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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

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Shiny Old OOC Thread will Always be New to Me! http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=145339


I've been searching around everywhere for a decent, literate Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP that isn't dead, and unfortunately I found none, so-! I saw that a lot of the people in the RP Bulletin Board like Pokemon, so I figure it isn't that much of a lost cause. Here we go~


This RP will NOT tie into the main games. Again, no tie-in. I won't come and eat you if you absolutely must have your characters tied in in some way, but if we were to consider this role play as in the same timeline (which it isn't), the events of the games would essentially be so far back or forward in history that no one would know they existed.


No you can not be a legendary. (No you can not be a hybrid Pokemon either.) However, you may be a Shiny.


I'd like to stay away from the whole "used to be a human" idea for the player characters. I would just assume that previously being a human isn't really a common thing in the Pokemon world.


With that out of the way, let the plotting begin!




Pokemon live a peaceful existence. Towns across the known Pokemon world have flourished for the most part - aside from local skirmishes and roving bands of rogues, the world has been free of any conflict. A few natural disasters here and there are the only real dangers, and even then any town in need can count on the help of its neighboring towns.


Oddly enough, the Legendary Pokemon haven't been seen for as long as any adult Pokemon can remember. (Many children have reported the occasional sighting of Jirachi, though they all seem to change their minds within a few days and say they were lying.) Still, as the world is going on just fine, it isn't much of a problem. Pokemon make honest livings, and carry on. Large-scale rescue teams take care of any large-scale problems, generally without any losses.


And somehow, in the midst of all of this perfection, you've found yourself here. Here, just barely waking up in some sort of perfectly dark cavern, surrounded by a few other half-conscious Pokemon that you don't even know. You don't really know how you got here - or even where "here" is.


The cavern's walls are wavy and black, like cooled lava flows. They seem new - from this and the mildly choking smell of sulfur you can tell that the place may have been a volcano at some point. Curiously, one side of the room is almost completely flat; there is a large passage with large boulders (seemingly made out of the same rock as the walls) strewn about it, making the very large passage fairly small in terms of actual space. Scratched (in rather large letters) above the opening to the passage are the words,






So everyone's Pokemon will start in the dark cavern, and the story will go on from there!~



- No godmodding, bunnying, playing other people's characters, etc....

- Follow Dragon Cave rules.

- To reiterate: no Legendaries, no hybrids, avoid "previously a human" as a backstory.


Get creative with your bio! ^w^ The world is flourishing - there are plenty of opportunities for your character! They could have been searching for the Legendaries, or could have been disproving their existence; they could be Move Tutors; they could be Guild Leaders; they could be a messenger; anything! I want to make this an interesting RP!


Character Apps!


Name (Player Name)

Species: (Also state here if your Pokemon is Shiny.)

Gender: ♂ ♀ N/A

Ability: (You may choose one Ability from your Pokemon's possible abilities, including its Hidden/Dream World abilities.)

Appearance: (Any special traits, accessories that aren't functional)

Stats: (Describe your Pokemon's stats.)

Occupation: (What your Pokemon does - y'know. If you want to be a Move Tutor, see the special rules!~)

Held Item: (If you'd like one.)

Personality: (At least one or two sentences describing the character's personality)

Bio: (Describe significant parts of the character's life - like if they joined a rescue team, if the birth of their younger brother made them want to act like a Chansey, etc.)

Moves: ( http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/ is a life saver - Pick up to eight moves: up to four that are reliable (will basically always work), one of which will be the Specialty* move, and up to four that are unreliable (work some of the time, or with negative consequences.) Explain how they got them **

HM Moves: (If any - separate because they are not counted as battle moves, but may be used in battle. Also specify if they are reliable or unreliable.)

Specialty Type: (Optional) Is your character better at fighting one type of Pokemon than most Pokemon? (ex: Your Squirtle character is super metal and takes baths in lava, so it can withstand Fire-type moves more than most can.) Here's the place to put it. For each type your Pokemon can fight better against, you must have one type they are worse at fighting against.

Items: (Everyone's character may have two items to begin with, if they want them.*** Serebii http://www.serebii.net/dungeonsky/items.shtml and http://www.serebii.net/dungeonsky/croagunk.shtml is a good resource for these and your held item.)



[B]Character Name (Player Name)[/B]
[B]Gender:[/B] ♂ ♀ N/A
[B]Ability: [/B]
[B]Stats: [/B]
[B]Occupation: [/B]
[B]Held Item: [/B]
[B]Personality: [/B]
[B]Bio: [/B]
[B]Moves: [/B]
[B]HM Moves: [/B]
[B]Specialty Type:[/B] 


*You may choose ONE Specialty Move. A Pokemon may replace it if they practice another move enough (This requires a PM to me). Specialty moves are stronger than other moves in an attribute that you may decide (ex: spread, power, versatility, accuracy, etc.), AND may be unique-looking.

**These moves are the moves your Pokemon can use in battle - they may use other moves that they are allowed to learn outside of battle. If your character knows any of the other moves that its species can learn through any other method (TM, Tutor, Egg Move), it should be explained how they learned them, including moves you plan to use outside of battle (add in parentheses "Outside Move" so I don't get confused). TM moves and Egg moves must be learned through TMs or breeding, but Move Tutor moves can be learned through other ways than Move Tutors (could be self taught, learned under extreme circumstances).

***We'll be using only the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon items as they stand as of Gates to Infinity - check the "Banned items" list at the end too. Two items is the maximum a Pokemon can carry without a bag, with thrown items stacking and counting as one (max of three if you don't have a bag, twenty if you do), and seeds and berries stacking up to three. The maximum number of items one Pokemon can have with a bag is six. However, having a bag takes the place of a held item. (This is just to ensure that people in fact can't be ready for any situation. Forced cooperation, yay!)



Regarding characters:

- Your Pokemon DO NOT have to be of their basic evolution. Yup. You can start with a Salamence if you want, I don't really care - just explain your character's evolutions in their bio (because changing from a walking shell to a dragon is a pretty life-changing event).

- You may have as many characters as you can handle. I would recommend two at most, but that's just simple old me.

- There are no levels or IQ in this RP - we'll just go on common sense.

- For moves, there is no PP. However, be reasonable with the effects using strong attacks would have on your character. If your character is using some 5PP move (such as Blizzard, etc.), it's likely that they'll be pretty tired. The reason that Max Elixir will still be allowed is that it may be used to make your Pokemon recover from the exhaustion quicker.

- Unreliable moves may become reliable/mastered over the course of the story - I will say when you have used them enough and well enough to become reliable, or you may PM me if you think your character has used them enough/ you want to add it in as character development or plot. You can also have mastered moves become unreliable after some major change (such as evolution), but this is up to you.

- Like in the games, if you want your Pokemon to learn another move (to use in battle), you must get rid of one of the other eight moves to make room for it.

- HM moves do not count as any of the up to eight moves, but may be used in battle as well (as reliable or unreliable, whichever you'd like).

If you want your character to be a Move Tutor, here are some special rules:

- We will have a maximum of three Move Tutors total.

- Only one of your characters can be a Move Tutor.

- You may only teach Move Tutor moves (here they are from every generation http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Move_tutor)

- You may only choose five moves to be able to tutor. In your character bio, add an extra section labeled "Tutoring Moves".

Regarding Finding Items

- Every time I describe a new scene, I will pick a few items that seem relevant to the place and mention them at the end of the description.

- First to grab is the first to get. This is unfair to those further from my time zone, but it's the simplest way.

- Pickup: You can find a common item every once in a while. Be reasonable, as with everything. Items defined as common will be added as I add places to a post containing the places we've been to / are in. Item that are common everywhere are Geo Pebbles, All allowed Orbs (because of clumsy travelers and Orbs' usefulness) and Blast Seeds


Regarding TMs and HMs

- TMs will not be among the items I'll pick when describing areas, so TM moves will be able to be learned either through alternate methods (tutoring by other Pokemon who either know the move OR are move tutors by trade) or TMs bought at stores/ from merchants when the characters get around to them.

- TMs will be single use.

- All moves ever considered HMs will be considered HMs.

- HMs will not be sold at stores. They will be obtained in special ways, such as dangerous side quests or boss battles. :3

- HMs are limited to two uses.

- When used outside of battle, consider HM moves to be about as draining as a 120 power move/ 5 PP move. (This is so we don't have people surfing across the ocean, smashing their own path through a dungeon, or flying around the world several times.)


Regarding Boss Battles, Because There Will Be Boss Battles

I will describe the Pokemon our characters will fight. You'll probably know who the Pokemon is at that point, but I will give its usual moves, Ability, held item, and any special statuses and traits it has in a parentheses part before the battle.


For example:


BOSS: Mr. Rattata

Ability: Guts (Boosts Attack if there is a status problem.)

Usual Moves:

Hyper Fang



Flame Wheel (if this were in a bio I would explain that he inherited this move from his father, an Infernape)

Species Statuses / Traits:

- Rather angry (lower accuracy, higher attack)

- Currently on fire and burning (activates Guts -> higher attack)

Additional Notes:

- In the top percentage of Rattata that are currently on fire.


List of banned items

All Globes - Joy Globe, Fiery Globe, Aqua Globe, Soothe Globe, Volt Globe, Icy Globe, Power Globe, Poison Globe, Terra Globe, Sky Globe, Psyche Globe, Defend Globe, Nether Globe, Dragon Globe, Dusk Globe, Steel Globe

Species-specific items that heal HP when hit by Super-effective Attacks

Bounce Band

Dodge Scarf

Goggle Specs (exception: may be a normal item and be used sparingly)

Mobile Scarf (exception: you may have this as one of your normal items and use it for small periods of time - remember that it causes hunger, and you have no idea what could be behind whatever you're trying to walk through)

Pass Scarf (exception: you may have this as a normal item and use it very scarcely - unlike in the games, it does not have a 100% chance of passing the effect on to the next Pokemon, but it does have a 100% chance of having the attack miss your Pokemon. Again - very scarcely. If I see anyone using this and abusing it, I'll treat it as godmodding.)

Pierce Band

X-Ray Specs (Sorry guys, I love them in the game but not here.)

Bounce Bow

Disaster Torc

Draft Ring


Speed Scarf

Golden Seed

Joy Seed

Pure Seed

Vile Seed

Violent Seed

All-Hit Orb

Escape Orb (THERE IS NO ESCAPE HAHAHAHA. No really, just for plot reasons. If these were allowed, there would be no problem getting out of the cave immediately.)

Foe-Fear Orb

Foe-Hold Orb

Foe-Seal Orb

Itemizer Orb (Because no one wants their character turned into an Oran Berry. c:)

One Room Orb

One-Shot Orb

Petrify Orb

Transfer Orb (exception: If you can make me laugh using it, and it's not permanent. Rather sketchy exception, I know, but... Haha.)

Trawl Orb

Time Space Orb

Mystery Part + Secret Slab (No effect.)

- Friendship items *may* help your character with interactions with NPCs. Note *may*. If they won't like you, they won't like you period - for this reason they are discouraged.


On (Bio-Changing) Actions in Posts


If your character finds an item, learns a new move, loses an item, etc. (anything that requires me to update your character bio), I'd like to ask that at the end of your entire post you add a separate section like in this example.




This is my main RP post. Joey the flaming Rattata was sick of his Mobile Scarf. He threw it into a flaming pit, where the flames engulfed it slowly. The blaze made Joey so happy that he put his Apple on his head.



- Mobile Scarf was discarded.

