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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

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"Yes sir!" Red chirped. She should probably try to find a bag before they left; mystery dungeons were great places to find items, but she could only hold so much on her own!


"Thanks for the boost, pretty birdy!" She turned, hopped down off of Alteria's back, and sprinted off towards the nearest shop, stopping only to pick up Ville seed she smelled.



- Ville seed added

- Held Item: Oran berry and Ville seed. ]

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He... had been praised. Not like the name, and Requiem couldn't help smiling a bit; Anareise was happy, and it was because of something he did. It was... nice, and here brought memories, which was good. Aim... It wasn't a beam, which aimed themselves, or voice. Before releasing, he needed to focus on where. More practice would be good, but he had stayed too long already. He needed to find about the shadows, and how others called and repelled them.


"Thank you. You've been... too nice to me," he said, tail coiling a bit around himself again, inadvertently sweeping some of the smaller rocks with it. Wait, Move Tutor was a job, not a hobby, right? He thought he had enough; since he had seen the Thunder Wave TM, he had been saving up. "Um, ho- how much was it?" he asked, suddenly a bit scared, because what if tutoring was way more expensive or he had lost his money or Anareise got mad at him? He... should have asked before going down...




A copy, huh? Well, time to play the waiting game until the bear Pokemon returned. Or were they supposed to follow? Oh well, if they were, she'd return anyway if only to tell them to move their behinds.


Zagan thanked the Poliwhirl and, immediately after, Atto ran off. Great, now being a Scolipede wouldn't have much use without his act - he'd rather return to his Mienshao illusion, since those Pokemon were more or less his height and build, and there was a big chance he'd get targeted by Psychic moves if he got in a fight. But not in front of everyone. He didn't like switching illusions in front of Pokemon who weren't his friends. Sure, he got along with that group and would gladly help them, but they had only met yesterday/today so it'd be a while before he actually trusted them completely.


"Yeah, stupid real life and its limits on fun," he snickered lowly so only the Meowth heard, fake tails raising a bit. Since he was in all fours he didn't have to move, but the illusion's 'neck' (technically the front part of the trunk, but calling it a neck was easier) bent so the head was just a bit higher than the feline to keep up appearances. "Say, I never actually got your name. Care to share, Super-Meowth?" he asked, smirking at the memory of that Pichu fanboying over the Normal-type.

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"You didn't hear my name when I addressed the crowd?" Leo asked, "Anyway, it's Leo."

"Good luck in your search for Mespirit," he said, turning to leave, "Perhaps we could return to Laos once we finish our respective searches."


As Leo passed by Cas and team Frikaloo, he paused.

"Thank you," he said simply to the Conkeldurr. It seemed like small gratitude for the valuable tip he had given Cas, but to anyone who knew any of the legends of Uxie, the simple thanks was the most appropriate sign of gratitude in respect of secrecy.


After asking around, Leo found his way to the post Office. There, he (with a reluctant use of Pay Day) bought some papers, and a quill and ink.

He had three letters to write in all. The first was for the Rescue Team Federation, to update team Shadow Tag's roster for the records, and report Allen's disappearance. The second was a letter to Chief Officer Magnazone, to provide an update on Agatha's last known location, her recent actions, and the suspicious behavior of one haunter who had an aversion to contact with the police.

Finally the time came to write the third letter. This time he was writing home.

Leo paused for a while. what he wanted to write about had already been said in the other two letters, but this time, it was of a more personal nature. Because he and Allen were the only residents of the hidden village who traveled a lot, they were often the only source of news for the town. Therefore, his letters home were often read in public. How could he say what had happened the past two days in a letter? Eventually, Leo decided not to write. This was news that needed to be told in person, not through a letter.




Agatha had seen Leo use hypnosis enough times to recognize it being cast. Add to that being exposed to Leo's weakened attempts too many times to count, and Agatha had built up a fair resistance to the move. Still, she didn't appreciate the gesture.

Agatha gave Fantaasma a back handed slap with Shadow Sneak. Her light hearted demeanor was gone now.

