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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

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Cobalt gently drifted through the portal and immediately blacked out. Renaissance, seeing that her friend was safe, sighed in relief and was knocked unconscious by the portal as well.

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Leo watched everyone else pass through the portal, before turning around as if to head back up. "You can head on withought me," He said to Tyndal. "I made a promise to go back for the others that were left behind. We'll find another way out."


However, Leo soon found out he wouldn't be able to keep his promise. All that had happened today had simply taken too much energy. From chasing after Reed, interupting the Shadow Pulse, and pushing himself past his own limits in general, It was simply too much for him to handle.


Leo lost his grip on the wall as he fainted, then fell into the portal.


((Gotta go throught the portal, and also gotta stay in Character))

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As the last Pokemon slipped into the shimmering pool below him, Tyndall allowed himself to heave a sigh of relief. Honestly, it had taken them long enough. He was lucky they hadn't been cautious enough to test his statements of being a Ditto (as if most of them could have without falling into the pit once he'd moved away). Their apparent leader - that one cautious Meowth - would have been dangerous to keep around... But it was all no problem at all now.


"Guardian! Will you keep me waiting even though the imbeciles have left?"


The Lampent shook his head,


"No, we can be on our way now!"


It was just another mark on the wall. And Landorus would be another figure leaned against the wall, trapped in paralyzing night terrors. Tyndall had honestly seen enough of it - he'd had his hand in enough of it. Nonetheless, those overpowering words had been spoken, and he was bound to his Master's orders. There was nothing he could do.


Still, with every "forced" action he carried out, he felt some doubt at the back of his mind, carefully tearing at him like a ghost's curse.


Some other voice called to him, but he ignored it. Something about a Leo, or the usual "You'll never get away with this," or some inane babble that he couldn't care to hear, even if inaudibly.


In a just a few moments, Landorus rocketed towards the bottom of the cavern. Perhaps it was the thrill of the moment - perhaps it was the dread of the moment - but Tyndall felt that he saw everything about Landorus. The ape-like Pokemon's sure footsteps made it painfully obvious that he had been down here quite often, and... Tyndall nearly winced. Some hardly-noticeable scars along the Pokemon's back made it painfully obvious that he'd been down here the short way a few times. Landorus scowled faintly.


"You said we may get going, so do not keep me waiting!"


His tail whipped, seemingly in anticipation. His eyes held a determined, murderous flare. Tyndall nodded, his wisp-like figure betraying no hints of treachery.


"Mister Boston, if you'd do us the honor?"


"Bowt time, Boss!"


The monocled Wobuffet appeared impart some sort of energy to the portal; it flashed a bright purple, then settled into a dark grey. Meanwhile, Tyndall appeared to grow drowsy, if for just a moment. The portal was calibrated.


The Lampent motioned with a long, dark arm,


"We can go now."


Mr. Boston hastily wobbled off of his ledge and into the pool. Landorus peered cautiously into the portal, then floated down into it in tangent with Tyndall.


In an instant, the room flashed pitch black. Then they disappeared, and the dark fog disappeared with them.




Reed woke up. He didn't rub his eyes, or stretch, or in fact anything else someone who was suddenly awoken would be expected to do; he simply jolted awake, is if he'd suddenly decided to summon the energy to wake up. The Smeargle quickly untangled himself from the wall, and called out loudly,


"Hey, prissy-boy! I know the way out of here!"


He didn't bother to see if the Mienshao would follow him or not; he padded his way towards what he knew to be the exit of the cave. His steps were quieter than usual (his mouth was quieter than usual), and there was an odd air about him, as if he'd seen something not particularly terrible, but something that surprised and unsettled him. To him, however, what he'd seen wasn't the problem. What would the greatest Pokemon in the world do about it? That was the problem.


What was the truth, and what was a dream?


The forest sprawled out before him as he stood at the mouth of the Magmaworld. Light scattered cool and dim through the forest as the sun fell.




A small group of Pokemon woke up in the forest, only a few clearings away. It was the second time that day that they'd been transported through space, and had they not run into a wandering Whimsicott and Archeops, they undoubtedly would not have seen the town just beyond the edge of the forest. Despite some internal quarreling, the group as a whole was generally too discombobulated to be averse to staying the night together at an inn in that town (which they found was named Laos). They could wait until the morning to kill, maim, eat, or otherwise leave each other.


