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An Abundance of Voices ~open~

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"Well, it was worth it." He chuckled and sat back. "Thanks. I like my arms to." he smirled.As she mentioned surf, he sat up. "Surf? Why, yes I do. Three time reining champ of the local surf contest."

He set his elbows on the table, grinning at Lana.

A man leaned against the bar of the diner. He looked like he was homeless. He had pale blue eyes that shone when he smiled at Seth. He beckoned Seth with a finger. Seth turned to face him, then shook his head and returned his attention to Lana. "So Miss, what's you name?"


Rain looked up, her grey eyes narrowing as she spotted the man. She sneered. "I don't know but he's about to loose his manhood." Rain clenched her fist and began making her way back to the diner entrance. The air seemed to crackle with electricity. Rain was about to give the boy a black eye, until she spotted a familiar looking man. Rain froze. Its him! That man! Rain turned to Ben. "Ben, that's him. The messenger." She looked slowly to Seth. "He's... He's one of us!" Rain faced Benjamin. "He's a Hero." She stepped back. "Lets let it play out. I can take care of him later."



Seth was now beginning to grow annoyed by the strange man. "Excuse me a moment miss." He never lost his smile as he walked over to the messenger.

"Hello sir, you wanted something?" Seth asked politely. "Follow young one."

Seth looked back to Lana, wearing an apologetic look. He mouthed 'sorry'. As he followed the man outside the diner.


A chill went up Rain's spine as Seth walked by. The air around him was cold. Rain's eyes followed the pair as they left the diner. "I'm going to go see." She followed Seth and the messenger.


"What'd you want?" Seth asked, seeming to be bored.

"You're a Hero." The mesenger croaked.

"Excuse me?"

"A Hero. You, have Dragon Blood."

"What? Dragon blood? You my friend have drank to much sea water." Seth turned to go back inside, but the man placed a hand on his shoulder. A shiver ran through Seth, and his Dragon blood seemed to awake. He slowly turned and faced the mesenger.

"You see now, young one?"

Seth nodded slowly. The messenger smiled, pulling out an icy blue gem, followed by a chain.

It was a necklace. The man held it out to Seth. "This, is yours."

Seth extended his hand, taking the gem. It turned ice cold. He would of dropped it, had it not froze to his hand.

"Find the children.."

When Seth looked up, the man was gone.


Rain watched in awe, seeing the scene unfold before her. It had been almost exactly like her own encounter. And then, the man had vanished. So that's what it looked like.

Rain had crouched behind a car. She now stood, walking slowly to Seth. She pulled out her necklace. "Hi there, I believe you should come with me." Seth looked up from his gem, and to Rain. He looked at her chest, were the gem lay. "Hey, that looks like mine, kind of." Rain nodded. "Yes, now come on." Rain walked back into the diner, passing by Ben, and setting down by Lana. "Well hi again. You two are in a group. I mean, three?" He nodded to Roxy again. "Four, actually." Pointing to Ben. "I see." Seth slipped the chain over his head. The gem settled in the center of his chest. "So, what are... We?" He noticed Lana's and Roxy's own necklaces.

"Lana will explain." Roxy leaned against the booth wall. Eyeing Seth warily still.


((I just wanted to get that over with. xd.png

This should make up for my short posts lately.))

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Roxy sat in silence as someone sat down in the booth across from Lana and her, even though he had winked at her. He introduced himself as Seth.


But she was awfully confused when a man that looked as though he was homeless asked Seth to come with him somewhere. Looking closer, she realized that it was the same man who had given her the pendant in that weird fiasco last night. Is he one of us too? It seems weird that so many people who are, are close in location... Maybe it is some weird prank.


When Seth came back, he indeed had a necklace too. So he is one of us... whatever we are.


She watched as Rain ((I assume you meant Rain.)) leaned against the wall, while eyeing Seth warily. "Lana will explain."


She herself was anxious for an explanation. This will either tell her for sure if it's some TV show or if it's real.

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Lana shook her head. "Looks like we've got another one of us, guys," she announced, leaning back against her seat. She tilted her head at Seth's necklace. It greatly contrasted her own, yet it was equally as radiant. "Seth, and Roxy, you're heroes. Luckily I caught you right as it happened, else you would have thought me crazy." She then proceeded to illustrate the history of the hybrid strain of humans and what the man had meant by find the children. "However, we have a higher priority on our list, and that is to rescue Vita," she explained. "Now don't you feel obligated to join our ragtag group, but I feel this is something you will have trouble ignoring." She gave Seth a wink, as if to playfully mock his own flirting.