"Listen you, I don't care about Expired zinc or Rare candy or any of that. That Meowth doesn't mess around. He's practically got Chief Officer Magnizone on a leash, and when things come to a boil, those customers of yours ain't going to stay so loyal. You're not just the dealer, you're the fall guy, and I'm telling you, it's all about to fall."

Agatha grabbed the haunter in one shadow hand, and brought him back to face her, (just out of licking distance.)

"I'm offering you a way out," she said, grinning, "a bigger gig. Who needs a town when you can have the world?"


((moving this up to the current post so Korafan can see))

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The Shuckle waved away Requiem's worry.


"Nothing at all, Requiem, nothing at all. Tutoring's free among friends."


Anareise smiled; she could see how he'd brightened up at her praise, and then how nervous he'd been about the money. If it had been obvious to her how kind-hearted the Hydreigon was, it was now painfully so.


"Before you argue, I won't take any money you try to give me. You've given me some good company, and I haven't had that for a long time, Requiem. All I could ask from you is that you keep yourself safe and maybe drop in whenever you escape those things or Pokemon chasing you."


She was earnest. No, she could never take his money. There was enough to go around what with the neighborhood kids and the rare traveler - and occasionally the hungover bunch who'd learned Explosion in the night. And in any case she felt the urge to treat him like she would her own son, if she'd had one.


(( Aaah, I'm sorry for the shortness... ^w^ I'll write the Ursaring's part when Atto comes back. ))

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Red was, unfortunately, unsuccessful in her attempts to purchase a bag from the local shops. But this wouldn't do, she needed a bag... ah! Oh course! Rescue teams got official bags from the Federation; maybe Leo would help her!


She scampered away toward the post office.


((I have no idea how far away that issss >3>"))

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It took Agatha a few seconds to realize that the Haunter was now unconscious.

She sighed, then tossed the unlucky dealer behind her. "Looks like I don't know my own strength," she chuckled.

Something on the ground caught her eye. The Haunter had apparently dropped it when Agatha knocked him out. Curious, she picked it up.

"Ohh? A Gabite scale! This'll replace those Reviver seeds quite nicely!"

Humming to herself, Agatha drifted off to lie low till nightfall.


[Agatha mugged Fantasma for 1 Gabite scale]

((Sorry sad.gif ))


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In a nearby town, a Scolipede suddenly burst into the post office, nearly knocking the door off its hinges, and straightened himself quickly, avoiding crashing sideways into the floor by a few centimeters. "Hello!" He chirped as he approached the front desk, this time at a more reasonable pace.


The old Pellipper who ran the place sighed. This was, what, the fifth time this month that Atto did this? He was a nice boy, really, and always put work before anything else, but this was getting out of hand. Knowing that Atto would just interrupt him if he started asking anything, he merely waited and looked up at the bug Pokemon expectantly.


Atto sucked in a deep breath. "I'm really sorry that I'm late. It's just, there was this meeting gathered in Laos about legendary Pokemon and apparently one even showed up but I didn't really see him for more than a few seconds, so! Well, uh, anyway, the point is that - " here he looked uncomfortable and paused to stare down at the floor - "can I ask for a few days off? Uh, I'm not sure how long exactly, come to think of it...it's probably going to be more than a few days. I - "


"Yes," the Pellipper interrupted - when Atto was nervous, he could go on forever. "Yes, you can." Atto gave him an incredulous look. "Hey, you're not going to get much work done when you're this worked up. Go have your adventure. I've plenty of couriers here."


Atto positively radiated happiness. "Thank you so much!" He bowed quickly and turned to leave. "Sorry about the door!"


The Pellipper sighed again. He looked up at the flickering light fixures in the ceiling and remembered his own group of friends from back when he was a Wingull, and the stories they made up for each other. Adventure, eh?




Atto skidded to a halt at the edge of Laos for the second time that day. After asking a passing Azumarill for directions (she sported a slightly nervous smile throughout the entire exchange - he couldn't imagine why), he headed for the library, hoping that his friends and the Ursaring were still there.

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It was hardly four minutes after the Scolipede had returned from the post office that the Ursaring librarian and a rather wobbly-looking Porygon-Z re-entered the Square, crumbling stone tablets, withered parchment, and two odd-looking flowers in tow. The Ursaring paused for a moment to take from the Porygon-Z a tablet that was about to fall off his stack, then rushed over to the group. The Porygon-Z blinked sleepily, and slurred after her,


"Heyyyy, I wash watchin-holding that, Bec..."