[ Your character may pick up an Apple, an Oran Berry, or a Pecha Berry from their time in the forest. ]


(( If you guys are unsatisfied with the time skip, I'll be glad to rewrite it! ^w^


@PureDark: Reed and Zagan will arrive at the town slightly later than everyone else. ))

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((Laos? blink.gif Whoa. I like the timeskip! :3))


Renaissance sighed. "I can't wait until tomorrow morning, when we'll finally be rid of these annoying Pokémon."

Cobalt nodded as she looked through Rena's bag. They'd picked up an Oran Berry and an Apple, and Cobalt wanted to make sure they were still there. They were, so she put the bag down and stretched. "I'm tired." She pushed back the fur that was blocking her left eye. "Well, goodnight then." She fell asleep instantly.

Rena shook her head and went to bed as well.



-Oran Berry added to Inventory (Bag)]


-Apple added to Inventory (Bag)]

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Leo was on the verge of colapsing once again by the time they reached Laos. The local nurse, a Chansey, had taken him to a private room, saying something about over-exhaustion and bedrest. Leo had tried to argue, saying that he had to go back, but the Chancy had refused to let Leo go. One use of Sing later, and Leo was unable to argue; lost in a dreamless sleep.

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The sudden way the Smeargle joined the waking world again startled Zagan, who was immediately in all fours with bristled fur, his Mienshao counterpart in a defense position with whip-like sleeves ready to defend.


"Hey, prissy-boy! I know the way out of here!"


"First, who electrocuted you awake? And second, I am so not prissy," Zagan retorted, adding a slightly feminine intonation at the end, fur returning to its usual position as he watched with curiosity how the smaller Pokemon started walking away as if he had known the place since he was a cub. Shrugging, he supposed he didn't have a better plan, so he followed the other to wherever he was going.


Zagan didn't know how, but the Smeargle managed to keep his word and, before long, the end of the cave came into sight. The two Pokemon walked out into the forest ahead, the sun's position indicating it was late afternoon and wouldn't be long until night. Zagan couldn't recognize the surroundings, so he decided to continue following the Smeargle around; if the Painter Pokemon wanted to lead, so be it. The Zoroark didn't mind. "Besides, having any kind of audience is more entertaining than being on my own," he thought, hiding a smirk as he continued to follow the other.




Requiem yawned, getting comfortable in the room he had been assigned. Back in the forest, he had snacked on an Apple he had found laying around, and had even found a Pecha berry he decided to take with him just in case. The day had been very eventful, and the Hydreigon was tired, full and sleepy. Answers could wait until the next day, since the inn was safe. Rhapsody was quiet too, which was a nice plus.


After a Roost to recover the energy he lost when he hit the wall, Requiem fell asleep.



- Pecha berry added to Inventory.]


((So, are we skipping until Reed and Zagan reach town or RPing it?))

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(( The only part I particularly want to RP is what I'm about to write in this post, so. Whichever you'd like! ))


Reed set a paw out of the cave. Then the other. Slowly, as if lead were weighing him down, he began to walk into the forest. The Smeargle seemed to be staring at the ground, and as the ground stared incredulously back at him he began to realize he was staring at the ground. He couldn't give this entirely-too-fashionable Mienshao what he'd denied Sheriff (a pitiful look), he realized. He had a reputation to maintain.


Reed's back straightened, and his voice regained its usual rage-inducing quality (if it had ever left). With a dismissive wave of his paintbrush tail, he trilled,


"Well Mr. SO-" His paw helped him emphasize the word - "not prissy, you should go straight ahead through the forest. There's a cute little path that cuts straight to a perfectly boring town just past the next clearing."


He, meanwhile, began walking very obviously off the path.


"There's only one inn there, and if I headed in there and didn't sleep, Sheriff'd probably dream very odd dreams about me."


Reed grinned,


"It's natural, but he'd probably pin me to a Magnezone and find some way to get me into jail for it. I'll be back in the morning, probably. You losers need me."


