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The two parts of life, the beginning and the end

The two sides of a story, the sun and the rain

The two courses of life, the right and the wrong

The only end for a story forgotten long ago

My wings are broken, you can fly

Don't you see, this is you and I

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Scroll - Wishlist - IOU & trade lists on profile.

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    No Skype, yes discord: #1759

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    Clue: it's in a continent in the third planet of the solar sistem
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    I guess my favourites are manga and anime. I also like reading (I'm currently a fan of Stephen King) and horror movies. People who don't know me well say I'm shy, my friends say I'm crazy and my sister says I'm a psycho.

    If I've forgotten something/you want me to breed a dragon/whatever, don't be afraid to PM me ^^

    I name all my dragons, so if you see an unnamed one, it's not sorted yet or part of my 'nameholder dragons' to quickly get names I think of. Oh, and the ones with neat codes, it would be a shame to name them

    Scroll organization:
    -Eggs, hatchies, and unsorted dragons (may be unnamed)
    -Dragons from unfinished projects; will be moved when their set is complete (may be unnamed)
    -Nameholder dragons (may be unnamed)
    -Common dragons ordered by which species I caught first. First are CBs, then 2gens, 3gens, etc, ending with the frozen hatchies
    -Bred-only dragons, like blunas
    -Prize dragons
    -Deep-sea army
    -Special project dragons*

    *Mostly they're not rare or anything, but for personal reasons, those aren't open for breeding. The only exception is Marik.

    Complete wishlist: http://puredark006dc.wikidot.com/wishlist

    Also collecting deep-seas for a lineage: must be CB.


    About the CB Shimmer

    List for 2gen Shimmers is currently: closed.

    Note that I'll only start breeding when the IOU is completed.

    1. izuzi0 (4 Astrapi, 2 Thalassa, 2 Mageia, 4 Chrono, 5 Gaia, 4 Pyro)


    Arella --> 2 2gen hatchies (influenced) (waiting for list)

    IOUs to me

    Hoshino --> Something from my 'Mates Needed' list