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Leo appeared in front of Fantaasma suddenly, as if he had simply melted out of thin air.

"Why would you have to worry about the police?" he asked quizzically, "Sure you knocked down a wall, sut you were chasing after a thief who stole your merchandise, It was an accident."






"Whoah there Bugzy, No need to flip out like that!" Agatha chortled. "Kitty here fired her shadow balls in the other direction."

Agatha pointed over to where most of Tiramisu's barrage had landed in the forest. Some trees had been knocked down, while the larger ones were pocked with smoking craters. Her expression turned to one of dull boredom. "On that note, if Celebi pops in with intent to kill whoever did this; We all agree it was a freak meteor shower, OK?"


Agatha turned to Reed. "I think I'll take you up on your offer," She said, "Let's meet back here when the time comes. As for now, Leo's distracted, Rusty's snoozing, Bug breath's toasted, Bugzy's inebriated, kitty's blubbering, and I'm fueled up from all the angst, fear, anger, and general negativity from everyone. Ciao!"

With that, Agatha gave a bow and a flourish, and after drawing a curtain of Ominous wind, vanished.




The little Pichu slid down the tree, and began to walk back to town. As he passed Reed, he paused. "You're all Weirdoes," he said, before blowing a raspberry at the Smeargle and running off, back to his mother.


((Fun fact, while I was typing the word "offer" in this post, I looked back, and saw that I had somehow written "author." Sure they are near Homonyms, but that's still one heck of a typo))

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Zagan felt like pacing around. He would have, if it wouldn't make the Pikachu and Pichu even more nervous. There was only so much he could say without sounding cliched, and he wanted to go see what was taking so long, but he didn't want to leave those two alone. Well, at least he had managed to make the little one laugh, and as a leftover, his illusion was masquerading him as a perfect replica of the Pichu.


That was when he noticed the Psychic-type from before, gel-encased head peeking from the tunnel. "Hey!" he barked, running there and skidding to a halt right in front of her. "What's going on? It sure felt like you guys took a whole month!" he half-complained, though his tone was devoid of any accusing edge. More like he just wanted information. It took him a second before realizing he looked like a Pichu to her, so he quickly added, "Oh, and this is the Zorua. The real Pichu brother is there," pointing in the direction where the duo was.

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Like many different pokemon Steelix have are known to have peculiar dreams. A rapidash or Houndoom may dream of running and twitch involuntarily of their own accord when they dream. Steelix's have much the same, except worse. A steelix dreams that it is digging, when a steelix digs it turns and uses the force and size of its body to pierce the rock and create a tunnel. So when a steelix dreams that it is digging it twists and turns. If this were something like a caterpie there would be no harm, perhaps the occasional string shot. But when you have a 9 meter long 400kg (i'm not gonna bother convert these if you fellas don't use metric btw) metal wyrm twisting and turning in its sleep. It can cause, shall we say, potential hazards to those around it.




Haldor slept. He dreamed of glimmering caves. Walls sparkling with crystals, such tasty treats the envy of any desert table at an Onix gathering. He plowed through them, his jaw open wide engulfing the jewels. He turned, rotating his sectional body ninety degrees an soared through a wall. A stream of magma fell down, cascading past him. Haldor swerved, avoiding the molten rock. He heard the scream of some small creature trapped down there. He was a rescuer, it was his duty to save those pokemon in need. His eyes glanced around and he set on a large stone pillar. The lava poured by it, it would be a close fit for a creature as large as he was. His tail glowed, hardening. With a solid impact his tail crashed into the pillar knocking it down over the stream of lava.


The small pokemon let out a cry as Haldor slithered over the large lake of lava.

"Quick little one, get across this cavern could collapse, my companions are waiting just through that tunnel!" He called above the roar of the lava falls. The little pokemon gave a shriek and began to hurry along the pillar. Then in a heart wrenching moment, he slipped. Time seemed to freeze as Haldor watched the little pokemon trip and tumble over the edge, cascading slowly down towards the perilous magma stream. Instinct took over, ignoring the danger Haldor swung low, extending his neck as far as he would dare. The little pokemon landed on his head, but suddenly he realized he had underestimated the weight of the pokemon and the velocity of his fall. The impact forced his head down, and his gleaming gold jaw sunk into the lava.