With that flippant remark, he trotted confidently but quickly into the forest.

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Bree stared out the window of her room, wringing her hands anxiously. She had heard of this town before - while one couldn't call it close to her home by any stretch of the imagination, she was sure she could make it back by herself given enough time. Was that what she was going to do, though? There was no denying that she wanted to go on a quest to save the world, but the idea seemed silly somehow. She sighed and collapsed ont her bed. Either way, she could think of it tomorrow. Exhausted from all the events of that day, she fell asleep almost immediately.

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"An inn, huh," Zagan thought, looking in the direction the Smeargle had pointed to. He couldn't see any town, but after navigating out of the cave like that, he felt the other's statement was correct. No idea who was Sheriff, though.


"You're talking as if you hadn't been the one who caused trouble in the first place," he scoffed, as the Smeargle trotted away and out of sight. Zagan counted to ten and let go of his Mienshao illusion, his eyes glowing light blue as the familiar red energy surrounded his body and revealed his true form. Not a second later, the second wave of energy engulfed him, as he chose a different illusion to show.


From Mienshao to Zoroark to Dodrio - and it hadn't even taken five seconds.


Zagan smirked; he had been getting tired of the prissy act, and a Dodrio's three heads gave him a huge range of personalities to work with. He'd have to be careful, though, since each head was supposed to be independent, which meant he needed to keep in mind the reactions he wanted the other two heads to show. But who didn't love a good challenge? Besides, he wasn't going to pester the Smeargle all night. Just an hour or so.


Already thinking about his act, he trotted after the Smeargle, planning to take a detour to mask the fact he had come from the same direction.

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Reed - despite so obviously being in control of everything - never noticed the Dodrio tailing him, or at least never paid it any attention.


There were three things he knew: one, he needed to be alone; two, this wasn't going to be pleasant; three, this was the reason he rarely slept willingly. Claws reaching out from the darkness - the quiet cracks of thick blades of grass in the distance.... They couldn't scare him. But a hand outstretched, and that sort of stuck look he'd seen... That could terrify him.


Nonetheless, he reassured himself, no Pokemon in the world could defeat him; that had to apply in decision-making as well.


The lake came clear in sight after a fifteen minute walk. It hardly seemed qualified to be a lake - it looked the size of a pond - but Reed recalled that near the Magmaworld laid the entrance to the Great Sea. The Great Sea had spanned the entirety of the world, until Groudon drenched it in his searing magma, and sent it cowering underground. Kyogre, enraged, summoned a flood to the Magmaworld. The magma in its underground caverns froze to rock; Groudon was encased in stone for hundreds of years. Though the Magmaworld eventually regained its former heat, it was said that a small portion of the floodwater still remained in a dark, dank cavern among the Magmaworld's caves.


That was how the Pokemon in his old hometown told it, anyway. The Pokemon elsewhere called it, "Small, Unassuming Pond" and sneered at the few remaining Kyogrites. Reed didn't particularly care at the moment; these things he noted with dull interest as he took one step towards the "lake" and fell unconscious for the umpteenth and last time that day. The shadows that played on the lake grew stronger, and the grass around him glowed a very dim, icy blue. He wouldn't wake up until early the next morning.




As the sun broke the horizon, the news broke all over town.


"The Legendaries are back! We saw 'em!"


A young Kangaskhan boy tore down the streets of the tiny town of Laos in tandem with a quiet but excited Happiny girl. The Happiny chirped,


"Yes, Latios sir is in the town plaza - "


"Hey Kiria, speak up! No one's gonna hear you!"


"Latios is-!"




The Kangaskhan's voice exploded through the town, echoing even into the comfortable rooms of the Inn.




Tiramisu hissed lowly as she stumbled out of her terrible night's sleep. Her ears had shot straight up the moment that kid had gone stomping by, and by this point the thrill of Legendaries had worn off.


They're probably all as conceited as Landorus.


She swiped a paw over her face and tried to block out the now all-too-obvious daylight coming through the window. It was no use.


I hope they all get caught by Darkrai and stay out of our fur -


The Meowth just barely caught herself, considering the implications of this path of choices. Nonetheless, she didn't feel particularly remorseful. She stalked out of the Inn, pausing only to leave a gold coin on the counter out of well-memorized courtesy.