- Held Item: Apple. ]


This is the next post I make. However, he soon realized this was silly and dangerous for his dear Apple, so he returned it to his fur and wrapped a Gold Ribbon around his neck like a sensible man. Joey's amnesia made him forget how to use the move Amnesia. The Rattata hates his life very much.



- Apple returned to Inventory.

- Amnesia was forgotten. ]



- You may *always* PM me if you have a plot twist in mind. I encourage and beg you to PM me if you have a plot twist in mind.

- When you PM me, you may either tell me what it is or ask me for what I have in mind for the upcoming part of the story in order to see that it won't override the main plot. (I love being surprised too~)

- However if I give you part of the plot, you are not to spoil it to others, and your characters still don't know what will happen.

- Your plot twists can't include legendaries, sorry, unless you wow me with it and it makes sense in the context of the main plot I have planned.

- I freaking love plot twists.

- I love them so much.

- I will love you forever if you send me a good plot twist,

- Tl;dr: TalonCat loves plot twists very much and so if you send her your plot twists and she approves them please plot twist everywhere.

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[Characters] Off on their strange journey, a myriad of Pokemon set...


Rue (FPD)

Species: Mawile


Ability: Hyper Cutter

Appearance: He’s rather average looking, if with scruffier than usual fur; he occasionally gets mistaken for a girl, but he writes it off as being because of his species. He wears the odd keystone around his waist with a Weather Band as a makeshift holder.


HP and defense – somewhat low. He doesn’t take care of himself as well as he should.

Speed – High, he spends a lot of time running from various people.

Occupation: None

Held Item: Odd Keystone

Personality: Rue is somewhat uncharacteristic for someone who lives on the streets. He’s painfully honest and will voice his thoughts almost without thinking about them first, he stays cheerful no matter what the situation is, and takes every opportunity to take childish jabs at Anise and other potential friends. Though he acts friendly and amiable toward strangers, he’s actually very wary and won’t volunteer information unless he has to.

Bio: Rue’s family was poor – not because of anything they did; they were poor people descended from poor people descended from poor people. Rue was an only child, but even so, the three of them struggled with money issues. After overhearing his parents discussing this and a series of what he eventually admitted were stupid decisions, Rue found himself lost in the gigantic forest next sitting at the edge of his hometown. He never went back, and took up a living wandering from town to town, getting money and lodgings for the night where he could. He discovered Anise during a trek through an abandoned town, and has travelled with them ever since.


Reliable: Crunch, Baton Pass, Iron Head, Sucker Punch. All of these were learned naturally and are pretty straightforward.


Play Rough – learned naturally, but he hasn’t practiced with it much. Using it will sometimes deal recoil damage or confuse him.

Taunt – he often loses his nerve at the thought of making an enemy even angrier at him.

HM Moves: None

Specialty Type: Naaaahhh


1. Gravelerock x3



Anise (FPD)

Species: Spiritomb

Gender: Various; uses they/them/their pronouns

Ability: Infiltrator

Appearance: They tend to stay in their keystone most of the time, and will sometimes appear in the form of flickers or wisps rather than coming out fully. The Weather Band is wrapped roughly around their keystone.


Attack – slightly higher than average; they practiced with Shadow Sneak a lot before being found.

Speed – basically zero. They haven’t quite figured out how to move their keystone yet, beyond a few wobbly little hops.

Occupation: None

Held Item: Weather Band

Personality: Anise is first and foremost very quiet, to the point that most people forget they’re there until they make some wry comment about the situation. When they do speak up, though, they have a surprisingly sarcastic sense of humour. They bicker with Rue a lot when it’s just the two of them and many debates have been held about how serious they are when they do so.

Bio: Presumably, the spirits that make up Anise were summoned somehow and bound in a keystone, but they themselves aren’t too sure; they woke up one day and they were stuck at the top of an archway surrounded by abandoned buildings. They explored the ruins using Shadow Sneak to move around a little, but mostly slept a lot until Rue stumbled into them and decided to take them with him.



Protect – via TM that Rue received once as payment.

Shadow Sneak – Specialty move. They knew this move when they first “woke up”, and practiced with it a lot. Anise can make the shadow almost invisible, and can use it to scout and see around obstacles (travelling the equivalent of about five squares, in PMD).


Hypnosis – learned naturally, but unreliable due to lack of practice. Will sometimes paralyze themselves when they use it.

Dark Pulse – same as Hypnosis. Deals damage but at unreliable levels of power, ranging from 10 to 90.

HM Moves: None

Specialty Type: They hung out in a ruin for most of their life I don’t think this applies





Cane (Reddan)

Species: Flareon


Ability: Guts

Appearance: Has especially warm, fluffy fur and wide feet that help him play in Abel's snow. He also bears a few small scars from the fire, but they're mostly covered up by his fluffy fur.


- HP: average

- Attack: very high

- Defense: pretty high for a flareon*

- Sp. Attack: not great

- Sp. Defense: pretty low for a flareon*

- Speed: decent

- *(defense and sp. defense are pretty close to the same value for him, despite having a difference of 50 on serebii)

Occupation: One of the eeveelution triplet team

Held Item: saddlebags on his back that he keeps his things in

Personality: Serious and stubborn, Cane is only really scared of his own fire. He blames himself for the fire he started back at home and has trouble letting go of that guilt. He mostly relies on his other attacks, only resorting to fire when desperate. He wants to learn to control his fire, but is too scared of hurting his siblings to practice often.

Bio: Cane was a happy-go-lucky and carefree eevee. Much of his life was lived in a village of treehouses deep in the forest. He spent all of his time playing with his siblings, and especially took delight in fighting off bug pokemon to protect his sister Kyandi. Once both his siblings evolved, however, he started to feel less like the middle child and more like the baby of the family. A friend of his helped him procure a fire stone, and he ended up evolving while playing with his siblings in Abel's snow, leading to his especially thick fur and wide paws.

He always practiced using his new fire when his siblings were around, but one day, he was just out with Kyandi while their older brother was busy. Normally, Abel would be there to douse Cane's flames with snow when they grew too fierce, but when a bug pokemon attacked, the Flareon was too excited to show off for his little sister and used his fire anyway. The flames quickly grew out of control, burning down much of the village, and ending their way of life as they knew it.

Now carrying the guilt of destroying their home, Cane would be too scared to return even if he hadn't been sent away. He is determined to either master control over his fire, or completely suppress it - whichever will allow him to trust himself and his own power again.

Moves: Reliable:

- Retaliate (specialty, does 2x damage if a teammate faints, 3x damage if one of his siblings faints)

- iron tail

- bite

- synchronoise


- fire spin (hard to control, tends to do more damage and spread farther than he intends, often hurting himself or his siblings)

- flare blitz (heavy recoil)

- superpower (exhausting and lowers attack & defense stats, but is very strong. Can't be used more than once per battle)

- smog (is pretty accurate with this move, but it has a 50% chance of poisoning him, and a 50% chance of poisoning the opponent (separate coin flips))

HM Moves: --

Specialty Type: --


1. evolve charm

2. reviver seed



Species: Sylveon


Ability: Cute Charm

Appearance: She is a little thinner than an average Sylveon, and weak physically. On her tail is another bow with two ribbons coming from it (these aren't part of her body but are colored the same), and her 'socks' reach up to her knees.


HP: A little higher than normal.

Attack: The fact that she's weak physically doesn't help this stat. She never uses physical attacks, so it's already pretty low.

Defense: Pitifully low. She's extremely weak physically, and the fact that her species has low defense doesn't help.

Sp. Attack: Quite high, especially since her species has high Sp. Attack

Sp. Defense: Very high too.

Speed: Fast for her species, but she wouldn't win any races against Garchomps.

Occupation: Rescue Team Member (in training)

Held Item: Light Clay

Personality: Kyandi is usually hyper and can be found bouncing off the walls and eating sweets. As the youngest, she is usually innocent and immature. Kyandi usually wakes up first out of the triplets and enjoys waking them up (in ways which are usually unpleasant for them). She doesn't mean real harm though, and cares for her brothers a lot.

Bio: Kyandi is the youngest of the Eevee triplets, hatching a week after Cane in a village deep within Eterna Forest. Tree-houses were the norm there, and you couldn't look up without spotting at least one bridge connecting the elevated structures. Kyandi and her brothers had all inherited Synchronoise and Stored Power from their father, and they decided from a young age they'd evolve into different types to take full advantage of the first move, making it the signature of their team.

One day not long after Cane's evolution into a Flareon, a wild Beedrill attacked Kyandi. Kyandi, being afraid of Bug types, was scared, and in order to protect her Cane used a Fire type move on the Beedrill. However Cane lost control of the fire and the tree house caught fire. Luckily, no one got hurt, but their mother decided it would be dangerous for Cane to stay as long as he could provoke another accident. Abel and Kyandi decided to go with him, and the three eeveelution siblings bid farewell to their village and started their journey to become a Rescue Team and prevent worse accidents from happening.






Reflect: She uses this for support in the Triplet Team. It is her specialty and acts as Light Screen as well as Reflect.

Synchronoise: Signature move of the Triplet Team.

Helping Hand: This move became reliable through constant use since she helps her siblings a lot.

Moonblast: A move she learned so she could attack by herself if needed and hit Pokemon other than Fairy types.




Draining Kiss: She doesn't like kissing much, and can't get over kissing something, leaving her paralyzed after she uses the move.

Stored Power: She has trouble releasing the power, and sometimes releases too much, causing the move to have 140 power but knocking her out.

Calm Mind: She has a hard time stopping herself from worrying about others while using this move.


HM Moves: None

Specialty Type:She is afraid of bugs, making them have normal effectiveness against her. Her attack's power is also halved when facing bug types, so a 80 power move would have 40 power on top of not very effective. However, she has noticed Abel's weakness to fighting, and her own type's effectiveness against it, and has trained to be more effective against it. She hits with greater speed and power. (Think of it as boosting her speed by one stage, and giving attacks a 20 power boost.)


1. Shell Bell. She switches her held item to this when needing to recover Hp.

2. Effort Flag



- If Kyandi becomes extremely angry, she enters a strange state that affects her moves. In this state, moves that Kyandi had previously become used to using become unreliable, and moves that she previously were not good at become easy to use. The moves that she uses in this state, if hit, have 10% recoil, and do not count towards their mastery.

- Kyandi has a fondness for sweets. You shouldn't trust her with sweet tasting items.

- She can make her voice rather loud and high pitched. Don't stand next to her when she shouts, your ears will be blown off. Her favorite use for her voice is waking Abel up. (She also enjoys treating Abel's stomach as a trampoline.)


Abel (Puredark006)

Species: Glaceon

Gender: ♂ Male

Ability: Snow Cloak

Appearance: The dark parts on his paws are lower than a normal Glaceon's and are even instead of going up at the front, and he has small tufts of fur right below the ears.

Stats: Abel's best attributes are his Special Attack (26) and Defense (25), the first because he's been practicing his Ice moves since a young age and the second due to the play with his siblings. His HP (17), Special Defense (18) and Speed (13) are average, and his Attack (4) is low due to lack of use.

Occupation: In training to form a Rescue Team, Triplet Team, with his two siblings

Held Item: Icy Gem. He has it tied around his neck with a white string.

Personality: As the oldest, Abel feels the need to protect his siblings from everything, specially since they started their journey. He didn't want them to feel lonely, so he always does whatever he can to make them happy, which ends in him spoiling them too much and being unable to say no at times. Mature and kind, Abel nonetheless can become ruthless when something threatens his family, and is willing to protect them even at the cost of himself.