"Hali, I know that beneath your current drunken stupor you understand that you're currently holding several hundred years worth of ancient history!"


The librarian - apparently called "Bec" - apologetically bowed before the two Scolipedes.


"I'm sorry I'm so late! I couldn't find that gigantic drunkard for the longest time, and after that we had some problems with the copying machine he made, and even after all of that trouble I'm afraid there are a few minor details we couldn't quite copy over for you..."


The Ursaring carefully lowered her load of tablets to the ground, then took out a sheet of old parchment. As she unrolled it, a brilliantly-colored picture became visible. Just as the poem had sung, the plains sparkled, the grass was green and the sky shone its own brilliant pink. A beautiful Pokemon, with long, magenta tendrils like hair and soft-looking white fur laid sleeping peacefully in the field. The poem the Ursaring had recited earlier had been painstakingly written in a flowing calligraphic form. The librarian admired the painting for a moment, and awestruck (despite the number of times she'd gazed at this artifact) murmured,


"The pigments used to make this would at the time only be at opposite ends of the world... Trade hadn't yet made it to Laos, and so the Pokemon who drew this would have had to have gone to the edge of the world - four times. Mesprit has to be the being of emotion, for someone to have gone through all of that just for one painting of it."


She shook her head, then smiled at the two in front of her,


"Ah, um. This is that poem I was reciting earlier. It's a bit old, so we couldn't -"


"It'sh not the fact that it'sh old - the chemic-chemical composish - hold on."


The Porygon-Z had sidled over, and now flashed a bright myriad of colors before heaving a sigh. He tried again, his voice now clear and full,


"It's not the fact that it's old. Ah, much better! Hi, I'm the resident genius of Laos; they call me Halitosis."


He grinned, then continued,


"Like Bec was telling you, the pigments of that age were from all different parts of the world; that and their age has made this piece too chemically complex for me to copy on such short notice."


The Porygon-Z carefully placed his own load of tablets on the ground.


"The same goes for these tablets; they're too chemically complex. They're absolutely fascinating, though. Each of these tablets has no more than 15% of its make-up from any one area in the world. Like this one - "


Halitosis pointed to the top tablet - a grey stone tablet with three circles (pink, yellow, and blue). His eyes literally flickering and figuratively shining, he began to speak remarkably quickly,


"- is approximately 12% red clay from beneath Foggy Forest approximately 1-5-2-8 years before the year we cite as 'The Disappearance', with 3% of that being the biological remains left over from what's suspected to be an earlier war between two pre-tribal societies that lived there, 4% being eroded rock from the formation of this planet, and 5% being meteoric rock from three separate collision, having been fired with something similar in intensity to a Will-o-Wisp at one point and then 3% is earth from the depths of the deepest lake in the northeast - "


"Hal, we'll never get to the story at this rate. I doubt that these two are interested in the percent make-up of the tablets."


Hali frowned at the Ursaring librarian, eyes fierce.


"You doubted that Anareise was interested in the theory of alternative bio-anatomical chemistry and its applications when she came for her home renovation book. All it took was thirty-two calculations and she recognized the pattern between cognition, Illumise lighting, and enhanced energy channeling. These two will be able to solve the issue of the three Legendaries with my data if said three Legendaries do in fact exist."


Bec ignored him, and apologized to the two,


"I'm sorry, he's still rather drunk. Refresh can only do so much against Coba-dka..."


A low, pixellated growl came from the Porygon-Z, and he floated away from the librarian with his arms folded. She still ignored him.


"So these other tablets. The ones in this pile are ancient history; I thought they might help you in understanding the ones Hali brought, which are the actual myths that we couldn't copy for you. My favorite is - "


The Porygon-Z cut in, still bitter,


"They can read. They probably have to leave soon, so at least let me explain how the information databases work."


