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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

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The pirate Krabby, though he logically should have been intimidated by the crew surrounding him, maintained a stubborn scowl.


"Oi, mate," He grumbled, holding his tiny claws up (supposedly to intimidate the Pokemon who were around ten times his size), "I don't tell ye how to live yer life. Jimmy's there" - he nodded at one fainted Krabby - "'n Kellogg's there, the no good sleepin' dog" - the next nod pointed out a Krabby who wasn't fainted, but rather sleeping - "'n the rest've the varmints all got smashed up against the walls thanks to yer spook."


The crab hissed, backing up to where he believed the Sea Stone still stood, "High 'n mighty as ye are, trundling in here like ye own the place, the Sea Stone is ours-" and was comically surprised as his back legs hit thin air. He stood, dumbfounded, for just a moment, then scuttled into a hole too tiny for even Tiramisu to fit into, calling out,


"Ye'll pay for this, the lot of you!" Crab cackles filled the air, "We've held these caves for years - ah, ye'll know soon."


Tiramisu groaned, turning to Leo, "Thanks, but why'd we bring her along again? I keep forgetting." She waved her paw around, "Y'know, except for the part where she attacked us, and how she's a wanted criminal, and - oh! - stole the treasure I found." She licked her chest indignantly, glaring towards the notably not-shiny-and-not-azure-as-the-sea-at-midnight spot on the ground. She'd thank him more thoroughly for the compliment later; for the moment, the sting of a treasure denied rankled her mood. As did the mild annoyance of a quiet rumbling sound, very loud and rather far off, like a slow trickle times ten. She flicked her ear.


"What's that noise?"


In a chamber that was for the moment unknown to the travelers, one Krabby was uncorking certain holes in the walls, laughing malevolently to himself. Sure, the guys would be unhappy to find their homes flooded whenever they found their way back, but that would be undone by all of the treasure they were about to get from some drowned thieves.


[bOSS: Cap'n Krabs

Ability: Sheer Force (Removes added effects to increase move damage.)

Usual Moves:

Mud Shot


Rock Slide


Species Statuses / Traits:

- Arrrrrr! (No effect)

Additional Notes:

- TIMED BATTLE: Cap'n is rather pissed that you took his Sea Stone, Agatha. You ruined everything.

...Well, not quite. Cap'n is letting water into the caves; if the caves are flooded, not only will travel be difficult, but all rare items will be lost (unless Dive is used). T-minus five posts until the caves are flooded (unless he is distracted, i.e. attacking a Pokemon attacking him, crushed by rocks, flipped upside down). Posts unrelated to this group do not count towards this timer.]


(( Holding out on Haldor's group until I get a post from one more person - I don't want to just move on without them because the next part may or may not be important once we get a little bit into it. ))

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Alright. So I spoke a little too soon; senior year has been complete homework hell for me, and I can't anticipate having a whole bunch of time to come back to this in the near future. So this, I suppose, is goodbye. ^w^; It was a good run, even if we didn't finish, and I've been honored to roleplay with you guys. Hope you guys have fun with ORAS, and don't forget to get Diancie by this Sunday!


As promised, I'm putting what I had planned for the story here. In very tiny letters, so if you don't want to be spoiled or something, you don't have to be.


First things first, Landorus is hella dead. He might've been a pain, but he probably didn't deserve death. In any case, he got it when he stayed behind with Tyndall.


Tyndall is Darkrai, but so is Reed to a certain extent. Darkrai possesed a Ditto (he acts like a ghost okay I don't need no typing squabbles) and took the name Tyndall – the scattering of light (in a colloid). So in the strictest sense, Tyndall is Darkrai. Reed, however, is a special case. He formed a pact with Darkrai to act as though he were Darkrai; Reed did this partly out of empathy with Darkrai, who was turned away by all of the other legendaries and shunned as a traitor when a certain... incident occurred. The other part of it was just disliking the legendaries after being brought up in a town that still followed the old Kyogric religion, and being shunned after he learned to put people to sleep and thoroughly abuse it. Darkrai and Reed share a telepathic communication, and over time the two sort of bleed into each other, like in Reed's dreams.


