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~How dry I am... how dry I am... nobody knows... how dry I am...~ SHAY! Hi. There. Lesh make a deal. I got... stuff. Lots. Here. See?

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    Suddenly I have become active in the forums after years of lurking. Isn't that just crazy?


    You probably don't bother reading this far, but stuff I like:
    -Frilled dragons
    -Fire Gems
    -2G hybrids (particularly Dusk Pygmies and Soulpeaces)
    -2G alt Blacks/Vines/Undines (doesn't matter if purebreed or not)
    -The obligatory super-rare shiny stuff everyone wants (read: CB Metals, NDs of any lineage)

    Feel free to PM me for breeding requests. I'm not a fan of IOUs so if you want something from me, please have your half of the deal on hand when we trade. My timezone is DC time + 7.