Despite the unholy time of morning it was, the sun shone bright in the sky. Tiramisu squinted through the thick orange haze it threw on her vision, and padded tiredly to the town plaza.

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((Recently got accepted. I think I know what to write...))


Ruphus literally rolled out of his bed in the inn, startled by Kangaskhan's announcement. "Wha? Who? Where?" - he muttered, totally confused and still half-asleep. Only after a minute or so he looked out of the window and found out what's all the noise is about.


"Oh... Again." - he shrugged - "Kids these days... Well, gotta get moving. Friends don't find themselves."


With that he gathered his belongings and flew through the door - his habit of using wings to transport himself. He rarely walked. Providing the innkeeper with some golden coins, he went out from inn to streets of the town.


"Now. Where I should go?" - Ruphus thought - "I literally cut through the entire places nearby in search for my teammates, now only the faraway ones are left. But of course there is a must-to-know rule: faraway places means dangerous Pokemons. And even for a experienced Pokemon Explorer they can put up a challenge."


He huffed and checked his bag. Apple, check. Two Oran berries, check. Max Elixir...


Wait, where is his Max Elixir?

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The young Kangaskahn's call woke Leo from a dreamless sleap that the nurse had kept him in overnight. Noticing this, the Chansey threw open the window in agitation. "Would you kindly keep it down, I have a patient who needs his rest!"

"I'm fine, mam," Leo reassured, "I've been through worse."

"Well you should take it easy for the day," the nurse replied, closing the window once more. "Promise me you won't go into any Mystery Dungeons, nurse's orders."

Leo nodded in agreement, then added "I still want to see what he meant by the legendaries returning."

"All right," the nurse sighed, "Just take things slow."

"Thank you," said Leo, "if there is any way I can repay you-"

"You already earned it as a rescue team member," the chancy said, "Your thanks is all I need."


As Leo was about to leave the Inn, he paused. Allen had all our Poke before we were separated. He realized, I can't pay the innkeeper unless..

Unless he used Pay day to make the money.

With a groan of regret, Leo lifted his paw and focused. A few gold coins materialized, Which Leo caught, and handed to the innkeeper.

"Sorry," Leo said, before moving on, leaving the innkeeper to wonder what he meant.


The Plaza was easy enough to find, Leo just had to follow the growing number of Pokemon who had heard the news.

((Since Poke Generated by Pay day is usable money, that means it's real money))

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Renaissance woke up with a start, growling at the noise outside. "Cobalt, wake up!" She snapped, shoving the Lucario.

Cobalt sat up with another start. "Wuh-? What's going on? Who's yelling?" She muttered groggily.

"Come on, apparently Latios is in the town plaza." Renaissance went outside and gave a few gold coins to the innkeeper, thanking him. Cobalt quickly rushed after her to the plaza.

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Bree heard a shout from outside and grumbled to herself. Who was that? She didn't want to get up yet, because getting up meant she would have to decide what to do. She lay face-down on the bed for a few minutes, listening to the commotion outside, before deciding that this was pretty pointless too. She floated up from the bed and opened her room's door. A few of the others had already left, it seemed. She sighed and hovered in the hallway, trying to think of what to do.

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Requiem half opened his eyes, the commotion outside enough to wake him up. He couldn't really distinguish the words in his sleepy state, though, so he just assumed it was nothing important. Something was pushing slightly at the back of his mind, like a memory he needed to remember, but right now the Hydreigon was too tired to muster the energy to care.




That was all the confirmation he needed. With a yawn, he rolled to his other side and continued sleeping.




Zagan stretched, letting out a huge yawn with his tongue out, before scratching his ear with his foot like a canine. Growling a bit, he shook and checked his Mienshao illusion was still on before peeking out of the window to see why everyone was so noisy. As if he didn't have enough with the Smeargle from yesterday falling asleep before Zagan could do his friend's favorite joke. What was with the glowing grass, anyway? Maybe the Smeargle had used Rest, but it still felt a bit off.


