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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

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The Lampent hesitated before answering with a shaky voice,


"Ah... Lately I've been, ah, kind of..."


'Allen' shook his head, and floated quietly until he had situated himself out of reach of the bridge. A guilty look crossed over his face as he stared down at the pit below him. Finally, after some silence, the Lampent admitted,


"Fine... I'm not whoever this 'Allen' is." The Pokemon quickly added, "Everything else I told you is the absolute truth! You - Landorus - I can still assist in finding Darkrai!"


The Pokemon flying before the crowd shifted around nervously in midair as he continued,


"I am the guardian of Limestone Cave, which happens to house one of the entrances to Palkia's domain. My name is Tyndall, and I am a Ditto - not a Lampent." He took a deep breath, then continued with a slightly puzzled look on his face. "What happened with the roar... I can only guess. And what I would guess is that perhaps when Darkrai began its attack on Palkia, through some entrance other than my own (I felt somewhat threatened and was next to my portal myself), Palkia must have issued some sort of attack to retaliate. This attack must have gone further than expected and caused the odd teleportation of Pokemon I'd assume all of us here have seen. Knowing the great Palkia myself, it was likely that it was a Spacial Rend with the intent to kill." With a nervous hick of a giggle, he added, "Which would mean that Palkia was attempting to send a large portion of Darkrai into several different dimensions."


With a cough, the mock Lampent turned to Leo,


"I'm terribly sorry for imitating your friend. I can see I've caused you some chaos... The Lampent I'm imitating was teleported to Limestone Cave with some others. He was not killed, as far as I could see, but he disappeared after Palkia was overcome."


"...taking you...o long...WAA-BUFFET!"


A voice echoed from the bottom of the pit. (Naturally it had to be an exceedingly loud voice to even carry from that far down; this voice sounded even somewhat loud from that distance.) Tyndall grinned sheepishly,


"That would be Mr. Boston getting impatient... If the lot of you would give me your trust despite my deception, it would be good to get going."




Reed flopped over, putting himself into in a much more comfortable position (albeit by normal standards still a very uncomfortable position) splayed across the floor. The Smeargle grumbled a bit, but otherwise seemed stuck in a very deep sleep. After all, why not get a good rest? Had he been awake, he would have thought to himself, 'Heck, I'm sure the world can keep up a decent rotation while I'm asleep. I'll wake up before the place flies into Arceus' palace...' and gone back to sleep.


However, as things stood, the fuzzy ego was deeply, deeply asleep. Nonetheless, the world felt no need to hurtle into heaven.




That's enough.


Tiramisu broke her silence and her grip on the wall. With an impatient swish of her tail, she padded to the edge of the remains of the platform near where that Hydreigon seemed to be completely flipping out. The rocks, for the most part, had stopped falling. Nonetheless, the whole ordeal felt just... terrible. Her ear twitched in annoyance - not at the Hydreigon, but at all of the circumstances of their being there. The Meowth raised a paw hastily, and barked,


"Allen - Tyndall - whoever the crap you are! I'm going to trust you for the moment, but only until I see what's at the bottom!"


Her tail flicked, and she shouted at Requiem,


"...You! Um..." Her voice wavered for a second as she tried finding his name (and decided he'd never given it), "Hydreigon! Could you give me a lift down?"


In the moment, it hardly occurred to her that Requiem had begun having some sort of mental breakdown. In the moment, it didn't really matter to her; she just wanted to find out if the Lampent lookalike was telling the truth, and get on with her life. Nothing else was important.


Maybe Landorus will land on the floor.


Tiramisu shook her head quietly. No. Nothing else was more important than just getting back to normal life... Normalcy. It's just the cave, she though. You're just thinking weird thoughts because of the cave.

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Well, at least the movement proved the Sleeping Not Beauty was still very much alive. He'd end up with a broken neck or something if he kept insisting on playing contortionist, though.


Zagan sighed, bored. He wished he could at least return to the stairs to keep shouting obscenities, but if a bigger tremor happened right then, he'd be royally screwed. After poking the Smeargle one last time (which brought up the total number of pokes to 32), he just put some distance, turned in a circle three times and laid down, front paws crossed. Maybe he'd take a nap too for lack of a better thing to do... Arceusdammit was he bored. Then again, he could use that extra time to start thinking about the next prank he could play on Static and Milo. Thinking about them, were they still back in Kurta village? He... sure hoped so. It beat the alternative, which was having them separated and in other unknown dungeons, like he himself was.