At first Haldor was hopeful, hopeful that his strong iron skin had protected him from the bubbling sea of red. He felt the heat rise, his jaw began to increase in temperature rapidly. He felt an odd prickling sensation as the lava slowly rotted away the steel flakes, liquidizing them and adding the substance to the already enormous flow. Haldor squinted, the pain was beyond anything he had ever felt, in all his pokemon battles, in all the lands. Even when he had been forced to surface below the sea, with the absolutely astronomical torrent of water cascading down on him, crushing him. He had never felt such a pain as this. He lifted his head letting out a horrific roar of pain. The small pokemon jumped off his head, horrified at the site. The huge steelix's jaw had practically rotted off, glowing a brilliant orange from the heat. The tiny pokemon watched as the steelix crashed its head against the posts, scraping at the terrible pain trying to remove it. All its intelligence seemingly departed as it tried to remove the pain. The pokemon turned and ran.




Out of the dream Haldors thoughts and the images in his head moved into his physical presence. The hulking gold form raised, still unconscious from exhaustion then when he reached his peak the colossus fell smashing its head repeatedly into the ground. Trying to remove the pain, tyring to focus on something else.


(Well... that carried on for a bit, did I mention how his jaw actually got rusted... or that Haldor has a fear of lava/magma Oh well, this may explain some stuff)

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((Aw yeah metric system. High five.))


"Oh! Okay! Hello." Bree smiled uneasily. "Um...I don't really know either, anymore." A thump made her jump and whip around, and she turned to see that the Steelix was wildly thrashing and hitting its head against the ground. She bit her lip and gave Zagan an anxious look.


((Bluhhhhh it's so short sorryyyyyyy))

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((Metric system FTW~

Also, assuming the Pichu will arrive in the next 1-2 posts because distance))


There was a small tremor, as if something big had hit the ground. Zagan's fur instinctively bristled as he went down to all fours, real and illusion body alike, tiny Pichu tail pointing up. "...Now I really want to know what kind of party you were having," he commented, snickering nervously. He had to remember to make the illusion look up at the Psychic-type; it was a bit difficult to impersonate something the size of your foot, but he always liked challenges. Maybe he'll stick around in that form for a while before being a Mienshao again.


The Pikachu mother hugged her son, pressing him against her body for protection, ears perked up to detect any danger. Hesitatingly, she approached the duo, ears and tail now drooped a bit. "Excuse me," she said in a soft tone, looking up at the Psychic-type. "Do you know if my son is alright?"

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This was finally it. It was really happening. Red, a zigzagoon with nothing but the hat in her head and an oran berry in her paw, was out in the real world now. She could join a rescue team! Finally, do something really important with her life!! Yes! And this would be the town she would start at! Laos town, the sign said, yes, it all looked very...




From what she could see, the town appeared to be in ruins. There were gaping holes in the ground, a collapsed building, screaming children, a rampaging Steelix, a Scizor crumpled on the ground muttering to herself...


For a moment, she wondered if she should have listened to her family and stayed home. But no! She steeled herself and continued on to investigate. It was her first day on her own; what kind of rescuer would she be if she turned tail and fled on her first day?


(ooooh first post this is so exciting!! biggrin.gif )

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Reed stared at the place where Agatha had been only moments before. Even if this was only business, he had to admit to himself that he had just met the most high-class actress that he would ever be graced to see in his life. Groudon's left foot, she had to be the second or third most impressive woman ever to step in his life. Of course, this meant she could only be less than half as amazing as himself, and if this longshot were to work in certain ways he might consider her less so. Nonetheless, that Mismagius was one class act.


The terrified sobs from what Reed perceived as Kitty's general direction were drowned out by the roaring sound of an immensely pissed-off Scizor. The Scizor appeared to be some sort of clown, or magician, or some other sort of entertainment profession, and was waving a torn hat in the obviously frightened Meowth's face. A small pang of pity ran through the Smeargle; even if he could care less for the moody Meowth, she'd been left by her only real escape route. His tail waved a small bit as he shouted gruffly,


"Hey Clowny, leave the little thing alone - "




Reed most certainly hadn't noticed Tiramisu's claws digging far into the earth, nearly tearing the grass to shreds.




She wouldn't apologize this time. No. This was the last straw; she wouldn't be sorry for every mistake she made. It wasn't her fault, it wasn't her fault, da** it she couldn't find any room to feel sorry anymore. Tiramisu's claws crushed the grass she'd been curling into. Her eyes could burn holes (through herself as well? she wondered). Voice trembling with the rest of her, she spat,


"Really? You're really going to do all of that to me for your stupid - " She swiped her claws at the ruined silk, "Stupid hat?"