A Kangaskhan cub was running down the street with what looked like a pink, walking egg with a single pigtail on the top of her head trying to keep up with it. Shouting about... a Latios? In the town plaza? The name kind of sounded familiar, but Zagan couldn't remember where he had heard it before. For some reason he kept thinking of the Dodrio back at his hometown, but that could have been because he borrowed the bird's form the day before.


Intrigued, he jumped out of the window and went in the direction the two cubs had come from, not quite sure what to expect.

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Ruphus, after an inner debate, decided to go back and retrieve his Max Elixir, since these sorts of items are not to be wasted stupidly. "What if I use some powerful move, and then I faint with no strength at all? Nah, thank you." - he thought - "Now if I don't find it, I must buy one AND watch my bags."


The innkeeper shot a surprised look towards Flygon, but the latter parried with: "I forgot something back there!", and he, rolling his eyes, went back to his own business.


Ruphus immediately went upstairs... and barely avoided the collision with Reuniclus.

"Whoa!" - he exclaimed, staying back, and immediately went on excuses - "Sorry, my bad! I was in a hurry, and I didn't notice you! I really should've take it slow and not fly up like crazy! I am really sorry!"

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((Ruphus is a Flygon, right? Sorry, he doesn't seem to be in the character list yet...))


Bree had just turned to look down the stairs, wondering if she should just leave after all, when the Flygon shot up and nearly slammed straight into her. She flinched backwards and nearly did a backflip in the air before straightening herself carefully. "Oh! I - " she paused briefly, wondering if it was appropriate conduct to speak psychically to strangers, but decided that it was better than using her glubby voice. "No, I'm sorry. I, ah, really shouldn't be just-just loitering here either." She mentally winced. She'd been getting used to the group from the cave and she'd almost stopped stuttering entirely, but one new pokemon and it was all back again. She squished her hands together and smiled up at the Flygon sheepishly.

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((Yep, he is a Flygon smile.gif ))


Ruphus was a bit surprised to hear the reply in his head, - he wasn't used to telepathic speech - but didn't pay that any attention and just said: "M'kay then... I suppose I should get going. Sorry again!" - and, carefully going around Reuniclus, rushed to his previously rented room.


And there it was: his Max Elixir in the corner. "Must've fallen out of my bag during my sleep..." - muttered Ruphus, putting it back in his bag. After checking everything again, he proceeded to the exit.

"Now to check what is going on at the plaza." - he thought. - "Maybe that kid wasn't thinking it up after all! Who knows? Maybe there IS Latios! Or not."

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(( If Ruphus has a bag to carry items in, it needs to be his held item. ))


The plaza bustled with excitement; there were more Pokemon gathered in a circle on the busted grey bricks than you would have guessed there were in the entire town. A Misdreavus or two, the kids from earlier (alongside some snickering Teddiursa and a very odd-looking bear Pokemon), what looked like a well-seasoned rescue team (a rather fit Snorlax, two Hitmonchan, and a Furret) - all kinds of Pokemon had gathered. The town was very obviously a crossroads for trade; the Kecleon and a band of Persian were already taking advantage of the crowd to sell Oran Crisps and Leppa Smoothies.


If you sat at just the right angle in the crowd (like one Rattata was currently doing), you could just barely glimpse dark blue, luminescent feathers glimpsing in the sun. Bright magenta eyes stared worriedly into the sun; jet-like wings shifted uncomfortably. The roar of the crowd died down as the long-forgotten Latios spoke up,


"...Hello? Hello?"


The blue and white dragon scanned the crowd, then continued.


"My name is Latios. I've... come a very long way. From the Misty Islands, to the east; I lived there with my sister, Latias..."


His eyes misted, but he continued.


"I know all of you have a lot of questions - "


The young Kangaskhan from before yelled out,


"Are the Legendaries really gonna come back?!"


A few of the Teddiursa mumbled to the Kangaskhan, and he seemed to shrink back, embarrassed. Latios winced, and began again quietly,


"I know that some of you have lost friends, and even family, because of the Legendaries' return..."


Latios' voice rose as he continued,


"We're in danger. Darkrai has turned against us, and Cresselia is - gone. I have no idea why Darkrai would want to capture the rest of us, but the fact of the matter is that he wants to and he has. He's taken my sister, he's taken Groudon, Keldeo, Terrakion - the Three Musketeers, the three Birds and the three Beasts, the Regis, and now Landorus..."


