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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

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Leo paused at the entrance to the tunnel in the town square to look back at Red and Alteria. He gave a quick salute to the two, and vanished.


Leo landed above ground, and dashed into a side road, out of sight from the tunnel that Haldor had dug. There he waited to see how long it would take the two of them to find him.

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Alteria saw the salute and him disappear. 'Darn it!' She thought. She flew out when the tunnel ended and looked around. She knew that he wouldn't be eay to find. She flew as high as possible while still being able to see the ground clearly. She scanned the area in circles until she found him. She then dived down and landed next to him.

(Have it be any amount of time you like))

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Red looked up as Alteria flew by down the tunnel.


"Oh hey pretty birdy! Thanks for the light!"


She suddenly realized Leo's scent trail had ended and screeched to a halt, forgetting about the Altaria. She sniffed around, found his trail had gone up through a nearby tunnel entrance, and scrabbled back up to the surface.


It was trickier finding his scent again once she was above ground, given the sheer number of other pokemon in the square. But identify it she did, and she zigzagged through the crowd into an alley, where she ran right smack into Leo.


"Oh!" Red looked up, adjusting her hat.


"Sorry, I thought you were still running. I wasn't expecting you to stop so soon."

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Both Pokémon Found Leo at the same time.

"Not bad," Leo congratulated, nodding in satisfaction, "You both seem to have decent tracking skills. However..."

Leo suddenly vanished once more, only to reappear at the other end of the alley.

"Tracking can only go so far. If you have what it takes to be a part of Team Shadow Tag, then the two of you will be able to stop me in my tracks."

Leo then turned and ran off, back to where Zagan, Attio, and Haldor were, stopping briefly as he passed by Bree, a Dusknoir, A Kirla, and Mister 'Nightyena.'

"Don't mind me," he said, "Just testing some new recruits."

With that said, Leo resumed his run.

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"Oh!" Red yelped in surprise as he seemed to teleport away, then grinned and took off after him. Well, if she needed to stop him.....


She wouldn't be able to outpace him, but she could make things hard for him. As they passed the building that had been demolished earlier, Red in hot pursuit, she saw her chance. She worked at something in her mouth for a moment, then spat a volley of seeds at the wreckage ahead of Leo. What little of that wall was left standing crumbled, tumbling into the street in front of the Meowth, obstructing his path.

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Anareise drained the remains of the tea in one great gulp, and set the cup gently down on the table. She was quiet for a while, then she smiled at Requiem again and reassured him,


"I can see you're getting a little antsy. If you feel more comfortable being on your way, I won't keep you."


She laughed a little,


"I'm just glad to have had someone over for tea after all this time. Still, you're always welcome here, even if it's just stopping by for a few minutes."


The Shuckle turned to look the Hydreigon in the eyes; her expression was a mixture of seriousness and, somehow, encouragement.


"I'm not going to ask who's chasing you, but I want you to know this: it's a shame and a fool's mistake that they'd go after a boy like yourself. What you just said means you're a selfless Pokemon. That means that no matter how far they chase you - even to the edge of the world, the Reverse World even - no matter how far they chase you, they'll never take you. They might bruise you, they might break everything you have, they'll threaten to kill you and they just might but in the end they will never take you."


There were a few cracks on the kettle. They'd been sealed up by now, and carefully hidden (one might even think they were part of the design), but they still were ever so slightly darker than the rest of the kettle. Anareise took a deep breath, then sighed.




"Oh, that's perfectly alright! Thank you for your help."


Cas tried his very best not to squirm uncomfortably. Had he made the Reuniclus nervous? Perhaps she was preoccupied with something else?


"My... my acquaintances here were planning on doing some exploration themselves once the Pokemon from Laos begin to form serious teams. I myself wasn't planning on going. However..."


The Dusknoir failed in his attempt not to squirm uncomfortably, and shifted his weight around a bit.


"Given my remembered circumstances, it may be a good option to travel with a team."


Pellinore broke off his conversation momentarily to add apologetically,


"We can't take any more than ourselves, Cas. We just don't have the supplies, and it's hard enough for me to keep track of Wolfy. Sorry."


"Oh, I wouldn't have burdened you with it. You told me you two were on a mission earlier; I would only hold you back."


Cas coughed and continued,


"Perhaps one of the teams here will take either of us as inexperienced, temporary members? If you'd like to become an explorer, this certainly would be an opportunity."