Benjamin's phone buzzed in his pocket, stirring him from his temporarily catatonic state as he listened to Lana's story once again. He pulled it out and opened the email from his father. The message read Good luck, son, and attached to it was a word document. He downloaded the document and scrolled through the invoice. "Guys," he spoke up, raising a hand. "I have a feeling that Medical Research and Testing: Wing 37 - Genetics, might be a pretty good lead." Lana shot him a look of intensity, and he immediately copied the address of the company into the GPS on his phone.

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Seth stood. "Sounds good to me. Whose Vita?" He asked with a toothy smirk. He was looking to Lana. "He your, boyfriend?" Seth taunted playfully.


Rain looked to Ben, wearing a serious expression. "Lets go, now." She rolled her eyes at Seth. Right away, Rain knew she wouldn't like Seth. He was immature. Although, Rain could sense, a darkness, deep underneath all that childlike additude. If Rain hadn't had a dark past of her own, she'd never wouldn've picked up on it. Rain had decided to wait to actually profile Seth, and mark him as permantly annoying.

How'd he managed to be this peppy with (what she assumed) was a darker past, even perhaps darker than her own.


Rain shook her head clear, her gem glowing. Looking to Ben she smiled. " I don't suppose you have a ca-"

"I do!" Seth said, interrupting Rain. He disappeared around the counter, and returned a moment later holding up keys.

Rain again rolled her eyes, beginning to become annoyed with Seth.

"What's with the sourpuss?" He asked Lana, pointing a thumb at Rain.

Rain growled, taking a few steps forward, pulling back her arm, and socking Seth in the jaw. He went down with a heavy thump. "That's for being an annoying *** . And, for flirting with Lana." She turned away scowling, taking up a position beside Ben.


Seth sat up slowly. God damn that girl can punch! He rubbed his jaw, moving it around to make sure she hadn't broken any bones. He rose to his feet. A smile spread across his lips. "Someone needs a hug!" Seth leaped forward and wrapped his arms around Rain. Rain shoved Seth back, and uppercutted him. "Try that again, and I'll be aiming lower." Rain growled.

Seth only smiled. His parents had beat him worse, and he wasn't bothered by her punches. He rose to his feet. "I guess hugs don't solve everything." He turned to Lana again, never seeming to lose his cheery demeanor. "Shall we?"

Rain glared at Seth. She was not getting in a car with him. "How about Roxy and Lana go with you, I'll go with Ben. You can follow us."

"Ooo, someone has a crush." Seth sang.

Rain blushed, and advanced on Seth again. Seth cowered behind Lana, pretending to be scared. "Please don't let the mean lady hit me again!" He said, stifling a laugh.

Rain glared again at Seth, but then took up her spot by Ben once again. Seth smirked, and stood next to Lana. "As I was saying, shall we?" Seth raised his keys.

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((Your characters literally make me laugh out loud Raven x3))


Lana and Benjamin grinned smugly and exchanged knowing looks throughout Seth and Rain's entire encounter. "Can't take a punch from a girl?" she asked Seth, wrinkling her nose. "Anyway, Ben doesn't have a car right now, Rain. So unless you wanna show up an hour late to the party, you're gonna have to deal with this...chipper young man." She chuckled, then glanced over Benjamin, who had a slight blush on his face. She cocked an eyebrow. He likes her, she pondered.

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((xd.png he makes me laugh too. Lol.))


Rain narrowed her eyes. She sighed, "Fine. Lets go. The less time I have to spend with him, the better." She turned on heel and walked out of the diner grumbling.


Seth grinned. "She's quite serious, isn't she?" He laughed and followed Rain out. "My car is over here." He said, leading the group to a 70's looking van. His two surfboards were on the luggage rack. He made his way around the left side of the van, opening the sliding door for Rain. "After you, milady." Rain shoved him and climed into the third row backseat of the van. "Hey Ben, want to take shotgun with me? Or sit in the very back with your girlfriend?" He winked at Ben.


Rain clenched jaw, trying not to beat Seth within an inch of his life.

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Benjamin shook his head. "You sure seem to like the words boyfriend and girlfriend. Anyway, I'll sit back with her and let Lana deal with you." He climbed into the van and joined Rain, nudging her. "He's a surfer," he whispered to her. "He probably doesn't understand social rules." Seth hadn't made a great first impression with Benjamin, either, but he wondered if Lana was falling for the bad boy act.


Lana walked around the van and locked a hand on the roof of the van, swinging herself into the passenger's seat. She slammed the door as she sat down, then wrinkled her nose. "Smells like salt," she muttered to herself, then looked across the vehicle at Seth. "Come on, pretty boy!" she called. "Let's go!"

