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Wishlist in my Profile. My timezone is GMT+1 Always looking for 2nd gen Terraes. Check my profile for more info. :)

ARK2-1.gif oneScrollOath.gif  Might consider IOUs. Try me...

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    My Needlist:

    CB NDs (m/f/n)

    ~Looking for 2nd gen Terraes from following pairings~

    !!!IMPORTANT: Offspring must be unrelated to any Terrae on my scroll. I grab a lot of eggs from the AP, so check your pair's offspring, if there is a Terrae with "Laeglass" in it's name it is on my scroll already!!! ;-)

    Terrae x ...

    Albino f
    Anagallis m
    Autumn m
    Black Marrow f
    Blusang m
    Blue Gemshard f
    Brute m
    Caligene f
    Cavern Lurker f
    Celestial f
    Desipis m
    Electric f
    Falconiform m
    Flamingo f
    Gold f x2
    Gold m
    Gold Wyvern m
    GoN m
    Grave m
    Grave f
    Green/ Pepple f
    Green/ Pepple m
    Green Undine f
    Greenwing f
    Guardian f
    Guardian m
    Harvest f
    Ice f
    Mageia Xenowyrm m
    Magi m
    Moonstone f
    Nhiostrife m
    Nocturne f
    Purple f
    Shadow Walker m
    Silver f
    Silver m
    SpeckleThroated m
    Spring f
    Stone m
    Striped m
    Striped River m
    Sunrise m
    Sunsong m
    Sunstone m
    Tangar f
    Thunder m
    Trihorn m
    Tsunami m
    Turpentine m
    Vine f
    Water f
    Waterhorse m
    Water Walker m
    White m
    White f
    Whiptail m
    Witchlight f
    Yellow-Crowned m

    Those are only what I´m currently looking for to complete some pairs. Any Terrae from any other pairing is welcome on my scroll.
    Also interested in unrelated 2nd gen PB Terraes. :)