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December 21st 2012 apparently, as I've heard.. lands on a friday.. what a nice friday. (probably  doesn't though. sad.gif

If you mean doesn't land on a Friday, then it does.

Only takes me 30 seconds to check on my computer.

If you mean it's not a nice Friday, then you are 100% correct.









I am now on topic.


You blinked at least once today.*


I am posting on this topic.


Rain is a liquid. It is made of water.


2 + 2 = ... 10. IN BASE FOUR. I'M FIIIIiine


I am tired.


I am logged into the DC forums.


*Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast, faster than you can believe! So don't look away. Don't turn your back. And don't blink. ...Good luck. /shot

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Or is it?



Chuck Testa.

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When one says waffles, he obviously means carrots. Cue raucous laughter.

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My white DS Lite is very white. My other DS Lite that is black is very black, too.

I just told you that I have two DS Lites, a white and a black.


I typed a message and posted it in the thread where you have to state the obvious.

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This is a forum game.


My post count won't increase because of it.


There are lots of people currently alive on the planet Earth.


I typed this.


This is a game in a forum.


Dragon Cave has dragons in it.


This is Dragon Cave's forum.


If you are reading this, you have a computer.


Artists make art.


Authors make books.


Roleplayers make roleplays.


This is not a roleplay.


This topic is not in the Help section.


I'm obviously being obvious.


This is a sentence.


It has a period at the end.


Proper grammar is good.

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This post has an icon.


The person above me is Lalasa and she likes Flandre Scarlet.


This post was edited.

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I posted this.


The sky is the colour blue, not green.


The grass is green.

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It's possible I'm being indecisive right now, but I don't want to jump to conclusions.

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I have female body parts, therefore I am female.


I am using a keyboard as I am typing this.


I have a scroll.


I have lots of dragons.


I like to draw.


I sometimes feel the need to sleep.


I sometimes feel the need to eat.


I bleed once a month for several days.


I have a head, a body, 2 legs and 2 arms(4 LIMBS!), 2 hands, 2 feet and 20 fingers. TWO eyes a nose and a mouth... and hair on my head.(eyebrows too)


I am obviously BORED as I am typing this, because if I wasn't bored I would be busy.


I *rarely* ever post in this section.



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All of the posts on this page are not numbered.


Rick Rolling is annoying.


People in love have found something to cherish for life.


I just taught you folks a life lesson.

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We this is a comment. (But backwards. And until the foot)


The end of infinity is the letter y.


Electricity is a kind of energy.


Everything that you see exists.


Logic gates are awesome.







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Dont you just hate it when your cat nibbles on your breakfast?


Voldemort has not a nose






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Spam is not tolerated on most forums.

I'm using the color teal.

Teal is a shade of blue.

Blue is a primary color.

Primary colors make secondary colors by combining them with other primary colors.

I just stated the obvious.

Country is a music genre.

Heavy metal is a music genre.

Country music and Metal sound nothing alike.

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