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Seth grinned at Ben, going around to the driver's door. He pulled the door open and climbed in, making sure to wink at Lana. "Glad you think I'm pretty. And it smells like salt because Im a surfer." He put the keys in the ignition, and started the van.


Rain sighed and shook her head. "He's a dumb *** , he knows full well what he's doing, and that it's... Embrassing." Rain leaned back, resting her head on the van's couch. It reeked of salt and fish. "I surfed for a bit, at one point anyway." Rain smiled, thinking back to when she did surf. Seth turned to Rain. "Did you just say you surfed? Nah, impossible. You're to much if a sourpuss." Rain glared at Seth.

"I'll have you know I placed second in the champs."



"Well, I know you're serious. Tell you what, I challenge you to a surf duel after all this is over."

"You're on." Rain grinned for the first time that day.

"Off we go!" Seth backed up the van, and drove out of the parking lot.

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Benjamin glared at Seth. "I don't like him," he muttered, then looked over at Rain. "You would win. You would totally win." He smiled at her, then glanced down at his phone. "Take a right on Rumpson Street," he called to the front seat. "And then a left on Roanoke Boulevard."


((Ugh so short))

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Seth nodded, listening to Ben.


"Thanks." She smiled and looked down, trying to hide a blush. "And I don't like him either." She laughed and playfully elbowed Ben.


((Mines even shorter. xd.png))

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Benjamin pushed Rain lightly when she elbowed him and laughed with her. A sudden sense of belonging overcame him, and his laughter faded into a small smile. "You know, Rain, I've never had this before," he told her. "I've never had people I could call friends." He shrugged. "If you'll let me call you a friend."


Lana glanced in the rear view mirror and shook her head with a small chuckle. "He likes her," she told Seth. "Ever since the three of us met, I could tell. That was, after he stopped checking me out. My hatred for his family turned him off, thank god." She shook her head and rested her forehead against the window. The sky had cleared overnight, allowing Dragones to feature its world renown golden sunshine. The only thing famous about for Lana was that it had turned her porcelain skin bronze.

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Rain smiled sadly, recalling her dark history. "I've never had friends either. I'm glad to call you my friend Ben." She tried her best to not blush. Rain knew he was more than just a friend.

She rested her hand on his lightly, feeling the warmth of another humans touch. Beside the hug from Seth earlier (although she didn't really count it), Rain hadn't felt the touch of a human being in over two years.


Seth grinned lopsidedly. "When do think he's going to ask her out?" He laughed quietly. Seth drove down the deserted road. "It's no surprise he likes you. You're beautiful." Seth leaned back into his seat, never losing his grin. He looked up at the sun a moment. "Damn. Would've been surfing today, had it not been for the rain. And, I wouldn't have met all you. Say, by the way, Rain has quite the funny name. You know why?"

"It's because Ame is my real name."

"Ame? That Japanese?"

"Yes. It means rain in English."

"I see, now, why'd you change it?"

Rain was silent. She looked down at her feet.

"I don't like talking about it."

"Aw, come on, you can tell us."

"I said I don't like talking about it."

"Come on, please?"

Tears threatened to flow down Rain's face. Her fists and jaw clenched, fighting the tears.


((I'll finish my post later.

Gtg to swim.


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"Yup, I'm lost." Fina looked around. She had no idea where she was. I suppose that's what I get for leaving without permission. Now I'm lost and have no idea how to get home. Sighing, Fina continued down the street.

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Benjamin narrowed his eyes at Seth. "Stop it," he said firmly, lacing his fingers through Rain's and giving them a squeeze. "We're not in this van to interrogate its passengers. We're in it to save our friend's life." He looked at Rain with a weak smile. Rain was likely the smartest fighter in the group, and he really didn't want her off of her game. But even more than that, he didn't think Seth had any right to stomp into their already tightly knit group and kick them all around.


Lana looked over at Seth with a scolding glare, but said nothing. Upon a different situation, she would have let him know what she thought, but in this case she held her tongue. They needed Seth, despite his behavior since they had met him. He was their current source of transportation, and Lana was sure that he had some capacity as a fighter. I wonder if he's ever put those arms to use, she thought.

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((Pretend Roxy got in the van too [i need to check this thread more] can we do that guys.can we. plz. Roxy's in the back lik omg dont leaf me behind. omg plz.))


Benjamin read the directions to the lab on his phone. Seth nodded in response and drove off.


