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Collecting all Z code dragons but especially interested in CB Z'Hooktalons and Z'Aria.Inbreeds are welcome and loved on my scroll. see profile info for my inbreeding policy

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    Inbreeds are welcome on my scroll, I am also building several inbred lineages.... I do not breed my inbreeds when i am egg/scroll-locked and i do not AP my inbreed offspring on purpose.
    If you want an inbred just PM but i will have to ask you to treat its offspring with the guidelines i have set here for myself. (And that you ask the same of anyone you pass their offspring on to)

    These are to be gifts, no past of future trade is related to them.
    (this is my reminderlist)


    No IOU atm


    If I breed something for you and it turns out ot be a Z Dragon, it will go to the project. If you are already a Z collector you will receive the dragon off course, if you are not a Z collector (and you do not want to join us) I will try again next week.