Zagan sighed again and rolled on his back, careful not to squash his berry, wondering if his friends were okay.




After that Thunder Wave, Requiem had retreated right to the border of the abyss, as far from the wall and the shadows as he dared. The ceasing of the falling rocks now that Landorus had stopped rampaging made it easier for the Lampent's light to reach the cavern's walls, and more difficult for him to see what was lurking beneath.


Still, They'd stopped. For now. Some still, but not so many. Why, he didn't know. If They hid there, did fire banish Them? It couldn't be that easy, could it? What he'd seen... it... didn't look like what he'd though had taken Rhapsody. Many forms, that explained it. Forming from... nothingness? He thought he still caught glimpses of some when the light flickered just right, but what were They waiting for?


He hadn't been paying attention to the conversation between the Lampent and the Meowth, preoccupied as he was with trying to look at the entirety of the walls at the same time, and he barely noticed when the female Meowth approached him. He turned to look at her, starting to wonder what did she want when that train of thought derailed completely.


He didn't get the end of her sentence. He stopped paying attention to that when he saw one of those things, as small as one of the divisions on the coin perched on every Meowth's forehead, peek out from the brown inside of her left ear and grin.


The first two seconds, he was frozen. The next three, energy started accumulating in his main mouth, barely noticeable between his fangs. By the sixth second, he had yelled "GET AWAY!!!", the last syllable turning into a roar as he used Dark Pulse, the beam of black circles surrounded in purple heading straight toward the female Meowth's left ear.

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Bree sat on the bridge and clutched the edge with both hands. Allen(or Tyndall, or whoever he was) and Landorus and even that other meowth seemed to have some idea what was going on, but Bree was just becoming more and more confused. She hadn't even believed in legendary pokemon until a few minutes ago, and she was still a bit skeptical since Landorus hadn't exactly shown off any of his amazing powers yet, besides being grouchy and ordering everyone around. And now she had to jump down a portal, trusting that it was made by a god of space gone mad?


I just want to go home, she thought, then immediately cringed at her own childishness. So did everyone else, in all likelihood, and none of them were complaining. "I do still know Telekinesis, if that can be of any help," she mumbled, wondering if her ridiculously low speed would just end up annoying Tyndall again.


Suddenly another yell echoed through the cavern, coming from the direction of the hydreigon this time. Bree yelped and ducked instinctively, clinging to the bridge so hard she was almost crushing it.

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"You didn't have me fooled for very long." Leo replyed with a smirk. "A real Lampent is always drawing a small amount of energy from those around it. It's not something they can turn off, only down."

"Allen also does not play games of deception," Leo continued, "Lampents already have a bad enough reputation on their own, and Allen does not want to be judged by that stereotype. Just look at Hydreigon over there." Leo turned to look at Requem.

"As a species, they are called brutal and violent, but he's nothing like that."

But as soon as Leo had finished speaking,


Leo's expression quickly changed to despair, then fury.

"I just HAD to say it, Didn't I" he yelled in rage. Leo then leapt in front of tiramisu to try and block the Attack. He lashed out with Slash, in order to blunt the blow from Requiem's dark pulse. However, the attack was still enough to knock Leo into the air, and over the edge of the ledge.


Leo barely managed to grab onto the side of the bridge. His head was reeling from the attack, but he still had enough sense to yell at Requiem, "What in Giratina's name is your problem?"

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((Poor Leo just can't get a break, can he xd.png))


The other Meowth had intercepted the attack, and had been pushed away by its force in turn. Didn't matter. Requiem's gaze was fixated on the female one or, more specifically, on what he thought was there in his delusional mind.


"On her ear!" he yelled, black energy already starting to accumulate again in preparation for the next Dark Pulse. Levitating a few inches back, he growled "Get OFF!" at his target, firing another beam.

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Bree propped herself back up just as the male meowth was flung onto the bridge beside her. "Oh! A-are you okay?" She turned around on the narrow bridge very carefully to face him, then picked him up with Telekinesis and set him down on top of the bridge. "What's..." The hydreigon was firing another attack and she began to get up, but realized she wasn't going to get there in time to stop it. "Kh-! Stop it! What are you doing?"

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The events went by in a flash for Tiramisu - roar - blast - tail - ledge - another blast. Time moved in slow motion. "On her ear!" She heard. Darkness was all around them - a Dark Pulse was headed her way. There was nothing on her ear - shadows were on her ear. A Dark Pulse was headed her way - "On her ear!" - shadows were on her ear!