Bec seemed rather surprised at the toxicity of her charge's voice, but backed away anyway. Halitosis placed two flowers in front of the two Scolipedes, and sighed. Gulping to clear his voice of all poisonous substances, he explained,


"This is where we've copied the artifacts we could to. All you have to do is fold the petals inward - "


He demonstrated as he spoke. A bright, eerie light appeared at the top of the flower, and spread out into a display of several holographic piles of tablets.


"- and you'll be able to access the tablets. Anything you want to add, Ms. Librarian?"


The Ursaring growled,


"You live in my library. I'd advise you to quit tempting me to throw you into a real job."


[ Atto and Zagan have gained a special item (not counted in items slot):

LORE: (Three Uses) Your characters have access to information on locations and the Legendaries that no one else has. ]


(( Meaning that you guys can ask me three times for information on specific places we visit and the Legendaries. ^w^ This is to make up for the fact that Bec stopped Hal from telling you guys the exact locations of each of the Legendaries' secret hidey-holes (although he doesn't know it).


We can time-skip to when everyone is ready to go/ actually on the road if you guys want! ))

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"Now don't tell Sheriff, but I have a way of knowing about where that little lover of yours might be. Call it..." He shrugged, "Call it an intuition, but it's more like being well-informed. I can lead you to him if you can keep a secret and a day's worth of patience."

((Let's not forget about this, shall we?))


Leo was folding up his letters when Red entered the Post office. "Ah, Hello again." He said, "I'm just about finished here."

Leo handed the letters to the Wingull manning the desk. "I'd like these delivered Abra express please." He requested.

"Ya Sure?" she replied, "That's an expensive way to send just a letter. Is it really that important?"

"We'll be leaving town tomorrow morning, and the best place to wait for a reply is here." Leo explained, "I have an account that will cover the cost upon delivery."

"Ok," the receptionist said reluctantly, "I'll trust ya, you'd be able to pay for it anyway, what with that fancy grabbing money outa mid air move ya got."

The receptionist took the letters, and flew off to the back room. After a little while, she returned.

"Ok, your mail is ready to be delivered Via Abra express, (once the lazy sleepy head get's here that is.) if ye'r waiting for a reply it should be here in the morning. Have a nice afternoon!"



Leo turned to Red.

"Your team badge should arrive tomorrow morning," he said, "Also I requested a replacement badge and bag for the ones I left in treasure town." Leo gave a nervous chuckle. "Really, I should have thought to keep them with me, but I didn't think I'd be teleported to some cave at random."


((And there, bag))

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((Woohoo yay bag))


"Oh, wonderful!" Red chirped. "I was just coming to ask you about a bag!"


((And now I am ready to explore!))

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Friends... that was a nice word. Requiem hadn't made any since Bardhylor, and that had been months ago. He just hoped everything had gone right with that Dragon Scale.


He was going to say he really didn't mind the payment but Anareise continued, addressing the very issue that had worried him. Drop by - he'd like to do that, yes. If it was ever over, after he finds Jazz, and Tango or Elegy. He liked the calm, it was good. And Anareise was nice.


"I promise," he said, cheering up again, the mouths of his secondary heads opening up a bit. "I'll return, someday..."


"So please, be here."


"When it's... safe," he said, petals drooping a bit, a part of him wondering why he was so sure. With Bard, he had been honest, and had said he didn't think it'd ever end. They couldn't be defeated. But now, it hadn't been a lie either. Did that mean he still had hope? He didn't know if it was good or bad, but... it felt nice. And, he'd be warned, if something happened. If anything was going to go wrong. He wanted to show her, that he could master Earth Power. That he could make her proud again.


"So... bye, I guess."




Well, after everything that had happened and everyone he'd met, he couldn't remember every single name. Leo, huh? Zagan would make sure to memorize it now. Leo. Lion. Heh, that was fitting.


The Meowth ran off, and Zagan laid down, ready to wait for that bear Pokemon and for Atto, Scolipede illusion resting on its belly. Hm, he'd need a place to switch his illusion later.


A few minutes passed, that he used to imagine the journey ahead of them - how would the legendaries be, where, would they be able to help, would they need to be battled? Zagan was in the middle of imagining himself beating up some kind of giant deity (using moves he'd never actually be able to pull off in real life), when he caught Atto on the side. "Hey! You're back!" he called, standing up again to greet the Bug-type.