I'm sorry, no I don't need to do this I can just run somewhere else I'm having a bad day I'm tired I'm sorry but I'm so sick of this of - of being sorry!


The Meowth's eyes narrowed; her tail flared out.


"All for some stupid mistake? I hope those insults made you happy, because I'm sure the clown of the party is making everyone laugh at their - their - ugh."


The eyes of some of the Pokemon in the Square met their mark. Tiramisu's claws hid away again, and she slumped slightly. Sounding somewhat defeated, she hissed,


"Just leave me alone. Leave me alone like everyone else."


I don't know why I'm so angry - at you, at everyone. I don't want to say sorry, I want to say everything else... I... I don't know.


The Smeargle slipped quietly into the forest, and a Dusknoir in the crowd hesitantly pulled himself away from the town.

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((Reedan, your application is not in the list of accepted characters. Furthermore, TalonCat chose to close Applications as He/she decided that we had enough people. if you were accepted last minute, then wait for your app to be put on the list, otherwise please delete your post, and follow the rules.))

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((Reedan, your application is not in the list of accepted characters. Furthermore, TalonCat chose to close Applications as He/she decided that we had enough people. if you were accepted last minute, then wait for your app to be put on the list, otherwise please delete your post, and follow the rules.))

(( ^w^ I literally just accepted him. (Also, dang, both of you are fast!)))

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(( ^w^ I literally just accepted him. (Also, dang, both of you are fast!)))

((well now I feel like a huge jerk...))

((Agatha: "Good for you!" biggrin.gif ))

((That's not how I ment it.))


((anyway, I do kep saying that Leo is a ninja/cowboy/shimigami, of course I'm fast!))

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((haha tongue.gif That was fast. I was a little worried for a second there ^^" thanks Taloncat))

Well, Red was definitely determined to help someone, but she couldn't quite tell who needed help. Everyone appeared to be in some sort of distress or another. What could she do... ah, the crying children! Crying kids would be nice and straightforward to sort out. She had to get past the crazy Scizor first, though.... she cautiously approached this particular commotion, trying to look like she knew what she was doing.

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((Gosh darn I did not notice that there were new posts somehow. I'm sorry for being a huge idiot.))


Bree gulped as she looked down at the Pikachu. "Y-yes...I think so. We got Ag - the outlaw to release him, but - and - " she made a choking noise. Why did she think coming back here would be less awkward? She thought briefly about just running away, but Zagan would be able to catch up to her in half a second. She looked in the direction of the crowd again and saw a little yellow spot running towards them. "Oh! Yes, I, he's over there!" She waved at the approaching Pichu and sunk almost to the ground in relief.

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Fantaasma looked at the Meowth and grinned, slightly nervously. "Well, lets just say I don't have the 'best' relationship with the higher authorities. Yeah it was an accident, but I'd rather not go through all the trouble of paperwork and what not". Fantaasma grinned then turned away. "You understand right?". Without waiting for a reply, Fantaasma took off at lightning speed down the ally he originally came from.

That twerp better not follow me. I've had enough contact with non-client people he thought to himself.


((Sorry it took me so long. Been camping for a while :/))

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"Property damage, vandalism, assault with a deadly ability, actual bodily harm, assault with intent to wound, loss of earnings, assault with intent to cause emotional distress, loitering with malicious intent. That'd be what I can make stick in court."


Loitering? Really?


"They're still here, aren't they?"


Er, point of order...


Mister Buggles looked around for a moment, and saw the Meowth take off for the trees. "Oh no you don't!" She sped off, blurring with the speed of a Pursuit -


Which left her neck-deep in a tree.




Fine choice of words there.


"Sod off."


Less fine.


"Can you give me a hand?"


Of course. I am sort of omnipotent, after all.


With a few minutes of struggling, Mister Buggles emerged from the tree and began to shake the fallen leaves and grot off her suit. It was a complex operation involving a collapsible feather duster and several bits of oddly-shaped metal, and eventually she was as pristine as could reasonably be expected. Still, the Meowth and the Haunter both were nowhere to be seen, so she sat down, got out her needle and thread, and began tending to her hat, the fine red silk of the lining closing like a wound.

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Everything was going very strangely, as far as first days on ones own go. The children seemed fine, and now all the pokemon that had, she assumed, caused the commotion, were running off. Or trying to; the crazy Scizor had run into a tree, and was still talking to itself. Trying to figure out where to go, Red ran right into a Meowth sulking near the rubble.