A bright flash cut through the darkness around her with a crash like glass breaking in slow motion. It was over in one second, but the effects lasted. A smell like sulfur filled the air, though the air was too busy with the sparks that danced in it to notice it much. A tense silence filled the room after the echoes began to settle.


Tiramisu couldn't really feel her legs. In addition, she couldn't particularly feel her arms, either. As usual, Thunder had missed (as she'd hoped); also as usual, Thunder had left her temporarily paralyzed. If the Hydreigon decided to attack her again... Well, she figured she should try to prevent that. The Meowth struggled to say to the Hydreigon,


"I - can clear the shadows. They can't - hurt me, and I won't - let them hurt you either - so just - calm down...."


"The shadows can't hurt" you, you can "clear the shadows".... Pfft. What a joke, you can't even get to sleep without imagining someone get bludgeoned.

Shut up, shut up, shut up! I'm not - I'm not...

You are the shadows.

I'm not evil. I'm not dark like that, I'm just... morbid -

And you think you can protect him from whatever his problem is?

...Yes! Somehow! Just... be quiet.


She found herself still glued to the spot, and hoping to get through. Then the one she wanted to rip the tail off of spoke.




"I am growing impatient! Guardian, will you take me to where that wretch stands or will you keep me waiting here?"


Landorus' normal speaking voice echoed faintly as his tail slapped the ground. Tyndall turned anxiously towards the group of Pokemon, then towards Landorus again.


"I'm afraid I can't ask Mr. Boston to calibrate the portal without having these Pokemon find their way - or decide to stay, if you will excuse the rhyming - first... I am terribly sorry."


The orange monkey king made an odd face at this, then announced, calmly but loudly,


"If you group continue your pitiful stalling and cause my revenge on Darkrai to be delayed any significant amount of time longer, I shall crush you as I would have had not this Guardian come to retrieve you."


At this he nodded, and seemed satisfied.


(( I'm sorry! I was busy with sketchbook assignments for Art this week! ))

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((See this block? It belongs to a writer.))


"Thanks for the lift," Leo said once his feet were on the ground again. He was still reeling from Requiem's Dark Pulse, And he was pretty sure that the thunder had rendered him temporarly deaf in one ear. Still, Leo felt that he had to ensure that nobody else attacked anyone.

"Tyndall," He said as he turned to face the Psudo-Lampent, "since you are disguised as Allen, you should be able to use Flash, right? I want you to keep things brightly lit, if possible."


Leo then moved to where he could easily see everyone. We'll all need to work together to decend safely." He said. He then took off the Mobile Scarf. "Lucario, Since you weigh the most, If you'll pardon my saying so, I'd like you to hold onto this for the moment."

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((So, Tiramisu evaded the attack?))


"Kh-! Stop it! What are you doing?"



The whole room got illuminated for a second as the Thunder attack whizzed past Requiem, missing him by nearly half a meter and impacting somewhere behind him. It wasn't long, but in that second, the female Meowth's ear had been completely illuminated. And there was nothing inside.


He barely had time to ask himself how as the light from the electricity, much stronger than the weak pulses of Thunder Wave that were meant to only paralyze, faded out of existence and the Meowth began to speak.


"I - can clear the shadows."


The shadows? Did she meant those creatures? Them? It was impossible. No Pokemon could do anything. And yet, in that second, the thing hadn't been there. But it could return. Prevent Them from hurting anyone? Was that even possible?


He closed his eyes, scared, his secondary heads pressed against his body. He didn't want to see anymore. The Landorus had begun with his threats, and the male Meowth was talking, and if he saw one of those creatures again he felt he was going to lose it.


((If there's a steady source of light, consider him calm. Otherwise, he's gonna start attacking again))

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Tyndall closed his eyes, seeming to sigh inwardly or express some deep feeling of annoyance. He threw his words over his shoulder as he floated slightly closer to the Hydreigon and - somewhat carefully - emitted a flash of light that illuminated the area around the two of them.


"Honestly though, Landorus is correct - we really should be going now, and I mean now."


Curiously, the light still did little to penetrate much of the darkness around the rest of the cavern. It hung there like a thick mist. Tyndall looked around the cavern, as if dully noting this, then continued with an anxious edge to his voice,


"I say this not because I'm impatient, but because the portal might not hold for long if Darkrai is onto what we're doing. If you'd trust me enough to jump, I can assure your safety; the portal is more than wide enough."