Bio: Abel is the oldest of the Eevee triplets, hatching a week earlier than Cane in a village deep within Eterna Forest, where tree-houses were the norm and you couldn't look up without spotting at least one bridge connecting the elevated structures. While his parents, an Espeon and a Musharna, took care of the other two eggs, Abel usually went out to play, and he befriended a Kecleon called Merkas who would remain his best friend for the rest of their stay. Both him and his siblings inherited Synchronoise and Stored Power from their father, and decided from a young age they'd evolve into different types to take full advantage of the first move, making it the signature of their team. Wanting to become stronger, Abel used the first evolution item Merkas' parents brought back, an Icy Rock, to evolve into Glaceon. Since he was still young, he never finished learning Eevee's moves, and had troubles controlling his ice at the beginning. He had to mostly be on his own for a few days, but was able to quickly get the hang of it and even made snow on cold days for the younger ones to play with.

One day not long after Cane's evolution into a Flareon, Abel had gone to train with Merkas when they smelt smoke. Panicking, they ran back as fast as they could, and saw the siblings' tree-house burning; he later found out it had been Cane, who had been trying to protect Kyandi from a Bug Pokemon and had lost control over his fire moves. Luckily, no one got hurt, but their mother decided it would be dangerous for Cane to stay as long as he could provoke another accident. Abel and Kyandi decided to go with him, and the three eeveelution siblings bid farewell to their village and started their journey to become a Rescue Team and prevent worse accidents from happening. Somewhere along the line, Abel bought the TM for Sunny Day without Cane or Kyandi knowing, to use when Cane learns to master his Fire moves.


-Hail: Specialty move - Abel can summon the individual Hail clouds that make up the storm and set them over multiple targets. This allows him to choose the enemies and allies that are affected by Hail instead of affecting every Pokemon in the vicinity. If another weather-inducing move is used while still in effect, Hail is cleared and replaced. If Hail is used when another weather is still active, Abel can choose to completely override it, in which case Hail would affect all Pokemon as per its normal effect, or to only override the areas above his targets, in which case those not affected by Hail would still be under the conditions of the first weather. Abel can also use the move to summon non-damaging snow instead of hail. Move learned naturally as a Glaceon.

-Blizzard: Reliable. Learned naturally as a Glaceon.

-Synchronoise: Reliable. Inherited from his father, a Musharna.

-Hidden Power (Ground-type): Reliable. Gift from his Kecleon friend.

-Mirror Coat: Unreliable. Every time a special move comes into contact with it, there's a 33% chance it would break the coat instead of it rebounding the power, ending the move and making Abel flinch. Learned naturally as a Glaceon.

-Sunny Day: Unreliable. 50% chance it summons weak sun that doesn't do anything and can't override existing weather effects. TM bought in secret from his siblings.

HM Moves: None

Specialty Type: Water. After discovering his Hidden Power's type was Ground, he made it a personal mission to fight against as many Water Pokemon as he could to cover Cane's other weakness. He has so much experience in fighting them that now Abel can pinpoint and hit their weak spots with ease, allowing for a critical hit 45% of the time.

However, a neglect of his own weaknesses made him more susceptible to Fighting types; their moves land more easily (consider his evasion to be lowered one stage), and Fighting moves have double the chance of landing a critical (after boosts).


1. Support Flag (the pole was removed, so it can be tied around like a bandana)

2. Heal Ribbon


Sydra (Silverphoenixx)

Species: Garchomp


Ability: Sand Veil

Appearance: Shiny, and her tail is longer. Her back fin is slightly pointed down instead of horizontal.


Hp: A little lower than normal for a Garchomp, She doesn't pay much attention to this.

Attack: Enormous attack, the only stat higher than this is her speed.

Defense: A little higher than normal due to being hit by attacks while helping other Pokemon train.

Sp. Attack: She doesn't pay attention to this either, focusing on her attack. It's quite a bit lower due to never using special attacks. This is her lowest stat.

Sp. Defense: Also a bit higher due to being hit by attacks.

Speed: The highest of all her stats. She's known for her speed by everyone in her town.

Occupation: Move Tutor (don't think there's three yet). She also helps pokemon train by letting them battle her.

Held Item: A small bag crafted to be light and have little drag as to not reduce her speed. It camouflages with her scales.

Personality: She values her pride, and has a habit of arguing a bit too much. She is competitive and enjoys a good fight.

Bio: Her father was a Sceptile, the reason she's so fast. She was born in a cold area where there were many Ice types. This made her have some cold resitance, though she moved away when she was a Gabite. She now lives at the foot of a mountain. She left the mountain after a while because she had taught all the pokemon, and is now looking for a new place to help pokemon train and tutor moves.


Draco Meteor



Earth Power

Dual Chop



Dig: She uses this in combination with Earthquake, and has a lot of practice with this move.

Earthquake: Specialty Move. Along with an earthquake happening, there also is a sandstorm that lasts three turns. She usually uses this with Dig. She actually found this TM while using Dig.

Dragon Claw: Learned as a Gabite. Favorite move to use after her Dig Earthquake combo.

Swords Dance: A payment for tutoring a move. She usually uses this in battles where there is more than one Pokemon against her opponent. While the opponent is attacking others, she uses this.


Protect: She uses this move in emergencies when she doesn't have time to dodge. She sometimes puts it up too quickly, causing the shield to not be strong enough and only block half of the damage done.

Poison Jab: She was given this TM by a customer. She can still use this attack like normal, but she has the same chance of poisoning herself as the opponent. The chance of poison is 50%, but the accuracy is significantly lower, only being 75%. The chance of poison is so high because she puts too much poison on her arm when using this move.

Rock Climb: She hasn't used this move in a while, and is a bit rusty with it. Both its power and it's accuracy are lower, becoming 80 power and 80% accuracy.

HM Moves: Surf: Is unreliable when she is in Mega form. Usually reliable while regular Garchomp.

Specialty Type:She is more resistant to cold than normal, being used to living in a cold area. Although this makes Ice type only 1.5x effective, it also makes her a bit more susceptible to Fire type moves, Fire type becoming normal effectiveness. This also makes her a little weaker to Fairy type attacks, having never encountered a Fairy type Pokemon before due to being isolated for so long. Fairy type attacks hit with 2.5x effectiveness.


1. Garchompite

2. Reviver Seed

Special Item:

Snow Wish (One Use) - This Pokemon can wish for one item of their choosing. Happy Holidays!


Name: Red

Species: Zigzagoon

Gender: ♀

Ability: Pickup

Appearance: I have a hat that looks something like this. It's plain and black with a single buckle in back and a zipper pocket on the side. It never comes off.


HP: pretty high for a zigzagoon. I can take a couple hits.

Attack: pretty good

Defense: not great

Sp. Attack: pretty good

Sp. Defense: not great

Speed: fast, but normal for a zigzagoon. Faster if food is on the line.

Occupation: Traveler. I want to see more than Petalburg woods!

Held Item: oran berry

Personality: Jokes a lot, but can be serious when need be. Friendly and welcoming to strangers, intensely loyal to friends. Very trusting, leaning towards gullible. Food-motivated. Surprisingly knowledgeable in some subjects, but generally naive about how the world and society really works.

Bio: Born to move tutor parents, that's how she knows so many moves. Wants to see the world, so she's gone out to seek her fortune and, ya know, get some use out of all the crazy cool techniques she's learned.

Moves: Reliable: Headbutt, Seed Bomb, Dig, Rock Smash. (no specialty, but headbutt is a bit stronger due to STAB) Unreliable: Shadow ball, thunderbolt, ice beam. (all are exhausting, can only be used once or twice in a battle)

HM Moves: Surf, unreliable in battle (depends on there being water nearby)


1. Ville Seed


Special Item:

Snow Wish (One Use) - This Pokemon can wish for one item of their choosing. Happy Holidays!


Name: Alteria

Species: Altaria

Gender: Female

Ability: Natural Cure

Appearance: Longer head and tail feathers

Stats: Fast and attacks of both kinds are strong, but low defenses and Hp.(I know it's the opposite of the stats on Bulbapedia, but I don't like high defense low attack)

Occupation: Traveler and minor healer.

Held item: Bag, she uses it for carrying her traveling supplies

Personality: Generally carefree and happy, but has some hidden personality. Is bad at dealing with crying or other negative emotions of other Pokemon.

Bio: As a young Pokemon, she loved to explore new places. She always wanted to be in a rescue team, but couldn't join any, so she decided traveling is next best. She evolved because she learned new things while traveling.



Dragon Pulse: One of the first moves she learned to protect herself while traveling, as a result is very reliable.

Dragon Rush: A move she got from her parents, she likes to use it to make the target have a chance of flinching.

Roost: A must have for her, because of her low Hp and defenses.

Sky Attack: She likes this move for its power, but it is one of the only attacks that needs resting after attacking, so she trained herself to rest faster. She still needs some rest though, and will always go last during the turn of rest. She doesn't glow and instead becomes a blur. (Specialty move is this one!)


Sleep Talk: She normally talks in her sleep, though when she does, there's no guarantee that she won't just blabber nonsense or attack the wrong Pokemon.

Sing: She is currently trying to perfect this move, as sometimes it doesn't put the target to sleep.

Outrage: It will leave her weak in addition to being confused. The weakness lasts for two turns, and her attacks are severely weakened during that time.

Ice Beam: She doesn't like this move because it make the air around her very cold. It sometimes has recoil damage.

HM: Fly: It is relatively reliable, less so when she has low Hp.


1. Oran Berry


Special Item:

Snow Wish (One Use) - This Pokemon can wish for one item of their choosing. Happy Holidays!


Atto (Fractional Pi Day)

Species: Scolipede

Gender: Male

Ability: Quick Feet

Appearance: Atto is rather scrawny and a couple inches shorter than an average scolipede. The tip of his left horn has been chipped off and there are usually a lot of chinks and cracks in his armour.


Terrible attack – he’s pretty small and all his bruises don’t help either, though he does better with ranged and projectile attacks

Low defense – same reason as above

Very high speed – talent and lots of training

Occupation: Messenger

Held Item: Bag – brown mail satchel.

Personality: Atto is very creative and a fast thinker, but he directs most of that energy towards daydreaming and thinking about odd things. He has an endless supply of optimism and will push on even when the task ahead seems impossible.

Bio: Atto grew up in a small town that adventurers frequently passed through. He had two older sisters, Piper and Allicin. All three of them loved the stories the explorers told in the inn and wanted to become explorers themselves when they grew up. They trained by battling each other every day. Atto quickly found out that he wasn’t nearly as good at battling as his sisters, though he perservered and carried on with the training, often neglecting his scrapes and cuts. He eventually developed his own style, involving lots of dodging, but he still rarely won any of their training matches. Piper evolved first and immediately left home to join an exploration team. Allicin stayed in the town for a while, helping on missions and defending the town from bandits, but eventually left as well. Atto helped out in his father’s item shop after evolving until he took a job as a messenger to put his speed to good use. He would still jump at the chance for an adventure, though he hasn’t had much luck finding one.



Venoshock – learned naturally.

Double Team (SPECIALTY) – learned via TM, from his father’s shop. He can sustain illusory copies further from himself than average and make them do different things.

Pin Missile – inherited from his father, a Drapion.

Agility – learned naturally.


Megahorn – learned naturally. Misses more often than not (approx. 40% accuracy) and does recoil damage (1/4 of damage dealt) when it does hit.

Superpower – learned in a dream. Does heavy recoil damage (1/3) to himself as well as lowering attack and defense.

HM Moves: None


1. Blast seed (2)

2. Gabite scale

3. Oran Berry (2)

4. Pecha Berry

Special Item:

Lore (Three Uses) - This Pokemon has extra knowledge about the Legendaries, courtesy of the Laos library.