It wasn't long after that the bear returned, accompanied by a pink and blue Pokemon that looked a bit like a duck with a horn. Those two were carrying tablets and parchments, and Zagan curiously peeked at them, resisting the urge to try to sniff them while pretending to be an insect. Bec, the bear, unrolled one of them and Zagan was presented with the most pretty drawing he had seen, of a magenta and gray Pokemon with two long tails ending in a leaf shape with a red gem in the middle of each. Was that the Legendary, Mesprit? Apparently, and he had to admit, it wasn't like he had imagined.


Sure. Blame the Dark-type. Right there in the name, isn't it.


He narrowed his eyes a bit. They needed to complete this journey. He needed to know if the stories Antranig had told them were true, or if they had been just myths. If Darkrai and Cresselia were really allies, friends...


Or if he had been wrong all along, and they were trying to destroy each other.

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Bree wasn't sure what to do. She didn't have much money on her (more accurately, she didn't have much money at all; being a rookie exploration team didn't pay much), so she probably wouldn't be able to afford any supplies anyway. Ezza, her Galvantula friend, always insisted on rushing into dungeons headfirst and picking things up along the way - and hey, the three of them weren't dead yet, were they? She decided to just stay at the square.


When the librarian came back with a heavily drunk Porygon-Z, Bree floated a little higher into the air, curious. She shifted slowly until she was directly behind the two Scolipedes, then gasped out loud at the drawing of Mesprit. The Porygon-Z was prattling on about the picture's composition, but she could only stare. She drifted forward, only realizing what she was doing when she was in between the Scolipedes. "Er! S-sorry." She forced a smile, took one last look at the drawing, then scooted back to her original position and tried not to look in the group's direction. Uxie was part of a trio with Mesprit, so maybe the two were similar? She found herself hoping so.




"Thank you! This will definitely help us in our search." Atto bowed again, then, very carefully, picked up the flower and tucked it into a small pocket in his bag. He was so excited it was almost hard to stay still "So!" He whipped his head around to face Zagan. "Unless you have some last-minute shopping to do, I do believe we're ready."

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((I don't know if I should worship you for allowing me to skip the reaction-to-the-explanation post))


He'd have asked about the flower, but Zagan guessed he could open it later. He carefully picked up the cool gadget, illusion doing the same with a purple claw. Shopping - right, there was something he'd like. He had zero money (he had been teleported away from his town and the stash he had hidden in his mom's burrow), but he needed to at least check.


"I'll just look for something and be back. See you in a minute!" he said, running away, illusion mimicking Atto's gallop. It took him little time to see the small shop and check that, as he suspected, there wasn't stock of it. Oh well, at least he tried.


He considered switching illusions on his way back, but the ones at the square didn't know he was the fake, so he ultimately returned still disguised as Atto, at a more leisured pace.


"Done," he said, flower long stored in the safety of his mane with the other two items he carried. "Bec and Hal, right? Thank you for your help, we'll be sure to treasure the flowers," he said, smiling at them, fake tails and horns up. "Any last-minute tips as to the direction we should take?"

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(Sorry this is short, pre-occupied with real life stuff tongue.gif )


Haldor smiled down at Zagan. "If all the same to you I'd appreciate having the time to prepare, us older pokemon aren't as spry as you youngsters any more," Haldor said with mock amusement in his voice. He knew that when it comes to digging he could probably outpace both of these pokemon. But for now he'd feint the rusty old codger look. "My preperations might be different then yours, please wake me if I start to shake" Haldor curled up and closed his eyes instantly drifting into a slumber.


(If Haldors going on a mighty quest he'll need to sleep prior)

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(Is it too late to join? cause I'm intrested in this kinda stuff



Name Haikou

Species: [shiny] Gyarados

Gender: ♂

Ability: Intimidate

Appearance: has a scar on the face, other then that it looks like a shiny gyarados.

Stats: Highest stat is the attack, being at 89, HP: 106, Def: 61, Sp.attack: 75, Sp.Def:74, Speed: 72, Quiet nature

Occupation: Map Maker (Travles the world making Maps to sell.)

Held Item:Nope.