The mock Lampent paused briefly. He seemed to be deep in thought, then found himself nearly laughing,


"Actually, Mr. Boston has had to stand on a somewhat thin ledge above the cavern's bottom this whole time, considering that the portal covers the entire pit below us! Poor thing."




With a flop, Tiramisu fell on her side. No, she still couldn't feel her legs or arms; no, she couldn't even feel her tail. Nonetheless, a relief had washed over her once the Hydreigon was surrounded by at least a bit of light. She'd been able to crush one - only one - Dark Pulse with her Thunder (And look how terrible you've managed that one!) - but she knew she couldn't handle another.


The Hydreigon... Well, he was crazy, she'd surmised. However, he had also seemed nice enough earlier, even if he was scared. And right now, he seemed scared. The only conclusions she could bring herself to in her numbed state were: 1) the Hydreigon had a worse time dealing with stress than she did; 2) "They" were shadows; and 3) she needed to learn his name.




The Meowth mumbled,


"What's your name?"


For some reason, it felt like the most urgent of all of the issues at hand (aside from maybe feeling her tail).


"You told me about Rhapsody, but you didn't tell me your name..."


(( She didn't really evade it, she more slashed through it with Thunder. Like she thought above, though, she can't do it again; it was a very lucky shot, and therefore hit her even worse than it usually would. ))

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The steady light bathed everything in a white color, stronger than the purple flame, and though it wasn't nearly enough to light up the whole room, Requiem could see nothing within the perimeter of the Lampent's Flash. Where were those creatures? Were they... gone? He sure hoped so. At least, the female Meowth seemed to be okay...


"It's Requiem," he said in a low voice, in response to the cat's question. He was still trying to find those things, but as far as he could see the walls were empty of life. He didn't know if that should calm him or put him more on edge.


He looked down the pit, seemingly endless and too dark for him to see anything with his eyes adjusted to the Flash's light, and then at the tired Meowth who had fell on her side. He was glad she seemed uninjured, but didn't regret the attack. One ear less was preferable to what she could have been through if that thing had been left alone. "Should I...?" he half asked, looking at the pit again. The voices were silent - the one from before had been the Reuniclus, like that first time after he woke up - so he wasn't sure what to do now.

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Requiem and Rhapsody? Bree blinked. They were oddly poetic names for giant dragons. So, that was two people she knew the names of now, out of...however many of them there even were. Hadn't there been a rather loud exploration team with them earlier, with the Gardevoir? They had left them behind when the fissure closed, and probably a few others too...hopefully they would find some other way out. "Well...we...yeah, we should, get going." There weren't exactly any other options, and Landorus was starting to make her nervous. She floated off the bridge and hovered in the air anxiously, not wanting to go first.

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{ I really hope this is still open... }


Name (Player Name): Blazelle Maximus Evans (Though everyone she knows just calls her by her first name; Blazelle.)

Species: Dewott

Gender: ♀

Ability: Torrent

Appearance: Is the typical Dewott, with no special characteristics at this point in time.



Average Speed: Hasn't been working much on this.

Above Average Attack: Due to intense training throughout her life.

Average Special Attack: Doesn't tend to use this as much as physical attacks.

Above Average defense: Due to her years of training.

Very low special defense: Hasn't had much of an opportunity to do anything about this.


Occupation: None, as of yet. Wants to eventually join a rescue team though.

Held Item: None.

Personality: Blazelle was always the defiant, stubborn, and relentless type of pokemon. When she sets her mind on something, she gets it done with few exceptions. Blazelle has a deep dislike towards electric type pokemon, but tries not to let it show.

Bio: Growing up, Blazelle was raised in a rich family of explorers and Rescue teams. She knew deep down that it was her calling, something she had to at least try. So Blazelle put herself through a large amount of training as she grew older, to be ready for the challenges that would come with being part of a Rescue or Exploration team.


At the age of 16, she woke up mysteriously in a cave, with no clue how she got there. Figuring this was something that had been set out ages ago, she left in search of something she couldn't seem to quite understand.


And whatever it was, she was determined to find it.



Detect (Medium reliability/unreliable): Passed down via breeding by father; Skilled enough to make it work around 40-50% of the time.

Scald (Reliable): Learned from TM that was found while exploring at a young age; Very skilled with it.

Razor Shell (Reliable): Learned from leveling; Very skilled from years of practice.

Water Pulse (Reliable): Learned via leveling; Decently skilled with it.


HM Moves: None.

Items: Has none at this time.