Haldor Marcus Pheonix

Species: Shiny Steelix

Gender: ♂

Ability: Sturdy

Appearance: Well he’s shiny, also his jaw is rusty.

Stats: High Defence and surprisingly high speed, the rest is average with low special attack.

Occupation: Retired member of team Geronimo (Their method of rescuing was having Haldor dig a large whole all the way to the Pokémon in need and the others abseiled down the walls).

Held Item: Detect Band

Personality: He has a good natured soul but due to his old age he can get annoyed fairly easily, especially when he’s trying to sleep. However, when in doubt he trusts his gut instinct which is to dig forwards. He never believes in giving up and due to his experience as a rescuer is rather brave and a bit of a daredevil at heart.

Bio: When he was an onix he helped save an injured odish that had been buried from an earthquake. After digging down until he found the odish, he had no idea what to do; having no hands to take it out, he was assisted then by a hitmonlee who, using his joltik friends web, climbed down the hole and pulled out the odish. The three formed a rescue team with the Lee as the leader. When they had all reached their prime Lee and Haldor decided to retire. Their Joltik friend, now a Galvantula, recruited new members; a Drilbur and a Machoke, to continue their business.



Dig - When digging Haldor can move at astronomical speeds while making no sounds, allowing him to nearly always surprise the pokemon he targets.

Irontail – His standard means of attacking it also comes naturally.

Automitize – This merely allowed him to do his part in his rescue team that much faster.

Bind – He used this as a defensive ability to protect pokemon while he waited for his team to reach them, but it still has its offensive capabilities.


Rest – He struggles to wake when he goes into a deep sleep

Bulldoze – He bought this attack when he was younger. In his old age this tires him out very quickly and he rarely uses it because he always needs to sleep after doing it.

Heavy slam - Due to his size he can often get stuck in the ground and henceforth be unable to move for a good deal of time. Depending on the landscape he can also injure himself.

HM Moves: Rock smash


1 + 2. 2 Huge apples.

Special Item:

Snow Wish (One Use) - This Pokemon can wish for one item of their choosing. Happy Holidays!


Name: Agatha (sailing101)

Species: Mismagius

Gender: ♀ Female

Ability: Levitate

Appearance: She wears her mobile scarf like a shawl, and the dusk stone is on a necklace she made for it.

Stats: Agatha has a high special attack and physical defense, but low speed. The rest of her stats are normal for a Mismagius.

Occupation: Kidnapper, Thief, outlaw, but she prefers to be called a witch.

Held Item: Dusk stone.

Personality: Agatha is much like her father, a Spiritomb; she is completely wicked to the core. She delights in tormenting other Pokemon and feeding off of their fear. She is rather vain, and does not Like it when someone says her singing is terrible (it is). She also has a crush on Allen, and her deepest desire is to have him by her side to sow despair and fear wherever they go.

Bio: Agatha grew up in the same village as Leo. She was always quick to pick on Leo, stoking his fear of ghosts, and being a general bully. However, this was because she was actually jealous of the rich little Meowth who could have whatever he wanted. One day, she pressured Leo into going on an "exploration" with her "Team," planning to trap him for a while, then pretend to rescue him and claim a reward. However this plan was ruined by one little Litwick that Agatha had a crush on. She left town in a fit of rage, and soon news spread of a malicious kidnapper Misdreavus roaming the area. Eventually she attracted the attention of a new Rescue team, a certain Meowth and Lampent, and, she has lead them on a wild ghost chase ever since.


Shadow Sneak: Reliable

Ominous wind: Reliable

Perish song: Reliable

Will-O-Wisp: Reliable. She uses it often, because it reminds her of allen

Astonish: Unreliable, She does not like to shout.

Hyper Voice: Unreliable, it ruins her voice for a while.

Pain Split: Unreliable, she's not empathetic enough.

Attract (Learned from a stolen TM) Unreliable: it has only ever worked on one Pokémon, Allen. Unfortunately for Allen, he falls for it every time.

HM Moves: None


1. Reviver seed (2)

2. Mobile scarf (It's what she uses to kidnap her victims)

Special Item:

Snow Wish (One Use) - This Pokemon can wish for one item of their choosing. Happy Holidays!


Name (Player Name): Ruphus (TheTron852)

Species: Flygon


Ability: Levitate

Appearance: Looks like a regular Flygon, except he wears a bee-like scarf (black and yellow).

Stats: As a Flygon, he has a very high speed and a good attack level, however he can't stand a chance against Special Attacks (low Sp. Def).

Occupation: Was a part of an Exploration Team (Team Strife), in trio with Krookodile and Shelgon. Now he is working solo due to the others being vanished without a sight.

Held Item: Persim Band.

Personality: Ruphus can be described as pretty optimistic and talkative. He likes a good joke and at times he can raise one from apathy and sadness. While he looks like lightheaded, he is, in fact, not. Actually he is able to think fast and make corresponding actions. He has a mild cryophobia, so when a Ice Pokemon is near, he feels uneasy.

Bio: Ruphus from his birth lived a simple life with his family in Treasure Town. However that didn't last long, since he wished for something more than a simple life. And he got his chance when he was a Vibrava. He encountered a Sandile, who had a huge liking of adventures. The two quickly brewed a friendship between them, and a month later they formed an exploration team... not without convincing their families. Ruphus had a hard time talking with his mother, but she finally gave up and allowed him to form a team. Soon enough their team had another one in their ranks - a Bagon, who decided to give up on her wild life (she lived in Northern Desert all by herself). And their team was named "Team Strife" by Ruphus.

On one of their usual missions something strange has happened. At that time Ruphus was already a Flygon. While looking for a Golden Chamber in Brine Cave, something attacked the group. All happened quickly: entire team was knocked out. Ruphus woke up at the entrance of the dungeon with a pebble, marked with "Y" symbol. He decided to look for his two friends, but they were nowhere to be seen. Then he decided to begin his life as a traveler, working solo in missions and at the same time looking for his friends, not giving up a hope that they are still alive. Not only that, but he seeks the one with "Y" symbol.



Dragon Claw - Specialty Move. Ruphus learned it not long after he became a Flygon. He decided to train with it for a while, and he capped his skills to the point that the move hits more than one enemy. Move can hit up to 6 foes, and it's power depends on the amount of them: 1 enemy receives the most damage, while 6 foes are just knocked back with light injuries.

Sandstorm - Learned after countless hours of training when he became a Flygon. Uses only on open air, because... well, he doesn't see any logic in using it in caves.

Air Cutter - A tutor move. Ruphus never really was interested in Flying moves, but after he saw what they are capable of, he decided to try learning one. His choice was Air Cutter. Although it was hard to learn this move, the training has paid itself off.

Feint - By the time Ruphus learned this move, he already knew about Protect and Detect, so he saved this move for these. It was a good choice.


Screech - Whenever Ruphus uses this move, it turns out to affect not only foes, but allies and himself. So he uses it only in rare occurences.

Rock Slide - 50/50 chance that the move won't work at all, because Ruphus can't correctly measure the power needed for this move.

Faint Attack - Simple: distraction doesn't work out well.

Earth Power - Ruphus uses this move only when he is lucky. The reason is that cracks appear NOT in the places user wants them to be.

HM Moves: None. He dislikes TMs/HMs.


1. Big Apple

2. 2 Oran Berries



Bree (Fractional Pi Day)

Species: Reuniclus

Gender: ♀ Female

Ability: Magic Guard

Appearance: Bree wears a plain white ribbon around one “ear”, and has an odd tendency to float at an angle, her main body tilted forward.

Stats: Very high special attack, low attack and terrible speed.

Occupation: Unofficial explorer

Held Item: N/A

Personality: Bree is a bit shy and dislikes crowds, but can be very cheerful and optimistic to people she knows well. She is not very good at empathizing with others and can come off as blunt or overly persistent at times, but she genuinely means well.

Bio: Bree grew up in a large town with many inhabitants. Her parents both ran shops and were often busy, so she was often left to her own devices. Disliking crowds, she usually decided to explore the nearby forest on her own instead of playing with the other children. It was there that she met Sylvester, a purrloin who eventually became her friend after repeatedly nagging her to explore with him. They never went too far from the town but still managed to collect a variety of items pokemon have lost in the area over the years. However, as time went on, they had more and more arguments over what to do with the items, and eventually stopped exploring together. Bree began training in the town dojo instead, trying to get her mind off her friend. She met a galvantula and a lairon and began to train with them, often having training matches and exploring nearby dungeons. They were considering forming an official exploration team when she woke up in the cave.



Psychic – learned naturally as a Duosion.

Telekinesis (SPECIALTY) –TM from Sylvester and her’s stash. Learned it to help Sylvester reach higher places to find more treasure. Given time to focus, she can juggle several heavy items with it, and (if the attack is expected and she is prepared) can deflect or snatch projectiles out of the air.

Shadow Ball – inherited from her father(a Chandelure).

Signal Beam – tutored by her Galvantula friend.


Focus Blast – bought TM. She usually mistimes the charging, making it blow up in her face(40%) or just fizz out(30%), but is quite accurate if she manages to fire it off.

Recover – learned naturally very recently. It usually works, but also exhausts her so much that it isn’t really worth the effort anyway.

HM Moves: None


1. Cleanse Orb

2. Apple

Special Item:

Snow Wish (One Use) - This Pokemon can wish for one item of their choosing. Happy Holidays!


Name: Leo (Sailing101)

Species: Meowth


Ability: Technician

Appearance: Leo is a fairly typical Meowth even if he has slightly paler than normal fur. His scope lens is propped over his left eye.

Stats: Because of his technician ability, his attack and special attack are much higher than normal, however, his defenses are also very low. To compensate, Leo is currently training himself in speed and agility.

Occupation: Leo is a rescue team member, he specializes in fighting against ghost types.

Held Item: Scope lens

Personality: Leo is calm and collected most of the time, but still easily startled. He is also easily distracted by shiny objects, like any Meowth.

Bio: As a kitten, Leo was always teased for being a scaredy cat. He was especially terrified of ghosts. One day, a group of bullies, a Haunter, Shuppet, and Misdreavus to be exact, dared him into joining them on an "exploration" of a dark cave near their home. In the cave, the bullies tricked Leo, and trapped him in a dark room. Leo was terrified, but just when he lost all hope of rescue, he noticed a tiny light in the dark. It was a young shiny Litwick, who introduced itself as Allen. Of course the sight of another ghost Pokemon terrified poor Leo, but Allen assured the Meowth that he meant no harm, and had come to help. With that said, Allen gave Leo a mobile scarf, took his hand, and pulled him through the wall, and back to safety of the village. Afterwards, Leo and Allen became close friends.


Bite: Reliable, but it often leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

Faint Attack: Reliable, He always follows up with a slashing attack.

Slash: Reliable, but he is trying to use night slash.

Fury Swipes: Reliable, but he only uses this move when he is very mad.

Night Slash: Unreliable, he often ends up using slash instead.

Hypnosis: Egg move, Unreliable, Leo will sometimes even hypnotize himself by accident.

Pay Day: Unreliable, and since Leo does not like the fact that he can literally make money, he almost never uses Pay Day.

Assurance: Unreliable. He only learned it recently.

HM Moves: None


1. Mobile scarf


Special Item:

Snow Wish (One Use) - This Pokemon can wish for one item of their choosing. Happy Holidays!