Personality: he hardly talks, he has been cheated many times so if you under-pay him he uses his best attack, Hyper beam on the pokemon that Underpayed him as a warning.

Bio: As a Magikarp he was fasinated by the thought of adventuring, every other pokemon said he was too weak to do it, he didnt care he wanted to explore the world and he was going to do it. he try'd to explore a forest to be beaten up by two spearow. he went back into the waters and trained under water untill he evolved into a mighty Gyarados, he got his revenge on the two spearow who were now Fearow, he decided to keep track of where he went and stuff in maps, he then met a lost Pikachu who needed a map, Haikou looked at him and said "Give me 500 dollars and i can help you out..." The pikachu looked at him like he was crazy then huffed grumply giving him only 250 dollars, Haijkou grinned as the pokemon scurried off untill he found out he was cheated, many times he try'd to find the stinker but didnt do it, he gave up and decided to sell maps hoping to lure him back to him so Haikou could get his revenge.

Moves:Hyper beam, Bite, splash(tongue.gif), Dragon Rage

HM Moves: surf

Items:None >:l)


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Halitosis smiled slyly at the Scolipedes.


"Any Pokemon that actually wants to find Mesprit - if it exists - would probably head in the direction of the Eaves of Hiraeth. The carvings of Mesprit here are under eaves, not to mention that the river that ran through there would have had a particular effect on the natural clay there - as seen in the tablet's composition."


The Porygon-Z smirked bitterly at Bec, then waved lazily at the Scolipedes,


"Good luck on your quest and all that. I'll buy you a pint or something if you find that cute little imp."


Bec growled as the town drunk/ town genius sauntered saucily away. Her eyes still narrowed, she suggested gruffly,


"...Our team is going to search the Eastern Cliffs. There are huge cavern complexes behind the Wingull dens that could easily hide a herd of Donphan for years, and Mesprit has always been associated with water."


The Ursaring glared at the air where the Porygon had been,


"Not to mention there's an entire plethora of natural formations that are similar to the eaves of ancient houses."


She sighed, running a paw over her face.


"I'm sorry. The lot of you can join us if you'd like."




Ah, well, here it was again. Goodbye. The Shuckle shifted uncomfortably in her shell, but still wore a smile. It had been nice.


Anareise waved, her eyes betraying an odd sadness like a mother sending her child to school for the first time.


Be happy, Requiem. Be safe.


If a Shuckle can outrun the world, your wings will take you beyond the stars, where they'll never reach you.




There will always be tea in the kitchen, and ancient ruins in the ground, and friends off in distant places.


And you deserve every bit of it.


"Goodbye Requiem! Safe travels!"






As the sun set upon an emptied Town Square, tired from the day's hustle and bustle, the moon and his cohort Reed shone on the cracking bricks. Fresh purple paint covered the Smeargle's back; a Rorschach paw slightly less messy now adorned his fluffy-but-scraggly fur. The moonlight hurt his eyes a bit after the darkness of the... forest. Reed rubbed his eyes, though this didn't particularly stop the moonlight from reflecting a full, eerie blue in them that felt like the sun. It reminded him of the long nights back in Relicanth Town, where he would bury himself deep in the studio Anise had rented out to him and fall headfirst into drab books on Tutoring theories. He would read until he knew better, then test the theories in the mirror. Paw positioning, pre-emptive post-reflection, prior pencillation or something like that (a rarely-acknowledged theory on how writing helps Pokemon learn new moves)... The Move Deleter not only perfected his method of getting Smeargles to forget Swagger, he also perfected the fastest method of acquiring Reed's money. In any case, crawling up the studio stairs after hours of darkness would always stab Reed with such an intensity that he could swear that Groudon himself had awoken to pierce Reed's eyeballs with the lance of the sun. Quite frankly, Reed wouldn't put it past him; but that was his religion speaking.


The squinting Smeargle glanced around the Square. Not a Pokemon in sight; which might just mean that Agatha was there already. He grinned, and sat down on the edge of the Square.


