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    Don't be afraid to PM to request eggs, I'll be happy to try and breed you almost anything!

    Reminders for me:

    Completed thingamabobs IOU's:
    -2G mistletoe for Jazeki
    -2G Solstice x Silver for oksnail (traded for verdigris)

    Wishlist (in order of priority):
    ///Regularly looking for///
    -2G's from Gaia F x M Verdigris Coppers
    -2G's from F Almandine x M Gaia
    ***I'm always looking for these XD*

    -3G Sunrise checker from Sweetling as a mate for Solace
    -2G Tea x 09' val as mate for Lara
    -2G vine from Heartseeker as a mate for Mundis
    -2G Royal crimson from Heartseeker as a mate for Flair