He shook his head as gasps filled the square,


"Essentially, these are those of us that we know are left: Mew, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Lugia, Celebi, the three Lake Spirits, Dialga, Zekrom, and I. Deoxys has fled the planet, and Genesect and Kyurem are of questionable allegiance on the matter. Meloetta, Jirachi, and Victini haven't been seen by any of us for years." Latios let out an exasperated sigh, "And Arceus is Arceus-knows-where, as usual. That's how matters stand at the moment."


The square exploded with nervous chatter. Tiramisu squirmed as hundreds of Pokemon slid past her to talk to their friends about impending doom, or how amazing it was that Legendaries actually were real. Her ear twitched, and she hunched over angrily. She'd quite honestly heard enough of that, and in her opinion, that Latios had only come forward because he wanted to help himself. That was how Legendaries worked, based on what she'd seen. It made her sick; then again, she'd been feeling sick ever since she'd been around... Landorus. Landorus had been among the list of those capture by Darkrai... Actually, he deserved it. She licked a paw and imagined a nice nightmare for the abhorring ape.


A voice called out from the edge of the square,


"Hey, who even needs the Legendaries, though?"


The world's best ego - er, Smeargle - had effectively gained the crowd's attention. The small group of children snickered. Reed stepped forward in full rabble-rousing mode, a rebellious look in his eyes. He stared directly at Latios over the crowd, though the crowd wouldn't make way for him.


"We've survived without you for those centuries you've been gone." Reed indicated the town with his right paw, "I'd say we're doing better than before you posers left, now that we don't have to cut down our Sitrus trees for tribute and build perches to keep the thunder chicken out of our towns." His eyes narrowed, "Why should we even want that back?"


The crowd murmured. Latios nodded slowly,


"What you've said is true. I'm asking for help for my own sake and for my sister's sake; it's selfish for me to imply that it would have any true rewards for anyone who would help us."


The dragon tilted his head, squinting at Reed for a moment. He seemed to be deep in thought, then seemed to change his mind. He shook his head. Reed continued staring at him head-on,


"At least you understand that; Landorus sure didn't."


The Smeargle disappeared into the crowd, leaving Latios with his thoughts and the other Pokemon to whisper and roar worriedly.

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All those Pokemon in the plaza... really, he hadn't known the town was that full. Zagan had to stop a little before he could see what was in the middle of it, knowing that one too many shoves could shatter his illusion. He looked around, a curious Mienshao to everyone else, trying to spot holes in the crowd he could sneak through. His eyes landed on the few snickering bear cubs and he nearly gasped; they were Q's species. He didn't know if Q himself would be there, but a glance at what he thought was the guardian (an older bear with a circle in its stomach) told him that either Q was back or that wasn't his mother. A mother with a lost child wouldn't be curiously looking at what had called the crowd, instead searching to see if her child was there.


The thoughts about the bear cub left his mind when a voice was heard and the crowd stopped speaking. Standing in two legs to see better, Zagan made out a flying blue and white Pokemon with a red triangle on its belly, ears perked up as red eyes looked at the gathering. Latios...


"...the Eon Duo, Latios and Latias. Brother and sister, which is rare for Legendaries, if I may add..."


A Legendary. That was why he was remembering Antranig; that Dodrio loved his legends and was always telling the kids about them. Now Zagan wished he had payed more attention, since that was the only thing he remembered about the one right in front of him. Was he a Flying-type? He thought so.


He had to suppress a laugh when he imagined the Dodrio' face if Zagan came back disguised as that one. Now that was a good prank.


"We're in danger. Darkrai has turned against us, and Cresselia is - gone."


That sentence alone sufficed to take away the impulse to laugh. He could feel a hot, unpleasant sensation in his chest, and knew his eyes had just widened in shock. Darkrai? Turning against the other Legendaries? There must have been some mistake...


His throat went dry as Latios continued, and the Smeargle from before spoke up. Zagan didn't even pay attention to him, eyes locked on the blue Eon Pokemon.


