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The thank you thread

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Anyone help you out on the site? Let everyone know! Give them a "thank you" in this thread. This is kinda like "The congrats thread". If this is a duplicate, sorry.

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I don't know if this has been approved yet, but:

Thanks Rubyshoes, Stealthy, Lagie, Engiype, Mrmcafee, and everyone who has joined the AAAL! biggrin.gif

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Thank you, MisunderstoodDreamer, for my vampire.

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When they were first released, somebody, pretty sure it was Lagie, sent me a Tangar. That, or a Greenwing. I can't remember. But I'm sure it was Lagie... xd.png


And everybody on the NGPT and any other gifting thread who sent me stuff, because I'm a good clicker, I just never see the things I want. I love you guys. :'D xd.png


And wideeyedwanderer, for the ever-eluding Sunrise that I just couldn't get. And for just being an awesome friend in general. biggrin.gif


And basically anybody who helped me get eggs I needed... xd.png

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I want to thank Lagie for my first Silver Stairstep tinsel. I love the nebulas with the silver, it looks so pretty happy.gif


Also, I want to thank Socky for getting to my descriptions faster than I can submit them!:P

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Thank you, everyone who keeps randomly gifting me CB spitfire hatchlings! There are too many of you to list at this point, but you all know who you are! <3

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A big thank you to everybody who gave me rare eggs when I was starting out, especially JaneMcAsh!

And many thanks to Purplehaze for answering so many of my DC-related questions. tongue.gif

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Thanks Neph for getting me back into this site and answering all my silly questions! And for my lovely shallow water dragon and canopy dragon, of course!

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Thank you Ramica for my first and only silver dragon. smile.gif I never thought I'd ever get one.


Also thank you to CDM, who gave me my first gold dragon, and my first CB stripe. Also thanks a lot for great eggs you have given me. smile.gif You've done a lot for me, and I really appreciate it!

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Thank you Derranged for the CB Stripe eggs <33333 You already know how grateful I am!


And to everyone who has ever randomly gifted me things, you're amazing.

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Thank you kind people who gave me my first silver &gold tinsels as well as my first silver dragon!

- I left givers anonymous just incase they'd rather not be mentioned.


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Thanks to Snowsherry for the egg I needed to complete a block in my lineage.

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Very nice! Let's keep this thread active! I owe thanks to sooo many people along the way. TJ first of all, just for putting this all together, and keeping it all running; Sock and Yosofine were both wonderful helps in finally achieving growing dragons when I first returned, as well as arya25, my mentor.


Others, and I know I'm missing people, who need thanks for various eggs, kindnesses or other help along the way:


ainisrarie and littleblackdog








































































These are a few of the very special people from the Peppermint Effect thread, past and present:










and my sources for so much Cave and Forum wisdom;








raindear and, of course,



and finally, my niece. Even though she is not currently playing, we shared so much fun in the Cave for the 5 months while we were housemates. <3 I miss those days, and hope sometime, we will be able to play together again!

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I nearly fainted when I saw I had a pm, opened the box and saw a message titled "Gold Egg". Thank you so much, Imbecamiel! You really made my day!

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Thanks MsTina, for being one of the greatest gifters I've ever met.


Thanks anyone participating in 'So You Want a Silver?', helping unblock the cave.

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There are a bunch of people that I need to thank.


Sharlykng, Umbrewulf, NiramiTheRaven, and all others helping me with my dragon requests.


All the lovely people who gifted me dragons through the newbie gifting thread, with special thank yous going to Count_23 for gifting me BOTH a silver and a bronze tinsel dragon. And herk who gifted me an egg that was not only my first black egg ever but also came from a Thuwed lineage AND hatched into an alt black. It is much loved. And now needs a wonderful name worthy of its greatness. <3

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Thanks kabocha for gifting me my first CB Goldwyvern egg, when they first came out and I could seem to neither catch nor trade for one.

And I think katfur isn't active anymore but I will always be grateful for her gifting me my first green stripe in the days before teleport.

Iside and shadesofchaos for helping me out with gifts for my lineages.

Dracaena for an awesome EG 6 gift and all in all awesome trading.

moensli and xaesha for great tradings and unexpected dino gifts.

Everyone out there who traded with me, was polite and kept their IOU's.

Lagie for her great work with the description thread. Socks and the other description mods for their awesome work. darkflowernightshade, wortgewaltig and the other newbie gifting mods for an awesome job.

Everyone who does his/her best to leave constructive criticism with the descriptions and all the people who take the time to sweeten an accept with a smilie or short comment.


The mods, spriters and TJ for making this such a great site of course.


