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LP - Pavel Chekov and LP - Martha Landon started a new project, the Chekov lineage. Feel free to ask them for an offspring.

It would be nice to own a 2nd Gen Shimmer.


Competition.gifhttp://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Common_Dragons6fuips.jpgI would trade my soul for a 2nd Gen Holly, and Shimmer.

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    No checkers or spirals please. Stairs only...


    Low-Gen Tinsels and Shimmers from common/uncommon mates.

    Holiday wishlist... no higher than 4th Gen unless stated otherwise...

    Holly, no higher than 6th Gen.
    Winter Magi
    Snow Angel
    Ribbon Dancer
    Wrapping Wing
    2nd Gen Mistletoe with Undine
    2nd Gen Snow with common parent

    Thank you to the generous members...

    RalphnDrags - For the Caveborn Silver egg.

    Halloween request...

    Carmine from female Crimson x male Carmine - For Ellenai