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Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Cb thalassa xenowyrm, send up a dummy egg, itd be cool if you tossed in a cb green fire gem but its be fine if not.

I'll check back in ten minutes and the first offer gets it


As promised, first person when I checked back was jetaime, thank you all for offering c:

Thank you! wub.gif

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I have quite the random assortment of eggs for y'all c:


lineage of 2G copper x Aeon

Lineage of 2G Blusang x ice

Lineage of 3EG Verd, Copper x Gaia

Lineage 3EG Almandine x Gaia

lineage 3EG Mageia x RA

Lineage 2G Chrono x Blusang


These babs are all cute and rtg! Please offer a dummy egg for them, and please name them c:


Dummy links:


1.2G copper x Aeon

2.2G Blusang x ice Taken!

3.3EG Almandine x Gaia

4.Chrono x Blusang gone!

5.3G Copper x Gaia

6.3G Mageia x RA

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This little one miscolored. sad.gif Free to anyone who would like it for freezing purposes (or whatever!). ^^

gone - enjoy, whoever you are

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5 CB eggs, enjoy!


took the first Green baby, thank you so much waterwater! It is really kind of you smile.gif

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