Zagan (Puredark006)

Species: Zoroark

Gender: ♂ Male

Ability: Illusion. Zagan doesn't have enough control to make illusions of his surroundings, but he can pretend to be any Pokémon he's seen. The illusions perfectly copy sight, sound, smell, and touch, though he needs to concentrate on that last one if he transforms into something too small or big compared to his original size. His favorite to change into is Mienshao, to make opponents attack him with Psychic moves. He has also seen a Latios and can transform into one.

Appearance: Zagan pretty much looks like a normal Zoroark, with his hair tie red instead of blue and his Band tied around his neck like a bandana. He evolved a short time ago, so Zagan still prefers to run and do other things in all fours.

Stats: He has very high Special Attack (31) and Speed (28). His Attack (8) and Defense (12) are low, and his HP (24) and Special Defense (25) are average leaning to high.

Occupation: Helper in a Training Dojo.

Held Item: Detect Band

Personality: Zagan is very active, and sort of reckless, preferring to act before thinking things through. Quite carefree and open-minded, he's friendly with strangers but wouldn't trust them with anything important. He's very protective of his friends, though, and would go to any length for them, though gaining his full trust takes a while.

Bio: Zagan was born in Kurta Village, a medium-sized place with a small market, a bank and a Training Dojo. This last one consisted of a serie of underground mazes that the Dojo Master, an Excadrill, had made himself to help the various rescue teams that passed through. Zagan's parents, a Ninetales and a Zoroark, worked there, spending a great part of their day helping train the rescue teams that went into their mazes.

When Zagan hatched from his egg, his mother took some days off to look after him, and then he was entrusted to the small Daycare ran by Antranig, a Dodrio (you need as many heads as possible to look after small children), where he made friends with the other kids. Like most Zoruas, Zagan greatly enjoyed playing with the illusions he could make, disguising himself and his friends. They'd often form groups of three and, with Antranig's permission, go to very low-level dungeons to gather items for the Dojo, and Zagan always partnered with Milo the Larvesta and Static the Tynamo.

The three kept training until Static evolved into an Eelektrik, and then got accepted into the low-level mazes at the Dojo. The three of them made it their goal to be accepted into the higher-level mazes, and spent their free time play-fighting with each other.

It took a while and Zagan's and Milo's evolutions, but eventually they moved into the medium-level ones. Excited about the prospect, they started training as a team, often going out of town and into the wild to both train and find a Thunderstone for Static's final evolution. It was during this time that Zagan woke up at the cave.


-Night Daze: Specialty move - the accuracy reduction's probability of happening is now 100% instead of 40%. The move itself is fired from Zagan's arms as a beam instead of expanding as a sphere, concentrating its power to achieve its effect. Learned naturally as a Zorua.

-Flamethrower: Reliable. TM was a gift from his father when he evolved.

-Extrasensory: Reliable. Inherited from his father, a Ninetales.

-Agility: Reliable. Learned naturally as a Zorua.

-Toxic: Unreliable. TM bought as a Zoroark because he wanted a status-inducing move. If Zagan uses it in succession or when he's tired, there's a high chance (around 80%) he'll also poison himself.

-Shadow Ball: Unreliable. TM bought as a Zoroark because of the long range. It has a very bad accuracy (around 30%), since Zagan hasn't practiced enough with it.

-Imprison: Unreliable. Learned naturally as a Zorua. Zagan doesn't use it much, so half the time he ends up sealing his own moves too along with the opponent's.

HM Moves: None

Specialty Type: Fire. As the son of a Ninetales and friend of a Volcarona, Zagan has been exposed to Fire-type moves most of his life, getting familiar with them. They only affect him with 3/4 of their power, and he's gotten good at reading them too (consider his evasion to be one step higher when he's targeted with one). Not only that, but a lifetime of ignoring what a bad idea it was to greet-tackle a Pokemon with the ability Flame Body made him resistant to Burns (if he's going to be burnt, 50% chance it doesn't happen. If it does happen, it affects him normally).

On the other hand, a particular encounter when he was young left Zagan wary of Water-types. Since he has always fought in a team, his Electric-type friend usually dealt with them, so as a result Zagan doesn't have that much experience fighting them. Water-type moves have a greater chance of hitting him (consider his evasion to be one level lower, and ignore the boosts of his items) and inflicting him with any secondary effect they cause (double the original chance), and Zagan's own attacks have a lower chance of landing if his opponent is a Water-type (consider their accuracy one level lower, and ignore the boosts of his items)


1. Quick Seed

2. Sitrus Berry

Special Items:

Lore (Three Uses) - This Pokemon has extra knowledge about the Legendaries, courtesy of the Laos library.

Dark Bracelet

Appearance: A thick black bracelet with two red dots on the side.

Description: Held item. If the holder has the Illusion ability, it allows them to physically copy the Pokemon they're masquerading as (height, weight, natural characteristics like flying, etc; basically what's in the 'Biology' section of bulbapedia), kinda like a Ditto; however, that wouldn't apply to stats (HP/Attack/etc) or moves. The illusion/copy still remains after getting hit. The user can turn back anytime, but not transform into anything else until ten minutes have passed, not even into the Pokemon they were pretending they were. And the timer doesn't reset if the item is unequipped and equipped again. To put an example, if Zagan transformed into Agatha, he'd be able to pass through walls and levitate, but would get hit by Ground-type moves since his ability isn't Levitate, it's still Illusion. Also if a Fighting-type move is used, it'd still hit him and be super-effective, since his type would still be Dark. His HP and others would be his, not hers, and he'd be able to use Night Daze and his other moves, but not Perish Song and the other ones Agatha knows. Also, in the unlikely event he tries to learn a new move while transformed, it'd need to be one Zoroarks can learn, like Hone Claws.



Requiem (Puredark006)

Species: Hydreigon

Gender: ♂ Male

Ability: Levitate

Appearance: Thinner than a normal Hydreigon and with longer than normal wings and tail, Requiem looks like an underfed member of his breed with a sloppy hygiene. His right arm has very noticeable scars on the inside of the elbow, as if something with sharp teeth had chewed on it.

Stats: The lack of proper care accentuates his low HP (12), Defense (5), Special Defense (13) and Attack (4). His Special Attack (29) is high, and his Speed (31) is high due to him always being on the run.

Occupation: None

Held Item: Insomniscope. He got it to avoid as much sleep as possible, thinking that it would give his persecutor less chances to get at him.

Personality: Requiem, unlike other giant carnivorous dragons, can be pushed around and get scared easily, having gotten unconsciously accustomed to the secondary role in controlling his body as a Zweilous, developing mental problems when he was left on his own as a Hydreigon. He has auditory hallucinations, sometimes hearing the voice of Rhapsody coming from his right arm, and persecutory delusions, having the firm belief that something that isn't a Pokemon is after his life. He sometimes switches rapidly between subjects while talking, and tends to mumble to himself.

Bio: Requiem's clan was a trio of female Hydreigon sisters that liked to travel, and so didn't have a set place to call home. Not that they minded; for them, the whole world was their home. The three of them laid eggs at the same time, in Spring, and the three Deino cousins hatched the same day. The three small dragons were always biting and headbutting each other, which in Deinos meant they got along. The Hydreigon took their children with them on their travels, and raised them until they evolved.

As a Zweilous, Requiem's two heads had all the memories of when he was a Deino. However, the two heads now had distinct thoughts, feelings and personalities, leading to frequent clashes between them. Only when all three cousins were Zweilous did they received their two names, his mother naming the head on the left Requiem and the one on the right Rhapsody.

A month passed, and it was clear Rhapsody was the dominant head. He always beat Requiem at their little competitions for leadership of their shared body, and as such his decisions were the ones to be followed. Then, the three sisters took their children to a large cave, and explained to them their family tradition: When Deino children evolved into Zweilous, they had to be left in their preferred habitat to fend off for themselves. Upon evolving, the Hydreigon would be considered a fully-fledged adult, and would take on the name of the head that survived and be free to choose a place to settle on. The three mothers bid farewell to their children and left after the six of them promised to find each other again when the Zweilous passed their trial.

Once they were left alone, the three Zweilous stayed together for one last day. They used that time to talk about what they were going to do once they evolved, and decided on a place to meet; Fusbe Town, a place they had once been to that they had greatly enjoyed. They agreed to head there when they evolved, and travel together to find their mothers before choosing between a sedentary or a nomadic lifestyle. They spent all the night talking, and when dawn came, they went their separate ways.

Thus, Requiem and Rhapsody were left on their own for the first time since they were born. Having no one to talk to but themselves, their arguments grew exponentially, and the two heads were always angry at each other, their heads and necks covered in small wounds from their fights. Rhapsody kept leading their body, while Requiem grew more and more frustrated, knowing that the personality to be assimilated on their evolution would probably be him.

Things continued like that for more than a year, since Zweilous usually take a long time to evolve. It was then than a fight between them regarding which direction to go escalated into the 'serious' realm, with the two heads attacking each other. In the middle of their fight, they finally evolved, and Requiem found himself being the only one left.

At first he was happy, since for the first time since he was a Deino, he was in control. He decided to wait before going to Fusbe Town to enjoy his new freedom and solitude, and started to travel back to the cave where he had last seen his cousins. However, as hours turned to days and days turned to weeks, he begun to notice something was wrong. He'd have sudden feelings of dread that disappeared as soon as he felt them, and sometimes he could swear someone was watching and following him. He started to grow paranoid, and when he heard Rhapsody's voice coming from his right arm, he knew that he couldn't go to Fusbe Town yet.

Because Rhapsody wasn't completely gone, and whatever had taken him away was coming to get Requiem too.


-Thunder Wave: Specialty move - Now the current affects its targets from the outside, boosting the effectiveness of the paralysis it induces. If hit, the opponent is guaranteed to be fully paralyzed the first turn, and probability of it happening in subsequent ones is 50% instead of 25%. The peculiar way it acts also means it can affect Ground-types and Pokemon with the abilities Volt Absorb and Motor Drive, but it affects them normally and doesn't get the added effects, and the positive effects of those abilities still activate (ej: a Pokemon with Volt Absorb would recover HP, and one with Motor Drive would have an increase in Speed before it gets reduced by the paralysis). Items can still cure it normally, and it still doesn't do any actual damage. The electricity is blue, and envelopes the target when it hits, remaining there until it's removed or the target faints (has no effect on other Pokemon even if they touch the target). TM bought as an Hydreigon in case it helps with slowing down persecutors.

-Dragon Pulse: Reliable. Learned naturally as a Deino.

-Roost: Reliable. Self-taught as an Hydreigon by watching bird Pokemon doing it and copying them.

-Dark Pulse: Reliable. Inherited from his father, an Arbok.

-Hyper Voice: Unreliable. Learned naturally as a Zweilous. It hurts Requiem too if he uses it without covering his own ears (20% chance he doesn't, for various reasons)

- Earth Power: Unreliable. Move tutored by Anareise in Laos Town. He needs to be on the ground to use it, not flying, which makes him susceptible to Ground-type moves, and there's a 30% chance of recoil damage equal to a third of the damage done to the opponent.

HM Moves: Fly and Surf. Requiem searched long and hard for these ones, since they allowed him to travel much better. They work fine when he's just using them outside of battle by himself, but if he tries to use them as an attack, or if he gets distracted, he may panic, leading to him stopping the flapping of his wings or sinking.

Specialty Type: None




Stored: Pecha Berry

Special Item:

Snow Wish (One Use) - This Pokemon can wish for one item of their choosing. Happy Holidays!


Reed (TalonCat)

Species: Smeargle


Ability: Moody

Appearance: Rather than his species’ usual pawprint on his back, Reed has several blotches of paint which he seems to have painted himself. The paint here and on his tail is purple.