I hope I haven't forgotten someone, but if I did rest assured it's only because I have to clean my inbox regularly and sometimes names get lost that way not because I'm ot grateful.

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^^thank you, FluffyPillow and Emarald7fire.


I have so many people to thank that I just don't think I could list them all! Thank you especially to my Glompees and giftees, who never fail to bring a smile to my face, and thank you for all the wonderful surprise gifts (yeah, you Xythus tongue.gif) and Glomps out of the blue wub.gif


Thank you, my anonymous nominators, for allowing me to have the ARK badge in my sig, and allowing me to have the Honourable Mention badge join it. They are in my sig for YOU. And thank you to the ARK thread for allowing other wonderful people be recognized.


Thank you to TJ and all of the Mods, especially Sock, who allowed me to surprise her again and again without running away in fear tongue.gif


Thank you to Varekis and jocosa, without whom I would have no one to chat to, confide in, and just laugh with each day.


Thank you to my fellow Glompers for spreading the joy around each and every day. I may have lessened my gifting a little, to take a little break, but I have a lot of catching up to do to match all of you wub.gif

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Where does one start?


With TJ who created this whole playground for us?


With our amazing mods, past and present?


With all the people who've gifted me eggs?


With the spriters who design our awesome eggs and dragons and more?


With whoever nominated me for ARK, not once, but twice?


With all the people I've gotten to know through Forum Games and CPA and PMs?


I'm sure if I started listing names, I'd end up insulting anyone whom I left out, so thank you, everyone, and especially Fizzix, in whose signature at another forum, I saw my first white dragon, which is what brought me here in the first place!


(And reading back, you're welcome! to all who have thanked me! wub.gif)

Edited by Lagie

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Thank You to... drum roll...



Varekis and Riverwillows for being awesome and breeding me Neo eggies :3



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D'aw, thanks dragongrrl, CDM and predatorfan4ever for listing me. x) It's always awesome to know that the little you do is important enough for someone else to remember. <3


So many people to thank for the wonderful experience here on DC. Debating whether or not TJ should get thanks for making me addicted to this site... jk, he's awesome. :P Thanks to the mods also for all the work they do. ^^


Thanks to CDM for always being there for chatting/confiding (she's equally awesome sober and tipsy :P) and generally being the Robin Hood of DC.


Thanks also to others like shadesofchaos who I will never forget for her beautiful birthday gift (and also wonderfully random conversations 8D), Kelkelen for naming the snow angel I gifted her with an acronym of my name (she's officially my favourite snow angel :P) and the countless others I've shared wonderful conversations with/traded with in the past.


Also to;


Xythus for unknowingly being the person who got me into lineages, really. I was off doing my own random thing but a trade with her made me consider lineages more and thus got me into the whole thing.


To XDLugia for being so kind as to gift me a beautiful black who ended up being my first male alt. (I still frequently look at his lineage and that of his father's, btw x3)


To Sparkdragon for being hilarious to build massive text pyramids with in PMs and also making me try that little harder to get nice names for my dragons. :B


To glamoursea2 for donating that little four letter word so that I could fix my lineage to carry on Rebecca Black's legacy. *shot*


To dragonpuck for entertaining my dream of giving my sibling snow angels sibling mates. :P


To tikigurl for your generous offer of breeding me black eggs until I got the alt I wanted from your dragons (and thank god it only took the one breeding :P). It was truly a very kind gesture. :3


... Okay, I'm just going to stop listing people before I knock you all out. Let's hope I never become famous and need to prepare an Oscar speech. :P


To the countless others who have gifted eggs to me, helped me with my projects - there are simply too many awesome people here to thank by name but know that I love you all for your kindness and I remember this whenever I look at your pretty darlings on my scroll. 8D


Oh, and thanks to everyone for putting up with me and my obsessive use of emoticons. :D


Anyways, thanks everyone. <3

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I would also like to thank anyone who does lotteries in the IRC wub.gif



some of my most beloved dragons came from there happy.gif

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Dear me,


Thank you for being very supportive and someone to talk to. You mean a lot to me and I consider you a good friend. Hopefully you are well and life isn't being too hard on you.




Also, for anyone who thinks I should thank them, just scribble out the first me and put your name there.


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Thank you to: EggMaster99 for giving me a Cheese dragon and breeding some tinsels for me!

cthulhu153 for giving me my first Red hachie!

Richied97 for giving me a silver!

WinterWhisperz for giving me a Vamp!

fallen_leaf for giving me a Royal Blue, which I tried to re-glomp to someone but had the wrong user!

Panda_Pirate for giving me a Golden Wyvern!

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