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"Oh...hmm." Bree hadn't thought about that possibility. It was a good idea, really - the only problem was that she wasn't sure she would be able to keep up with a full-fledged exploration team. Everyone would probably split up to search for the legendaries now that they were out of the cave. "Well..."


Just then, the Meowth with the Scope Lens ran past him, a Zigzagoon and an Altaria in pursuit. Bree blinked. "That was one of them right there!" She looked up at Cas and pointed wildly at the Meowth. "Hey, uh..." She realized that she still hadn't gotten that Meowth's name yet, and also that it was quite difficult to stuff we-want-to-temporarily-join-your-rescue-team-so-we-can-go-look-for-Uxie-and-possibly-save-the-world into an easily shoutable sentence. "Hey! Over here!"

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Aletria couldn't catch him, but if she was close enough she might be able to use Sky Attack. She saw the Zigzagoon destroy a wall and used the chance to use Sky Attack on Leo. She was going to hold back and only knock him over though. She didn't want to hurt anyone.

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Leo slid to a halt in front of the collapsed building. He looked around to find another route, only to come face to face with Aletria. The Sky attack landed, knocking Leo off his feet. He lay on the ground for a few seconds, before climbing to his feet once more.

"Not bad you two," Leo congratulated, "You both showed excellent teamwork, decent tracking, and intuitive strategy, Welcome to Team Shadow Tag."

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Red skidded to a halt in front of Leo.


"We did it? We did it we did it??"


She danced and cheered, elated.


"I'm part of a rescue team! A real rescue team!!"


She looked over at Alteria.


"And thanks for your help, pretty birdy! You were awesome!"


She absolutely could not stop grinning. Finally, something today was going right!


"So what's out first order of business, Leo?"

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Requiem had been staring at Anareise as she spoke, every fiber of his being wishing those words were true. How long had They been after him? A year, two? Time was difficult to track when all your days were slight variations of the same, but he was sure it hadn't been more than two autumns. And... They took Rhapsody. Most of him. But Requiem didn't know when it had started (he never thought something was wrong as a Zweilous), so he didn't know when was it supposed to finish, if it even finished the same.


Yet, the peculiar sensation the house had surrounded him in was still there, Requiem's worries not enough to shatter its atmosphere. It promised to relieve and comfort him, and thought it was nice, it couldn't last long. He could never stay in a same place long. But... he could feel it a bit now. The cold from before, though there, was losing strength and could be set aside.


"...Thank you," he told Anareise, smiling a little. "You have been nice." With a flap of his wings, he took off, hovering a few centimeters over the sofa. A thought occurred to him, and he looked at the window worriedly. "Is the Electrike still there?" he asked, not wanting to bump into the small Pokemon again.

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Atto had sat down once more, watching as Leo doubled back from the square. "Hey! Looks like the girls made it," he commented to Zagan. Atto had thought about joining an exploration team himself, but he had never been much of a battler. At best, he could hold off someone long enough to find an escape route. He wondered how Piper was doing, wherever she was now. "D'you think we should go over there? You're helping them find the lake trio, right? I'm probably going to go with you, so!" He stood up suddenly, much faster than most people would have thought possible for someone of his size, and hopped excitedly. "Adventures! Isn't this exciting?"




Bree whimpered when the Meowth turned away, then looked up at Cas again. "Well...did you hear him, though? He's taking new members! Maybe we can - !" She made an indecipherable hand gesture and floated a bit forward, toward where the Meowth had gone. "I'm, eh...kind of, worried, about if I'd fit his standards, really, but I do want to go on this adventure, really. We should go ask!"

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Zagan waved at the Meowth as he zoomed past, closely followed by the two girls. He had wanted to see a move demonstration or something but oh well, only the feline had any right to decide how to test new members.


"Hey! Looks like the girls made it."


"Yup, glad for them!" he said, smiling at Atto. The Scolipede jumped up, excited at the prospect of adventures, and Zagan couldn't blame him - he felt the same.


"You can say that again! Uncharted territory, exciting battles, rescuing damsels in distress, whatever a damsel is! And a quest to find the Legendaries, and to find the truth about Darkrai!" he was running in circles around Atto now, laughing.


"Wait a bit," he said, and jumped down the tunnel the Steelix had done. The second he confirmed no one had followed him, a magenta glow started coming out of it until he jumped out again three seconds later. The darkness of the tunnel was the perfect cover to switch his illusion, since he needed to go back to his original form before changing it and he wanted everyone to keep thinking he was a Zorua.