Average Attack – Average.

Above average Special Attack – He has an especially firm hold on sleep related attacks.

Weak Defense – Fairly easily hurt in general.

Superb Special Defense – He has trained himself against these purposely.

Average Speed – Average.

Occupation: Move Tutor

Held Item: None

Personality: Reed is generally a difficult Pokemon to get along with – boisterous and at least seemingly self-centered, he tends to annoy anyone less than the most patient Pokemon around. Reed endeavors to be the strongest, using only moves he knows are extremely powerful straight off the bat. Because of the effort these require, he is almost constantly sleepy. Despite his outward overconfidence and disregard for others, Reed often internally doubts himself – while he won’t hear others’ criticisms, his own cut him deeply. Reed is also afraid of water.

Bio: Reed grew up in a clan of Smeargle who lived by a lake named Lake Guendeen. (He was never entirely sure which two Smeargle were his parents, considering the clan raised children communally.) He was a rather humble child until the great Explorer Smith (commonly known as “the Swift Slowbro”) came through his clan’s territory hoping to gain access to the lake – there were rumors of a great treasure being beneath it, and Smith naturally wanted to be the first explorer there. Smith arrived in the area far earlier than expected (in winter, when the lake had frozen, rather than spring), and so was forced to stay the winter. During this time Reed managed to work up the courage to talk to the explorer, who allowed him to Sketch his Dream Eater. When the explorer left town, Reed became very proud, showing off his new move to all of the clan and generally being a nuisance by eating the kids who he didn’t like’s dreams.

At one point Reed was temporarily expelled from the clan and left to fend for himself – which he did annoyingly well thanks to a combination of Dream Eater and Yawn (which he’d Sketched from the lake’s resident Wooper). When he was allowed to return, he was prouder than ever and doubly annoying thanks to his newly-learned sleep-inducing move. At his adulthood ceremony, no one offered to put their footprint on his back – he left the clan very soon after.

Reed found himself in a larger town (nicknamed Relicanth Town for some reason or another), where he found a teacher in a kind Bibarel named Anise. It was with Anise that he learned the ways of the Move Tutor and began to teach (which he did surprisingly well if not rigorously and impatiently). Anise moved away with her mate (a Sandslash) a little while after Reed had set up shop as one of the resident Move Tutors, and Reed has stayed in Relicanth Town ever since.


Fissure (Unreliable)- Almost invariably misses. Half of the time nothing happens – slightly less than half of the time a crack does appear, but rather far from its intended target.

Draco Meteor (Unreliable) - Often misses, if it does hit it usually hits him as well.

Hyper Beam (Unreliable) – Misses most of the time, has a chance of inflicting himself with some status condition every time he uses it.

Earthquake (Unreliable) – Misses slightly more than half the time. He generally manages to make the place a mess and hit himself with the attack.

Rest (Reliable)

Yawn (Reliable)

Dream Eater (Reliable)

Wood Hammer (Reliable) – Only one of his powerful moves that is fairly reliable.

Move Tutor Moves


Earth Power

Hyper Voice


HM Moves:

Rock Smash – Reliable but hardly used.


1. Revivor Seed (Look-alike item)


Special Item:

Snow Wish (One Use) - This Pokemon can wish for one item of their choosing. Happy Holidays!


Tiramisu (TalonCat)

Species: Meowth


Ability: Pickup

Appearance: She wears a light blue bandana around her neck, covered by a light brown cord which seems to tie it around her. (She walks on four feet.)


Subpar Attack – Somewhat scrawny.

Slightly above average Defense (except against hard physical hits; these do more damage than usual) – More heavily built than average, but has several bruises.

Superb Special Attack – Overactive imagination.

Terrible Special Defense (esp. against Ghost and Dark types) – Overactive imagination.

Average Speed – Average.

Occupation: Traveler

Held Item: Bag (brown with light aqua and lime green embroidery of an old legend common in her hometown– Celebi is surrounded by a clock)

Personality: Tiramisu is somewhat spacey; she has an overactive imagination, and is often lost in her wandering thoughts. (This overactive imagination tends to make her overthink things and become paranoid when in any degree of dangerous situation (or sometimes even safe situations), but also have lent her the ability to read into situations and offer solutions some others may not think of.) Because of her almost constant traveling she’s developed an odd system of trust: she has a hard time becoming close friends with anyone, though she often tells strangers she believes she won’t see again things she would hardly tell her friends. Tiramisu is also very sentimental, and has several knick-knacks from places she’s been and people she’s known in her bag. She has an odd fascination with old legends, and hopes to find old relics when she forms a rescue team.

Bio: Tiramisu spent her childhood near a village of other Meowth and Persian (commonly called Rescient Forest). When she was younger, she would often go into the forest with the young Meowth and play, and one Meowth in particular - nicknamed Tuft - became her close friend. The two formed a sort of kiddie exploration team, exploring the area around the town together – however, after they were frightened by a pack of Mightyena, Tiramisu’s parents required them to stay within the village. During this time, the two had training races to see who could become the strongest. Once they’d trained their Rain Dance – Thunder combo, they were allowed back out of the village (simply for the reason that two children running around causing inclement and furthermore dangerous weather was somewhat miserable for everyone else, and had they been left in the town, their parents would have been run out of it). Together they explored the area again, and when that grew too small for them, they would begin to go out on several day explorations to caves nearby. The two called themselves Team Stormbringers (even though they weren’t a true exploration team), and sometimes would bring back treasures such as travelers’ lost TMs and scarves. One day, however, the two had an argument over the TM Hidden Power, and as young children tend to do when they have petty arguments, went their separate ways.

Tiramisu soon left with her father (an Ambipom named Spritz) to travel with a band of merchants from the town. (Her mother, a Persian named Lyra, kept the house by the village.) After several years, they settled down near a larger town (as did the merchants)- however Tiramisu couldn’t bring herself to stay in one place too long, and she soon left home to travel by herself with some provisions from her dad.

She was able to find work almost everywhere she went as help on farms (her Rain Dance helped bring about good crops, and Pay Day was useful for obvious reasons). For some time she found travel partners in the form of a Bagon (Caleb) and an Absol (Rosen). In her company, the Bagon was able to evolve into a Shelgon and then a Salamence. The group stayed together for arou

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Weather - Any weather stated here acts as normal weather would in the games. (Ex: Sunny boost Fire-type moves, etc.) This will not change randomly - I'll always let everyone know if the weather changes, and it will not be randomly.

Description - Self-explanatory.

Common Items - Items that can be found randomly or via Pickup. (Pokemon with Pickup can find one of these once in a while - as in, not every two posts or every four posts, but maybe every five to eight posts. Everyone else, I'll post when there are items in the area in [brackets], then you can decide if you want to grab a common item and what you want to grab.)




Team Shadow Tag and Co.

en route to Foggy Forest

Description: Where there once was a meadow, Pokemon have trampled the grass to a firm dirt path. This eastern road once led to a campsite for daring travelers who sought out the elusive Foggy Forest.

Weather: Sunny

Common Items: Berries, Orbs


leading to

Seaside Bluffs

Weather: ???

Description: These cliffs have been worn down from countless storms and the years; rocks facing the sea are as smooth as volcanic rock. It apparently was used as a campsite by Pokemon long ago, though now its holed walls could hardly protect a Pokemon from the wind, much less the none-too-rare high tidal waves. Proceed with the utmost caution.

Luckily, some of the ancient remains of the travelers who stayed here may help you. An old sculpture that seems vaguely reminiscent of a Kangaskhan lays outside. It's been fitted with a Storage Box by some kindly locals.




Gummis (warning: many of these may be rather old and turn into Grimy Food when picked up - the adage that a Gummi never goes stale is misplaced)

Corsola Twig

Sandy Orb

Rare (each character may only find one of these):

Water Stone

Rare Fossil

Seep Seed

Vanish Seed

One of a Kind (these will be mentioned and will require just a bit of work to get):

Surf HM

Aqua Gem

Buddy Rock (Wigglytuff Species Item - may be traded for different species item of ** rank at a later point)

Solar Scarf (Sunflora Species Item - may be traded for different species item of *** rank at a later point - one of the Sunflora or Sunkern from Laos might like this)


Haldor, Atto, Zagan, and Ruphus' Excavation Exploration Congregation

(Group Name in Progress)

en route to the Eaves of Hiraeth

Weather: N/A - underground

Description: Sweet Arceus Haldor can dig. Just outside Laos, Haldor is digging a tunnel. Diggy diggy. Diggy diggy. I would presume it's a rather nice tunnel. Good on you for realizing that the shortest distance between two points is a line! ^w^

Anywhere underground could hold treasures or Pokemon. The northeastern path to the Eaves of Hiraeth crosses close to a notably-hard to climb mountain... It's not all that high a mountain, but even the most driven, enthusiastic Pokemon could not make it to the top. Flying Pokemon maintain that the wind pushes against them if they try to fly towards it. The first Pokemon to try to climb it (a rugged Sableye) maintained that there was a treasure trove under the mountain that could only be accessed from a hole in the top of the mountain. No Pokemon has been able to dig through the stone around the area.

Of course, no one's really tried to dig under it yet. Presumably one would have to dig deep enough to reach lava. Presumably. Heck, they just might have been too tired to dig through.


Hint hint.





Stones (Coronet Stone, Water Stone, Leaf Stone, etc.)

Rocky Orb


Past Places:

Laos (Town)

Weather: Sunny

Description: A mostly quiet town by a large forest. A huge amount of Pokemon gather at the Town Square sometimes to hear gossip and news; most of these Pokemon live in the surrounding forest.

It contains a Shop, a Move Tutor, and a Storage Box.



Oran Berry x 1

Reviver Seed x 1

Apple x 3

Blast Seed x 1

Vanish Seed x 1


[Move Tutor]

Anareise the Shuckle

Helping Hand

Earth Power

Stealth Rock

Bug Bite



Common Items:

Gravelerock, Ville Seed


Groundon's Cave

Weather: N/A

Description: A somewhat warm cave - the walls of the cave appear to be made of newly cooled lava, and so are very dark and sooty. If you rubbed up against them, your shoulder would be covered in soot almost as thick as paint! There is a large opening in the main chamber that leads to a winding series of caves.

Common Items:

Gravelerock, Grimy Food, Silver Spike, Invisify Orb, Sunny Orb, Blinker Seed, Ville Seed, Protein


World Center

Weather - Sunny

Description - The World Center... is actually a rather peaceful place. Lava flows lazily along the walls - if one could look beneath the lava, they'd find flakes of diamond and rich veins of all kinds of metals. The very center of this dungeon is a blazing ball of molten metal, within which very few Pokemon can enter. The place is fashioned like a natural temple, should one look carefully at the edges of the walls.

The room in which you've entered is medium-sized, and actually not a room at all, but a pathway. There is a path to the north, and a path to the east.

Common Items - Silver Spike, Rare Fossil, Iron Thorn, Gold Spike, Gold Thorn, Golden Apple, Sitrus Berry, Silence Orb, Gold Ribbon

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((Hey, uh, Talon. Do you mind if I change Inari's name to Renaissance? Just felt like asking. :3))

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It was if the world had shattered before their eyes - a white line cut across their vision as a deafening roar cut across the very universe. And then, suddenly, wherever they were, they weren't anymore.


Splayed across the cave floor were fourteen Pokemon, knocked unconscious by the force that had transported them from wherever they'd been. The labyrinth opened wide to them.


And so the story began in a puzzlingly simple way.




