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    Call me Tim.

    Awesome people who helped me get my scroll as it is now:
    Misunderstood Dreamer - was a pleasure trading with you ^^
    Lagie - for catching holidays for me and gifting me my first Paper
    Slaskia - for giving me a 2nd gen PB Nebula
    Sorrowgrave - for the nice even gen Magi
    Fortune86 - for giving me a Magma, my first Trio dragon and my first Stripe
    Rubin & everybody else from the Tinsel Gifting group - you people are made of awesome
    Xysticus - for giving me a Silver Tinsel while not being a member of the Tinsel Gifting group. <3
    Raistlin24 - for gifting me 2 Pumpkins and a Black Marrow!