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Cat posted before me.

Cat kept killing me in "How did the person above you die?"

I have a bazillion insect bites.

They itch a lot.

I am going to die.

Everyone is going to die.


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I'm alive.


You're alive.


We're all alive.


We exist.


The Universe is large.


So is our planet.


Our planet has water on it.


Our planet has us on it.


Our planet has air in it.


If we die, we're no longer alive.


If we're alive, we aren't dead.


The above statements are very obvious.

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None of you are being subtle.

Edited by jerusha

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The world exists.


The world is round.


Christopher Columbus did not fall off the world like he thought he would.


America has economic problems.


America has a large debt.


Infinity goes on forever.


Fire is hot.


Ice is cold.


Facebook is popular.


Twitter is popular.


Dragon Cave is not as popular as Twitter or Facebook. (Unfortunately)


I have eyes.


I need them to see the letters as I post this.


I must have a computer somewhere, for I am posting this.


Cable television is boring.


I must have some money, for I have a computer.


Volcanoes erupt with lava. Not with coke and mentos.


An island is surrounded by water.


Florida gets lots of hurricanes.


Diseases make you sick.


Death is permanent.


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Or is it?



You are looking at this thread. You are (most likely) a human being. My username starts with a g. This is a website. And many more...

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