Reed wasn't quite sure where he was - which was odd, because he always knew where he was. He was in his room in Relicanth Town (or in the Plaza in Relicanth Town, or occasionally in the Cafe in Relicanth Town). Yes, of course, that's where he was. He stretched and yawned, letting out a quick sigh afterwards for good measure - as usual.




Except of course as he slowly opened his eyes, he wasn't in Relicanth Town. There was no cold light streaming in through the window at dawn - there was no window. It was with a distinct jolt that the Smeargle realized this, and stood up abruptly. There were plenty of other Pokemon knocked out on the floor around him, however he recognized this only after recognizing that he'd been laid out against one of the cavern's sooty walls. He stopped to paint a bit of purple across the sootier parts, then set out wandering among the Pokemon to find some sort of hint as to how he'd gotten to be not in Relicanth Town.


Maybe I learned Teleport in my sleep?


A grin spread across his face at this: He was simply the best, so of course he could learn anything in his sleep! That did not, however, explain the Pokemon asleep around him - so he contented himself with the fact that he'd learned Spacial Rend in his sleep, and trotted nonchalantly among the unconscious.


A Zoroark. Huh. Haven't seen many of those before. Pfft, he looks like he stained himself eating a Cheri berry with those markings around his mouth!


Check out that Sceptile, all buffed up. Here his smirk grew wider. I should get him to battle me before I teleport them all back where they came from.


Suddenly Reed's breath hitched. He quickly stumbled over to the sleeping shiny Ninetale across the room, and stared in awe.


A Ninetales! And shiny too, haha... I wonder if...?


The Smeargle hesitated a moment, then held out a paw. He quickly withdrew his paw again, only to reconsider.


Could it really be true that it can curse anyone?


Standing there awkwardly for a moment, the look of awe disappeared from Reed's face and was replaced with the cocky smirk yet again.


Like it really would do anything - I can beat anyone in a fight!


Without another thought, he grabbed one of the Ninetales' tails and waited.


(( Again, I might be inactive for the next few days because of school. Tiramisu's going to wake up after everyone else~ Oh, and just to be clear, Reed doesn't know Teleport or Spacial Rend. xd.png ))

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(First couple of posts will probably be in third person biggrin.gif )


The fallen, limp body of the Sceptile lie on the ground. Normally cautious and deadly, Clyde awoke groggy and vulnerable. He didn't like this, at all. This wasn't postive in the least.


He looked to his blades; all were in perfect condition, which he tested on some moss growing beneath him. No resistance. With a knife, the foliage would've given some. However, with the leaf blades, there was none. Weakily the reptilian figure of Clyde rose.


He soon realized that he wasn't alone.


There, a Ninetales. Over here, a Zoroark.


Then, he saw another curious figure within the.... cave? Yes, it was a cave. "Hello," he said kindly to the Smeargle.

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One of the Meowth's in the room groaned, then sat up, rubbing his sore head.

"Ohh, not the best way to wake up after a visit to Spinda's Cafe," he said to himself. "Why the heck is it so dark?" he continued, "Hey Allen, could you give me some light?"

The Meowth looked around for the Pokemon that he was addressing, but the Lampent was nowhere in sight. It was then that he realized that nothing in the cave looked familiar.

"Wait a second? Where am I? What the heck was in my drink!"

In a flash the Meowth was on his feet. He then quickly checked to see if he still had any of his possessions. The Mobile scarf was still tied around his neck, that was good. The Meowth then found his scope lens lying on the ground a few feet away, undamaged, that was also good. He picked up the lens and put it back on. Finally he located the big apple that he always carried in case he had to use the mobile scarf. It was slightly brused but still edible.

The Meowth then surveyed the room once more. He could see other Pokemon, some unconscious, others just comming to. According to the Scope lens's readout, everyone's vitals looked normal.

"At least I'm not alone down here," he sighed. As a member of a rescue team, the last thing he needed in a situation like this was injured, panicking pokemon.

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((Hey, Talon_Cat, can you add that Lilac hates others thinking that he's a girl into my form? Also add that he gets mistaken for a girl often))


Kira blinked her eyes open. She shock her head and dusted herself off as she slowly got up. Narrowing her eyes against the dark, she looked around, seeing many other pokemon.

"Oh my, where am I...?" she muttered to herself, "Bell? Celestia?"

"Right here... No need ta worry 'bout me!" Celestia's voice sounded behind Kira as Tue snake pulled herself from the ground and shock herself regally.

"Bell, you there?" Kira called, walking around Celestia. Suddenly, she almost tripped on a fluffy body on the ground. It was Lilac.

"Hey, Bell, wake up..." she said, shaking the unconscious cat. Suddenly a small snoring came from the furry form. Lilac turned onto his back and twitched as he slept peacefully. His ear flicked and he stretched a bit, sending a ripple down his well-groomed and oddly-colored coat.

"Hey, Bell. WAKE UP!" Celestia suddenly shouted, her voice ringing through the cave. She narrowed her eyes at Lilac, but Lilac slept on.

"He probably used rest while we weren't looking or by accident," Kira explained, feeling frustration spark from her impatient friend.

"Well... Let's make him use sleep talk so that he can slap himself awake with wake up slap," Celestia suggested.

Suddenly, Lilac stood up, and, much to the other two's surprise, began walking away, obviously still asleep.

"Don't say sleep talk, I see he's sleep walking," Celestia then said.

Lilac then used wake up slap and hit himself.

"Ow..." he said, waking up.

"Oh wow, Celestia, can you see the future?" Kira asked in mock surprise.

"Urg... What happened...? Ow, my head hurts..." Lilac muttered, walking back to Kira and Celestia, "Where are we? Hey!" he called across to the other conscious pokemon, "Where are we?" His voice sounded unusually feminine.

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((So...it's still Inari then?)) Inari felt a tug on her tail and jerked awake. A Smeargle was touching her tail! She bristled with fury. How dare he? She kicked him in the gut and stood up, glaring. ((How exactly do Ninetails curse people? Cuz I'm not really sure...)) She snarled, "How dare you touch my tails? Don't you know I'll curse you?" She would've said more but she was cut off by Cobalt, who had woken up at her snarling.

"Inari, what happened? You're so angry..." She trailed off as she saw a Smeargle standing there abd her friend's tails bristling. She put two and two together and quickly figured it out. "Oh no...you pulled her tail, didn't you? How could you be so stupid?" Cobalt yelled at the Smeargle with a snarl. Meanwhile, Inari was preparing to lunge at the Smeargle.

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Cadi was awake long before she opened her eyes. Lying still as she could, nothing but a slight flicking of her tail could separate her from the inanimate pokemon around her. Slight sighs, stretching, and the sounds of movement filled her ears, as pokemon greeted pokemon with squeals and roars.


There was no light pushing against her eyelids, so she opened them, blinking slightly as she took in the scene before her. All sorts of pokemon were lying, somehow attached to the wall – no. She was lying sideways. Twisting her body around, she righted herself, using the many interlocked muscles to push herself up into a standing position. Trembling with a slight cold, she examined the floor, assuming it had sucked some of her bodies’ warmth during the time she’d been out.


The other pokemon were awake. Contorting her body, she pushed herself further into the blackness, crashing into a flaky wall. Looking down, she found black soot crumbling off her slippery skin, and moved slightly away from the wall. Being around others had never been her speciality, and these could still be a threat. Diminishing her body size, she pulled herself low to the ground and froze, trying not to attract attention. She would watch, and wait.


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Question was fairly certain that he was not throwing a party in his temporary house. Yet, he could hear a bunch of shouting and the loud yelling echoing around as he tried to sleep on the cold ground. Where in the world was his bed? He disliked sleeping on the ground and almost always slept on articles of clothing and different kinds of scarves he had stolen. He had to sleep on soft things or else he woke up in the middle of the night. Like he was doing right now, or so he assumed because it was dark when he opened his eyes. Opening his mouth in a wide yawn, he stretched out his arms then slowly climbed to his feet, rubbing his eyes as he did so. Instantly, he became aware that he was in an unfamiliar cave with unfamiliar pokemon. Hopefully none of them were explorers and recognized him from a wanted poster. He was rarely caught so the wanted posters that did show his adorable face were very low in value and often forgettable. Besides, he could always play the cute little Teddiursa and make every single pokemon in the room putty in his paws. In fact, it would be wise to start with that just in case.


Question winced as he crossed his arms and began to shiver. The cave floor had been cold and slightly damp so it was natural he would be cold, even as a Teddiursa. Especially such a small one, being the runt of the litter. He looked around then turned his head up to the ceiling and frowned. "Where are we?" he asked softly. Oh, this would be good. He was small enough he could pass off for a baby. Turning around, his face suddenly became alarmed as he seemed to realize something. "Mom?" he asked, looking around at all the pokemon in the cave. "Mom, are you here? Where are you?" He looked around in alarm as he began to stumble around the cave, searching through the pokemon as if he was trying to find his 'mother'.

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Zagan's ears twitched as the Zoroark was awakened by all the noise around him. Which was strange, since his still groggy brain couldn't recognize any of the voices, or even figure out just what was he doing asleep in the middle of a crowd. Light-blue eyes opened slightly, as Zagan tried to take notice of his surroundings, his half-asleep brain still insisting he somehow was got by an Hypnosis at the Dojo...


"Hey, Bell. WAKE UP!" Someone shouted, the sudden loud noise making him jump into a standing, four-legged position. He immediately used his ability to surround himself with the red energy of his illusions, as he looked around in shock. Now, to the outside world, he was a very surprised Mienshao in a defensive position, with a Band tied around his neck like a bandana.


He was in an unfamiliar cave, with at least ten other Pokemon, some asleep like he had been and some up. A small commotion was happening where a group of four were, a Lucario and an oddly-colored Ninetales growling at a Smeargle and what looked like a Grass-type Pokemon close by. The other 'large' group was conformed by three Pokemon, one that looked like the evolved form of Servine, a Gardevoir, and a pink cat-like Pokemon. Judging by her question, it looked like he wasn't the only one with no clue as to what was going on...


"This is such a good way to start the day" he sarcastically thought, running a paw through his mane. At least a quick check showed that he still had his seed and berry safely tucked away in there, and he could feel his band still tied around his neck. His illusion was making sure that his gesture only looked like his Mienshao counterpart running a paw through its head, so if any of the Pokemon gathered there was hostile they wouldn't suspect where he was hiding his things.


A voice somewhere to his left made him look, and he noticed a small Pokemon stumbling on the unfamiliar terrain, searching for his mother. Zagan didn't know its species, but judging by its actions it was just an infant. Hesitatingly, he made his way towards the scared Pokemon, his Mienshao counterpart walking normally even though Zagan himself was on all fours.


"Hey, you okay?" he asked, crouching a little, a movement that was translated to the Mienshao putting his front paws on his knees to take a better look.




Noise. Voices. Cold. Damp. Darkness.


Requiem abruptly opened his eyes, the external stimuli he was receiving not matching the last one he remembered. "No, this can't be, not happening, didn't work, why it didn't work, can't sleep, wasn't supposed to..." Different, interconnected thoughts were racing through his brain as the Hydreigon levitated backwards, his back pressing against the wall of the cave, not noticing or caring that the soot on it was rubbing on his back and wings. He frantically looked around, the heads on his arms mimicking his main head's panicked expression, electricity crackling through his fur as he unconsciously prepared his Thunder Wave move.


It was Them. They had found him, and the Insomniscope hadn't been effective. He should have guessed it; nothing would be able to stop Them if They didn't allow it. They were probably playing with Requiem, like a Persian with a Rattata, wearing his defenses down to amuse Themselves before striking, and then he'd be death, like Rhapsody, and there was nothing he could do, not anything...