"We still need to know our first stop so you can join us after talking with your boss," Zagan said, a perfect copy of Atto now. Height, weight, voice, the missing tip of the left horn; the only difference was that Zagan had his band tied below the first ring, obscuring the claws on the second one, and Atto had a brown bag. He had fixed his illusion earlier and had accounted for the vitals as he used his ability, so he wanted to see if the Meowth could distinguish him now, not taking into account the items they were carrying. "So let's go get those three."

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(Muhuhaha Puredark your secret is revealed Haldor was still in the tunnel >:D although he'll keep it a secret for now)


Haldor watched as the three left his tunnel. "Ahh to be young again," he sighed. He looked around at his tunnel briefly, he new that tunnels such as these often became the homes for diglett and dugtrio families while they traveled. Haldor usually collapsed his tunnels after digging them due the dangers that they usually led to. However around a town a handy tunnel could be useful. He paused, lost in his thoughts when he saw a slight glow. Turning he a dark red figure glowing then miraculously change into what appeared to be the Scolipede that fetched the reviver seed earlier. Haldor chuckled quietly, obviously the pokemon wished to remain hidden and hadn't done a proper spot check.


Haldors body spun and he dug over towards the original area making a parallel tunnel to give the Zoroak some assumed privacy. He re positioned himself under what he assumed was the Zigzagoon. He had heard the cheers from down the tunnel and now he could hear the muffled tapping of her feet as she jumped in joy. Grinning slightly he raised his head bursting up through the ground beneath the Zigzagoon.


"If you really want to be in a rescue team you will need a lot of work, especially at sensing when danger is near," Haldor said calmly his head now resting on the ground looking at the Meowth.


(Surprise Steelix attack! Anything bad about it let me know please biggrin.gif )

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"Agh!" Red, already off-balance from her little victory dance, tipped right over and rolled off of Haldor's head, landing on her butt.


"Oww... I guess you're right." And as someone who knows Dig, she added to herself, I should be a little more expectant of attacks from below...


Red rolled back to her feet and paced around the Steelix, back toward Leo, examining the massive Steel-type. "So you're part of a rescue team too? That's so cool!" She grinned and sat back down by Leo, ears alert now.


((I keep surprising myself with how roly-poly Red is xd.png))

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Leo was indeed caught off guard by Haldor's sudden appearance. He leapt sky high in surprise, vanishing from the spot, before landing lightly a few feet away.


"Yah, Allen was always better than me at sensing where other Pokémon are hiding," Leo replied after pulling himself together. "I've gotten used to having him keep an eye out."

Leo shook his head as if to clear his thoughts. "I can't keep brooding like that!" Leo said. "I've got to stay positive! Allen wouldn't want me to sulk about!"


"All right." Leo said. There was a look of confidence in him that had not been there before. "Our first order of business is to gather information around town. Rumors, legends, anything that might have some connection to possible locations of either Uxie, Mesprit, or Azelf. If we can find those three, they should be able to help us find Darkrai, or whoever is really behind the Legendries' disappearances."

And hopefully find Allen along the way

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Alteria smiled when he said welcome. She finally could be in a rescue team! She had wanted to for such a long time.a steelix suddenly burst out of the ground but since she was half flying type it didn't affect her. She could probably sense someone if she tried to, but she wasn't good at it.

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"Whoa!" Atto leaned in forward and circled Zagan, admiring the illusion. It was practically perfect, even down to the half-healed chinks in his exoskeleton from years of practice battles. How could a Zorua even disguise itself as something that huge? "That is super cool. What if we switched items? Oh, wait, Leo has that Scope Lens, he'd know. Ah well. Anyway, yeah, let's go!" He galloped toward Leo, shouting a greeting on his way. "Hey! Where are we headed to first?"

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"You said it," Zagan answered, running after Atto. The trip wasn't long, and soon the three Pokemon (and a Steelix's head) came into view. Right, the Steelix... had he been in the tunnel? Even as a Dark-type, going from day to darkness was enough to blind anyone for a couple of seconds, and he didn't even let his eyes adjust before he was out again. Oh well, he better act as if the Steelix didn't know, just in case. And if Zagan really had been seen, well, the Steel-type wasn't an enemy, so it was okay too. He just hoped he still had time for fun.