Agatha... He had to admit, he wished this weren't just business. She had an intensity he could appreciate, a sort of mystery about her... Despite that, Reed knew that the meeting could never have been anything but business; she had whatever dark business she was doing, and he had his Move Tutoring in Relicanth Town. Once his job was done and his painting splashed upon the world, he would go back to his studio and show the little city-slickers a few new tricks. Maybe Spacial Rend would be one of those new tricks. That would be sweet. Of course, he was practically already their hero (even if it was a replacement hero, filling in the hole Anise left when she moved with her fiance)... Anything he brought them would be amazing.


The Amazing Fantastic and Very Best, Reed, who was also the town Move Tutor and just in general pretty amazing. That was what they would call him.


Where on Kyogre's blue earth was Agatha?


(( If you guys can't decide, then the time skip will be to leaving Laos - so just at the beginning of the journey. ^w^ That means the surprise will be within the next few posts.


@BlueLink9001: Sorry, the RP's closed. ^^; Thanks Pi! ))

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"Well? Aren't you going to say anything?" Agatha's voice called out from a patch of shadows. "We've been staring at each other for three minutes now."

The shadows parted, and Agatha drifted into view. In the darkness of night, her body glowed faintly in shifting hues of violet and black.

"But I must say, you got here sooner than I expected," She said, "Did your errand not take as long?"

Agatha was no longer looking at Reed. Instead, her gaze was focused on the stars.


"There are so many here," She sighed, "Back home, the fog always covered them, and hardly anyone ever left the village, or even bothered to fly above the trees to see them. I didn't even know about the stars, or even the sun and moon, until my fifth year. All I knew was that the fog would grow light and dark at regular intervals called day and night. Ever since, I've always wanted to blow away that fog forever, but the fog is created by some unknown force, no lone Pokémon can blow it away."


Agatha sighed, "It sounds so childish, doesn't it? You offered to help me, and all I do is ramble on about the stars and fog."

She turned to Reed, her face unreadable. "I've just never liked the idea of boundary's and limits. That there would be some force that cannot be overcome is unthinkable to me. That's what draws me to Allen. His power has no limit. He can draw strength from those around him, friend and foe alike. If he would only step past his own self imposed limit, then there would truly be nothing beyond his grasp."


Agatha closed her eyes. A single drop of light fell from the corner of one, a ghostly tear. It drifted through the air before dissipating into nothingness.

"Can you really find him?" she asked. All of her earlier bravado, her cockiness and flair was gone. It was as if she were an entirely different Pokémon. "I want to be the one to rescue Allen, not Leo. I just want something to go right for a change."

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Atto blinked. He had heard of the Eaves of Hiraeth before, but he'd never actually gone there - not much of a population to deliver mail to. It did make sense to search there, though. "Are the two areas close together, then? We could travel together at least until we reach the place. Or, well, we could search together as well. I'm not exactly an experienced adventurer...we could benefit from some extra company." He glanced at Zagan and Haldor. Haldor mentioned being part of an exploration team at some point, he was pretty sure, but Zagan...he didn't really know anything about Zagan at all. Zoruas were unevolved as far as he remembered, so he was probably fairly young - if he was a seasoned explorer too, Atto would probably just curl up and melt into the ground right then and there. "What d'you think about this?" He asked, addressing his double.




Bree found herself wandering in the streets of Laos at random, not knowing what she was supposed to do but not wanting to stay at the square and look like an idiot either. Had they decided on a place to meet? Were they going to set out now or was she going to have to talk to the innkeeper again? She sighed and plopped down on the grass, ripping up bits of it and sweeping it to the side telekinetically.

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Reed glanced up at the midnight sky. Just blackness, blackness with piercing points of light jutting through it... He shook his head. The darkness of the forest must have gotten to him - that was a lie. He knew exactly what he'd gotten into, even if his eyes rather objected to it. In any case, he couldn't see the stars as anything particularly special.


"Eh, I've seen them too many times. I've seen the stars in the sky, the stars in the lake, the stars in the glass; they're the same all around."


The untouched pragmatist caught sight of a single tear (another eye-straining arrow of light, ugh) as Agatha went on. She could never cease to surprise him. Here she was, supposed criminal and and escapist galore, crying in front of a near-stranger? The runaway who never really needed to run, the remorseless criminal with regrets? Reed managed a mental shrug. Whatever. It didn't really matter at this point.