She was curious as to who Vita was, but she assumed that he was a person they were friends with. Up front she could hear Lana saying something to Seth. It was odd, she couldn't quite hear what she was saying even though Lana was only a little ways away. But she did hear her say something about Benjamin and Rain. She didn't try to listen any closer, it wasn't her conversation.


Roxy leaned her head against the van's side. So she has dragon's blood? Maybe that's why she liked dragons so much...

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Rain smiled at Ben. "Thank you." She rested her head on his shoulder. Tears still pricked at her eyes. She closed them, drifting off into a secluded part of her mind, where she'd locked away the horrible memories.

Rain's other hand rested on Ben's.


Seth frowned. "Jeez, alright." He returned his attention back to the road. He looked in his rear view mirror to Roxy. "You're sure quiet."

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Benjamin shook his head. "It's no problem," he told her. "He's being a jerk. A man never has a right to be rude to a lady. Now, a b****, that's a different story." He smiled. "You're not one though. So no worries." He leaned his head onto hers and wiped away a stray tear that had escaped her eyes with his thumb. I've never been so... so close to someone before, he thought, wincing.


Lana looked back at Roxy when Seth mentioned her. She realized she knew nothing about her. She hadn't even peeped a word. "Yeah, Roxy," she chimed in. "You have been the quiet type tonight. Are you still in shock from this encounter, or...?" She gave her a smirk, hoping they hadn't frightened her too much with their rather dramatic way of communication.

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Roxy looked up at Lana after she said her name. "No, I'm not usually this quiet. I guess it's just a lot to take in," she said.


Normally she'd be talking like crazy. It's not like her to be so silent. Why am I then?


"So, uh, what do you like to do?" Roxy internally cringed at her horrible attempt to start a conversation. This is crazy, she thought.


((It's so short. (-n-)(\ I HAVE MADE A NEW EMOTE. The facehoof.))

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Rain sighed, pulling back out of the torrent of memories and emotions that had begun to overwhelm her. She blinked, coming out of her "daydream".


Seth chuckled. "Well, if you can't tell by the salt, or boards, I like surfing."


(( So... Short... T.T ))

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Lana smirked. "I like getting drinks on dancing on strangers," she replied rather monotonously. "And painting disturbing self portraits when I'm alone." She furrowed her brow. All of this madness and I've forgotten about my unfinished painting. "Do you mind if I smoke?" she asked Seth as she rolled down the window.

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Seth blinked at Lana. He was a bit thrown off. When she asked to smoke, he frowned.

Flashes of memories blurred his vision.

"Yes, I do actually. Please... Don't. It... Stirs up troubling memories."

Seth sighed. "You really shouldn't do it. If it's because you're stressed," he reached behind his seat, pulling out a stress ball. "Use this."


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Lana smirked as he handed her the stress ball. She stared at it for a moment, then back up at him. A bit annoyed, she threw the ball out the window and rolled it back up, then leaned against her seat and sighed. "I'm surprised at the lack of acceptance to my cancerous habit," she sighed. "I figured Dragones was pretty liberal. But I'll just get a smoke after all the crap is over with." She breathed in deeply, then looked forward. Her eyes glowed with a sad, troubled intensity.

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Seth sighed, replacing his hands on the wheel. "My parents, they were junkies. And crack addicts. And... Well any drug, they'd try and get their hands on." For the first time in years, Seth's mood had turned dark and somber. His necklace was dull.


Rain had been listening to Seth and Lana's conversation absentmindedly. She to, was against smoking.

The bright cheery atmosphere of the van dwindled and faded. It was replaced with darkness and sadness. Like the atmosphere of a funeral.

Rain sat up slowly. Her eyes were narrowed as she tried to pick up who it was coming from. She couldn't see faces, but she saw shoulders and arms.

And that was enough for her.

Rain had determined that it was both, Lana, and Seth.

Seth? Sad?

Rain listened in. When he had mentioned his parents were addicts, her eyes grew wide. Past feelings of bitterness towards Seth faded. He had come from a relatively same background as Rain. The bitterness was replaced with a mix of sadness and connection.

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"Huh. That's ironic," Lana said with a weak chuckle. "Mine were abusive alcoholics." Unlike the others, her mood had not been tainted by the memories of her childhood. She had long let go of those grudges, though she still hated her foster parents with all of her heart. She glanced over at Sean. "Sorry to kill the mood."


Benjamin looked around the van. He felt ostracized and as if he didn't belong, and instantly missed the feeling of belonging that he had less than moments ago. He hadn't suffered abuse or neglect, and lacked any scarring childhood memories. He'd grown up in the lap of luxury and considered it the norm, but was quickly learning that even the best of people came from much, much less than what he had.

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