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regular undine



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I have a CB Fire Gem Green Egg. (Gender unknown, sorry.)





I have it set as a two-way trade as I would prefer it go to someone who has none/ not too many. I understand some individuals have a hard time grabbing these, so I want to try and make some available. Just trade a dummy egg/ hatchling, ...


(If you could also set up your scroll so that It'll be easier to check I'd appreciate that very much! ^-^)

Sent a dummy, I have 0 greens ):


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What I have today: A CB Blue Fire Gem Egg


To Get: You must have little to none on your scroll. If you do have a fire gem, it must not be the same colour. I must be able to view your scroll (so this won't be taken advantage of) and you must not have any fogged eggs. Just off a dummy egg smile.gif


Offer an Egg!


Just realised i needed to fix the link

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Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Cb thalassa xenowyrm, send up a dummy egg, itd be cool if you tossed in a cb green fire gem but its be fine if not.

I'll check back in ten minutes and the first offer gets it


As promised, first person when I checked back was jetaime, thank you all for offering c:


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