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{ I really hope this is still open... }

(( We're not accepting right now, but once we reach the first town (right after everyone goes through the portal) I'll be opening it up again. ))

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Requiem nodded at the Reuniclus and, with one last look at the female Meowth, flew down into the pit.


The light of the Flash didn't reach very far, so it quickly got dark. Requiem didn't mind - most Dark-types could see well in the darkness, and Hydreigons were no exception. He was still paying attention to the surrounding walls, but he couldn't see any of those things. If something happened down there... he didn't want to think about it. But it was silent. If it was too dangerous, the voice would tell him.


Soon enough, he spotted what the Lampent had been talking about. The bottom of the pit looked to have been covered by a pond, but the 'water', if it could be called that, was reflecting wrong the colors. The rocks there were nearly black, way darker than the ones on the top, and a few meters over the pond stood a blue blob of a Pokemon with two flipper-like arms, supporting itself on four stubby feet on a ledge that looked too small for the task, a black tail with two white eyes behind it.


And for some reason, it was wearing a monocle.


"There's... a weird pond here!" he yelled as loud as he could, hoping to be heard. The pit was very deep, and he didn't know if the others could still hear him from down there. He slowed down to a halt, hovering a little above the blue Pokemon, not sure if he should get near it or not.

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Cobalt took the Mobile Scarf from Leo. "Er, thanks," she said. Her ears were still ringing from Thunder and she shook her head to clear it.

((Sorry for the short post! No time!))

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Bree took one last look down the pit, then let herself fall after the Hydreigon. She looked up anxiously at the shrinking light of the Flash - she could probably stop herself in time if something happened, or if the ditto was lying and it was some sort of trap after all, but she wondered if she'd be able to catch anyone else.


"There's... a weird pond here!"


She rolled over to face down at the hydreigon's voice. Finally, she could see some sign of the bottom of the pit - and judging by the black speck hovering above it, Requiem had already reached it. The "pond" shimmered oddly as she tilted her head to get a better look at it, though she supposed she didn't know what a portal was supposed to look like anyway. In any case, she didn't want to just plop into it. She spread her arms out and slowed herself down a bit, steering to the left and stopping herself just beside Requiem when she reached him. "Hello," she mumbled at the wobbuffet, wondering what's stopping his monocle from falling right off his face.

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(( We're not accepting right now, but once we reach the first town (right after everyone goes through the portal) I'll be opening it up again. ))

{ Ah, okay then. I can wait. }

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Leo nodded. "To use it, simply focus a bit of your energy on the scarf," He instructed, "You'll feel a slight drain in energy. Focus on keeping a slow decent, but don't try to actively fly with it," Leo moved closer to the wall. "See you at the bottom," he said. With that, he then leapt to the side, and used slash to cling to the wall, and slide down.

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Cobalt nodded and looked at Renaissance, who nudged her. "Go on, then. I'll be right behind you."

Cobalt clenched her jaw and jumped off the side, SlowdescentslowdescentslowdescentslowdescentslowdescentslowdescentARGH, went her thoughts as she floated down to the bottom.

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They left me here...


Tiramisu growled quietly, attempting to twitch her tail. That was the part of her body she usually regained feeling in first; however, she still couldn't feel it. Which wasn't good, because everyone seemed in quite a hurry to leave, and if everyone was in quite a hurry to leave and the portal could only be held open by this "Mister Boston" person then everyone was in quite a hurry to leave her. Not purposefully, of course... but consequentially.

It was rather annoying to the Meowth how the Hydreigon - Requiem, she reminded herself - had given his name. He seemed to her to have nearly growled it - a sort of low voice. After trying her very best to be nice to him when they'd first woken up in the cave, that seemed uncalled for.

Maybe he was panicking, she reasoned. Maybe. But so was she, and she'd only attacked because he'd tried blasting her ear off.


I... I don't think I like this group. I'm getting out away from them as soon as possible.


Across the room, Landorus toyed dully with his tail. He glanced up at the mock Lampent - who was still floating just out of reach of the platform.


"Will we or will we not genuinely be going? If you have some ruse designed to fool me, you Ditto guardian, I suggest you release it now."


However, the primate legend did not seem particularly menacing in his threat; it fell flat, sounding like a bored pup's inquiry. Tydall nodded,


"Yes, we'll indeed be on our way soon- as I've said multiple times - just as soon as all of this group makes their way into the portal."


He floated hastily towards Tiramisu,


"Excuse me, I think I'm right if I say you need my help getting down?"