In terms of the teams, Leo's team would get to Foggy Forest, attempting to find Allen. After some searching, they find the floating, hidden tower and scale it, finding a young Uxie at the top. Legendaries are reborn after a period of time – they never really die, just disappear for a bit – and this Uxie hasn't awoken since it reappeared. It takes some time for it to come back into its full power, but in the meantime it disguises as a blind Cyndaquil and travels with the group. The group presumably continues their quest to find Allen, as well as sets off to find the other Legendaries and some place to keep Uxie safe in.

On their way out of Foggy Forest, however, Allen finds them. He's got the same strange aura around him, and makes the same demands that the group stay away from the Legendaries. He seems to be pleading at this point – then he notices the new Cyndaquil among them and grows suspicious. He attacks, trying to get rid of Uxie, and Tiramisu rushes in brashly to block the attack... Then what happens next, I expect, would depend solely on if Leo jumps in to handle the situation. If not, Tiramisu's hella dead; the flames “Allen” uses are heated to kill, and a direct blast like that would give any uninitiated Pokemon lethal burns. If so, they both avoid a flaming death, but one of them is burned fairly badly. In either case, the dark aura hesitantly leaves Allen, and Allen is finally freed from Darkrai's influence. Turned out Tyndall was telling the truth; Allen was captured defending Palkia (I think – naturally I'd have okayed this with Sailing, who planned the whole Allen-possession thing with me). Reed has managed to work his way to Foggy Forest by this point, and is on the sidelines when this happens. He doesn't like what he sees. The phrase “I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry” runs through his head quite a bit. He may or may not get caught there, and Arceus knows what everyone would think.

From that point we'd get to the other Legendaries who haven't been caught or killed, and work our way to Darkrai's... palace. It's not quite a crater anymore. It's filled with purple crystal.


Those in Diancie's domain wouldn't have found the tiny emotion lord they were after. Instead they'd find the answer to the riddle: “Deep within these halls are treasures you may find, if determination sees you through. If you are who you no doubt will say you are – those who gather the clouds of heaven and protect them with a mighty sword – then you will have no qualms about cutting the grass beneath the lotus flower.” Beneath Diancie's crystal lotus is an underground oasis, which you would have found while digging with the miners. Here there are many nooks to be explored, but if you think in true Zelda fashion to cut the blades of grass that appear to be hiding something – the ones just below the lotus flower, which is casting a pink light on the grass – then you would find Azelf. One can only hope you'd find Azelf without Tyndall's helpful company – or maybe that you'd only find the gems needed for trading, and never run into Azelf at all – only image if Tyndall and his pack of illusion masters got wind of the legendary, and how would you protect Azelf? Perhaps you'd even gain Tyndall's trust on the trip, which may not be as horrible a thing as you'd think.

You see, Mesprit really was at the Eaves of Hiraeth, but after the original Uxie's death the two other spirits developed a system of protection for each other. Azelf stops inquisitive visitors from coming in one way, Mesprit discourages them the other. Tyndall himself may never have made it in, had it not been for Pellinore's wonky Teleport sending the three of them into the middle of a wall. (Diancie, as a side note for my own canon for this, was born in Azelf's crystal cave. That's why she protects him with her Carbink army.) Perhaps the two would be safe if you left them alone, but that would be determined only in the course of time. Whether you continued searching for Mesprit or not would be up to you.

You'd meet up with Leo's group some time before arriving at Darkrai's palace.


Reed's been shadowing the group the whole way, or rather leading them to it if you still trust him. A Shuppet joined the group along the way. She seems familiar.

The palace is strange, not at all what you'd expect of Darkrai. There are carvings of the night sky, and a comet – well, okay, maybe the prince of nightmares might have nighttime scenes in his palace, the egotistical little... But you'de never expect there to be so much light.

Surprisingly enough, Latios is here. And by here, I don't mean hella dead or possessed – just here, roaming the halls. He's been looking for his sister, hiding in plain sight like his kind can, and he's very glad to see you. He accompanies you to Darkrai's throne room.

