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"How dry I am... how dry I am... nobody knows... how dry I am...~"

SHAY! Hi. There. Lesh make a deal. I got... stuff. Lots. Here. See?

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    I am the irrational alien.
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    I'm no one special. I draw random things for my own amusement and RP with my friends (only).

    You'll probably never bother to read this far, but a list of all the things I like:
    -Rift Wyrms
    -Glowback Pygmies
    -Ice/Thunder/Magma Dragons
    -2G Avatars/other hybrids
    -Fire Gems
    -Galvanic Wyverns
    -Kovos Pygmies
    -Vremya Drakes
    -Aeria Glories
    -Sunset Dragons (especially males)
    -Low-gen Prizes (especially Shimmerscales!)
    -2/3Gs from Caligenes/Radiant Angels/Star Singers/Solstices

    Needed for scroll completion:
    -CB female Gold
    -Any gen Neglected
    -Any CB Prize

    Please note that I do not accept IOU's, when proposing a trade I expect you to have the things you're offering me on hand already. My time zone is in-cave clock + 7 hours.