The Meowth's eyes narrowed for a moment, but after that moment had passed she managed to mumble a "Yes." (At the very least, one of the strangers hadn't left without her, and she hadn't even spoken to him.)


"Yes, yes, just shove her in, would you? Darkrai will most certainly not be in the same place you last located him at should we wait much longer."


Landorus grumbled, kicking a rock off of the edge of the cliff. Tiramisu growled, but was cut off by Tyndall.


"If you'll grab this lamppost-like arm I've got here, I'll be able to escort you down to the portal. To be clear, I'd rather not, given that it could break the transformation and all - but as Landorus has made painfully clear, we should really get going if there's going to be any chance of catching that terrible Darkrai."


"...Still can't... move well."


"Then I'll have to lift you."


The mock Lampent draped the Meowth over one metallic arm, and began to float downwards. The reality of the Ditto's facade was somewhat astounding to Tiramisu, and she quietly said so to Tyndall. A smile - ever so slight - passed over his face as he replied, equally quietly,


"Well I suppose I'm gifted to be able to work so closely with the Legendaries."


The Meowth's tail twitched as she answered,




"Landorus there is an exception."


Her tail twitched in an emotion entirely different from its previous emotion of annoyance as she replied,




The odd, shimmering pool came into sight. The others seemed farther away than they actually were in the gloom. Tyndall squinted,


"I get the feeling I'll see you again."


Tiramisu nodded, and then she felt like she fell asleep. What had really happened was that she had been lifted down into the portal - but what it felt like was falling asleep, much like the sudden transportation to the cave had felt like being knocked out very harshly. When she awoke, she would find herself in a very pleasant forest (which was where the portal was set for at the moment, and would remain until Mr. Boston changed it).


Tyndall motioned,


"If all of you would please get a move on!"




Mr. Boston smiled at Bree, waving his hand a little bit.


"'Bout time one of you buffets got here, I been balancing my wobbu off!"


The odd Wobbuffet winked as he drawled,


"No, ma'am, it's actually no probuffet. And that wobbe my speech impediffet, if you don't mind et. 'Scuse me a womoment."


The monocled and stylish Mr. Boston turned his face towards Tyndall and called,


"Boss, wot's the plan? Youwo had some sort of loop up there but I've been left outeffet!"


Tyndall responded,


"We'll be allowing this group through first - they were caught in the spacial distortion that bothered us as well - then we'll set our quarters for Darkrai's lair and escort Landorus -" Here the mock Lampent looked upwards, " - there."


Mr. Boston smiled,


"Sounds owright, Boss!"

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((Guuuuuh sorry. Are we still waiting on someone to jump?))

"...Ah! Alright then." Bree shifted and looked up, and saw the meowth and the lucario descending into the pit above her. They were finally getting out of this place! And after that...it would be easy to ask around a little, find out where they were, and get straight back home, but what about Darkrai? She shook her head. You can decide all this later! We've stalled long enough. She floated down and reached into the portal tentatively, then squeezed her eyes shut and lowered the rest of her inside.

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((I'm not really sure how a Ninetales is gonna "fall" down. Should I make her rotate her tails like a helicopter?))

Renaissance checked to be sure that Cobalt was safely on her way, then inched off the edge and half-fell, half-slid down the wall.

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((I'm not really sure how a Ninetales is gonna "fall" down. Should I make her rotate her tails like a helicopter?))

Renaissance checked to be sure that Cobalt was safely on her way, then inched the edge and half-fell, half-slid down the wall.

(( If it matters to you, no matter how anyone falls into the portal - like, even if they fell from the top of the chamber - they won't get hurt. ))


(( Hey Pi, did Bree go into the portal? If she did, the the same thing that happened to Tiramisu (transported to forest, knocked unconscious momentarily (or for longer, like Tiramisu will be)) should happen to her. ^w^ ))

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The female Meowth and the Reuniclus had already gone through it, and the floating Lucario, and the Ninetales and male Meowth that were sliding down the wall were sure to do the same. Requiem had been glad when the Lampent came down with the female Meowth; he had only wanted to check if there was something down there like everyone was saying, not be the first to leave.


With a last look at the strange blue Pokemon still perched on the ledge, he flew down, eager to leave the cave and the creatures in its walls behind. His Insomniscope activated momentarily before turning off again - it had been designed with Pokemon moves in mind, not the bending of space. So when Requiem crossed to the quiet forest that the portal had connected the cave to, he too arrived unconscious.

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