He would have put on his usual grin and swagger if he couldn't see that in these circumstances it would probably push the mourning lover away. It wasn't like he was going to lie to her; he was going to tell the honest truth.


"Actually, I can tell you exactly where he is."


Despite his best efforts, a small grin still broke out on Reed's face. The wind rustled the tree branches nearby with a sound like small, scrabbling paws.


"You just have to keep this whole conversation a very, v-e-e-e-r-y strict level of confidential for me, got it?"


Ah, screw it, he couldn't hold it any longer. He smiled, grinned, smirked - anything that could portray a smug confidence. This was fantastic. He had all of the cards and could play them in any order, and he was going to play them the right way. And, actually, the kind way. The moonlight in his eyes intensified to a noticeable, icy blue. Pause for dramatic effect? Nah, that was for the amateurs - he continued like nothing had even happened.


"You heard Sheriff's story about what that Tyndall guy told him, right? Yeah, well Tyndall told the truth; Allen was captured by Darkrai. Like you said, Allen's a pretty limitless battler. But against the odds he faced - Palkia, Darkrai, and countless Pokemon under Darkrai's control - there was no way in the Magmaworld, the Great Sea, or the sky he could've done anything but lose or die."


The Smeargle's eyes narrowed in concentration as he stared at a brick on the ground. He stopped talking abruptly, and seemed to be searching for something. It took only a moment, and he soon looked up again, smiling a bit more benignly.


"Lucky for you and me both, I know that he's stuck in a bit of that fog you were complaining about earlier. If you can get me to around Fogbound Lake, I can figure out exactly where."


Well Kyogre's left fin, there went his swagger too. He held up a paw, a patronizing expression on his face,


"Before you say anything, you can thank me profusely when we actually get to him."


He had little doubt that the conversation would remain the highest form of confidential, and that Kitty was up in the highest branch of the tree nearby, watching every bit.


(( Hey guys, you can do the time skip for everyone else if you'd like! ^^; I know it's a bit abrupt, but... ))

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Agatha was silent for a while, contemplating the meaning of Reed's revelation. She tipped her head so that her eyes were hidden, but her old mischievous smile was beginning to return.

"So it seems that Leo and I are destined to end our rivalry where it all began," she said with a slight chuckle, "back home in foggy forest."


Agatha looked up once more, her expression was positively manic now. "As for Darkrai," she cackled, "when I'm through with him, he'll be the one having nightmares, of ME!"

Agatha's shadow shifted underneath her, just barely showing the ghostly maiden's barely repressed inner chaos. She raised a shadowy hand and grabbed Reed's. "It's a deal," She said, shaking Reed's hand as she did, "Let's be off as soon as possible.


((Agatha is possibly maybe slightly bipolar))




Morning came, and Leo was waiting in the town square for everyone traveling to Foggy Forest to gather. The badges for the team and the bag for red had arrived without any trouble, even though the Abra delivering them had been half asleep at the time. The bag had even come with three Oran berries, and a big apple.

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Red waited in the square in the early morning light, sorting through the contents of her bag excitedly. She were going on an adventure! With other people! She'd barely slept last night, and was one of the first to the square as the sun peeked over the horizon, bathing the town in its gentle vermilion light. Today was a new day, and she could feel it, deep down in her fuzzy little heart, that from now on, her life was going to be completely and totally different.


She still had yet to see, of course, whether it was changing for the better, or for the worse.


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Bree woke to the sight of early morning light filtering through the leaves of the tree above her. She had decided to spend the night in the forest, as she was out of money and really didn't want to deal with the innkeeper by herself anyway. It was early by her standards, but she wasn't surprised. This was the day she'd get to go on an adventure, after all. She smiled. For some reason she was considerably less nervous than she was yesterday. She rose into the air, determined to make use of her good mood while it lasted. She grabbed a few pebbles and did some telekinesis drills as she floated toward the town square.




Atto waited in the town square, practically causing a small earthquake with all the bouncing he was doing. He had already checked his supplies five times and almost started a sixth before deciding that he had to do something else before he went crazy. He stepped forward and lay down in front of Leo. "Hey there! What're you guys' plans?"

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