"Sure. Blame the Dark-type. Right there in the name, isn't it," he thought aloud, fur slightly bristled, his illusion translating his current mood to his Mienshao counterpart crossing his arms and narrowing his eyes to mirror the original.

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Leo Recognized the Smeargle. It was the same one from the cave, meaning that he had indeed found his own way out.


Leo leapt from his place in the crowd with faint attack, and landed on a lamp post near Reed. To the crowd, it would look like he had appeared out of thin air.

"Normally I'd tell you to show some respect, but after the mess you made yesterday I don't think you have any sense in that ego of yours."

Leo turned to address the crowd. "As for what he said about Landorus, unfortunately I can verify that was true," he said solemnly, "From what I can tell, when Darkrai attacked Palkia, The Pearl Dragon's powers teleported a number of Pokemon to the hiding places of several legendries. I was part of a group that was sent to Landorus' lair, as was the Smeargle."

"That Pokémon's ego nearly got everyone killed twice," He continued, "Once when he used Fissure and split the group in half. We met Landorous soon after that, but he had changed. The legends say Landorus was a bringer of peace and fertility. The Landorus we met had become violent and paranoid in his self imposed Isolation. While I tried to pacify him, the Smeargle chose to Provoke him further, before Abandoning the rest of us. Landorus then Led us to a chamber where he had decided to dispose of us. What saved us was very likely Palkia's last free act."

"A ditto disguised as a Lampent appeared, and was able to pacify Landorus, Convincing him to direct his rage at Darkrai, rather than at us. He led us through a portal that took us to the woods just outside of town, while Landorus and the Ditto left to confront Darkrai."


Leo's face reflected the grave mood of the crowd. He then turned to face Latios.

"Your news means that they most certainly failed, and yet I can only blame myself for letting them go. What's more, my partner was one of the Pokemon sent to Dialga's hiding spot, and was the Lampent the Ditto had disguised as." Leo's Face hardened. "I don't know where Darkrai is, but I promise you, I won't rest until he is brought to justice."




On the far end of the crowd, a Mismagius was listening to Leo's story intently. "My lovely Allen is missing?" she said to herself, "And Darkrai is rounding up the Legendries? Well now this is interesting indeed, I might have to put my usual hobbies on hold."


"Sure. Blame the Dark-type. Right there in the name, isn't it,"


Agatha turned to look at the speaker, a Mienshao. She drifted over, neither caring nor noticing that she passed through several Pokemon on the way.

"Now what makes you say something like that?" she asked with a smirk, "I thought most Fighting types detest sneaky, underhanded, cheating, deceptive, lying Dark type Pokemon."

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That Meowth with the Scope Lens... it was the one from the cave. So that was what happened...


Then, they hadn't actually seen Darkrai, and he didn't know if that was a good or a bad thing. Well, if they were going to find the darker half of the Lunar Duo, Zagan was in. He needed to know the truth. And if it turned out the Legendary had indeed turned evil, he'd punch him in the face himself, grab him by the hair and shove-


"Now what makes you say something like that?"


The female voice interrupted his violence-oriented thoughts, and he turned to see what looked like the evolution of a Misdreavus; a purple ghost with red pupils and yellow eyes, looking as if she was wearing a hat and a cloak, a scarf open and hanging from her shoulders instead of being wrapped around a body part. And for some reason, her neck looked like she had swallowed a Persim Berry whole, but he guessed that was part of her breed's looks.


"It highly depends on the species, miss," he answered truthfully, making a waving motion with his paw. He made sure to stiffen his stance a bit, since real Fighting-types were at a big disadvantage when it was time to deal with Ghosts. "While the adjectives you provided do apply to most breeds, I must say the most gentlemanly and well-spoken Pokemon I've ever met was actually a Honchkrow. Still ruthless in battle, though," he recalled.


Also, better not mention half of those adjectives could be used to describe Zagan himself, since that wasn't his point.

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"Now excuse me, sir."


An aged Ariados struggled painfully onto his hind legs so he'd be seen and heard more clearly. A Venomoth - his wife - quietly helped him along with her Psychic. The Ariados' voice was shaky, yet strong, and could be heard throughout the whole square. The group of bear Pokemon cheered,


"Mister Sarto, yeah! Get him off that lamppost, Mister Sarto!"


