - Miervaldis no Rigas

Rome - Octavia di Roma

Chisinau - Vasilica din Chisinau

Belgrade - Jasna is Beograda


Dublin - Odhran o Bhaile Atha Cliath

Bratislava - Miroslav z Bratislavy

Bern - Helvetia aus Bern

Lisboa - Nelinha de Lisboa

Amsterdam - Rien van Amsterdam

Zürich - Felix aus Zurich

Nicosia - Hieronimo apo ten Lefkosia

Torshavn - Turid fra Thorshavn

Warsaw - Bajka z Warszawy

Barcelona - Ramiro de Barcelona


Vaduz - Constantin aus Vaduz

London - Victoria from London

Sofia - Krum ot Sofia

The Hague - Carla van Den Haag

Nuuk - Mette fra Nuuk

St. Petersburg - Nikolaj is Sankt Petersburga

Cardiff - Taliesin from Cardiff

Copenhagen - Margrethe fra Kobenhavn

Heraklion - Ariadne apo ten Heraklio

Edinburgh - Morfudd from Edinburgh


Brussels - Bauduin de Bruxelles

Minsk - Skirhajla is Minsk

Sarajevo - Vlasta iz Sarajeva

Pristina - Dardan nga Prishtina

Dubrovnik - Stjepan iz Dubrovnika

Belgrade - Vesna is Beograda

Andorra - Arnau d’Andorra

Podgorica - Jelena iz Podgorice

Helsinki 2 - Ahti Helsingista

Edinburgh 2 - Unnamed

Stockholm 2 - Unnamed



Visits scheduled:


Still need to visit: Marseille, Munich, Istanbul, Salzburg, Venice, Brugge, Tromso,


Would like another visit: Bucharest


Regular online time(s): please PM me

Time zone: GMT+1


Time off:/

Edited by Idril
updated passport

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I like this new passport thing biggrin.gif



Lokiphantom - Skopje (Macedonia) and Dublin(Ireland)


Capital: Skopje

Country: Macedonia

Dragons: Guardian

Native 2nd Gen::Korab od Skopje


Last bred: July 25th


Second Capital: Dublin

Country: Ireland

Dragons: Terrae

Native 2nd gen: Liffey of Dublin


Last bred: July 25th


Thread, PM or both: Both

Already travelled:











11.San Marino,










21.Vatican City,















Already travelled, other cities:




Would like another visit:


Still need to visit:

Andorra, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Bern, Kiev, London, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Stockholm, Vaduz,


Other non-capitals: Brugge, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Heraklion, Istanbul, Marseille, Pristina, Saint Petersburg, Salzburg, Tromso, Venice, The Hague, Munich, Torshavn, Barcelona

Regular online time(s): Varies


Time off:

Edited by Lokiphantom

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Ooooh, new thread!



Amazon_warrior - Helsinki


Capital: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Dragons: Water


Last bred: 25/9/2013


Thread, PM or both: Both

Already travelled: Prague, Vatican City, Denmark, Poland, France, Norway, Russia, Belgium

Would like another visit: None atm.


Regular online time(s): I'm in the UK (BST/GMT), typically around during the day and/or evening.


Time off:

Edited by Amazon_warrior

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