Out. He needed to get out. To an open space, where he could run again. The cave he was in looked to have only one exit, an opening almost covered with large boulders that made passage impossible for a big Pokemon like Requiem. More mind-games. Well, he was scared, but he was planning on taking any chance he could get. Their mistake was to not kill him as soon as They could, and so there was a small hope of getting away...


That was when he noticed the large inscription above the exit, the letters looking to had been scratched onto the rock. Being part Dark-type, Requiem had no problems in reading the inscription in the darkness, the purple and black eyes of his main head fearfully making out its meaning.


Requiem whimpered, hiding his head in his arms, his wings and tail pressed as much as they could against his shaking body.

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Question looked around the cave one more time, doing a quick headcount of how many pokemon were around while hiding the action with another call for his 'mother'. With his small stature and wide eyes, he could probably pass for a very, very young Teddiursa, even if another Teddiursa showed up. Even now he was obviously a runt when compared to his siblings and could pass off easily as a very young pokemon. That was the great thing about being little. Continuing the act, Question stopped and sniffed loudly then began rubbing at his eyes. He didn't know fake tears but if he got his eyes irritated enough, he could make himself cry. Or at least shed a few tears. Even if he couldn't cry, he could always make the noises and just cover his eyes so no one could tell.


Looking back when he heard a voice, Question let his fluffy body shiver as he slowly looked up at the much taller pokemon. It looked like some sort of weird ferret thing. He had never seen a pokemon like that before but it was a pokemon and it seemed worried about him. Good. Sniffing, Question rubbed his eyes as he turned completely to face the other pokemon. "I can't find my mom," he whispered softly. "I don't know where she went and I'm really scared." He sniffed again and rubbed his nose with the back of his paw as he looked around. "I don't think she's here," he added softly, a sad expression taking over his face completely. Ah, acting. He was very skilled at it and it made his life as a small, fluffy pokemon so much easier.

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Leo, for that was the Meowth's name, heard a small voice, crying. That's not good, he thought, I'd better check this out.

Leo made his way over to a young Tediursa and a Mienshao. However, he paused halfway. The scope lens seemed to be malfunctioning. It could not read the Meinshao properly. Leo looked around the cave. Everyone else looked normal, except...


Where was the Zoroark?


Leo smiled to himself. He didn't specialize in fighting ghost types for no reason.


Leo decided to leave the child to the Meinshao, and instead focus on getting everyone organized.

"All right, are there any other Rescue team or Exploration team members here?"

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"Definitely a cub," Zagan thought, as the young Pokemon sniffed. If it was his mother the cub was looking for, then she must be of the same evolutionary family. Unless he was adopted, and that'd probably be a sore subject. Made him wonder who for Arceus' sake had the bright idea of teleporting a bunch of Pokemon to wherever they were, including such a young one. If only Static were here... his Eelektrik friend may have the cautiousness of a hungry Snorlax stumbling upon its favorite food (not that Zagan himself was lacking on the reckless department), but he had a good head when he wanted to use it.


"Don't worry, I'm sure she's looking for you too," Zagan said, his voice adopting a soothing tone to try to calm the young one, his Mienshao illusion swaying the tail Zagan lacked. "Wherever she is," he added in his head, but didn't say it aloud.


"We'll look for her too, okay?" He said, perking up. "What's your name? I'm Zagan, a Mienshao," he said, pointing at himself with his right paw as the Mienshao's sleeve-fur did a small flourish because of the movement.


A voice some distance behind him caught his attention, and he turned his head to look at its owner. It was a Meowth with a scope lens over its left eye, and he was calling for Rescue Teams. Zagan briefly considered mentioning he helped at a Training Dojo, but it just wasn't the same as a real team. Better let the experts handle their bizarre situation.


"Looks like we're not the only ones with no idea as to what's going on," he told the young bear Pokemon. "But no need to be sad, okay? We'll all get out of here and help find your mother," he added.

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Question nodded, deciding to play along with the ferret pokemon trying to calm him down. It would be better if they got along, especially since getting back would require someone much stronger to get them out of the cave. He would continue to play the part of a worried child but he would pretend to calm down as well instead of continuing to fake cry. "I'm... Question," he replied softly, deliberately fumbling over his own name. A young pokemon would have trouble pronouncing his name properly. He knew that when he was little, he always fumbled up. That was why he had a little nickname when he was smaller.. "But my Mom calls me Q," he added as he wiped at his eyes again.


Hearing a voice from nearby, Question turned and looked over at a Meowth wearing a scope lens, asking about Rescue Teams. The Meinshao didn't reply, luckily. That meant he would be safer with him since it would be less likely for his image to be recognized. Not that there were many wanted posters of him in the first place. "O-ok," he replied as he moved closer to the Meinshao. Good, good. That was one ally. And he hadn't even used charm.

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Someone had asked for rescue teams. Although Cadi feared the surrounding pokemon, she was sure they couldn't be all evil - that one was a kid for trying out loud! He was talking to another pokemon she couldn't identify, so decided to leave it. She'd never been good around pokemon to start with, and doubted she could give the kid it's needed affection. She hoped everything would work out though.


"I...do, a bit of exploring...I...cave travel...a um bit..sometimes." Pushing herself forward out of the shadows, she slowly approached the meowth that had spoken. "Had a little bit of training too." Although Cadi had neared the room's centre, she still kept her body low and contorted, as attracting enemy attention could never end well.



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Bree blinked her eyes open. It seemed to be dark, but judging by the sound, her parents were already up. That’s odd...well, if it is that late, I suppose I should get up. She floated into the air and yawned, the sound turning into a gurgling noise as it passed through her gel. She looked up and flinched in alarm. She had somehow been transported to a cave full of pokemon! She backed away from the group instinctively, only to bump into a hydreigon behind her. She squeaked and wheeled around, flattening herself against a nearby wall. “I…I’m sorry!” She blurted out, then tried to compose herself and switched to communicating psychically. She had always been a bit self-conscious about her voice, especially around strangers. Um. D-do you happen to know, where we are?

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Requiem flinched and roared at the sudden contact, the surprised sound echoing loudly trough the room as he unleashed his Thunder Wave attack. His move usually hit its intended target when used, but right now Requiem didn't even know he had been charging it until the electric waves were already erratically leaving his body, so the attack was without aim. Not waiting to see if he had hit anything, Requiem retreated further back to put distance between him and whatever had touched him, until he was pressing himself against a corner.


Um. D-do you happen to know, where we are?


That was new. Usually, it was Rhapsody the one who talked to him like that. Sometimes, someone he didn't know would speak, but they never stayed too long, and they had never sound so insecure before. Requiem fiercely shook his head, eyes tightly shut, tail trashing wildly behind him. "Please... just leave..." he told the voice, his tone barely audible. It didn't matter, though. They'd always been able to hear him, even if he spoke as low as he could. Sometimes, even if he didn't speak at all.

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(( No idea how Ninetales curse people. ))


Reed stumbled backwards, away from the enraged Ninetales that was now facing him. His eyes flashed with fear.


Then they really can curse Pokemon!


The confident little Smeargle inwardly grabbed for some way to get out of what might be his punishment - the best battler He put his paws up in front of him, grumbling,


"Hey, hey! I was just making sure you were okay, for Kyogre's sake!"


I could beat her if I wanted, but it's only good courtesy to make sure everyone's in one piece when I get them back to where they came from, haha.


Keeping up the charade, he glanced nervously at Cobalt, keeping his paws up as if he could protect against a curse with only his two paws. Which he almost half believed.


"Did I do something wrong? Never've seen a Pokemon like her before - I mean, I was always woken up by the tail..." Here he turned to the Ninetales, the slightest glint of apology in his eyes (but only the slightest), "I'm sorry if I've upset you by trying to do a favor."




In the corner of the room, a Meowth half-covered by a blue bandana stirred. The cold floor of the cave seemed not to have quite made it through to her just yet, as she turned over onto her other side, stretching as she attempted to get comfortable again.


Ugh, I don't want to get up yet...


Her eyes cracked open just the slightest - she stared at the wall. Naturally, it was dark from what she could see; and naturally, she had no idea she was anywhere other than where she'd been before, which was a rather dark cave (that, unlike this one, had occasional cracks through which one could see the time of day - it was called Daylight Cave for this reason). The Meowth closed her eyes again, a slightly pained expression on her face.


It's not even light out... Guess I'll have to wait another few hours.


With a cold twitch of her ears, Tiramisu resignedly noted the contradiction between her two thoughts, but pushed it aside as she tried her very hardest to settle into sleep again.


Images of Beldum tearing through the forest in search of blood filled her mind. She tried her hardest to push this thought aside, and was rewarded with images of Metang tearing through the forest in search of blood. With a barely audible sigh, she allowed herself to be caught up in her thoughts. Soon she heard the others in the cave.


A rescue team, maybe?


"Mom, are you here? Where are you?"

"All right, are there any other Rescue team or Exploration team members here?"

"We'll look for her too, okay?"


If it wasn't before, it's a rescue mission now...


Tiramisu settled herself again, attempting to concentrate wholeheartedly on following the conversation rather than revisit the nice bit of horror she'd cooked up involuntarily for herself.


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"Exploration Team?" Lilac echoed back at the question, trying to block out the other voices, "Yes, Team Hearts is here!" He yawned, not really seeming to not really care about the dire situation.

"Is everyone alright?" Celestia called, "How many of us are there?"

Kira narrowed her eyes against the dark, using safeguard as a instinctive protection for her team as well as the others in her room. The faint light lit up the room a bit more. Kira saw the words on the wall.

"They will not be found..." she read, thinking hard. The words sent a chill up Celestia's spine and made Lilac turn to look at the words. It must have been important because Lilac shook his head clear and walked up to the words, ignoring the two pokemon beneath.

"Kira, what do think this refers to?" he asked.

"Huh?" Kira was surprised at Lilac's interest. Usually, even on explorations he didn't ever show such interest, "Oh, right, it could really refer to a lot of things. Like... Anything that no one can seen to find?"


"I have a few guesses. The legendaries, the mystery part and secret slab and-"

"Alright then," Lilac said sitting down and staring up at the words. Suddenly, his head turned back and he asked, "Does anyone have a perfect Apple?"

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"Um. D-do you happen to know, where we are?"

Hm? More than one Pokemon lost, then...


The roar that soon echoed through the cave jolted Tiramisu to her feet. Her tail lashed behind her as she rushed along the boundary of the cave, eyes wild with astonishment. In her panic she almost knocked into the Hydreigon whimpering in the corner.


For a moment Tiramisu stared, her fur still fluffed up to its full extent and her eye opened wide. For a moment she thought she was still half-asleep - but she soon heard the poor dragon's quiet, "Please... just leave...", and her fur slowly smoothed out.


Not a nightmare. Not at all... Not at all, just someone as frightened as I am, it seems.


The Meowth sat down shakily, then put out a paw to gently poke the Hydreigon.


"H-hey, a-are you..."


Tiramisu stopped, shook her head, then started again with the fear mostly gone from her eyes,


"Are you okay?"


Her face grew a little red, and she pawed at it with the paw she'd poked him with, embarrassed at her show of fear. She smiled the slightest bit.


"Sorry for freaking out, you kind of woke me up and I... Sorry."

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"I'm also apart of a Rescue Team, and have heard of yours," I said to Team Hearts. It was well known for their versatality.


Forest Fighters were just that, forest-bound. Made of Grass Poke'mon, the team couldn't afford to fight in fire-laden areas.


Not our forte, that was for sure.

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