(Mister Sarto had taught in their forest for several generations, and the young Teddiursa had grown up on tales of Mister Sarto's combined weaving and self-defense classes. He was well-known for once tying a student up in their own weaving.)


The old Ariados grinned slightly,


"Settle down, students, settle down."


Reed's voice came from somewhere in the crowd,


"They've got a point; he shouldn't be looking down on all of us."


Mister Sarto's pincers shot menacingly towards the direction the voice came from, as his students gave a cheer. He turned back towards Leo with a warm smile.


"Young Meowth, whatever your extremely impulsive friend has done, he does bring up a good issue: there is no point to go rushing into something you don't fully understand. The boy knows some form of history; the Legendaries at times were oppressive, and in this day and age they would be, for the most part, nothing but a very nice convenience."


The Ariados paused to bow his head to Latios, adding, "No offense meant to you or your sister, sir."


Latios shook his head,


"None taken at all, sir; please continue."


Mister Sarto continued, nodding his head slowly,


"We don't know Darkrai's motivations behind the capture of the Legendaries. I heard a young man over there mention blaming the Dark type, and that may well be what we're all doing. I'm not defending what Darkrai is allegedly doing, but it may not be the nefarious scheme we are making it out to be. Perhaps in 'bringing him to justice' we would be taking the thread from our own blanket, as it were."


The old teacher slowly fell to all four of his legs again, and added,


"Now if you'd please come down to the level of all of the rest of us Pokemon, I'm sure we'd all like to hear more about this cave of yours, or whatever else you'd like to say so long as it isn't any more mudslinging about any Pokemon. I'll be talking to your Smeargle pal about stereotyping and the like."


A roar came from the crowd of Teddiursa and Ursaring,




Latios quickly flew to the Ariados' side, bowing his head in gratitude,


"Even if it is what I'd like to hear, I'd like to thank you for your words."


"It's no problem at all, sir; talking and philosophizing are all I ever do."


The old Ariados walked slowly away with his wife, and although neither of them turned to ensure that it happened, Reed followed swiftly after them.


Latios returned to the center of the square and ran the story that Leo had given him through his head again. Something seemed very obviously wrong, and that was... His head shot up.


"Who was the Ditto? What went on between the Ditto and Landorus? Did they go through the portal with you - did you leave them alone?"

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"My apologies," Leo said as he slipped down the lamppost, "I don't mean to look down on anyone, It's just that it's hard for someone of my stature to be heard in a crowd." This was certainly true. As a Meowth, Leo was often Dwarfed by larger Pokémon, but he still preferred the added mobility his size offered.


"I know that some of the legendries abused their power, and there was not much that anyone could do. Many of the legends speak of how they fought one another, bringing ruin and disaster in their wake. But other legends spoke of a kinder side to them. Lugia, who stopped the storm brought about by the warring of the three birds. Celebi, who protects forests and plant life. Even Landorus was respected for keeping Tornadus and Thundurus in line."


Leo made his way to the center of the square as he spoke. "Regardless of his reasons, Darkrai's actions have endangered many Pokémon, not just the remaining legendries. I judge others based on their actions, not their type, and Darkrai's actions warrant a response. And I need to know what happened to my partner."


"Who was the Ditto? What went on between the Ditto and Landorus? Did they go through the portal with you - did you leave them alone?"


Leo considered the question for a moment. "He said his name was Tyndal. He said he was the guardian of Limestone Cave, one of the entrances to Palkia's domain. He admitted that he intended to take Landorus to Darkrai, and I didn't really trust him at first. But he was imitating my partner, and it's hard to argue with someone with the Shadow Tag ability. Eventually Landorus agreed to let us go and fight Darkrai himself." Leo shook his head with regret. "I didn't like it, but I was to tired to argue anymore."




Agatha smirked, this Mienshao was in interesting character. "I haven't met many fighting types with that opinion," she replied, "But I'm not one to argue about it. After all, what fun is there in playing fair?" Agatha could tell that the Mienshao was hiding something, some little secret that she could possibly use to her advantage sometime. If not, then it was still fun to mess with other Pokémon's heads.

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