"Oh! So sorry," Red adjusted her hat. "Didn't see you there. I, uhm... hm. Are you alright?"

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Alteria had finally found the right seed and fed it to the Scolipede. She had some Oran berries in case it needed more energy. She looked at the Scizor. Perfect time to make friends! "Hi! What's your name? My name is Alteria!" She happily greeted.

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Atto coughed upon being revived and hauled himself to his feet. He sighed and looked around. The selection of Pokemon in the crowd had changed considerably - both the Mismagius and the Pichu were gone. He trotted up to the Altaria. "Thanks for the reviver seed. Sorry I can't really do anything in return." He approximated a smile. "See you later." He galloped toward the town square, wondering if the Pichu had been returned when he was out.

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Leo let the shady shopkeeper go. Besides, he had more important maters to take care of. However...

Leo returned to the clearing, only to find both Agtha and Reed missing. He stood there for a moment, vacantly staring at where she had been floating only a few seconds ago, before facepawing in shame.

"I can't believe I made a beginner's mistake like that," he groaned. Without Allen, Leo had forgotten that he could not just leave a captured outlaw alone to chase after another suspect. It was a simple rule, common sense really, and yet, Leo had let Agatha slip away once again. Not by some trick or act, but sheer dumb luck on Agatha's part.


Shaking his head, Leo returned to the square. His heart lifted a little when he saw the little Pichu reunited with his brother and Mother. Zagan was there too, currently disguised as a third Pichu.

"Glad to see everyone's fine here," Leo said.

The little Pichu's eyes widened when he saw Leo. "Mommy!" he said, pointing at Leo, "He's the one who saved me!"

"You did?" the mother Pikachu exclaimed, "Oh thank you so ever much young lad. I was so worried about what might happen to my dear child."

"It was no trouble at all mam," Leo replied, blushing slightly, "besides, I shouldn't take the credit, I spent half of the crisis unconscious."

"But you were so cool!" the Pichu replied, his eyes shining, "You were all like, you were in one place but then you weren't there you were in another place and by then you were somewhere else but you weren't there for very long either and you did this cool attack that went like Woosh-pow and left behind a glowing trail and, and..." the Pichu paused, panting,

"When I grow up, I want to be a rescuer like you!"


Leo smiled, then got down on one knee so that he was at eye level with the Pichu.

"Now that's verry brave of you," Leo said, "Let me tell you why I became a Rescuer. I had a friend who wanted to be an explorer, and loved to play practical jokes. But one day, one trick went too far, and she dissapeared. I became a Rescuer so that I could hopefully find her someday. I haven't yet, but I haven't given up either."

"Did the bad ghost take her?" the Pichu asked.

Leo was silent for a moment, his expression unreadable. "Yes, I guess she did," he eventually replied.


Leo then turned to Zagan, "So, I take it you were keeping them company?" he asked.

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Zagan looked at the direction the Psychic-type was pointing at and, sure enough, spotted the yellow dot that was rapidly running in their direction. He wasn't related to the Pichu, but nonetheless, he felt a huge wave of relief and even childishly let out a loud "Yay!", raising one of his front paws in a fist - his illusion translated the movement to the small Pichu hands, and he even manipulated it so it looked like he had ran a quick circle and jumped in the air. "Good eye, sis!" he said, refraining himself from patting the floating gel Pokemon only because a real Pichu would be too tiny to reach her. "Say, no offense, but I've gotten a bit tired of mentally calling you variations of 'that Psychic-type floating gel'. Any name you go by?" he asked, grinning at her.


By then, the male Meowth had come back too, and the ex-kidnapped Pichu was fanboying over him (Zagan had to snicker at that). "Yup; you and that Steelix looked like you knew what you were doing, so I though you wouldn't need me. 'Sides, what can I say? They looked like they needed cheering up," he said in reply to the cat's question, looking at the electric duo that was now a trio.

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If he was going to be stuck in this raunchy little town, he figured he might as well have a bit of fun.


The sky was clear and beautiful above Laos, and had it not been for the current situation in the town square then the only tensions sparking would be located in Fenris' itching fur. His bright eyes flashed with mischief; the said situation had taken away his two only reprieves from boredom (harassing his partner and harassing innocent townspeople). There had to be someone here to impress (harass). There absolutely had to be.


And, unfortunately for the Hydreigon that the malicious Electrike's eye had just caught, there was exactly one Pokemon there. Had anyone been there, they too would have been harassed; however, had anyone been there invisibly, they would have been reminded of a Luxray licking its teeth as it prepared to ever. So. Carefully... Snatch it from this life into their belly! Step by step, quietly, Fenris' toothy grin grew closer to the Hydreigon.