Darkrai is waiting with Pellinore (now a Gallade) and Fenris (now a Manectric). His two helpers move to attack, but he holds them back, kneeling before the group. He tells Reed (who is dutifully slipping into the shadows) that there's no need to pretend anymore; it's time for him to take the blame for himself. Darkrai offers himself to the team.

The team can take him in or kill him or banish him – whatever. But if they take him in, they learn something they'd have learned very unpleasantly otherwise: he was never the real villain. Sure, he was a murderer – he was the hand. But he was never the puppeteer. He realizes that allowing himself to be killed would be selfish in itself, much in the same way that accepting his fate as the hand of the villain was – and in any case would only forward the villain's plan.


This crisis goes back quite a while. Back to a young Meloetta and a wish.

Jirachi can only be awoken by those with a pure voice, so Meloetta was always bound to be his dearest friend. The two go everywhere together, sing new songs, and go to a gathering of the legendaries – the most important celebration of the year, when all of the ancients gathered together, whether Kyogran or Grou...dan? Eh. They all get together and have a swell time with their followers.

It's a heck of a bad time for Darkrai. There's a reason he stays well away in craters or abandoned islands most of the year, surrounded only by insomniacs. In that time, many of the legendaries were still young and at the height of their power, and so was he, much to the misfortune of anyone around Darkrai. Suffice to say that only the Insomniac Pokemon and the occasional Munna dropped by. Skulking around the outskirts of the party, he ran into the duo. Jirachi only sleeps when the comet passes or his wishes are used up, and one wish yet remains; Meloetta, however falls into a nightmare.

Jirachi is furious and hysteric with the hatred only young children can feel, and Cresselia is nowhere to be found. He tries and tries to wake Meloetta up, and fears she's never going to. The noise attracts a crowd (a few of which fall asleep themselves), and with Darkrai and Cresselia being so reclusive, no one knows what to do. Jirachi feels helpless, and angry that no one can save his best – and almost only – friend. He rushes back to his cave, and Darkrai shadows him, trying to explain.

Children lash out. Children will blame anything and everything they feel has hurt them – and so Jirachi wished for all of the Legendaries to go away. The legendary Doom Desire, and only Darkrai was there to see it. He tried to stop Jirachi, attacking him with Dark Void (which in fact made the curse worse, making Jirachi lucid) and any other attacks he could find, only to be caught by Victini, who in the course of justice tries to defend Jirachi from what he sees as an unwarranted attack. Darkrai is labelled the attacker, and the curse finds a vehicle in the Victory Pokemon. Victini is corrupted, which Darkrai sees as a sure sign of the Legendaries' imminent destruction. He agrees to be the agent of destruction with Victini (curiously similar to Reed's agreement), taking the blame for what he sees as the result of his lack of control over his powers. And so he begins hunting down the legends.

Not completely, at first. He goes to the other Legendaries asking for protection; he tries Palkia, Uxie, Kyogre... But everyone believes that Darkrai killed Victini. So Darkrai tries to preserve his own life for a while, doing as he was bid to bring about the Doom Desire. Once all of the Legendaries are killed or rounded up around Jirachi, they'd be annihilated for good.


With this revelation comes the final act. Jirachi and Victini work against you at every turn now that they no longer have Darkrai to hide behind. Jirachi is as nightmarish as the children who saw him “in dreams” (not really dreams, but real life) imagined. His third eye is always open, and bloodshot; his body has darkened into a shade of its former self. He seems like a husk. So does Victini.

Victini will do anything to carry out the Doom Desire, even kill. He's incredibly dangerous.

The team, meanwhile, needs to find Meloetta. Naturally, one thousand years is long enough for Cresselia to catch wind of her nightmares and cure her, but Meloetta now wanders the world waiting for her friend to reawaken. She is the only one who can open the door to Jirachi.

