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Travel through Europe

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Well, my CB Reds pair grew up and successfully produced an egg (I'll keep this one). smile.gif


So, I´d say from next week on, flights to Vienna are available again. biggrin.gif


Some info about my CB pair:

They are named "Sissi aus Wien" and "Franzl aus Wien".

For those who don´t know or haven´t seen the old Sissi-movies, Sissi and Franzl are the nicknames of Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz-Josef of Austria. I always wanted to call a pair Sissi and Franzl. biggrin.gif

"aus Wien" just means "from Vienna" in German. smile.gif

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Travelling Europe !


Travellers involved: Beldarius, Dolphine

Capitals travelled: Nicosia, Prague

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Sorry for the double post, but is there nobody who wants to visit Brussels? I can change it to a one-way transfer and get an egg from you later on if you don't have a ticket of your own available atm.

Ticket here!

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Passport: Isanor Hyaline


Capital: Luxembourg

Country: Luxembourg

Dragons: Royal Crimson

Native 2nd gen: Etienne aus Luxemburg

Last bred: Apr 27, 2016


Second Capital: Riga

Country: Latvia (the Republic of Latvia)

Dragons: Red-finned Tidal

Native 2nd gen: Lindar aus Riga

Last bred: Apr 27, 2016


Thread, PM or both: PM, please

Already travelled:

- Luxemburg: Etienne aus Luxemburg

- Paris: Choeur de Seine

- Brussels: Cavalerie van Brabant

- Oslo: Hardangerfjord

- Warsaw: Nokturn Chopina

- Tallinn: Baltic Tiger

- Skopje: Scupi

- Vienna: Cecil aus Wien

- Reykjavik: Anne of Reykjavik

- Moscow: Zedane iz Moskvy

- Riga: Lindar aus Riga

- Berlin: Schwarzwaelder

- Tiranna: Lokins Tiranian Raptor

- Madrid: Arya de Terra Astur

- Monaco: Prince of Monaco

- Lithuania: Mindaugil of Lithuania

- Stockholm: Noel of Stockholm

- Rome: Tertia II Tangar

- Prague: Artoria Golden City of Prague

- Bratislava: Sasra z Bratislavy

- Zagreb: Joysor of Zagreb

- Belgrade: Belgrade Lorien River

- Dublin: Wind Of Dublin

- Torshavn: Mia av Foroyar

- Zürich: Flancoi der Deutsche

- Budapest: Csardas Dancer

- Libson: Sven Leon de Lisboa

Would like another visit: Amsterdam, Athens, Saint Petersburg, Vatican City, Nuuk, Helsinki, Sofia, Lisbon, Podgorica, etc.


Current time zone: GMT-4

Regular online time(s): -

Time off: -

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Here is a ticket to Berlin!


Please, send a short PM if you offer your egg to make sure that I accept the trade as soon as possible!

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Travelling Europe !


Travellers involved: Altiron, Dolphine

Capitals travelled: Tallinn, Kiev

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Passport: BringsTheSnow




Dragons:Bleeding Moon

Native 2nd gen:Eirikur Eternal of Nuuk

Last bred: 13 Jan 2015


Second City:Edinburgh



Native 2nd gen:None


Last bred: 13 Jan 2015


Thread, PM or both: PM please

Already travelled:

Warsaw, Poland

Berlin, Germany

Budapest, Hungary

Paris, France

Brussels, Belgium

Reykjavik, Iceland

Valletta, Malta

Monaco, Monaco

Oslo, Norway

Vienna, Austria

Athens, Greece

Helsinki, Finland

Dublin, Ireland

Tallinn, Estonia

Chisinau, Moldova

Zagreb, Croatia

Regular online time(s):10am-11pm EST(UCT-5)

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I offered on the ember with my Second gen Bleeding Moon. Interested in traveling to Greenland?

I am. My ticket to Brussels hatched already because of lack of interest, PM'ed you the trade link.


Edit: derp. I need to learn how to read, you've already offered your ticket to someone else. Anyway, here's the hatchling's trade link for everyone then: http://dragcave.net/teleport/9a472e540b9fd...ee3bb8763b650ce (it's uninfluenced though, so if you get the wrong gender, I'll breed you another one)

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I'd love to come to Brussels, but my next ticket is already promised to Nicosia.

But I'd love to come visit Brussels next week? (I'll be needing a female.)

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Travelling Europe !


Travellers involved:Altiron, Amazon_warrior

Capitals travelled:Berlin, Helsinki

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I'm back again ! smile.gif Thanks for all the good wishes.


I'm glad to see that everything is running smoothly on the travelling routes of Europe.


And a hearty welcome to everyone who joined when I was too busy to comment - Idril, BringTheSnow, Isanor and Lokiphantom !! You're all over the news ! wink.gif

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Travelling Europe !


Travellers involved: Timpieh, BringsTheSnow

Capitals travelled: Brussels, Nuuk

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There is a ticket to Moscow now available! Any takers?



Ticket still available!


If you haven't been to Moscow yet, but are currently unable to host in return, post here or shoot me a PM to make travel arrangements. :-)

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I can take that egg. smile.gif

I just bred my pair, but I got no egg. Next one will be yours. smile.gif

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I like the idea, and would really like to join, but I'm slightly confused. Is there a form I have to fill out or do I just choose a capital that's available and an available dragon breed?

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There is no sign-up form anymore. Just choose a breed and capital that aren't taken, fill out your Passport (that one doubles as a sign-up form now, I guess) and welcome aboard. biggrin.gif

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you just choose a captial that's available and choose a breed that's available.


you name your cb couple something with your capital in it. that can be .... of *name of capital* or something to do with the laguage or history

you breed a 2nd gen to keep an then start trading 2nd gens.


You can make a lineage like you want for example i am doing 2 (an even gen and a double stairs starting from my own capital with a male and visiting females from all cities)


to keep track of things, fill out your passport so other travelers know how to contact you, what city/breed you choose and other stuff you want to put in there. In on of the first posts your passport will be linked so people wil find your post and there is a world map with every city in the project with the according player and dragonbreed.


you can be a 2nd host in a city from an inactive member BUT you have to take over the dragon breed because some people have dragons from that city and then there would be multiple breeds in one town.



I hope this makes things a bit more clear and i hope i can welcome you to Prague or Kiev in the near future.


Best Regards


Tourist Office Kiev/Prague





There still is a Prague ticket available for travellers

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