Hope you ain't squeamish, guy. Hahaha!~


An ear-shattering Roar sliced through whatever air dared remain between the predator and his prey. (Fortunately, the town Move Tutor had quite strong, sound-proof, heat-proof, and quite frankly everything-short-of-a-meteor-proof windows. Unfortunately, the town bakery was screwed.)




Pellinore heard a very distinctive ringing in his ears, and quite frankly that had never turned out to be a good thing for him.


The Kirlia cast an exasperated look at the Dusknoir that remained anxiously floating by his side. He silently reflected that, yes, it could be worse; he could be hearing voices from the underworld calling him to take Pokemon into the great beyond. In fact, that would be rather interesting to experience, he mused, if only for a short time. His new friend - Cas, he reminded himself - shivered, and Pell's momentary distraction was lost in a pool of pity. He let himself wallow in it a bit, patting the older Pokemon on the shoulder quietly, knowing that outside that pool of pity was a particularly annoying ringing.


Fenris was off doing some dumb shi... nanigans again, wasn't he? Honestly, they had one job: stay off the radar. They had one job. Pell sighed and adjusted the glaring orange-and-blue ribbon tying his "hair" back; the ponytail had begun to come loose, despite there being absolutely no reason for it... He stifled another sigh, and cast a sidelong glance at his partner in exasperation.


"Man, how the Furret do you even deal with..."


He waved his arms rather un-gracefully at the Dusknoir's antenna.


"All that? 'Can't even deal with knowing that my pet is getting his predator on over here."


Cas laughed ruefully,


"Well if the incident back there is any indication, I don't."


The Dusknoir cocked an eyebrow in interest, obviously eager to get off the topic,


"You have a telepathic link with your partner?"


"Nah, not quite. I can feel it when he's happy though, and he's got a certain kind of creepy predator happiness that makes me feel like I swallowed a Rattata whole."


"Oh yes, like when the Banettes tell you to bring small children."


Cas seized up for a moment, realizing what he'd just said. Pell shrugged, trying to match the feeling the Dusknoir had described to his own (he'd never quite shrugged off his Ralts streak, and it was times like these he thanked Mesprit for that). After a moment of awkward silence, he mused,


"Yeah, that's pretty danged close."


With a smile, he added,


"Can't say they've ever asked me that, though."


Relief came rolling off of the Reaper Pokemon in waves, filling Pell with a warm feeling similar to the feeling of drinking hot chocolate. A very small amount of hot chocolate, but hot chocolate nonetheless.


He risked a glance back at the Square to see how things were moving along. And... They were moving along, in some places. A little fight over there between some magician and some cowering hooligan (he quietly rooted for the magician to tack the Meowth to a tree with the Ace of Spades, his love for illusionists trumping his appreciation for cat-like Pokemon only because Scizors looked bad...Articuno?), something about a hostage situation being resolved, a small bit of clamor here, there, everywhere.


It's a beautiful day, he reminded himself.


And behold! There was what he'd been searching for: an exploration group being formed on the outer part of the Square. From the looks of it, three Teddiursa (some of the students from earlier, probably), two tough Sunkern, and a humongous Beartic were gearing up to head north... They probably wouldn't make it, but at the very least their joyful war cries had gained the attention of some of the more Mareep-like members of the crowd (Mareep-like in disposition, mainly).


"How long do you give them?"




"Figure they'll last long against Kyurem?"


Cas winced. Pellinore noticed.


"Never mind, man. I'm sorry - 'm terrible at small talk sometimes."


"No, it's perfectly fine; I shouldn't have reacted like you meant to bother me."


"No, I sincerely apologize."


"You don't need-"


"Aw c'mon, just take it! You're as bad as me!"


The two sat and watched the Square, quietly talking about whatever came to mind and whatever tasted like hot chocolate. Cas could have been Pellinore's father, and to any passerby he probably was.


(( Enter minor characters. Minor for now, at least. Arceus I love writing them so much though aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm not going to break this time, I swear. ))

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It had been a while since Requiem had run into the Scolipede; he didn't know the exact amount of time, but shouldn't he had found the Meowth by now? Unless she had left the town... maybe she was mad at him for the Dark Pulse? She of all Pokemon should know it had been for the best. Shadows cannot be controlled. Not always. They rebel, and drown you, and call Them to take you away when you should have been the one staying. Shift... legends? Maybe it was that? He hadn't thought of that before, but it was a possibility, and if they were stronger... no, nothing would change. They already were. So, nothing? Maybe. He knew he was going in circles again, but then he usually did anyway.