You need to stun Jirachi into submission before he'll listen to Meloetta's song. Only then will he cancel off the Doom Desire. She uses the final wish: I want my friend back. It was never Jirachi's to use anyway.

Or you go full on horrible and kill Jirachi. Which would be a very bad end, and all of the Legendaries die forever. I don't think you guys are that terrible.


For my characters' ends... Reed goes back to Move Tutoring in Relicanth Town. The children missed him a lot, because he's not a huge Corsola Twig around them. He's actually a fairly good teacher, and perhaps in time he hooks up with a nice Nidoran he met by Foggy Forest. Tiramisu continues being a sheet ghost, and hangs around with Cas, who is actually probably Pellinore's father. He never remembers that, but Pellinore comes to visit from time to time. Cas may or may not form a team with Tiramisu and Bree, depending on Bree's decision. Pell and Fenris escape being war criminals thanks to Darkrai's cover, but Darkrai (who releases the Ditto but keeps the name Tyndall – he made it up himself anyway)... Darkrai's either locked up or treated much the same as in the games (good ol' amnesia really cleans up them criminals boss). Or maybe kept under the new Cresselia's care (he killed the old Cresselia). He occasionally chats with Reed. Annarise hopefully sees Requiem again.


The end. Latias and Latios reunite.


I'll miss you guys. See you around, and if you ever want to chat, just pop me a PM. It might take me a while to respond, but... I'm bound to check in here sometimes.


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Sad to see it go.


in Leo's case, as time went on he'd start to show a slight knight's templar edge to his personality, taking increasingly drastic measures to ensure the misson's success, before finally succumbing to his own dark side, leaving Allen and Agatha to clean up the resulting mess he makes.

and if Talon cat permitted it, he'd eventually be possessed by the vengeful spirit of Giratina itself



I'll try to transcribe what we've got into a legible story, it's the least I can do.

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...Oh my gosh that was beautiful. How do you even come up with this kind of thing. Gosh. @_@


I have a Pokemon magical girl RP in Unapproved right now and to be honest without your influence I probably would never have gotten up the courage to even share my setting idea with anyone. This entire project has been ridiculously amazing and huge and glorious and wow I don't even know how to talk about it without inevitably not doing it justice. I'm in grade 12 too and it is DEFINITELY homework hell (we're averaging a test a week and that's considering I have a spare this semester), but being the ridiculous person I am I've taken on a million projects anyway. I guess I'm the kind of person who tends to magically do well after cramming for 30 minutes, but... eh, I'm getting off-topic now. (You guys should totally contact me for math help and/or fun facts about obscure sea creatures though)


I've been writing this post for, like, literally 40 minutes. I am SO BAD at heartfelt goodbyes. Please imagine, like, the cheesiest line you remember from the Pokemon movies, and that'll be exactly what I feel about this situation.

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Ah Arceus, you guys are making me tear up...


Pi, I looked at your RP and it looks like it's going to be amazing! (I noticed the nod to Diancie, by the way. ^w^)


and ahhh




"Good luck" sounds too clinical and everything else sounds too flowery, so "Go be the friggin' amazing people I know you guys are" is what I'll go with.


I forgot two little details that I think are kind of important. They're about buttface.

Reed actually really respects "Sheriff" Leo. He wanted to be that guy when he was younger - the one who charges into battle for all of the innocents at once, tactful but bold, the superhero. That's actually the reason why he learned all of his ridiculous moves; he basically wanted to be Captain (Wood) Hammer (without the huge Corsola-Twig-iness that Captain Hammer has).


Reed did paint his paw-print himself - to cover the scars on his back. Some of the scars are from the side effects of practicing his over-powered moves, but most of them are scars he gave himself. A lot are from when he was younger; others are from when his friend moved away from Relicanth Town. He never really liked himself. So not only is it a pride thing with his paw-print - because Leo was right about that being part of it - it's also actual physical pain.


Alright then, I'm done. Seeya around. *hugs and waves*

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I don't really know what to say but I'd feel bad for not saying anything so...


Thanks Talon, this was the first rp to bring me back to rp-ing after so many years biggrin.gif

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