Atto shouted a greeting at the group, and Zagan decided to see if he could confuse them a bit. "Yeah! I need to know where to catch up with you!" he yelled, illusionary Scolipede making the same movements Atto used for his gallop.

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"We're going after the lake trio? Actually, I--" Red was quickly distracted by the arrival of Atto and... Atto?


"Atto? Is that... huh?" Red cocked her head at the identical Scolipedes, sniffing at them curiously, but unable to detect any difference in them aside from the items they were holding.

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Leo looked over Atto and Zagan, clearly impressed. In his short time with the Scope Lens, Zagan had manage to accurately incorporate the proper readings into his illusion.

"Impressive illusion there Zagan," Leo said, "Your ability has well surpassed that of an ordinary Zorua's. In fact, I'd say your ability is on par with that of a Zoroark."

Leo ended with a knowing wink that only Zagan and Atto could see, as if to say, and I know why.


Leo then turned to Red and asked, "What was it you were going to say about the lake trio?"

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"Oh? .... OHHH! Okay, I got it. I think." Prying her eyes from the two Scolipedes, she turned back to Leo.


"Well, back in the village I come from, there was this mountain nearby, and it supposedly had this lake way up by the top, and everyone said Uxie lives up there, but no one knows for sure because Uxie clears their memories before sending them back down!" She shrugged. "It's only a story, but I mean, I thought everything about the legendaries was just stories until you told me about your partner..."

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Anareise smiled and sighed, then took a quick glance out of the window. Just on the edge of the Square she saw the Electrike sitting rather calmly next to a Kirlia, a Dusknoir, and a Reuniclus. She nodded, but added,


"He's still out there, but I doubt you'll have any problems with him. If you go around the right side of the house heading out, you probably won't even see him."




Cas shuffled around some more, and stared off in the Meowth's direction.


"I... I don't think it's a good idea for me to join an exploration team."


It was only half a lie. He would have loved to join a rescue team of some sort, though there was always the issue of getting close to the Pokemon around you with his... condition. It hadn't stopped his befriending of the Kirlia next to him (albeit the voices hadn't called for his life), and it truly never stopped him unless what he'd seen was of the Pokemon themselves... However, he knew that being on a team would mean steeling himself before such circumstances and who was he kidding it was because he didn't want to be reminded of that Meowth.


But still, should he ask? If he was successful in finding a team to help him with finding Uxie, perhaps he'd be able to stop what he'd seen...


"Nonetheless, I think I will come with you to ask if I could accompany them."


(( Argh, the block drops mercilessly... ))

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"Right side..." Requiem repeated, looking at the door. That Electrike... he had absorbed his Thunder Wave. Must have been because of an ability, but... the only ones... Dragon and Dark... maybe Normal, Flying and Water... if he called the shadows...


It'd be over.


I'm Anareise, Laos' resident Move Tutor.


Was it worth a shot? She had been nice.


A Zigzagoon, running towards them, light following her and returning things to normal.


Other ways... There must be...


I - can clear the shadows. They can't - hurt me, and I won't - let them hurt you either - so just - calm down....


But until then he had no choice.



"All right."


"Sorry for bothering, but..." he started, looking at the door and then at Anareise. He gulped and looked down, somewhere on the ground. He managed to maintain an audible tone of voice, though shaky on the ends. "I... you said you were a Move Tutor, and... would you... know any Ground-type moves?"




"Did you hear that, Zagan? They didn't notice we switched items," Zagan said, looking at Atto and holding back a snicker. Did that Meowth know he was a Zoroark? Now he knew why the feline knew the Mienshao wasn't real, and Zoruas and Zoroarks were the only Pokemon capable of illusions (as far as he knew), but would he really assume what had basically a 50% chance of being false? No, that Meowth knew something. And Zagan would ask, but later, maybe even at night - when he was sure no one else was listening.


But for now... "You don't have to give me my bag until I leave, but I ask you not to pry inside. Fair enough?" he asked the real Scolipede, taking a step towards him, horns up and tails down. New mission: try to keep everyone confused until Atto really had to leave.

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Anareise seemed to perk up again as she - for once - stumbled over her words.


"Oh! Yes, yes - the little bear cubs - the buggers - ah!"


She laughed, then coughed a bit, then finally said what she'd meant to say.


"Haha, yes... Yes, I know Earth Power. My stepfather taught me it, actually. If you want me to teach you it, we'll have to go downstairs though; the training room is down there."


The Shuckle added,


"That move is why I got those impenetrable windows you fell into!~"

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