Out of nowhere, there was a deafening roar right next to him. Requiem yelped in a high-pitched tone you would expect more from a startled puppy than a three-headed dragon and his head turned to the noise's direction while he quickly flew in the opposite one, a reflex to get away from whatever had caused the sound. The flight didn't last long, just three to four meters before the Hydreigon hit the side of a building, the sudden impact halting the flapping of his wings and causing him to fall on his stomach, and the new hit knocking the air out of his lungs. All of this in the span of three seconds, and he was lucky he hit the building with the still-intact windows or he would've had to deal with shattered glass in his fur too.


Confused and a bit scared, blue electricity starting to pool in his wings, he tried to locate what had made the sound.

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Fenris snickered quietly. This guy was like some poor kindergartener; hardly past the wetting himself at night, he could bet.


Oh, I know just what to do for you!


Brilliant, square-shaped reflections materialized around the Electrike as long fangs dripping with blood flickered in and out of his mouth, like static. His pupils dilated; it was time for the real hunt to begin.


"Bet'cha thought that the shadows outside your bed couldn't follow in the daytime, hmmm?"


The area around the two seemed to grow darker; the buildings, dirtier. Yet all around was a sort of fuzz, as if the world had entered a dream. The Electrike stalked forward.


"No one can escape, much less you. No one can escape the Nightyena."


Fenris let off a howl of laughter, sounding rather maniacal to anyone within hearing range (which currently included the mildly peeved and concerned Move Tutor looking out the window).


...Nightyena? Dangit, Wolf, you ruined your own act again.


The scenery flickered through a variety of hues before finally brightening up to its usual setting. The flickering fangs disappeared from Fenris' mouth, as did the squares of light. With a gaze about as enthusiastic as a Charmander in a waterpark, the Electrike sarcastically hissed,


"And he's here to throw you a birthday party, guy. Ugh, sorry. I ain't had enough practice the last few days, and..."


He let his words trail off into oblivion, obviously sorry for no one thing but the failure of his act.


(( Just as a note, Fenris has Lightningrod as his ability. ^^; I'll put up basic bios for these minor characters with their abilities and stuff soon. ))

Edited by TalonCat

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Before Red could even finish apologizing to the Meowth she had bumped into, an earth-shattering howl bowled her over, sending her tumbling across the square. Rolling back to her feet, she looked around for the new danger. Ah-hah! Over there! A poor, sorry-looking Electrike and a looming Hydreigon! Red sprinted over, showing absolutely none of the sense most pokemon would show upon preparing to confront a Dragon many times stronger themselves. "Hey! What are you doing to that poor Electrike??"


((yes I know the Electrike is picking on the Hydreigon, Red's just confused ^^"))

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Requiem didn't notice the Shuckle looking through her somehow still intact window. He only had eyes for the Electrike, fangs like a Golbat's after a meal, calling the shadows. He didn't even notice the slight wavering of the environment, that would have tipped off other Pokemon that something wasn't quite right.


"Fight or flee."


"Don't be a coward, you idiot."

He wasn't. He never listened to Rhapsody anyway.

"What a way to use my body."

His now.




A Zigzagoon with a hat was running towards them, yelling. The scenery was flickering back to normal and the Electrike hissed, but those facts (and their timing) would register only later. Right now, Requiem felt he was in danger, and the only explanation was that the Lightning Pokemon had been about to call Them.


"Leave me alone!" he yelled, panic in his voice, Thunder Wave attack shooting out of his wings and heading right between the two smaller Pokemon. It was about to hit the ground when the blue electricity hastily changed directions, and headed straight for the green Pokemon that had started all of that.

Edited by Puredark006

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Leo heard a loud Roar, followed by a crash. His expression immediately turned serious. "Guess I'd better check that out," he sighed, before vanishing using Faint Attack.


"So Cool!" the Pichu whispered.




Leo watched the scene from on top one of the buildings, and what he saw was strange. It was almost as if two versions of reality were superimposed on each other.

Is this some sort of Illusion? He wondered, scanning the area, But aside from Zagan, there doesn't seem to be another Pokémon with that ability. The Electrike's definitely real.


Leo Landed in-between Requiem and the Electrike. "What's going on here?" He demanded, more to the electric Pokémon than Requiem. "Who are you?"

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